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  1. Lothal/Miranda beat Dengar Bossk and Bossk/Fenn/Scyk beat out the 2xWarden/YWing/Z95 squad. Apologies as I don't have the lists in my hand at the moment. Finals Bossk/Fenn/Scyk beat out the Lothal Miranda. For the record that means a Lothal rebel with Reinforced Deflectors and Chewbacca Crew and a Scyk with Seismic torpedo were both in the top two lists. KC meta ftw.
  2. Just my thoughts but I would not worry much about Wave 5 being ready by the 21st. That's from a LGS Manager's perspective too more so than a players.
  3. Two types of mentalities going into events like this. The first is those of us going to win it all or win big. Most of those types leave somewhat disappointed. Then there are those of us who are going for a chance to hang out and play 4 games of Armada against people we have never met before. Those people will leave triumphant in their cause. But for realz: Drink water Don't get in a rush You will make mistakes (just make less than your opponents if possible) Go to Joe Sensors pizza afterwards if possible
  4. As a side note, It's a good habit to not rush things and play the round out as intended. In part due to circumstances like this. At World's I actually didn't activate one of my ships because we thought time had been called only to find out that it actually had not. This meant my ship was in a bantha poodoo spot for the next round which you are required to start.
  5. Currently rules as written they don't stack.
  6. I use those game plus bags and I can fit my entire collection in one bag with more than enough room to spare. Currently at 2 ISD, 2MC80, 1 Liberty, 3 Vic, 1 Glad, 4 Raider, 3 Cr90, 2 Assault Frig, 2MC30, 1 Interdictor, 4 Gozanti, 2 Med Transport, at least 8 of each fighter pack, and 2 one inch trays for bases. I will tell you for the ISD the 2.5 inch foam is the sweet spot. The 2 inch foam inserts work for the rest of the ships just fine. Honestly I love them. You can put a 9 pocket folder for your cards in the back flap and the side things are great for storing bags for dice and tokens and what not. I cannot recommend these bags enough. Personally I went with bright pink so I would never get mine mixed up with anyone else's.
  7. While I feel this may be a futile point to make it may be easier to explain how it works using triggers from Magic the Gathering. The card is triggered immediately after you roll your attack pool. This is before proceeding to the next step. You can't proceed until the effect has been resolved. That is the timing window as provided by the card text. You do not try to fit the card into another step because you feel like that's how it works. It specifically says when you use it and if you try to do anything else before resolving that effect than it is a missed opportunity. The issue that some people get hung up on is the word "after" and assuming that this means anytime they feel like resolving it after the trigger. Problem is by that logic the entire rest of the turn, ship activations, squadrons, yadda yadda is "after" you roll your attack pool. That's not how the game works. Rolling your attack pool causes the card to trigger. You either choose to intel immediately or you miss the opportunity to resolve it.
  8. GameCafe

    Live Stream

    Hey Guys. Thought I would just say we are testing our streaming equipment today so anyone who has time feel free to tune in. Stream channel is Playgamecafe. Thanks. We should be hopefully running games until about 11:00pm tonight.
  9. My wallet hath rejoiced in the staggered waves.
  10. Colorado 4th place was a triple vic list w/ 8x YV-666 I believe.
  11. In all honesty I imagine most of players who will be making the trip are better at the game than I am now.
  12. We will be bringing a few from Kansas City. Can't wait. Get to play in Xwing and Armada. Now do I want to be a jerk and bring the trophy.
  13. I would assume so. I'm guessing we just got ours after the event due to it being so early.
  14. Hey everyone who knows someone or was one of those that made top 16 at our Regional here in Kansas City. If you could message us on facebook with your shipping info that would be awesome as FFG sent out replacements for the Acrylic Cluster Mine tokens that were miss cut. I'll be trying to track everyone down myself but this hopefully will solve me some of that time. Thank you.
  15. Score wise, the 2015 worlds weren't too far off. The deciding factor would have been that the 2nd place player came to WIN! That, and the fact that ID wasn't a thing. I very much could have played that match to a 5-5 if I had wished to. That would have meant me potentially not even getting second place though so playing for the win was the only option. There will be almost no real world examples of someone managing to ID into a cut in this game simply because the point swings are far to large. If you actually look at final tournament standings you will find that there was never a time where the top table could ID and then potentially not have one of them leap frogged in the process. Well, for tournaments of at least 8 I should clarify. If you are running a tournament with 2 players then I imagine you can ID your way all the way to first or second place lol.
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