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  1. In order to foster less resentment from my fellow players (IE, my family) on enemy rolls. We added red dice to represent the enemy. So this allows the player to roll all the dice at the same time. If the rolls explode, we have enough of each color to cover it. This way, the player is responible from his own crappy rolls…. both his and the enemy. Because there are two different color dice, we can track which is the hero and which is the enemy
  2. Ugh…. I hate you Maybe I'll be talented enough in my next life to paint…. Lol!
  3. Stile2112

    Awesome Game!

    Really enjoying this game as well
  4. There's also a Games Kastle in Fremont too.
  5. Wow, folks are waiting for their wave 2 ships to arrive and a few sellers on Ebay already have them…..
  6. I just find it interesting that my game store here in Northern California got their Wave 2 shipment first. I know they arrived at least by early Monday and one of the staff members hinted that it was on Friday. It just amazes me that the big online sellers are behind. I just feel bad that you all don't have these in your hands right now…. I really do. I almost want to buy up the lot and send them out to you all
  7. Here ya go . My hobby store got a big shipment in
  8. 1 Falcon, 1 Slave, 2 A-Wings and 2 Interceptors. Finally!!! TIME TO PLAY!!!
  9. Mine are in… I pick them up tomorrow
  10. As an LS player, once an objective(s) is distroyed, do you keep drawing from the objective deck until you're out?
  11. Niranth said: Stile2112 said: When the DS player refreshes, does the Rancor attack the DS, the LS or does it attack either side with the lowest non vehicle card? either side, if there is a tie for lowest, then then owner decides. It can eat itself if it is the lowest cost card. Lol!! Owner decides?? We know how that's going to turn out Thank you!!
  12. When the DS player refreshes, does the Rancor attack the DS, the LS or does it attack either side with the lowest non vehicle card?
  13. As someone who does ship product in from China on a monthly basis, 20ft or 40 ft containers, hold ups due to customs are not that common. Of course, there are certain flags that can tigger a delay… IE, LCL (less then container load), but those only delay things by a day or two. Now don't get me wrong, there are horror stories… but 9 times out of ten it's not related to a problem on the shippers or customs end. It's usually a problem with the freight broker or the customer themselves. Not to defend China, but they have the whole manufacturing process and international shipping down to a science. -Stile
  14. Hrathen said: So who are the pilots in the Falcon? Actually aren't they really YT-1300, since the Milenium Falcon is a unique title. How many points are you playing? Han himself is basically 50 points. Are you just using Outer-Rim pilots? My geek alarm went off as well when he said 3 Falcons
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