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  1. Loomis2459 said: Charlottesville, VA We have a group of boardgame enthusiasts that are trying to get a good play group running for this (and Netrunner LCG) at the moment. We have a group in Cville too! Where do you play???
  2. Awesome! Let him know to check out The End Game Center. They should be getting the OP Kits as soon as they are available.
  3. Here is a picture from the Game Trade Magezine I promised. Vader seem like he has some type of attacking unit buff. Could be good with all the Navy small dudes. http://imgur.com/fbnLM
  4. cml said: I'm in the Boston, MA area. Any idea of FFG showing up at PAX?
  5. I'll get one up either later today or tomorrow when I head in to the shop. I should have though of this sooner >.<
  6. In this month's Game Trade Magazine, you can see a few more previews, or at least pieces of some. In the first CP there is an Imperial Navy Darth Vader, a Jedi enhance or event (can't tell) called Old Ben's Spirit, and one other card I can't remember.
  7. We have a group that plays in Charlottesville. I've been demoing the game and our local shop is going to order the OP kits for Game Nights. We're about 2 hours from you all it looks like.
  8. I just don't see how this deck beats Luke, Han, or Ackbar. We literally played a near identical list but without the useless droids for 4 hours last night and only won the first game because it was a nut draw and the LS player didn't get a Targeted Strike or Han. Another problem presented to the deck is the existence of Heavy Blaster encampment in literally EVERY Rebel deck. That match up is already terrible given that 90% of Rebel lists play Rebel Assault, Heavy Blasters, and Ackbar, not to mention Han is exceptionally suited to the aggressive strategy the Rebel deck uses. I want the deck to be good but I just don't think it has what it needs just yet. Maybe once there are some more cheap units printed, it'll have some legs but as it is right now, I just don't see it coming together.
  9. My buddy and I tried building this type of thing last night. It worked fine for a game or two. Then I got Han into play, or het got Luke into play when he played the LS. Targeted Strike and Shi-Cho are bascially the death knell for this type of strategy. There was never a point at which you felt like you could really do much of anything. Bombardment is great in just a regular reliable non-gimmick version of Navy as is.
  10. I'm in Ashburn VA, outside of Washington DC. There are maybe three or four players at the shop I go to now. I played my first two games on Wednesday, and enjoyed it. I think I am a dedicated Imperial Fleet player. Nothing like using a super laser on the Rebel scum! If anyone is in VA, hit me up. I am looking to learn a bit more on this game. We have a group that is starting up in Charlottesville! We must get together!
  11. Yeah, I should have given in a thorough read through. Thanks for the help though.
  12. Ah cool. Thanks for that. Appreciate the help.
  13. I just have a question that there doesn't seem to be a straight answer to in the rulebook. If someone attacks an objective, and the defending player declares no defenders, the attacker doesn't have to strike to get the unopposed bonus right? I was just wondering as that has been the way we have been playing it. It definitely makes leaving your board vulnerable a bad thing, but it also seems pretty insane with cards like Han and any of the shielding protectors. Just wondering.
  14. Looking to grow our group of players here in central VA. Anyone in the area or know of anywhere with tournies around here?
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