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    TwiceBorn reacted to NathanH in Mystery solved?   
    If it didn't have that really restrictive requirement, this would be borderline playable in some cases, such as against quests with the Cursed Dead encounter set. When Dead Lord is about to engage you, it is effectively "defeat a very specific enemy" for 0 cost, which isn't at all bad.
    So I guess this is a niche use case: hold The End Comes and Bofur until Dead Lord is revealed, drop Bofur in for 1 cost during quest resolution, play End Comes when he leaves. Effectively is a 1-cost card to defeat a specific enemy and get +2 willpower for one turn. That is OK.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Kjeld in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    There are two things that come to mind for me which FFG hasn't done with this game yet but which could really spice things up and give new life to old cards.
    Create a saga-like mechanic tying together all 9 quests for each expansion, with boons, burdens, treasures, and so on to add an RPG-like element to the game. This has been discussed many times in the past, and would have a lot of player appeal. It's also highly modular, allowing players to dip in however much or for whichever cycle they want. This would also be an opportunity to "fix" older quests (like many in the Shadows of Mirkwood and Khazad-dum expansions), as some of the Nightmare scenarios have done. This would be easily doable with a standalone expansion pack for each cycle. Standalone or in combination with #1, it would be very interesting if FFG created unique challenges that combined novel quests with interesting deck-building or even gameplay restrictions or rules changes. There are many, many examples of custom fan-made challenges, and it would be cool if FFG were to bring all if its design and develop resources to bear on this idea. A while back they issued a Designer's Challenge, "Three is Company", which could be a model. That challenge received pretty favorable reviews, if I recall correctly, but FFG never did another one.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to banania in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    I totally disagree.
    I can count on one hand the cards that are really missing in the card pool right now to feel "complete" for me. I could see how a cycle worth (or two) of player cards could fill the gap in a few archetypes. I would welcome player cards, for sure.
    But no.
    You could tackle the 116 quests with one deck if you want. You wouldn't play 1 quest with 116 decks though. You would get soooo bored.
    To play this game, you need quests way more than you need player cards.
    Most of the discussion is about player cards, because it's still a deckbuilding game. But about excitement? I've seen more threads over the years of "where do you think the next cycle will be?" rather than "what archetype do you think they will bring?" (barring people wanting some specific character or item). Some people accept player cards spoilers but not encounter spoilers. The contrary is rarer IMO.
    So nope. At this point, with contracts, MotK, Thorongil and Helm of Secrecy, the player deckbuilding options are infinite. The quest pool is only 116 quests. The game's variety is all about quests.
    More quests is what we need.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to phillos in Barkham Horror Legality   
    I apologize.  I was emotional when I wrote it.  I'm not sure why I cared about this so much yesterday.   Villefere can believe whatever they want. 
    I guess its just all this 'cash grab" and anti corporate rhetoric get's me going a bit.  Are there very real negative effects of corporate culture?  Yeah of course.  It's an ethos built to reward the pursuit of self interest and does little to promote thinking about the concerns of the greater community.  It relies on voluntary selfless action.  That is something that seems to not come naturally to people.  Especially when responsibility can be deflected.  Is Barkham (a product made to answer the desires of the AH audience and raise some money for a charity) a great example of these evils?  It makes the real concerns seem less valid when these sorts of threads become the battlegrounds.   You just sort of become a meme shaking your fist at capitalism rather than spurring productive discussion or healthy debate.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to WolfRider in Time to bring Midnight back?   
