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  1. I already included the exploding dice mechanic into the core of Unnatural Characteristic, but limited it to Ranks of Unnatural [Characteristic], So a Space mehreen with Unnatural Brawn 2 would be able to explode 2 triumph dice. I was just thinking of some secondary effect to add a little punch really.
  2. I was thinking. Is there a way to simulate traits like unnatural attribute? Maybe something like I was also thinking that the trait could also bestow some other effect, like Unnatural Brawn getting Additional encumbrance or something, but I haven't really thought that far ahed.
  3. Has anyone given any thought to perhaps having a default sector setting and a starting adventure for this port?
  4. Oh, thats pretty cool. I'll be tweaking things, so if you have anything to suggest, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do. I'm a little worried about the Last enemy and Genesys balance, so it might need work.
  5. Hey. So my group wants to test this conversion out, so I started converting the adventure from the back of the second edition core rules. I was wondering if anyone here could look at what I have and see if I have it right? I can remove this if it creates any issues, but it can be found HERE.
  6. So I had a breakdown recently and while taking a break from my studies for a couple of days I picked up genesys and rogue trader and started smashing them together to see what falls out. This may never be completed without some help and its just a side project to keep me sane, but I wanted some feedback on the archetypes I created before I go back to the rules and balance it all a bit better. This project has nothing to do with the recently released Dark heresy hack for the system. I just wanted to see what I could do with it. Please feel free to comment here or on the Gdoc Here is the First Draft of the base Archetypes. 06-01-18
  7. Hey. So the link for the expanded starship repair rules has gone down. I was wondering if anyone has a copy or another link so I can view that information for an upcoming session. Thanks.
  8. Aye. That stat block was written very quickly before a session. I'll change it to -1, because that makes much more sense, having gone back and actually looked at these vehicles.
  9. SO I've been really getting into things with my group. the system is simple enough and they're enjoying the game, even if they are allowing one character to drive thier decisions. They recently ran a consignment of goods past a CIS remnant blockade around a factory planet, and hav even engaged in negotiation with a CIS commander, who needs thier help with something before he lifts the blockade and allows other ships to land. This involves taking back an important facility for the CIS. They have a limited amount of support from a local rebel cell who are going to launch an attack on the facility while the PC's set up a distraction to draw the enemy force away. To wit, I've created some vehicles to use in the encounter. I was just wondering If i should be tweaking these any. Any advice would be appreciated: CIS AAT (Armoured Assault Tank) Silhouette: 3; Speed 2; Handling -1. Defence Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 1/-/-/0 HT: 12; SS: 8; Armour: 2 Vehicle Type/Model: Main Battle tank/AAT Manufacturer: Baktoid Armour Workshop Sensor Range: Close Crew: One commander, One Pilot, Two Gunners. Passengers: 6 troops (on external handholds) Encumbrance: 20 Cost/Rarity: 90,000 credits/ 7® Customization Hardpoints: 1 Weapons: Turret mounted medium Laser cannon (Fire arc all; Damage 6; Critical 4; Range Close); Fore Linked light blaster cannons (Fire arc Fore; Damage 4, Critical 4; Range Close; Linked, 1); one port and one starboard Turret mounted Light Repeating blaster (Uses personal weapons rules) (Fire arc Port or Starboard and fore; Damage 11; Critical 3; Range Long; Auto-Fire, Pierce 2, Vicious 1) T1-B Repulsorlift tank. NB: A standard T1-B has a 'flak pod' instead of a concussion missile launcher. I 'm using the launcher until I figure out a good way to implement the flak pod. Sillhouette 3; Speed 3; Handling 0. Defence Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 0/-/-/0 HT 10; SS 6; Armor: 2; Vehicle Type/Model: Light attack tank Manufacturer: Yutrane-Trackata Sensor Range: Close Crew: 1 pilot, 2 gunners Encumbrance: 10 Cost/Rarity: 50,000/5® Customization Hardpoints: 0 Weapons: Turret mounted, Linked Light blaster cannon (All arcs; Damage 4; Critical 4; Range Close; Linked 1) Forward mounted light concussion missile launcher (Forward, Damage 5; Critical 3, Range Close; Blast 4, Breach 2, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 3, Slow firing 1) Special abilities: Shield generator: Once per encounter, a T1-B may activate its shield generator as an action. This generator lasts for the remainder of the encounter or until the TB-1 takes a hit from enemy weapons fire. It grants 1 defence in the forward and rear arcs. Incom I-24 Razorback Infantry fighting vehicle. A rare entry from a ship builder into the military vehicle market, the Razorback was designed as a rapid insertion and infantry deployment vehicle, with the secondary purpose of providing fire support to other field vehicles. It is lightly armoured compared to most other similar vehicles, and boasts only a single light weapon and a separate, turreted Light repeated blaster mounted atop the main turret. While the design is basically sound, it never saw the sales numbers to make the design truly profitable, and it was pulled from general sale shortly before the end of the clone wars. However, since then, the Razorback has made its way into various small mercenary companies and smugglers, who value the small speeder for its customisability and low profile. Silhouette 2; Speed 2; Handling 0. Defence Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft 0/-/-/0 HT 6; SS 4; Armour 1. Vehicle Type/Model Infantry Fighting Vehicle/I-24 Crew 1 pilot and 1 gunner. Passengers: Up to 10 troopers. Encumbrance 10 Cost/Rarity 35,000 credits/6 Customization hard points 2 Weapons Turret mounted light laser cannon (Fire arc all; Damage 4; Critical 4; Range Close); Turred mounted Light repeating blaster (personal range bands only) (Fire arc all, Damage 11, Critical 3, Range Long; Auto-Fire, Pierce 2, Vicious 1)
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