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  1. Painting up the Elite Heavy Stormtrooper's with the red shocktrooper type of scheme again that I used on the stormtroopers last year.
  2. That Crimson Champion looks amazing! And I love those computer console scenery items.
  3. I've been painting up some more of my figures and did Darth today. I tried to suggest illumination from the lightsaber onto the outfit. Instead of painting him black, I painted him grey, then used layers of washes, which left visible shading on all the raised ridges and surfaces.
  4. I haven't done many figures for over a year now, so I decided to get back into painting again with the Imperial Assault game. I was watching the trailers for the upcoming star wars battlefront game, and saw the Shock Troopers - elite troopers with red patterns on their armour, and decided that my elite troopers and elite heavy troopers would be shock troopers, so this is how my first elite trooper turned out. I think I'll add elements of red to all the elite figures to help set them apart. This link is a pic of a Shock Trooper which I used as a rough reference: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHn0S8hUAAAjt--.png And I thought I'd add some red to a Probe Droid to make an Elite Probe Droid
  5. I've had this issue with a number of apps, though many others work fine. Some apps when run on the 'new ipad' (the Ipad 3) do not play any sound unless headphones are plugged in. This is one of the apps that does not play sound on my device - though if I listen through headphones, I get perfect sound.
  6. tsmpaul

    Gaming mats

    Hi guys! I'm new to the game, only have the starter set, but I've ordered some more ships that will hopefully turn up soon I made a space mat, by getting a big hubble telescope photo of a nebula, sizing it to the dimension of my gaming table, then using PosteRazor to cut it up into a PDF file of A4 pages. I printed it out, laminated, cut out, and taped together to make a spacey gaming table It's a bit glossier than I thought it would be, so it's hard to get photos without reflections showing, but it turned out all right. I also printed, resized, posterazored and cut/taped a desert planet image I found on Google, to make a planet I can sit on the map as a backdrop piece, and also did the same thing with the Corellian Corvette piece on X-Wing Miniature Game's Board Game Geek pages. Love the Corvette! I tried to host them on photobucket so I could display them here, but for some reason, photobucket is really buggy at the moment, so I've just linked to the images direct, from my star wars minis blog. 2.bp.blogspot.com/-9nYq_S8qoBc/UJYIxUk4HdI/AAAAAAAADnw/OtvZvXMsYHQ/s1600/bigger+view.JPG 2.bp.blogspot.com/-egMvj-EvxkE/UJYI7lHwPtI/AAAAAAAADn4/0TbtPaH_JwE/s1600/close+up+1.JPG 1.bp.blogspot.com/-VxG8XXDdUuE/UJYJSgmcb0I/AAAAAAAADoA/cfckAALn1N8/s1600/planet+overlay.JPG 1.bp.blogspot.com/-P_mMFnd9tc4/UJYJwHdLHFI/AAAAAAAADoQ/0YWhDP5MJ-E/s1600/star+wars+x-wing+002.JPG
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