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  1. Once the melee begins then, do the Stormtroopers at least get the first shot?
  2. A unit of Tauntauns charges from out of range or line of sight into a Stormtrooper unit with a Standby token and there is an E-Web with a Standby token beside the Stormtrooper unit. Do both the Stormtroopers and E-Web get to use their Standby tokens? The E-Web is not being charged but it is beside the Stormtroopers being charged. Do the Standby actions happen before the melee begins?
  3. It should be allowed to shoot at Creatures (like Tauntauns and Dewbacks) even if they are in combat. They are a target well above the height any foot soldiers they are attacking, so units friending to foot soldiers being engaged by Creatures should be allowed to help their comrades out by firing at the Creatures attacking them. Even the target they are in melee with should be allowed to shoot them. The reason shooting is not normally allowed in melee is because the opposing soldiers are grappling with each other in close combat. Sorry, but a Tauntaun or Dewback simply is not grappling with opposing soldiers' guns. Creatures the size of Vehicles should be treated like Vehicles not Troopers in melee, especially since they can leave melee combat like Vehicles can. I think this will also tone down a lot of the impact Tauntauns will have on the game without the need of a nerf or more card errata. Please let me know what you think of this proposal.
  4. What was the build of the SSD at the top?
  5. Four contenders: HH-12, T-21, RT-97C, and DLT-19. Please rank in order of preference and give reasons. For me, it's: 1. RT-97C - 26 points is expensive and it has no special ability, but it's 4 dice up to range 4 (1 red, 3 white). Can potential get past heavy cover at range 4 to kill snipers. 2. DLT-19 - cheapest at 24 points, converts a crit against armor, and gives 2 solid red dice up to range 4. just an excellent weapon, but not #1 anymore in my books. 3. T-21 - 27 points for 4 white dice only up to range 3. Critical 2 is nice but the loss of range is significant. What's the good of Crit 2 if you're out of range? 4. HH-12 - 34 points for a weapon that needs to be readied and is cumbersome. Sorry, 3 black dice at ranges 2-4 and Impact 3 are nice but it can't move and fire and eats up valuable actions to be readied. That's my evaluation. What's yours? Do you see the RT-97Cv as replacing the DLT-19 for top spot as I do?
  6. There were good bounty hunters that should be made available to Republic, Rebel, and Resistance armies. The episode in the Clone Wars cartoon where four or five good bounty hunters, helped by Anakin and Obi-wan, are hired by poor farmers to fend off Hondo and his pirates are just one good example. There was the bounty hunter that threw his metal hat and the one little guy that operated a bulky-looking armoured suit. I imagine that plenty of Mandalorians would have grudges against the Empire (especially after what the Empire did to Mandalore in the Rebels cartoon) and would take up bounties against certain hated Imperial commanders.
  7. I already have 10 Stormtrooper squads (because I am building a 1600 point grand army) and I want every squad to have an Imperial Officer because raising their courage to 2 (and thus their panic threshold to 4) and allowing them to remove suppression from nearby units really makes an already excellent unit really shine. I have 2 officers already and want 8 more but I don't want proxies or fake minis. I want tournament legal minis and the official cards to go with them. I just wish I could buy the officers separately but I already checked miniaturemarket.com and am coming to realize that that may not be possible. I'll try trading with local players.
  8. I want more Imperial Officers to lead my Stormtrooper squads without having to buy 3 unwanted minis for every mini I actually desire. How do I get around this? Just trade with local players? Is there a reliable and trustworthy online miniature trading or selling site for Legion single minis? What do I need to do here? I don't want to pay $25 for each one but I am willing to pay $5 or $10 for each one.
  9. I believe that we will get Sandtroopers as a separate unit and they should have a completely different "feel" to them. In "A New Hope" it seems that there are a LOT heavy weapons being carried by Sandtroopers: RT-97C's, DLT-19's, and T-21's. Sandtrooper units should look like this: * 4 base unit with E-11's and white dice with NO surge to hit (balance issue) * two heavy trooper slots with an RT-97C or DLT-19 as options * unit leader upgrade with T-21 but if chosen takes up a heavy trooper slot * red defence dice with surge to block * Endurance (remove surge at end of activation stage) as innate ability * Movement 1 * 1 wound and 2 courage This will give them a different feel from other core units and still be a lot of fun to play. I do agree that the DLT-19 Stormtrooper should NOT have had a backpack. Future heavy trooper options for normal Stormtrooper should NOT have backpacks and future Stormtrooper officers should NOT have pauldrons.
  10. Thank you, FFG, for giving us a T-21 repeating blaster option on the Dewback, but please give us Stormtrooper players more opportunities to field the T-21. A Sandtrooper officer in A New Hope carries one, several Stormtroopers escorting the Occupier tank in Rogue One were equipped with the T-21, and they have long been featured in Star Wars games and comics. It's a big, mean looking, "I mean business", "that's a helluva gun" type weapon that I've always enjoyed seeing in movies and comics and playing in games. Playing FFG's Imperial Assault, my army always included two squads of elite Heavy Stormtroopers whose minis were depicted as carrying T-21's. Stormtrooper squads could get a new heavy trooper option that would have a Stormtrooper with a T-21. A Sandtrooper Officer with a T-21 could be designed along the lines of the current Imperial Officer mini, used individually as the Commander of your army or joining a squad as its Leader - though taking up a heavy trooper slot instead of the trooper slot. Future Sandtrooper squads could have T-21 options. The T-21 is based off an actual gun used in World War One and Two called the Lewis gun. Look up "soldier millions" on Wikipedia and it'll tell you the true story of Anibal Milhais, a Portugese soldier in WWI who used a Lewis gun to such great effect that he is credited with almost single-handed turning the tide of two battles which both involved thousands of troops. The Lewis gun looks badass and, in real life, WAS badass!!!
  11. If the apply Dodge and Cover results happen before the covert dice stage, does that mean that surges are not cancelled during the apply Dodge and Cover step and sneak past to the next step to be modified into hits? Because Dodge and Cover only cancel hits not surges, correct? And that step is over by the time it is time to covert surges to hits. Correct? Or am I missing something?
  12. We will definitely get 4 sculpts for the Dewback: flamethrower (card seen), electro-staff (model seen), RT-97C (card seen), and T-21 (card and model seen). I love the number of options with this model. I can't wait for Sandtroopers so I can field these beautiful Dewback models with actual Sandtroopers.
  13. Do you think this will happen reliably enough to be a decent weapon?
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