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  1. Thanks heaps for that!
  2. Not sure if this question has been asked before or is simply a stupid question as I am new to this particular forum but was wondering if the character cards for the digital game might be available for purchase somewhere as hardcopy? I've just started playing the digital game and really enjoy it and would really like to add the characters available there to my physical game. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks heaps for that guys, that's really helpful. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Star Wars Lore.
  4. Hi all, I'm new to the whole Star Wars thing (finally taking the plunge after FFG have divested their 40k line) and decided to start with this package as I like the setting (probably for no other reason than it's new.....). Having bought it though I did notice that they are not planning to release a full game for this setting and was wondering if this means they won't be releasing other adventures for this setting? I find the current two adventures underwhelming, which is fine as they are only introductory adventures anyway but it makes me think if they are not going to put out more information into this setting what was the point in the first place? I am thinking about getting Force and Destiny as the full game as the idea of being a force user appeals to me more than the other lines but of course that doesn't help with this setting just the rules. Is anyone aware if more products are scheduled for this line or if there are any good homebrewed adventures/background available? Thanks in advance
  5. I think I remember reading somewhere that other characters may also be part of the Rogue Trader's dynasty. Roles, such as, sensechel, arch militant and voidmaster (As Van Reibeek pointed out most of the others wouldn't be as likely, although not impossible) may all be cousins, brothers and/or sisters of the character that actually inherited the Warrant of Trade and this would make them ideal candidates for marriages to form alliances. Whilst missing out on the Warrant of Trade they still wield enormous political power within the dynasty. The bonus of using player characters is also that their is more scope for role-playing the marriage proposals (But I am already in love with another, I don't want to marry her or but the Planet's Crown Prince is a total pig, you can't make me marry him or possibly even a chance at true love (how non-rpg!)). This also keeps the Rogue Trader free to wait for that perfect political match (unless he/she secrets loves the person the other PC is to marry) or even more likely continue playing the field as befits one of such power, wealth and reputation.
  6. I could be wrong but I think an issue would be FFG obtaining the rights to use 5th edition for the Midnight setting. Are there any other systems people can think of that FFG could use (either under open license or paying for the rights) that would be suitable and fun for playing Midnight games?
  7. Interesting, I never realised they didn't have jump packs in the DH2 line. Admittedly they are more of military pursuasion but then again someone wanting to play a Seraphim would find jump packs useful.....
  8. Per Raw I think they would have the effect on each other but my take on it would be the same as ThenDoctor. It would be more like finding a brother in a sea of hostility and repulsion and as they effectively have no soul anyway I can't see them being repulsed by another person with no soul. It's more people connected to the warp that feel the revulsion at one that has no presence in the warp and since untouchables can't perceive the warp I can't see them perceiving the lack of connection to the warp in other untouchables. That's a lot of waffle to say I wouldn't use the fellowship reductions for interactions between two or more pariahs in my game.
  9. Hey is it just me or does the Klish Tinkerer look like the aliens from District 9?
  10. That shortsword would be glowing permanently red in many of the adventures I've been involved with.......
  11. I'm with Robin, this thread just needed to be revived, still plenty of good ideas to throw out there.
  12. Slightly off topic, the talk of Deathcult assassins made me wonder, what character choices would be used to make a Deathcult assassin PC? It seems assassin would be the most likely role (though not necessarily the only choice) and I guess homeworld probably isn't all that important either as they could come from anywhere. Background, however, is something I am not sure of, would it be generally outcast or perhaps a mutant trying to make amends for his sins of mutation by slaying the enemies of the Emperor? I guess I have trouble viewing a Admech, Deathcult assassin or Administratim, IG etc. Or is it safe to say they can come from all walks of life? I'm sure the answer is an obvious one but I seemed to have failed my forbidden lore: assassins role......
  13. That's also a great idea when in doubt. I think binding strength 1 is the minimum but the examples above are houserules so pretty much anything goes.
  14. The assassin may want it, it all comes down to the individual of course. I think it would be unlikely but not necessarily impossible. The skills themselves would be absolutely useful as an inquisitor, what inquisitor would not want to be able to assume the form of one of his enemies to infiltrate and destroy a cell of cultists from within. Instead of being a simple assassin she could use her abilities to gather information on the goals, strengths, locations of the cult to wreak righteous havoc. It might be a good way to locate allies of the group as well so these can be hunted down and destroyed once she has finished with her current target as well as finding and *fixing* leaks within Imperial organisations.
  15. Thanks, that's another great idea too! You can always count on the BC community to come up with creative and practical solutions. Especially when the actual rules are missing.
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