    Edge Studio will make a new edition of Midnight using D&D5. Here is the announcement in French :
    Edge et le futur du JdR
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Annette Soleil in Annette's MoM Painting Log   
    Finally, another MoM mini! I've been a little busy with painting minis from other games, and just generally being lazy. (I also may have gotten distracted replaying Bloodborne for the 50th time.) But until I get to work on those JiME minis in the near-ish future, I'll probably move back to my MoM stuff for a while, primarily focusing on investigators still.
    So yeah, another 1st Edition mini, and it still shows. I'll be glad to finally be done with all of those eventually, because a lot of them are really bad. Ashcan Pete isn't especially terrible, though he does have a pretty bizarre expression going on here. I'll be doing Sister Mary next, but from there I don't have any immediate plans. I'll probably do Trish and Wendy in the near future though, since they're two of my favorites. But barring certain exceptions, I've definitely been favoring investigators currently present in the LCG, which is the AH game I play most frequently.
    As always, I painted the eyes before the rest of the skin, starting with White (V) (but any White or Off-White is fine) and then Black (V) for the pupils. Then painted the skin around them.
    Base: Medium Fleshtone (V)
    Shade: Flesh Wash (AP)
    Highlights: Flat Flesh (V) -> Basic Skin Tone (V)
    I painted the rim around the hat in Black (V).
    Base: Hull Red (V)
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP)
    Highlights: Cavalry Red (V)
    Base: Grey Blue (V) + Pale Blue (V)
    Shade: Blue Tone (AP) (I thinned this quite heavily, because Army Painter's blue tone is very strong otherwise, and I wanted the jeans to look very faded)
    Highlights: Pale Blue (V)
    Base: Dark Sand (V)
    It's not worth shading the guitar because it's such a flat surface with no real detail. I also painted the hole in the middle in Black (V).
    Highlights: Pale Sand (V)
    Hair/Long part of the guitar/Duke's Nose
    I don't actually know what that part of the guitar is called--.
    Base: German Camo Black Brown (V)
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP)
    Highlights: German Camo Medium Brown.
    Sleeping Bag
    Base: US Field Drab (V)
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP)
    Highlights: Tan Earth (V)
    Belt/Shoes/Bag Strap
    Base: Burnt Umber (V)
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP)
    I only realized after the fact that I neglected to highlight the shoes. (I'd intended to leave the strap and belt alone) I would've used Mahogany Brown (V) though.
    Belt Buckle
    Base: Bronze (V)
    Base: I loose wet blended Desert Yellow (V) for the darker areas and Tan Yellow (V) for the lighter areas.
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP). I applied this unthinned, and then a second time, slightly more selectively.
    I wanted to start with a lighter base tone, and then darken it down with a shade so that the furry texture would show through. Unfortunately I still think it's a bit too light. But by the time I applied the shade, I was afraid of just painting back over it again, since I figured more layers of paint would start to obscure the texture of the fur. Ah well.  If I could redo it, I'd use a more brownish tone from the start.
    Duke's Bandana
    Base: Flat Red (V)
    Shade: Strong Tone (AP). It's so small that I didn't feel like bothering with Red Tone on this one. Besides, it kind of adds to the dirty look anyway.
    Highlights: Scarlet (V)
    Miscellaneous Details
    So I kind of... forgot to pick out colors for the cigarette and Duke's mouth. And I didn't feel like pulling out more colors, so I improvised with what I already had out.
    For the cigarette, I used Off-White (V). For the end, I used a mixture of Black (V) and Flat Red (V), which wound up giving me a nice brownish, burnt looking tone.
    For Duke's mouth, I just painted it with Flat Red, and then painted the teeth in Off-White. I painted the Strong Tone wash over the mouth as well, which thankfully darkened down the red nicely enough.

