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  1. It's been months now. Is this ever going to get added???
  2. Bump! Would be nice to see some organization.
  3. I'd like to see a forum dedicated for OP and another for Ruling Questions for Star Wars: Destiny. Other games have these already, and it kind of stinks to have to scroll through all those topics.
  4. I want a tournament series with good prize support, possibly even cash.
  5. Is this going to support the new Star Wars Destiny card game?
  6. This upcoming Thursday I'm free, and should have the latest set(s) in hand.
  7. Wont be able to make it this week (taking my daughter after work). I can play next week for sure though!
  8. Got to meet a couple of people and play some games today. If you're in the Vegas area, and you feel like playing some SWLCG, don't be intimidated. We have players of all levels!
  9. Heading there now. Be there around 6-630pm. Edit 700-715pm. Traffic blows...
  10. I'll be up there at Little Shop of Magic this Thursday for sure - going to the AZ regional on Saturday, and could use some practice. =D
  11. I would if I could. Mandatory overtime every week that day. =/
  12. Currently, any night of the week minus Friday and Saturday nights work for me (although this will change once my work schedule bid at the end of May happens - I have no clue after that).
  13. I'd be down to play, but Saturdays are a terrible day for me sadly. =(
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