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  1. I second everything in the OP's request.
  2. I do not buy the current Star Wars LCG or Destiny, but would gladly buy a solo/coop card game.
  3. Wow man, 2/3, good for you. I think I struggled a lot more due to reshuffling surging Blocking Wargs back into the deck (anyone know when that was first errataed?). Although Siege of Cair Andros is hard, it was one of my favourite quests of the deluxe + cycle. Truly epic quest.
  4. I'm clearly in the minority. I don't remember having nearly as awful a time playing the Hobbit Saga as most of you, and I have always played the quests exclusively with dwarf heroes (the recommended "thematic decks" weren't very good, as I recall). In fact, I remember getting way more pissed off at many of the quests from Heirs of Numenor/Against the Shadow (Peril in Pelargir, Into Ithilien and The Morgul Vale in particular) than at any of the Hobbit quests, but having access to all the cards from Khazad-Dum/Dwarrowdelf (which the OP didn't) may have made The Hobbit saga a little more enjoyable. I actually really like both The Lonely Mountain and The Battle of Five Armies, they're both among my favourites (though I did find the latter to be quite hard at the time). I have never killed Smaug in The Lonely Mountain, but have always run off with all five treasures in hand to a nail biting "run for your life" finale. And for me, The Battle of Lake-Town is another favourite. Different strokes and all that...
  5. Land of the Horse-Lords certainly is a possibility. But I still think something along the lines of Kings or Kingdoms of Wilderland/the Northern Reaches has an even better chance. I would imagine a cycle where the kingdoms of men, elves and dwarves must unite after drifting apart again, in order to fend off the threat posed by Gundabad orcs, dragons of the Withered Heath, and easterlings around the time of the War of the Ring. That could see a fair bit of travelling across Wilderland, through Mirkwood, Dale/Erebor, the Grey Mountains, the Withered Heath and maybe even Rhun. Would make for a pretty epic cycle and a worthy follow-up to the by then complete LotR saga... and possibly a fitting full circle conclusion if that's where the game line ends?
  6. Alex... why haven't you been playing lately? Getting stomped by Siege of Cair Andros? We're all dying for an update.
  7. Kings (or Kingdoms) of Wilderland? Or Kings/Kingdoms of the Northern Reaches?
  8. For those of you on the lookout for the Mirkwood cycle... the reprints of all six APs are shipping to retailers now (see the "Upcoming" page).
  9. No, there's nothing in the quest that links it to the Hobbit saga. But nothing stops you from doing so.
  10. I would welcome it with open arms.
  11. I've always found Eowyn to be a great candidate for Unexpected Courage in The Dead Marshes. It's the only quest I have never lost against.
  12. Only legal if you play Sneak Attack during the Combat phase. And yes, you can assign 4 damage to an enemy in the staging area, unless the enemy is immune to player card effects, or there is another card in play that prevents you from targeting or assigning enemies in the staging area. EDIT: remember that if Gandalf dies while defending during a Sneak Attack, he will go to your discard pile and not back into your hand.
  13. Bought all of 2nd ed, but held back on 3rd edition given the absence of a dedicated solo/coop mode... may now have to reconsider!
  14. Just wait until you smash your head against The Morgul Vale. Never cursed so much or so loudly while playing LotR LCG... but at the time, I had overlooked the Tactomir, Loragorn, Spirfindel combo. Not sure if that line-up would make the quest easier?
  15. If you scroll down this page (, syrillian, you'll see that the vast majority of the first 4 cycles (Mirkwood, Khazad-Dum/Dwarrowdelf, Against the Shadow and Ringmaker) are either currently at the printer, or already on the boat... so they should hopefully be in stores in the not too distant future.