    Well, I haven't started any of the JiME stuff yet. I'm waiting eagerly for Sorastro's Balrog video before I start on those. Although I might do the goblins and orcs, since I don't imagine they'll be too different from the core set ones. But I did paint a handful of minis from ASoIaF over the last month or so, and I finally tried out some basing techniques.

    Here's everything I've done for that so far.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Soakman in Barkham Horror Legality   
    It was an April Fools thing that people clamored about making a real thing. And they listened. 
    Also, proceeds from purchases were going to an animal charity last I knew, so, no, not a cash grab.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Tarqk in They dug too deep.... (Painted Balrog)   
    It took a good while but finally got this bastard painted so he can wreck our party this weekend.

    Looking at this image I'm thinking I should probably do something about his wings, but they'll have to do for now. Now on to painting the rest of the heroes instead....

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    TwiceBorn reacted to MikeGracey in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    The problem is you can say that we haven't been here yet or explored this archetpye to its fullest yet, but at what point will the community be satisfied? It seems to me like they will never really will be. No sooner is the latest cycle 'spoiled' than people are talking about things they don't have, rather than the things we did get. 
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    TwiceBorn reacted to MikeGracey in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    Right, its ok to dream and hope, so long as that hope doesn't become complaining or an ungrateful attitude. I think theres a line between wanting more in a good manner and just being bitter or complaining. 
    Not accusing you guys of that though, just stating that there is a right and a wrong attitude in regards to this subject. 
    I totally understand being able to dream of course, I like to do so myself at times.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to David&Anna in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    Ha Ha! I’m your limey twin mirror. I did the same here in Britain and have one heck of an expensive The Road Darkens Nightmare pack from America. Happy to report I’m the proud owner of everything printed thus far. I would be happy for the game to continue even if it needs to be in a reduced release schedule. Scouring of the Shire is a must have and I will never consider the game as complete until then! 
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    TwiceBorn got a reaction from TheSpitfired in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    I rushed to acquire all the Nightmare decks this summer. I held off for a long time, being uncertain as to whether I would enjoy them... but then panic set in as I saw many of them go out of stock in stores across Canada, and even on Asmodee's own website. I suspected that those would be low priority for reprints at this stage in the game's life cycle, so I got them all while I could, just in case. I even ended up ordering one from the UK... which makes for one **** of an expensive Nightmare pack (it hasn't arrived yet, so we'll see what kind of duty gets slapped on), but oh well.
    I've since played through the first 9 Nightmare quests, and no regrets so far!
    I've also been pleasantly surprised by The Wizard's Quest, which I did not think I would enjoy (I have no interest in playing this game competitively), so have ordered all of the custom scenario kits, as well. So long as FFG keeps the core set in print, I think releasing Custom Scenario kits for post-Khazad Dum cycles would be a good idea, if only by allowing new player a taste of each cycle for a fraction of the cost, and without having to endure the frustration of hunting down expensive/out of print packs from the original cycles.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Alonewolf87 in 2 questions regarding Tower of the Gull objective card (A Storm on Cobas Haven)   
    1) Yes, since as you say it's an encounter card effect.
    2) Indeed, a player readies all the cards under its control in the refresh phase, even Objective encounter cards.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Annette Soleil in Annette's MoM Painting Log   
    For as difficult as she was to work on (and for as bad as some of the details on her mini are, especially the shoes and the face), I'm actually pretty happy with how that one turned out. Way more so than I initially expected going in. But that's just the curse of the 1st Edition investigators. None of their minis are very good.
    And speaking of 1st Edition investigators...

    Talk about a mixed bag of a mini. In terms of the 1st Edition minis, Jenny is one of the "better" ones, although that's a pretty low bar to be honest. She's got an engaging pose and some nice details on her dress to help her stand out. But oh boy. That face. Those feet. They're so bad. While I like the look of her pose, her dress especially, it did make painting the underside of it very... awkward. Several hard to reach areas, for one thing. And also, her body is actually very well defined under there, almost all the way up to her waist. I had to paint some blue between her legs just to keep her from looking indecent.
    Anyway, this may be the last one for a little while. I've got a couple other things I wanna work on in the next week or so (I got my hands on the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game last weekend), and Shadowed Paths comes out next week (assuming I actually get my copy on time). But I may paint a couple investigators here and there to break up the monotony. Especially if I know I'll be doing an upcoming AHLCG campaign in the near future and there are specific investigators I want painted ahead of time.
    Base Coat: Shining Silver (AP)
    Shade: Black Templar (Citadel)
    Base Coat: Flat Brown (V) + a hint of Flat Red (V)
    Highlights: Added a bit of Flat Earth (V) and some additional Flat Red (V) to the base coat.
    As always, I painted the eyes before the rest of the skin, starting with White (V) (but any White or Off-White is fine) and then Black (V) for the pupils. Then painted the skin around them.
    Base Coat: Flat Flesh (V) + a hint of Flat Red (V) and Flat Brown (V).
    Shade: Flesh Wash (AP)
    Highlights: Base Coat, with gradually more White (V) added in.
    For the lips, I added in some additional Flat Red about midway through the highlighting process.
    Base Coat: Electric Blue (AP) + Ice Storm (AP)
    Shade: Blue Tone
    Highlights: Base Coat -> Gradually more Ice Storm (AP) -> Eventually mixing in some Gorgon Hide (AP)
    Hat Rim
    Base Coat: Electric Blue (AP) + a hint of Black (V)
    Shade: Blue Tone
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Halberto in Optimistic about LOTR LCG’s Future   
    I'm at peace with the game ending but I think ffg should complete the release of nightmare saga deck. 
    It's not fair to the players base not to compete that. Then if they stop new POD or decide not to release nightmare versions of latest cycle, ok that would be acceptable, but saga nightmare deck should be completed.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to urloony in the End of LOTR LCG ?   
    It seems most likely, as I'm sure others have speculated, that when LOTR does return, it will be rereleased in the Arkham Horror and Marvel Champions LCG format.  Stand-alone heroes and scenarios.  This makes it easier for new players to jump in with ready-to-play heroes that will work with a current scenario pack.  This also helps new players avoid the barrier of entry trying to track down long lost expacks or nowhere-to-be-found starter sets.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to EBerling in The Fortress of Nurn Announcement   
    To me, it evokes a friar/monk going down to the abbey cellar to grab another cask of beer.  

