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  1. Yep, thanks so much for the heads-up! I also got another tugboat. And then I bought a First Order Conversion Kit at the FLGS (has a gift card left over from Christmas). Boom! 😁
  2. Bought two Upsilons at $6.88 each today (giving me 3). Guess I need a First Order Conversion Kit now. I have two each of Empire, Rebels, Scum, but haven’t bought FO or Resistance yet.
  3. This is where I’m sitting. I liked the prequel movies fine, but my preference will always be for the battles and ships of EpIV-VI (and the movies and shows that happen between them, like Rogue One). That’s where I’ll continue to focus. It’s not as if I get to play enough to ever use two more factions anyway...
  4. Great work so far! Liquitex is brilliant stuff. I have made a number of great ponds and other water features using it, like Lizardmen spawning pools for Warhammer. Well worth the investment. You can mix ink in and make for a ‘scummy’ or ‘muddy’ water feature as well. I love it.
  5. I haven’t glued my speeder bikes to their posts, and I’m considering magentizing the bases. I played GW games for decades, and have plenty of experience with clear plastic posts breaking during transport. It is a pain to repair, and a real annoyance if it happens right before you start a tournament. i probably wouldn’t magnetize the vases of land-based miniatures, but I HAVE had plastic bases warp in heat (I’m in California, and have traveled to tournaments in other hot states like AZ and TX). Those bases had to be replaced. That reason alone makes me interested in packs of extra bases.
  6. I’m not sure why, but I am actually shocked at how bad this app is. You cannot roll out a dramatically different version of a game that is THIS dependent upon an app and not have that app be top-notch and ready to roll on day one. I really don’t get the mindset here. I'm all-in on 2e. I have already purchased a starter and 5 conversion sets. I’ve been trying to convince my small group to move to 2e with me and take on the expense of revamping their collections. To convince them, things need to be easy. This makes the conversion “not easy”, and really a non-starter.
  7. Another duplicate. Maybe I should start coding for FFG..?
  8. I really don't understand the complaints here. The promotional materials (at least what has been quoted) don't say or even imply that the damage deck is free if you buy the starter from your FLGS. It's a promo item meant to benefit the seller. If FFG sells the Starter to you, giving the deck away as an add-on helps them...you bought from them and their margin has just soared. They can afford to eat the $2 in that case. If your FLGS sells the Starter to you, giving you the add on as an incentive benefits them, not FFG. FFG makes the same margin whether it was a FLGS or an online retailer selling the Starter. Your FLGS needs to decide whether they want to participate (they probably should...it's a great incentive item). Frankly, I'm impressed that FFG is making this available for FLGS's. A promo like this is often direct-order only, IME. I've often gnashed my teeth when I can't get a promo sales incentive through my FLGS (Wargames Foundry and Prodos are both examples that spring to my mind). Had I known about this promotion ahead of time, I might have changed my ordering plans. And I'd gladly pay the $2 myself. That is super cheap for this kind of game component.
  9. This makes little sense to me. The Threat cards should have been included for when 2e is released. That’s the point of including 2e content. Unless you are saying you think FFG will go back and release Threat cards later that will include these ships...?
  10. Agree 100%. I’m really interested in how the dev team has balanced Y-Wings and the HWK without TLTs in play. I love TLTs, but really only for those ships.
  11. Definitely better. We need all the most iconic characters to be good in the game.
  12. Makes sense. Bummer though. I have a large credit now after rearranging my schedule to get this to fit. Lol.
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