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  1. Awesome! Well done! Two quick things, just noticed on pg. 3 of the Realms Untravelled rules that a reference to the Border Region is made when it should say Shadow Region. Also, the Stacking the Adventure Deck rules only mentions using 36 Nether cards total. Since it is part of the Realms Untravelled, shouldn't it suggest to use all 52 cards (a 16/36 split)?
  2. GW was dead to me as a company the moment they stopped printing the Realms of Chaos books.
  3. I look at it in a similar light to what Bludgeon mentioned, the events that caused the Cataclysm wrecked the lands substantially, but not completely. The Harbinger apocalypse, on the other hand, will literally destroy everything...no rebuilding from that.
  4. I love the new Endings! Especially the Nether Portal, it's kind of like Horrible Black Void Lite!
  5. Current high bidder on the English edition, woohoo! However, the shipping is confusing. It says "Possible shipping abroad. Cost according to the rates of Polish Post." then it says "Shipping abroad: no"? Am I screwed being in the USA? I think, nope. Since I'm the translator of the Polish version, and my friend put in on auction, I'm pretty sure he sends stuff outside the Poland. It might be that the auction itself (by default) set it to "no", but he will send it anyway. I contacted him and he said shipping to the USA was ok! The bidding escalated quickly though, so not sure I'll be top bidder for much longer (currently 305,00 zł)
  6. Current high bidder on the English edition, woohoo! However, the shipping is confusing. It says "Possible shipping abroad. Cost according to the rates of Polish Post." then it says "Shipping abroad: no"? Am I screwed being in the USA?
  7. Regarding the Trails remaining on the space, I think that could work fine. One additional thing to consider would be in the wording for the Trails portion of the Rules, adding an amendment that Trails are discarded after they are encountered. So basically Trails that are drawn but not encountered remain on the space, but once encountered they go back into the Border deck. Beyond that, part of the strategy for the Lost Realms in my opinion is to avoid turning in Trophies gained there until you have revealed a Trail. This helps thin the deck so to speak, and increases the chances of drawing a Trail in the first place. I also like the Lodestone/Diamond better than the other gems, good call bowlwoman!
  8. I like the 2nd image personally, but both work well.
  9. This was my line of thinking when I read you are looking to include 6 more Border cards. I'd suggest making 2 of the 6 new Trails, dropping the Outlaw as you mention and also the Treasure Hunter. Perhaps have a Winding Cavern as a Trail? As the Trails lead to the destination spaces, and you have to get past whatever you encounter before you encounter the Trails, and successfully get past the Trail itself while still remaining in the Region, I think the ratio of Trails should be 8 of the 42 total cards.
  10. I thought that was a cool idea I also wasn't convinced of the link between healing and the Forgotten Road, so changed it to this - Oh, very nice change! I like the Lost City result being a 1-2 like the other Trails too. I have a couple of small suggestions for 2 of the other Trails. For the Enchanted Path, I'd like to propose changing the 3-4 result from attacked by a Craft 4 Fae Crone to "Companion bewitched! Ditch 1 Follower at random". For the Shadow Pathway, I think the 3-4 result should be changed to "Lose all of your fate." instead of just being restricted to light fate. Also maybe change the 5 result from a dark fate gain to "Choose a character to lose 1 life". Makes it more evil and shadowy!
  11. When I suggested the draw from Purchase deck for that Trail, I was thinking there was something else in the game that did that already, but I think Rig is correct that there isn't. It would be a bit messy to have to shuffle it up, especially if the Cataclysm cards are involved. Probably easiest to just let a player pick from available Purchase cards instead of it being random.
  12. Very nice! The only thing I noticed is the example graphic that uses the Highlander has the "A" & "B" reversed.
  13. Looking fantastic! Thanks for your efforts in getting this all put together so professionally Jon! Quite a fetching layout. A small editorial note for pg. 3 of the Rules: Under "Entering the Realms", it says you can enter the Iron Peaks from the Dungeon.
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