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  1. Very impressive indeed. If I had a table large enough I would definitely try something similar.
  2. Alamoth2

    Squad markings

    Has anyone considered just going completely nuts with the TIE Fighters and changing the paint scheme entirely? I'm talking giving them a dark green wash with some green and blue highlights or something similar. If you don't mind deviating from the "canon" then why not come up with a remote squadron of TIEs which have a unique color scheme. The idea of dark blue washes is really nice for sure, but why not some really interesting TIE Fighter squads? The same could be done for all the ships really. If you're making them up to be the standard core units from the films, then that's fine too, but if you want to feel like you're piloting a distinct squad of ships, go nuts.
  3. I agree completely with what's already been said. While dice rolling inevitably means some luck will be involved, the game rewards skill much more than it punishes bad rolling. The player who can predict and out-maneuver their opponent will have a very solid advantage that only exceptionally skewed die rolling could overcome.
  4. Vaapad said: Anyone else in the NYC area? I'm from Brooklyn, NY. We are planning on having Organized Play nights for SW:LCG at Twenty Sided Store in Williamsburg once the kits are available in January. They'll likely happen once a month depending on demand.
  5. After this weekend I got to add a nice new ship to my collection: 4x X-Wing 5x Y-Wing 8x TIE Fighter 4x TIE Advanced 1x Firespray!!! I'll be looking to get another Firespray, a YT-1300, 4x A-Wing and 5x TIE Interceptor. Then I might pick up the Battlefoam carry case.
  6. I've been considering a theme for a short league and came up with the idea of following small squads of rebels making their way to Yavin 4. As the Death Star begins its trek from the Alderaan System to the Yavin System, the rebel forces have called in all of their pilots and ships to defend their home base. Meanwhile, the Empire is hot on their tail attempting to prevent the rebels from amassing their forces to defend themselves against the battle station. Every week would have a bonus for one side or the other in the Battle of Yavin scenario at the end. When the Rebels win, it represents a new asset that can be introduced to the final battle. It could be a unique pilot such as Biggs Darklighter returning, or the ability to add prototype A-Wings to the fight. When the Empire wins it represents information on the rebellion being gathered, and will add to the defenses of the Death Star, perhaps by increasing the number of active Turbo Lasers, or by ensuring that the leader of Obsidian Squad, "Howlrunner", is present at the final battle. Each week would need to be a mission scenario, and there are only three in the book. Perhaps it could be a four week league, which should be good at holding people's interest anyways. I wouldn't really worry about collecting money for a prize. If the game store collects an entrance fee, then you shoul encourage them to get the X-Wing Game Night Kit from FFG and give out prizes from that every week for fun achievements such as "Most Spectacular Death" when your Biggs Darklighter gets shot by 8 TIE Fighters in one turn, or "Most Impressive Starship Maneuver" when your Y-Wing manages to squeeze between two asteroids, or "Most Amazing Performance" when Backstabber scores the destroying shot on every enemy ship in a single battle. The goal of the league should be to encourage people to get into the game. Then when you run monthly tournaments with an entry fee and prize support there will be a pool of players interested in showing up. I do love the idea of coming up with new scenarios, but I think if you're trying to grow the game in your area, nothing is more iconic than Luke firing those proton torpedoes down the exhaust port of the Death Star, with Han Solo backing him up in the Falcon and Darth Vader spinning uncontrollably away from the explosion. I have also been thinking of a scenario in the future where the Millenium Falcon needs to successfully escape from Hoth. Players on the Rebel side would have a Han Solo Falcon with Chewbacca on-board and would need to out-run a squad of TIE Fighters through an asteroid field, surviving long enough to hide. Mechanically there would be a six-foot long table with the Imperials Deploying at one end within Range 1, and the Falcon deploying 3 Range Away from the TIE Deployment Zone. Then there would be an Asteroid Field the rest of the way. The Falcon needs to exit the board at the far end. If it goes off either long table edge then it exits the asteroid field and is destroyed by Star Destroyers. If the imperials are reduced to less than 50% of their TIE Fighters, reinforcements enter from the long board edges.
  7. Sounds like a lot of Imperial lists going around and not a lot of Rebels. I'm leaving in an hour or so for our event here and still haven't decided between a 3-Ship Rebel build or a 4-ship build. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of Imperial Lists which makes me tempted to bring 4 X-Wings.
  8. Parakitor said: It comes down to personal preference. Indeed. The four new ships are going to really expand our options for squad building. Today it's basically a choice between 3-Ship Rebels, 4-Ship Rebels, 8-TIE Swarm or 5/6-TIE w/Vader. That's not a whole lot of competitive diversity. Once the new ships hit the market it's going to open up a world of possibilities.
  9. drunkensith said: whats wrong with you people! support your local stores! peace My local store has been out of Y-Wings and TIE-Advanced for the past two months… So thanks Amazon.
  10. magadizer said: ShadowJak said: In summary, Proton Torpedoes suck. Oh yeah, tell that to the designers of the Death Star! I think they knew. That's why they made the ship vulnerable to Proton Torpedoes. Who in their right mind would be using them?
  11. I recently took full advantage of the Amazon discount. My shipment should arrive tomorrow bringing me up to: 4x X-Wing 5x Y-Wing 8x TIE Fighter 4x TIE Advanced At 100 points, this is the most of any single ship you can run, meaning I have everything covered at 100 points, plus the ability to easily put together more 100 point lists so that other people can try the game out as well.
  12. Nice flavor! I was planning on coming up with a similar re-skinning of my Rebel Force basing the pilots on friends from my LFGS. I used to do this for my old Warhammer 40K armies so why not do it for X-Wing. While the flavor of the game is awesome, pitting Luke and Vader against each other, I want to get people involved in league play at my LFGS and this is a great way to get people invested emotionally in their squads.
  13. Alamoth2