    I think what makes this piece feel a bit out of place with the rest of the art for Aragorn is that--with very few exceptions--most portrayals of Aragorn seem to have him clean shaven or with a short, neat beard. Even FFG's own art for Aragorn tends to follow-this tread (the other three hero-versions are beardless, for instance).  I'm pretty sure had they used the art from either Thorongil or Desperate Path as the Sp-Aragorn art, it'd have been much better received. 

    Makes me wonder if it was repurposed art from another character, like Robert Baratheon for the Thrones LCG or something?

    "I don't always carry my torch when I'm drunk... but when I do I make sure to hold it right by the flame!  GODS, I WAS STRONG THEN!"
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    TwiceBorn reacted to EBerling in The Fortress of Nurn Announcement   
    Well, there's also still at least two other releases coming out (the Mines of Moria and Escape from Khazad-Dum custom scenario packs).  Presumably, since some of the world already has Nurn in hand but not these two packs, these packs are releasing after Nurn, despite being announced earlier.  Then, FFG can either announce the end of the game or could continue releasing Custom Scenario packs (maybe even doing two-per-traditional cycle). It's minimal work for them. since it basically just entails recombining existing art and text.  

    What I don't understand is why make the custom scenario kits at all, especially at this point in the game's run if it's truly meant to be a finished product?  It feels to me like they're intended to be a new release model for the game, where quests-to-play are bought separately from player cards, a bit like the new Marvel Champions game.  Maybe the idea is to get a few Custom Scenario Kits on the market to fill the hiatus and keep the game on people's radars, then after the hiatus roll out some kind of new player-cards packs (or new organizations of old cards) to be used against these scenario packs.  These scenario packs basically represent the "greatest hits" of the game's original cycles without the need to run down 7 hard-to-find Products per cycle.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to bdavis969 in the End of LOTR LCG ?   
    I wonder what is harder, making quests or making player content? I feel like they have some gaps in player content and would love to see them release a pack or more of just player content. It would be nice to maybe see a Frodo or Aragorn (Strider) ally card, Sam only has one hero whereas, the rest of the fellowship (other than Gandalf) have multiple heroes. Fill in more heroes and allies for The Hobbit characters. Maybe even allies of heroes like Eowyn, Eomer, Theoden, etc. 
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    TwiceBorn reacted to bdavis969 in THE FORTRESS OF NURN Player Cards   
    I am really looking forward to making Bond of Friendship work with hobbits. If you want to start with Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry (the big 4), the only way to play it is: Sp Frodo, Le Sam, Lo Pippin, and Ta Merry for 27 threat. But I think I came up with an idea to end with the big 4.  Start with Le Frodo, Sp Merry, Lo Folco, and Ta Tom for 24 threat. Discard Folco to reduce threat, Helm of Secrecy Tom into Sam, Thorongil Sp Merry with Ta Merry, and Sword-Thain Pippin. And it is extremely thematic. Folco was there to move Frodo. Tom and Sam were best friends. Adding Ta Merry shows his growth at Pelennor Fields. Pippin was Denethor’s sword-thain. 
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    TwiceBorn reacted to ozradio in So Star Wars Destiny is over so that we can finally get a co-op Star Wars LCG, right?   
    As much as I'd love a co-op Star Wars game, I can't help thinking they'd want to get Champions more established - especially with the delays of the last couple months - before introducing a new game that would surely target many of the same players. But I'm much newer to this biz than most of you who probably have a much better idea of how things work.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Annette Soleil in Annette's MoM Painting Log   
