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  1. Thanks a lot! That seemed to work! But am I right, that the cult briefing doesn't include the characteristics bonus of the secondary origin? If this is correct, then everything work's correct with this feature then!
  2. You should have mail. I hope it'll help you a bit! And thanks for your effort!
  3. Hi Memetix, first of all thank you for your great work! I can hardly imagine how much work you spent on this one. I may have to report an issue I had with the Demon Hunter's advanced ranks, already tried to find the solution myself, but maybe there is a feature missing handling the cult briefing talent of the cult-stalker advance rank. It is possible to take the talent, but not to choose the specification (Political, Heretek, Pleasure, Infestation, Blood and Culture) with their specific effects. Is there a way to work this out with the char generator already I just missed or is it a feature to be implemented in the future? Thanks in advance! Croaker
  4. In my opinion, it's more like "you exchange the equipment provided by the basic specialization" than give away all your current equiptment and only take the equipment from the advanced spec instead. In other words: in case of the weapon specialist, you only exchange the lasgun (or other standard weapon) with the long las or triplex or rocket launcher (yeah, a bit silly, but that thing has range!) So if you choose the regiments favorite weapon, this should be always provided by regiments logistic, not specialization…
  5. You, of course, got a point there, with the myriads of possibilities within this great galactic imperium, but some examples and generic guidelines on ranks and promotions would have been nice. As I understand, the basic idea of the warhammer 40k universe is, to give players enought space to develop their own aspects and ideas. Same goes for the WH40k RPGs, most of it with this one, but in every rule book, there are some examples of what could be done. On the Sergeant topic: Maybe it's the rank, which confused me and made me question, how the whole promotion thing could work out. If they had just named it "Squad Leader", I believe this wouldn't have been the case. And for the Aptitudes: I like them, too. They give great opportunities for character development, at least, if you know how you want to play and what you want to achieve in the first place… Maybe it mere switching of aptitudes than switching of specialities in total which I mean, at a suitable cost of experience of course. For when you, as a player, decide to change the goals for your character… or in a situation, like the ones you have described. Sure, you could say, that it is also possible for a weapon specialist to weild heavy weapons, if he invests enough experience. But if your role in the squad changes, your focus of development, maybe you want to change the rules of your development as well. I don't speak of an easy way, it should cost you, definitly, but it should pay off after a few skills. Something, a bit off topic, but related to this switching of specialisation thing is awakening of hidden psykic talents. Did I miss something about psykic talents, or are they only achieveable for sanctioned psykers? I think of some hidden talent, which should of course be bought as a talent and should in-game be triggered by some event or anything like that. Admittedly, this would result in some problems for the character (thinking of a certain verghastit and black ships, you know, what I mean), but this could also be an opportunity for "Ascension" to Dark Heresy Same goes for blunts (untouchables)… I'd like to have a clumsy adjutant of a certain commissar…
  6. Hi everybody, I have a question on ranks (military ranks) and promotions that can be granted to your players. Have searched the Book so far, but couldn't find a distinctive rule on that. Are we suppost to handle promotions and ranking via house rules or could we expect to get some rules on that on a future rule book? I only ask, because there are some of my players who would like to play a war hero career, starting as a trooper and increasing in ranks. So they are most likely not to start as a sergeant, but like to be one one day. And to have the opportunity to step up as a sergeant could be nice, too! Could we expect an Officer specialisation some day? Same goes for rules handling the switching of specialisations… like starting as a weapon specialist and being chosen for heavy weapons later. You could argue, that this could be done by buying the respective skills and talents later on, but this would only be the case for initial change of specialisation, but after that, the focus of character development would have been changed too, so should the aptitudes and such things. What would you guys say? Shouldn't be a rule for this, too? Best Regards, Croaker
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