    Wave 3 ships

    For the purposes of symmetry I can see the Ghtroc 720 being made available alongside the Lambda T-4a shuttle. Both serve a similar purpose as a heavily armored cargo vessel. However, both vessels are on a slightly larger scale than even the Falcon/Slave I. According to Wookiepedia, the Ghtroc 720 is large enough that Luke was able to store his X-Wing on-board. I don't know if FFG wants to have a ship that large in the game as it is right now. The YT-2400 could make more sense as a heavily modifiable mid-sized ship. It would be an upgrade from the YT-1300 and still fit the flavor of a smuggler vessel. If that is done, then I wonder if the Imperials will get something more Bounty Hunter related than the Lambda T-4a. I don't know that they would go with something as interesting as the IG-2000, though it would be cool to see some extreme maneuvers from a ship that has no organic pilot (perhaps a 1 and 2 speed Koiogran turn even). What's most exciting as has been pointed out, is where does FFG go after Wave 3? What does Wave 4 have in store for the game? Does FFG take the game to the surface battles with walkers and speeders? Do they increase the scale of the game with Capital-Class ships and move from the 3'x3' table to the 4'x6' table? Maybe they go back to Episodes 1-3 and bring in the Nubian and Trade Federation ships. Maybe Clone Wars? Maybe Expanded Universe? The possibilities seem pretty hopeful.
  14. Alamoth2

    Kessel run kit

    Eruletho said: The problem with that is that the ships have to be use din the final round of the tournament. They can't leave them in the boxes. I believe what's being suggested, and what I agree with, is that once the finals are set, the TO should give the Rebel player the two A-Wings and the Falcon sealed, and the Imperial player the two TIE/I and the Slave I sealed, and let them crack them and construct lists.
  15. I'm torn between using R5-D8 on Wedge, or swapping it for a generic Astromech in order to win the initiative at 98 points. I also think I would rather use Wedge's action to Focus to maximize damage with a Focus/Target Lock combo.
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