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  1. TwiceBorn

    Fear mechanic

    Fearful behaviour can also make one susceptible to acts of madness, cowardice or treachery, i.e., falling prey to the shadow (e.g., Denethor).
  2. TwiceBorn

    How many losses?

    These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along. Move along.
  3. TwiceBorn

    Mount Gundabad

    Now shipping to retailers!
  4. TwiceBorn

    Journey to Rhosgobel

    Remember that if you use Glorfindel's healing ability on Wilyador, you would have to discard him (Glorfindel) from the game!
  5. TwiceBorn

    Elena hero?

    In addition to Elena, I think it would be interesting to have a song-support Gleowine Lore (or Spirit) hero. Could help fill the Rohan hero Lore gap.
  6. Finally completed the Angmar Awakened cycle by beating The Dread Realm straight solo and 2-handed (progression mode, standard difficulty). After the masochism I went through to beat The Battle of Carn Dum, I was surprised by the relative ease of The Dread Realm, especially straight solo (won 6/14 games with my unmodified Faramir/Erestor/Glorfindel deck from Carn Dum, save for the addition of the Delay the Enemy side quest). 2-handed admittedly was more challenging, took me 6 attempts to score a victory. All in all, I enjoyed that one. Although I could go on to The Grey Havens next, I'm thinking of taking a break from LotR LCG for a few months in order to try Arkham Horror LCG (which I have yet to try, even though I have everything up to the end of The Forgotten Age) or to give Mansions of Madness more table time... looking forward to more play not to mention getting more work done, rather than deck building.
  7. TwiceBorn

    Guess the New Cycle

    While I think a Shire/NW Eriador cycle is most likely, I also believe that a cycle exploring Rhun and pre-War Mordor is possible, and would be a natural place to introduce new Istari (the two Blue Wizards went into the East, didn't they?). EDIT: A Lorien/Rohan cycle also seems conspicuously absent.
  8. Thank you. And I get where you're coming from, Vince. There can definitely be real relief when knowing when to let go, and that it isn't worth becoming soured on the whole game because of negative experiences with a particular quest. I'm a "special kind of determined" (obsessive isn't too strong a word) when it comes to beating quests... and having a very flexible work schedule helps, too. 🙂 In the end, I think my "success" rate straight solo progression mode vs. Escape from Dol Guldur was a tiny bit better than my success rate vs. Carn Dum... but in both cases I pulled it off, and that's all that matters. No, I did not try the Elrond deck solo vs. Carn Dum. I don't think I even used Vilya at all in the Elrond fellowship deck, just relied on him to be a solid second defender. In straight solo, I felt that the deck I used with Faramir/Erestor/Glorfindel was better as it was able to build Faramir into a mega battle quester/defender/wrecking ball much more effectively (using Songs, Love of Tales, Blood of Gondor, Gondorian Fire, Steward of Gondor, A Burning Brand, Miruvor, Unexpected Courage, Lembas, Wingfoot, etc., and striving to break even on questing in order to keep Accursed Battlefield as the active location as long as possible until I was ready to rush into and through Stage 2). I had never used hero Faramir before Carn Dum, and man was it a pleasure to discover just how awesome he is in battle quests (especially with Song of Kings/Steward of Gondor/Gondorian Fire attached), when enemies accumulate in staging due to ranger spikes and/or high engagement costs. But you are right regarding Erestor... while he was awesome for quickly putting into play low-cost attachments, he frequently got me into trouble as a result of treacheries forcing me to discard multiple/all copies of Will of the West and other key cards into the discard pile and/or Power of Angmar making it impossible to reshuffle or otherwise pull cards from the player discard pile. Still, I really liked the way he comboed with both Faramir and Glorfindel.
  9. As I had doubts about the "legitimacy" of my late 2018 progression mode victories over Battle of Carn Dum due to what I perceived to be some ambiguous rules situations, I decided to continue playing the quest in standard mode with the most recently available errata in effect, both straight solo and 2-handed, until I was satisfied that I had truly beaten the quest. What a time consuming endeavour (mistake?) that was... but the 4-month, 207 game marathon came to an end in the wee hours of this morning. In that time, I managed a whopping 6 victories (lol)... you may snicker at my poor deck-building, strategic play, or sheer awful luck... and marvel at the sheer insanity of playing similar poorly performing decks over such a long period of time, and expecting better results of them! My two-handed decks featured Faramir (Lo)/Aragorn (Lo)/Frodo Baggins, and Glorfindel (Sp)/Erestor/Elrond. For solo, I started out with Bilbo Baggins/Erestor/Mirlonde (variation on a deck by Seastan), but eventually came to the conclusion that Faramir/Erestor/Glorfindel worked better and was more enjoyable... even though the overall win ratio remained dismal. I was glad to have been able to make good use of cards that I had never found much use for in the past, such as Miruvor (Erestor really enables you to make the most of that one) and hero Faramir (Lo). Must admit that I'm happy that my OCD is finally allowing me to move on. I really hope The Dread Realm won't be nearly as painful...
  10. TwiceBorn

    Roster of characters

    I certainly hope the list beyond Khamul the Easterling isn't canon. Some of those names are awful... Dwar of Waw? Indur Dawndeath? Ugh...
  11. @ColinEdwards, just letting you know that one of your responses above misattributed a quote to me ("The existing model lets both new and existing players buy what they need from a given cycle, without slowing cash flows. (Well at least not slowing it more than their reprint schedule has...)". No big deal, but just wanted to make you aware.
  12. They could add new campaign mode cards, boons and burdens, errataed cards, the cycle's NM packs, and perhaps even one or more new scenarios per box to sweeten the pot and make it somewhat akin to the "Return to" Arkham Horror LCG boxes (I know that what I have described has gone well beyond that!).
  13. TwiceBorn

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    Just for the fun of it, give Into Ithilien another try in progression mode with the pre-errata Blocking Wargs. It's definitely beatable, as many here have done it, but I'm just curious to see if your own personal experience would change significantly.
  14. TwiceBorn

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    Ah yes, Collateral Damage was the one I had in mind.
  15. TwiceBorn

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    I'd also like to point out that when many of us first played HoN, it was before Blocking Wargs had been errataed. Blocking wargs with recurring surges in Into Ithilien were pretty brutal. And as I recall, there was another card in Peril in Pelargir that could generate chains of nasty and potentially game ending surge combo effects (I think it was a Treachery called "Local Trouble" or something like that, don't have time to look it up). I definitely remember enjoying Siege of Cair Andros more than Peril and Ithilien.