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  1. Yeah, same (regarding sticking to the 50 cards). And like you, I took advantage of an extended period of time off to focus on beating Dol Guldur solo. Probably would not have happened if work had consumed my time to the extent it usually did. Interesting to see the different progression style approaches used to beat the quest. My winning line-ups were Eowyn, Aragorn and either Legolas or Denethor instead of Eleanor.
  2. I pulled a few victories (also solo, progression style, standard difficulty, 50 card deck) a few years back. It was exhausting and I haven't tried again since... but I am curious (masochistic?) enough to try the NM version of the quest some day. Anyhow, congrats StGemma, it's one **** of an accomplishment. I'm amazed that you could complete the quest as quickly as you did (I tend to be slow and take my time analyzing the board state and trying to make sure I haven't forgotten any passive or forced effect triggers, etc.), and doubt I'll ever break your speed record. :-)
  3. Looking back at my sheets, looks like I only used Gimli when playing 2-handed. Seems I beat the quest solo progression using Frodo, Aragorn (L) and Glorfindel (S)... but lost far more than I won, and that was the only lineup I tried. It's been over 2 years since I last played Lake-Town... I think either Aragorn (L) or Glorfindel (S), with Frodo and Gimli might also work solo.
  4. Disregard.
  5. Your strategy of building up Gimli as a heavily armoured dragon slaying machine is a sound one, Alex. It worked for me. And I seem to recall winning that quest repeatedly with relatively few allies.
  6. Since you are supposed to resolve shadow cards first, I think the enemy would engage the other player before resolving its immediate attack. If the player with which the enemy had been instructed to re-engage and resolve an immediate attack had not already gone through its defend against enemy attacks step during the combat phase, then the enemy would end up doing an immediate attack against the newly engaged player, and then a second attack against that player once it was his turn to defend during the combat phase. If there had also been an immediate attack against the originally engaged player during the quest phase (due to a treachery card or whatever), then there would have been one attack vs. the originally engaged player, then two against the newly engaged player (assuming that newly engaged player is not the "first player"). There can be all sorts of variations on the above scenario, depending on the exact nature of the cards involved. Could you maybe give a bit more info about exactly what happened (i.e., which cards were revealed, who was first player, how far you were in the round/combat sequence, etc.)? Might be easier to give you an accurate answer then.
  7. Battle of Lake-Town requires a whole other mindset/deck-building strategy to win. Ask if/when you get stumped. Still one of my favourite quests... but was extremely frustrating until I figured out what had to be done. Good luck!
  8. Reprint is shipping to retailers now. Should be in stores by next week.
  9. I squeaked out a few progression style victories with Legolas, Boromir (T) and Beregond. Blade of Gondolin x2 on Legolas can be really helpful in this quest, especially on that stage where heroes strong in battle/siege questing are useless due to the need for conventional Will questing. And mono Tactics neutralizes The Master's Malice.
  10. The Edge of the Empire core book is presently the only item I have from FFG's Star Wars RPG systems, though I've long been interested in getting deeper into the game. Does the info presented on pre-Disney Bothans in Age of Rebellion differ at all from what's presented in Edge of the Empire? And if yes, how? Also, how frequently do Bothans appear in other previously published Star Wars RPG products, like adventures and career books? Just trying to figure out whether these changes to canon and RPG products should affect my purchasing priorities. I have no access to other books at the moment with which to compare. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. The RPG is probably my favourite campaign setting bar none, and it had unique rules added on to the d20 chassis that really supported the setting's flavour. Like Simon Retold said, it's essentially Middle Earth if Sauron won. The books and the majority of the artwork were gorgeous (in a bleak/oppressive way). The movie does not do justice to the Midnight brand, at all. And while I have Runebound Midnight, I have never gotten around to playing it (too many games, so little time!)... but it's my understanding that it was one of the weaker Runebound expansions. I'm sure if I told my friends that I was going to resurrect our Midnight campaign from a few years back (or even start a new one), they would be all in.
  12. Would really be nice if they took the time to compile all these haphazard dev responses into the official FAQ... would be an ideal way to avoid contradictions. Copy, paste, done.
  13. Bump... :-)
  14. Thread necromancy... I've also been wondering about this. Anyone care to speculate why FFG might not be able/interested in reprinting the Arkham art sleeves???
  15. Chimpy, there is a card released during the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle that can neutralize Smaug's machine gun attacks by discarding one of his shadow cards (play it before flipping over the first shadow card dealt to him during an attack). Just in case you overlooked it.