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  1. I've always found Eowyn to be a great candidate for Unexpected Courage in The Dead Marshes. It's the only quest I have never lost against.
  2. Only legal if you play Sneak Attack during the Combat phase. And yes, you can assign 4 damage to an enemy in the staging area, unless the enemy is immune to player card effects, or there is another card in play that prevents you from targeting or assigning enemies in the staging area. EDIT: remember that if Gandalf dies while defending during a Sneak Attack, he will go to your discard pile and not back into your hand.
  3. Bought all of 2nd ed, but held back on 3rd edition given the absence of a dedicated solo/coop mode... may now have to reconsider!
  4. Just wait until you smash your head against The Morgul Vale. Never cursed so much or so loudly while playing LotR LCG... but at the time, I had overlooked the Tactomir, Loragorn, Spirfindel combo. Not sure if that line-up would make the quest easier?
  5. If you scroll down this page (, syrillian, you'll see that the vast majority of the first 4 cycles (Mirkwood, Khazad-Dum/Dwarrowdelf, Against the Shadow and Ringmaker) are either currently at the printer, or already on the boat... so they should hopefully be in stores in the not too distant future.
  6. Pretty sure Dawn Take You All (Leadership) was in the Mirkwood cycle... and maybe Rider of the Mark (spirit ally) and Dunedain Watcher (Leadership ally)? Don't have time to check. Not arguing with the rest of your analysis.
  7. Okay, that's as recent as it gets (wasn't sure if you had asked the question some time ago and just posted the QA now). Thanks for that. Really hope this QA finally makes it into the next FAQ. It's been an issue long enough, and if that's the final answer, then I'd like to see it made "official." Like Danpoage said, the amount of "legal research" required to play this game correctly can be unnecessarily frustrating.
  8. Same for me.
  9. cmabr002... what was the date of Caleb's reply to your question regarding Bill the Pony?
  10. I agree with this. Northern Rhovanion/Erebor/Dale/Withered Heath would also give the designers the opportunity to come full circle and to flesh out the Dale keyword (for which there are few cards in the game). It would also be a good cycle in which to introduce Thranduil (especially if at least one quest takes a detour into Mirkwood).
  11. As I recall, if playing progression style, the only way to stop the Smaug chain gun is to play Dawn Take You All (solo or multi-player), or by sending Rider of the Mark to another player (multi-player only). Both methods can be used to discard a facedown shadow card before it is flipped up.
  12. As I recall, using the starter decks provided in the Core set, I think I only beat the first quest solo using the Leadership deck as well (and maybe once with Spirit?). The Tactics deck solo is completely useless. As Lecitadin suggested, combining spheres might help you achieve success more easily. I certainly found that was the way to go with the second quest, and also with the quasi-impossible third quest solo. Good luck jp1971!
  13. As I interpret it, it's 50+ the threat value of the eliminated heroes. EDIT: Page 22 of the Core rulebook: "A group's score is determined by adding together four undesirable elements (the final threat level of each player, the threat penalty on all dead heroes, the number of damage tokens on all surviving heroes, and the number of rounds taken to defeat the scenario multiplied by ten)..." and "When a player is eliminated, his threat is considered 50, and all of his heroes are considered dead. Note that an eliminated player's threat does not, however, increase beyond his threat elimination level (50, unless otherwise specified by the quest rules or by a card effect)." Note that threat elimination in the above quote is not the same thing as score. For the eliminated player, score is threat elimination level (which they clarify cannot be higher than 50, even if your threat gain might have exceeded 50) + threat penalty of each dead hero.
  14. I seem to recall there being a sentence by sentence ruling regarding the different quest stages of The Lonely Mountain (and/or involving the different versions of Smaug in that quest). I'll post it if I find it. EDIT: Here it is (see post #7 by Emilius) in this thread. These kinds of things really should be in the FAQ.
  15. I haven't done it solo and progression style at the same time, but I'm certain regardless that I could do so without resorting to super-powered Boromir. It's a while since I did any sort of deckbuilding chalenge, so I'll see if I can do it by next week and post again. Well it took me an extra few days to get round to writing it up. but here you go: I ended up going for a relatively easy option which did include some (two) of the combo cards, but I also mentioned other possibilities for how it could be done without resorting to them. Nicely done. Should've known there were other ways. Clearly proves your superior deck building skills, and the fact that I've had blinders on as a result of not playing nearly as often as I used to, which has hampered mine. And your choice of heroes/cards made me realize I had been further limiting myself... while I own all of the LotR saga boxes, they're all still shrink-wrapped because I've decided to set them aside until I can play the entire saga... so no access to Merry or Dagger of Westernnesse, etc. But that's on me, not you... certainly wouldn't have wanted to add another "excessive" restriction to the challenge. EDIT: Thanks for taking the time to take up the challenge, Pocket Wraith, and especially to do a full write-up of your sessions.