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  1. I believe the difference is if they're EMP shielded or not. Being shielded from radio interference is something completely different from being shielded against violent electromagnetic pulses, in the same way that a thin jacket might be enough for a cold day in Florida, but the same jacket would be woefully insufficient on a cold day in Sibiria.
  2. I assume that it's essentially the same as in real life. Electronics that are meant for use either in space or combat will be shielded, and really advanced systems and/or civilian equipment won't. There will also be a lot of electrics that might be too primitive to short out, but you might blow a fuse or bulb.
  3. My players failed miserably in identifying it, so it is now a slightly exotic but elegant fruit bowl on the great conference table.
  4. The rules state that you add your effective Psy Rating times five as a bonus to all Focus Power Tests, so you do that independent of which attribute or skill you test. Thus, a psyker with lots of PR and the Precognitive Dodge is almost impossible to hit.
  5. Assuming the character is Tzeentchian, usurping the Lord of Change and eating its essence is very much in the interests of the Great Architect. Sketch on a ritual and devour its power! Remember a few things, assuming your possession works on the Tome of Decay-model. You are YOU when you are in control. It may seem unnecessary to state that, but while the daemon can poke, prod and tempt, it does not control you unless it is in full control. Attempt to keep it under control until you can get the ritual going. Your greatest problem will be that the Lord of Change will have the same access to the ritual knowledge as you, and will know when to interrupt it for greatest effect. It (probably) can't read your mind and ideas, but it sees what you see and hear what you hear.
  6. In fact, atomics are absolutely awesome, especially for smaller ships. An atomics strike will make somebody's day truly awful, considering they do 1d5+4 hits of 1d10+6 each. A good hit could potentially cripple a cruiser, and makes short work of anything smaller. The only negative is that you have to hit with the blasted thing. Oh, and any loot that survives will be highly radioactive. That too.
  7. I love giving my players interesting and bizarre pieces of gear. Their last haul, from the half-destroyed vault of a light cruiser was one box of spook, á 15 or so doses, one of those sievestones from Into the Storm, one box of Theophist's Philtre, three bottles, one stun-sphere, and one bottle of herbal liqueur. The spook, since nobody bothered to ask the astropath what it was, caused a minor daemonic incursion when the Explorator tested it on humans (Perils of the Warp is amusing). Other than that, the Stryxis excellent if you want to show players the weird and wonderful things the galaxy has in store. Also excellent if you want to creep them out. The merchant they met mad some kind of archeotech sword that the Rogue Trader was very keenon, but was ultimately too squeamish to sacrifice over one percent of her crew for it. It is a power sword with the Indestructible quality from Stars of Inequity, with some more bells and whistles attached. Slapping on a Stars of Inequity quality on pretty much anything makes them so much more interesting, I find.
  8. You should take a read of Deffwotch, which is the story of an all-ork Rogue Trader game where the party impersonates Space Marines. Since I'm on my phone, I can't post a working link, but it's the first result on Google.
  9. The more I consider it, the more I want to make a Only War/DH2 conversion of the rules to play WHFRP. I really, really prefer Fantasy over 40k. The amount of stuff to pull from WH40kRP could be awesome, especially in regards to things like this. It would be funny to have a Khornate Champion show up with a bolter. I don't care that GW went all "Guise, they're separate universes, stop having fun guise, GUISE!". Khorne cares not for your petty concerns of contingency. The only issue to me would be that it'd be a herculean effort, new Wind-specific powers, magic, skills, etc. Virtually everything would have to be rewritten and reimagined, even if the core rules would be the same. **** it, FFG and GW... Do what I did and run WFRP in RuneQuest 6. Works like a charm, and if you aren't careful, you get stabbed, the wound festers and you DIE. You could even make bolters pretty easily by utilizing the official gun rules for the game and just plop one down in a game somewhere.
  10. In my group, there's only really the Void-Master who is better than average at being shooty. The Explorator has okay BS, but he's built as a melee monster. This came back to bite them hard when they ran into a Tyranid Warrior, and the Void-Master decided, for backstory reasons, to charge it.With a monosword. Surprisingly, nobody died.
  11. Trained, always. You only gain a Skill as Basic if it's specially noted as such.
  12. Oh yeah, seems like I should have read the thread more closely. It seems like it was only Spatulaodoom; who argued that point. It does seem like a common misconception on these forums, though. Also, on the point of hulls, I don't really have favourites. While there definitely are some hulls that are... lackluster, most are capable of doing what they're supposed to do. I'm slightly biased to the Dictator, for all the utility strike craft give you, the Orion for being insanely fast (especially if you manage to get an Energistic Conversion Matrix or something), and the Firestorm, for when you need something small that kicks hard.
  13. I should also point out that the Black Ships do not exactly make frequent runs. It has been mentioned that they're obliged to make a trip every one-hundred years. Thus, most psykers are kept a long time in prisons or other safekeeping until the next round, or get shot if they are deemed too dangerous. Of course, if you are in a hub area or close to a Scholastica Psykana training facility, they'll probably be there more often. Thus, if the gifts of a psyker is discovered somewhat late in life, they could still manage to live up to a hundred years in realtive "freedom". He could have managed to make contacts in that time, although his titles are probably null as Fgdsfg pointed out.
  14. Concerning turning ratios, you've all missed this section of the core rulebook: Transports, raiders, frigates and other ships of equivalent size (i.e. Hull Integrity and Available Space) can turn up to 90 degrees to the left or right (or port and starboard). Unless otherwise stated, all other ships may turn up to 45 degrees instead. This means that if one sees to available Hull Integrity and Space, the Vagabond, Jericho, Loki and Orion would all be capable of 90 degree turns.
  15. You could also, you know, talk to the big man who knows psykers and their powers. Maybe get some training, some tips, maybe even a boost in power. All you really need is to inscribe this nine-pointed star on the floor, say a few words and keep some appropriate accessories for when the time has come. Price? Oh, come now, there's no price. There is but the joy of seeing talents... bloom. Also, please don't mind the feathers, I cleaned out after my pet parrot.
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