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  1. We're missing eXploration X here, hello! Also planet traits are underused, lots of design space here.
  2. I also bought this with expansions in mind, but it seems that this game is FFG (Forgotten Fy God)
  3. Lack of dice makes this a pass for me. I really dislike the idea of card driven combat.
  4. Actually you can do that with any game. With Discover the trade is just more even.
  5. Polish version is also out. I think this is a standard, unique games can be translated too.
  6. I got the island and the orange one (wild west like). I think I'll trade it once I play all scenarios just to explore the game more Desert and snow would be perfect!
  7. Quoting BGG comment: "You are supposed to start a completely new game. Randomize map tiles and lay out a new map. Randomize all tokens, night cards and threat cards. All characters start without wounds. Nothing in the rule says to take over any cards or tiles from one scenario to the other." I am still before my first game and I'm glad that you like it I think that I may keep characters between the scenarios for the sake of theme, unless we do not like them.
  8. Very interesting topic. I think the last comment reflects the reason of making the game unique. To enhance a feeling. The same trick was done in case of "No Man's Sky".
  9. Interesting... How deep should it cover the engines? Like R2 deep? Whole wings deep?
  10. OK thanks. That's my assumption as well. As for fixing it by myself I watched the video already and said "oh no no no that's way beyond my skill" I'd probably broke it and burn it at first step.
  11. lol All of above are just minor issues when we look at the elephant in the room: the app is UNUSABLE if you don't own EVERYTHING. Unless you know every single card and its quantity in the collection or you just lay your cards down on the table, which basically invalidates the app whatsoever, since you play with the physical components. All of this is because Collection menu doesn't limit available cards while building a squad. It is an ESSENTIAL feature. Tell me, how should I use the FFG app? How should I know if I can add cards proposed by the app to the squad or not?
  12. Hi, I'm new x-wing player joining in 2.0 and the only reason I didn't buy Saw's Renegades yet is the x-wing's sticky s-foils problem. Are those models going to be fixed in future reprints? When this may happen? I'm eager to fly renegades but I care about models quality too much to enjoy them at this moment.
  13. The design of x-wing contains very important feature - you cannot premeasure, which brings more skill into gameplay. If we want to be consistent here, we should interpret rules in line with game design. You cannot premeasure barrel roll, so you need to decide. Good decision is rewarded with a barrel roll, bad decision is punished with resource being consumed on the attempt. This is both thematic and in line with game design, just like micalculated maneuver, in result which you cannot shoot.
  14. THIS. IS. A. MUST. I'd also add small info from which expansion each card is (below card image)
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