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  1. Based on the original post (which I interpreted as temp increases to wound/strain threshold) I would add control upgrades upgrades to the imbue power. That power is already tailor made to reinforcing a living target, has all your relevant actions, durations, etc. I think that is a natural place to jump off of, and avoids adding too many unnecessary elements to the game.
  2. To respect others I’ll end my part of this conversation with this: if something is not canon, then it is not fact. Even things within canon are open to interpretation. My point is that in a discussion regarding holocron facts there are shockingly few confirmed facts, and a ton of EU wish listing. I’ll avoid “wrong” as a word, but any conclusions reached regarding any SW lore that isn’t based on canon is spurious at best. And like I said, many times, what’s good for your game is awesome and I don’t want to diminish it or tell anyone that there game is wrong. But it's Important to acknowledge non-canon lore is not actually founded in the universe as it is presented. It’s like a house rule; even if it’s a house rule everyone uses (looking at you starship combat) it’s still not actually the rules, and acknowledging that is important. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to consult with my wonka holocron: 50% gobstopper, 50% glass elevator, powered by edible kybers grown in a furnace with the soul of a bad egg that wants the whole world.
  3. Actually, that does mean it was wrong. That’s how canonizing things works.
  4. I would add that if you aren’t depending much on force rating, consider some of the spec from EotE or AoR to play off your character. Body guard could add a lot of durability and group support/defense. Marshal actually plays in nicely depending on how you view your character giving you durability and some good and synergies with your social checks.
  5. Your opinion is yours, but that does mean it’s right. Im just pointing out that we don’t know, officially, much of anything. Protracted debates using unauthoritative sources is a pointless endeavor. I’m not weighing in on whether they are alchemical or not. Because no one knows that (except possibly the story group). Remeber when the reason sith crystals were red was because tgey were pressure molded in a furnace, and their synthetic nature was not “ok” because the Jedi were hippies that needed organic crystals? Up until last year that was the “legend”, but it was dead wrong. So how about we stick to what we know, not what we think it should be, probably will be, or would like it to be when discussing what they actually are, and then give our opinions about what we’ll use in our home games. Those seem like really good topics; if the bane novels are going to possibly be canon in some form is a boring topic.
  6. Sure, but it’s also not “the truth”. If I think all holocrons are made from rock candy, and the soul of a parakeet I’m not really wrong. (Of course I am). For the people who were heavily invested in the arguement of is a holocrons alchemical in nature, the bane books are no longer relevant, in the same way aristotle’s Theory of the elements is not really relevant to chemistry. It’s neat, but it’s just a legendary theory.
  7. Archlyte: you’re doing an awful lot of speculation on the motives of filoni, Lucas, et al at LFL. Let me tell you that Lucas was heavily involved in the mortis story. He was heavily involved in ALL the clone wars. Filoni personally oversees almost every aspect of rebels. These stories are not errant writers who think these things are cool and **** the man, this is the direction of SW, like it or lump it. As far as sourcing the above claim, I have come to understand this through multiple interviews with Filoni, Ashley eckstein (sp?), Freddie prince jr, Sam whitwer, and Lucas himself. I can’t just point to one place, and for that I apologize. You’ll just have to believe me, or not. Having said the above, again, this should have zero impact on 98% of games. Because it has zero impact on 98% of SW. Yoda’s not Concerned about the three; likely he doesn’t know they are real. Ezra interacted with their icons without ever understanding what was happening. Ill say it one last time; you don’t have to like it, you do t have to use it, and ignoring it is not done din against SW or the Fandom. As an example, I don’t like the way gungans were portrayed in Ep 1, but there was an art piece of a gungan force warrior that always looked awesome to me. So I made gungans boss in my games. The town they went to in Ep1, boss nass, etc they were from the deep Louisiana of Naboo. I’d worry less about what you don’t like, and focus on what you do like, and what you can do with that. But that’s just my philosophy.
  8. Sure. Just in a conversation about the official way to do it, not that helpful.
  9. You know those books aren’t part of official canon. It is part of legends. There is very little in new canon that gives specific details.
  10. It’s a lense to view things through. Almost everything in star wars is from a certain point of view right? So this is another. Maybe the son is snoke. Would explain why he’s so enamoured with Vader. But more so, does that matter? Whether he’s the son, the reincarnation of uncle Owen skywalker, or Mace Windu’s remaining left foot, snoke is snoke, and his purpose was to challenge Kylo. Similarly in the mortis series the entities were there to challenge the Jedi and what they think of as real. I wouldn’t sweat defining the truth in all of this. I would sweat what makes a compelling story. Which of course YMMV.
  11. Yeah... Is that a refutation of my statement, or just a non-sequitor off my statement? because quoting me and saying that seems pretty off the wall.