    Surprise, I decided to do Joe Diamond. I was originally going to do Jenny next (which would have wrapped up the investigator group me and a friend have planned for our eventual Return to Dunwich run), but me and my brother decided to play Path to Carcosa using Mateo and Joe, so I decided it was better to get him out of the way next. As a side note, I should point out that I've been gradually shifting more toward using Vallejo paints, and it's because I recently got some decent deals on some Vallejo paint sets from Amazon. And I've found that they tend to apply more smoothly and don't need as many coats for a good finish.
    Overall Joe Diamond has one of the nicer looking minis out of the 1st Edition investigators. There aren't as many messy looking details and he's got a nice, evocative pose. And for once, painting a cape/trenchcoat wasn't an effort in frustration because of the way it sticks out in the back. Painting the eyes on these older minis still sucks though, because there's much less room to work with.
    Base: Tanned Flesh (AP) + Kobold Skin (AP)
    Shade: Flesh Wash (AP)
    Highlights: Kobold Skin
    Base: Off-White (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP)
    Highlights: Off-White (V) -> White (V)
    Base: Black Grey (V) + Black (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP)
    Highlights: Black Grey (V) -> Neutral Grey (V)
    Note: So that they would stand out against the surrounding areas of similar color, I left the hair and darker part of the hat unhighlighted.
    Base: German Camo Black Brown (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP) + Strong Tone (AP)
    Highlights: German Camo Black Brown (V) -> German Camo Medium Brown (V)
    Guns/Belt Buckle
    Base: Gunmetal Grey (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP) [For the guns, I used Citadel's Black Templar contrast paint, to get a much darker metallic shade]
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    TwiceBorn reacted to lleimmoen in the End of LOTR LCG ?   
    PS. I would not be surprised if Amazon had a say in stuff (game, etc.) released around the time of the show, after all they really have paid a lot just for the rights (though they can afford it), and the rumor has it, it is going to be the most expensive tv show to date. Let us hope it is going to be the best as well.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to lleimmoen in the End of LOTR LCG ?   
    No, it makes perfect sense: they don’t need to wait. I think their idea with Hobbit saga came also because of the (then upcoming) movies even though the art is not based on the movie, and the whole game follows the books only. So yes, they can (if they can, legal-wise) release it before the tv show, perhaps not too long before it, just to sail in the wave. I for one, am really excited about the 2nd Age content, and would be about the game from that era, though most of my favourite characters are either from the 1st or, of course, the 3rd Age.
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    TwiceBorn reacted to Annette Soleil in Annette's MoM Painting Log   
    A bit later than usual, as I've been a bit preoccupied with other projects the last week or so. Xenoblade Chronicles came out, and I've been working on a set of custom AHLCG investigators with a friend pretty heavily this past week. But I finally got around to painting Father Mateo this weekend.
    By far the easiest of the ones that I've done this far. No tricky areas to reach, very limited color palette with no unusual colors, and an overall decently made mini. I tried to do something a little bit different, since he was mostly just one color, by doing the highlighting before applying any kind of shade (which I did very thinly, just to emphasize some of the shadowed areas). Not much else to say here really, just a very straightforward figure to paint.
    Base: Tanned Flesh (AP) + Kobold Skin (AP) (1:2)
    Shade: Flesh Wash (AP)
    Highlights: Kobold Skin -> Corpse Pale (AP)
    Base: Bronze (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP)
    Highlights: Base Tone
    Base: Matt White (AP)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP)
    Base: German Grey (V)
    Highlights: German Grey (V) -> Dungeon Grey (AP)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP) (Heavily thinned, or only applied in shadowed areas)
    Base: German Grey (V) + Matt Black (AP)
    Highlights: German Grey (V)
    Shade: Dark Tone (AP)
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