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  1. Don't think I've repeated my technological faux pas in the 3.5 years since that post, but merci tout de meme pour tes suggestions, Rouxxor. 🙂
  2. Heh... It was a cut and paste job from a spreadsheet that went awry. 😜 Sorry about that. And thanks for bringing my technological ineptitude from years ago back into the spotlight... ya wiener. 😆
  3. Here is a comprehensive LotR LCG news compilation, updated as far as end of March 2017. Nothing posted since then, unfortunately. https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/181655/ffg-news-compilation-lord-rings-card-game
  4. TwiceBornh

    The King's Quest

    I absolutely love the theme for this new deluxe expansion. Very relevant to modern times.
  5. TwiceBornh

    Returning Veteran

    richsabre, is that you??? Regardless, welcome back.
  6. I keep all the encounter cards from a cycle inside the deluxe box associated with that cycle, sorted by encounter set. Every set is held together by elastic bands (which some may view as blasphemous).
  7. TwiceBornh

    Disregard... move along

    Post deleted
  8. TwiceBornh

    X-Wing 2.0: They got everything right.

    Hmmm... epic ships not included in the upgrade packs. Guess we might be seeing an epic ship upgrade pack down the road?
  9. TwiceBornh

    Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Now shipping to retailers!
  10. TwiceBornh

    Statistics / submit your plays

    Interesting stats! Thanks for setting this up, MaelstromUK! One question: why is Father Mateo is missing from the lefthand column in the "Investigator pairing," "Investigator team size" and "Investigators by scenario" worksheets?
  11. Good observation, Seastan. Hope you're right.
  12. The real question is... "for how long will they exist alongside one another?" As others have indicated, the names of the two games are nearly identical, and the new cycle looks like it is bringing the card game full circle to an appropriate conclusion. But truth be told, even though I'm not sure I'll be on board with LotR 2.0/digital, I'm okay with the physical card game ending after this coming cycle (especially if it ends on a high note). My wallet will thank me, and I'm not even halfway through playing all the non-NM quests progression style, even though I own them all.
  13. TwiceBornh

    Digital Card Game Announced!

  14. TwiceBornh

    Big news?

    That's what I'm expecting as well.
  15. Crossing of Poros "on the boat" as of 12/1/17... now let's see how long it takes before it ships to retailers.