  12. Think of them more like Greek/Norse God’s in a way. They are simultaneously aspirations, warnings, and characters that don’t really exist. One could even question if the Morris clone wars arch even happened. So if you don’t like them, then the story never happened. And I don’t mean dismiss it as “not canon” but who even knows about it? Anikin won’t be discussing it over tea with the PCs, I doubt old Ben would either. But like on rebels, the iconography can permeate a temple or ancient site. You as the GM can decide what the figures represent. The son is not all bad, just passionate, head strong. A lot like Luke. The daughter made naive mistakes even though she thought she was doing the right thing, leading to her death. The father was not aware of how far his children drifted. Sounds like a mono myth to me. i guess just don’t get bogged down in the actual clone wars story. I strongly recommend watching rebels season 4 as an example of how you can use them without necessarily using them. But it’s rule zero: make it your own. Or don’t use it. Your call.
  13. Interesting - never noticed the holocrons looking thing. Although, having just watched that part, the word holocrons is never used. So while it looks like one, it could just be an ornate holo-player. In anycase, my point is do what you want man/person. There is so little about how holocrons are made that you can’t be wrong.
  14. Just pointing out, that storyline was a direct brain child of Lucas himself. While he didn’t write it, he was first and last word on that story. And has been pointed out, they are not “the force” but metaphorical and literal manifestations. I mean if you don’t like it, I wouldn’t worry. I’m not sure I did the literal elements of the clone wars story. But the whole thing pays off nicely in season 4 of rebels IMO, so I’m cool with there existence.
  15. Technically protect can be used as an incidental with the right upgrades.
  16. Remind me which episode. I’ve seen the series 3 times and I can’t remember the specific episode.
  17. Personally, I think the most important piece of information we have in all of the new canon is that no one has “on screen” actually made a holocron. The comic have talked about how they are made, and in rebels they discuss how they function/what they are, but nothing affirmative has wver been explored about how they are made. Even the most proficient characters (palps, Vader, yoda, etc.) have never made one, so for all we know it is alchemy and since the Jedi now shun alchemy, that’s why the holocrons are all ancient. My point is that holocrons are still essentially legends, and have no real rules in the universe (the greater SW universe, not the rpg). So in our individual games do what ever you want, knowing that your making it up because honestly your not wrong. And stop trying to parse facts like they aren’t facts. Facts are facts; conclusions about them theories they’re based on, and the context of a fact is mutable by time and perspective. But a fact is a fact.
  18. Yeah. I’m not even saying an A3 - A4 bridge is the right one. I’d be fine with a B3 - C3 or C3 - D3 bridge. I just don’t like that you are forced to take inspiring rhetoric. Glad I could explain myself.
  19. The problem to me is that that’s not all the prophet is. The prophet can also be a doomsday priest who preaches compulsive service through fear. Think baptist preachers. This fits especially well in the ecstatic religious archetype in the preceding portion. My beef is that you have a dark side overwhelming aura skill that could spring from scathing tirade that allows for two paths up in the prophet; one based on coercion and fear, and the other leadership and inspiration. But even though the talent selection clearly indicates this, and even though those are two legitimate types of prophetic character types, the spec really railroads the prophet into a single path, one that really doesn’t support both potential archetypes. Im away from book, but one other link to the upper tiers would solve my gripe.
  20. Does anyone else dislike that the profit requires inspiring leadership to access the upper tiers? the spec is really good for a couple character types except that none of them have any need a leadership buff. Just bugs me that it’s the ONLY path at all, and not in the same way as infiltrator or gambler.
  21. So i stat’d up the relic once. It used the sith shield as the basis, but has the cumbersome 4 trait and is one less encombrance. This owes to it’s supernatural weight but more gauntlet size. The user had the option of committing 1 force die to the gauntlet to gain the following: eliminate the cumbersome quality, gain innate talent: parry 2, and increase the difficulty of all brawl, melee, and lightsaber attack by one die. Committing this force die generates two conflict and colors the character with a mild paranoia. Every session committed the user gains 2 conflict. taking off the commitment generates 4 conflict, due to the fear of being vulnerable. I know in Kotor comics the gauntlet looks powerful, but in the hands of a moderately skilled force user for example (a couple ranks of parry and say adversary 2) “melee” attack would start with a base difficulty of 1 purple and two red. And with the extra ranks of parry most any reasonable “melee” attacks would be fairly minimal in damage. Using the normal ability of a sith shield to commit dice and unleash power mimics the bursts in the comics, and if the npc has improved parry... it gets pretty solid pretty quick. This then becomes an item that PCs can have, and has a clear draw to the dark side. But it’s also something thing that doesn’t break the game, as the user can still be hit/damaged and isn’t the godly power from a “legend” hopefully this helps. This is actually one of my favorite with relics, so cool on you for using this in your game. Edit: autocorrect. Sigh
  22. The beta only has a picture in the opening page, a scenic picture. Side bars I couldn’t say, but if you give me a vague listing of the pdf side bars I can tell you if there are any extra/different ones.
  23. Obi-wan never had to use misdirect on 50 troopers at once (that we know of, of course). He was still hiding, still skulking, and probably used it on 5 or so "targets" at a time. Misdirect is remarkably powerful in many ways, but it's not as universally applicable as a stealth field. they occupy different space in the game. And for the reasons Dono mentioned, misdirect can't be stolen, destroyed, or disabled on a despair, where as a stealth field can. A good shadow will probably have both, because back up plans save lives.
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