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  1. If the apply Dodge and Cover results happen before the covert dice stage, does that mean that surges are not cancelled during the apply Dodge and Cover step and sneak past to the next step to be modified into hits? Because Dodge and Cover only cancel hits not surges, correct? And that step is over by the time it is time to covert surges to hits. Correct? Or am I missing something?
  2. We will definitely get 4 sculpts for the Dewback: flamethrower (card seen), electro-staff (model seen), RT-97C (card seen), and T-21 (card and model seen). I love the number of options with this model. I can't wait for Sandtroopers so I can field these beautiful Dewback models with actual Sandtroopers.
  3. Do you think this will happen reliably enough to be a decent weapon?
  4. The T-21 is one of my favourite Star Wars weapons and is now coming to Legion. It has 4 white dice and Critical 2. If I fired at a squad in heavy cover, how does that work? Do the dice convert to crits before the cover negates hits? Also, will 4 white dice hit enough surges to convert to crits to justify a 100 point Dewback?
  5. Excellent! Thank you for your replies.
  6. I'm up in Canada and some of my cards are in French and some of them are in English. Is there any problem with using cards that are in different languages at the same event?
  7. Seriously, give us more tournament-legal Stormtrooper options, like Stormtrooper crewed E-Webs.
  8. Ummm...no. Leia's "Coordinated Bombardment" can in a single activation from across the table wipe out three Scout Trooper sniper teams with almost no possibility of any defence because her Sharpshooter 2 takes away any cover and her Pierce 1 will negate the one save the white dice may turn up. So, no. Just...no.
  9. Can I mount an E-web team on the back of an Occupier tank and drive around with the E-web firing from the back of the Occupier? Would be kind of cool.
  10. Is this actually true? Because if so I would buy e-webs and swap the snow troopers for stormtroopers.
  11. I would like to see several stand-alone armies: tuskan raiders with banthas and tuskan chieftains ewoks with catapults, gliders, trap-layers, and slingers Mandalorians Hutts with many assorted minions Gungans with all the various equipment they had As an Imperial Stormtrooper, I would love to see an incredibly diverse set of enemies on the field to bring under the glorious guidance of the Galactic Empire.
  12. Good, viable, or barely playable? I want to like them, but they seem extremely limited because of lack of mobility. What's the verdict now that people have been playing with them?
  13. When will we get these? Better equipped Stormtroopers (they do all have backpacks and pauldrons) with two Heavy Trooper upgrade slots: I'm guessing a DLT-19 for one and a RT-97C for the other. There could be a variety of choices as well. Dewback Sandtroopers, obviously, but maybe also a commander Sandtrooper with a T-21. You could possibly field an entire army of Sandtroopers. The T-21 armed Sandtrooper for your commander choice. Six squads of Sandtroopers Three Dewbacks. I'm really looking forward to these. When will we get them?
  14. A Stormtrooper unit normally has a courage of 1 but within range 3 of Vader it uses Vader’s courage of “-“. Does this mean that the Stormtrooper unit doesn’t receive any suppression tokens or is merely not effected by the ones it has?
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