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  1. Thanks again for sharing your process! I look forward to seeing your upcoming paint jobs, whether for Journeys in Middle-Earth or A Song of Ice and Fire.
  2. Like you, I know nothing of licensing costs, terms, conditions, etc. I presume (perhaps incorrectly) that the license costs for a card game would be substantially less than it would be for a TV show. The real question is: is Middle-Earth Enterprises (or whoever else holds the rights to the Second Age material) willing to license the Second Age content to parties other than Amazon. My sense is that once you've opened the door to one party, it's open to all. I see no reason why FFG would need to wait until after Amazon has released their TV show to release a Second Age card game, especially if the latter is based on the original source material and not in the TV show (which is sure to deviate from Tolkien's work at one point or another). Better to start the ball rolling several months before the show releases so that they're ahead of the game and don't need to play catch up when the hype machine gets going? In my estimation, the only reason to not do so would be if Amazon had somehow negotiated a deal that prevented any other party from releasing Second Age based content (regardless of product type), whether before or even after release of the show (unless sub-licensed through Amazon?). Again, I have no inside knowledge, this is just more idle speculation that may be way off base...
  3. Maybe a Second Age-themed game, using the same rules, if the Amazon series ends up based in that era? Just idle speculation...
  4. A Edit: My justification for going with that convention? I never hold a "fistful" of cards (can't stand the thought of damaging them like that). And as per the rules, each player has a "hand of cards." Hence two-handed when playing solo with two decks.
  5. Awesome job! I really appreciate you including your paint specs... I've been dreaming of painting my MoM minis (and others) for a long time now, but as I'm not particularly dexterous or have any experience with painting, I find the process very daunting. The info you shared is extremely helpful. Who knows, I may eventually get the nerve (and the cash) to try my hand at painting some day.
  6. Maybe he's in the middle of a performance and his writhing cane is a "magical" illusion? Beautiful work!
  7. I have pre-ordered the book via an FLGS and keep an eye on a number of stores across Canada... none have received it yet, as far as I can tell. I'm sure the pandemic isn't helping.
  8. After a 9-month hiatus, I'm happy to have been able to squeeze in a few games of Mansions over the past couple of weeks. I got to introduce a couple of guys to Cycle of Eternity (it's all we had time for), and they both loved it. That got me in the mood to keep playing on my own, so I finally took the shrink-wrap off Beyond the Threshold and played both scenarios solo 4-5 times each (still haven't touched SoA, SoT, HJ and PotS, even though I own them all). I then played the Valkyrie scenario "A Glimpse From the Past" twice. I wasn't able to leave any feedback in app for "A Glimpse From the Past," which I played solo with two investigators (Carolyn Fern and Vincent Lee). First game, I lost due to the elimination of Vincent Lee (who was struggling to get anything done because he ended up with the Restless Anxiety insanity condition and I kept screwing up on his behalf on a critical puzzle, while Carolyn kept to herself to deal with some certain disturbing scenario-related matters). Must have hit the wrong button (?), as I did not get an epilogue as one does in FFG scenarios. I won the second game, but still didn't get any kind of epilogue... is that normal for Valkyrie (I seem to recall this happening when I played other scenarios in the past)? Or was that a glitch? Anyhow, missing the epilogue was a bit of a bummer after having slogged as hard as I did to get to score a victory (with both investigators wounded, but otherwise still sane). The good . I loved the premise of the scenario. . The story was coherent and was not anything I had seen in MoM 2e before. . Flavourful descriptive text, especially the intro and journal entries/incriminating evidence. . Event text was generally (but not always) a good fit for the unfolding narrative. . The scenario had innovative mechanics (i.e., the option to hide things; the ritual dagger; climbing in/out of windows; options for achieving the final objective). . Some great surprises the first time around! . One of the puzzles was especially creative... as was the consequence for getting it wrong! . Great and truly evocative sound effects. . Excellent use of core set materials (I had RN and SM enabled, but nothing from either collection ever came into play). Enemies were used sparingly and to great effect (I hate it when wave after wave of totally random enemies hit investigators for dubious in-game reasons). . Logical use and placement of items. . The cat!!! . Mature themes. . Exciting finale that does not require pummelling a big bad end guy to death. Could be better . Variability upon replaying: the layout of the board will remain unchanged, even with the availability of the RN and SM tile collections. There won't be any surprises, and odds are you will find/explore 95% or more of what there is to be found/explored. That said, I understand that a tremendous amount of time/work goes into the creation of one of these scenarios, and there must always come a time when the designer decides: "good enough!" And perhaps the designer did not have access to the tile collections when this scenario was created. . Combat could prove a lengthy slog, given the items/spells available in the scenario (my choice of investigators might also have been part of the problem). Fortunately, the amount of combat was limited in the game. . When playing solo with two investigators, I found that the scenario could kind of drag, especially from the middle mark or so when one investigator gains a particular "something"... that character's action choices were quite limited from the point of acquisition onward, and the identical sequence of events/tests that repeated every round until the end of the scenario went from "awesome!" to "please stop, this is painfully redundant." And when the other investigator is afflicted with Restless Anxiety, it takes a lot more time to get things done (that isn't the scenario designer's fault, but something which put a damper on my experience). . Both my games went 22+ rounds, which I felt was too long for this scenario, especially given how frequently events would recycle. . At times, text for combat and horror checks was inconsistent with the enemy being fought. There should be easy fixes for this. . The sound effect marking the transition from investigator to mythos phase is painfully jarring... the first few times, I could bear with it. Over 20+ rounds, it became almost intolerable. I might not introduce this scenario to more casual players on that basis alone (especially since the audio effects and music in this scenario otherwise really enhance the experience). . Not getting to see what should have been different epilogues at the end of each game was a bummer (maybe I did something wrong?). Final thoughts / score All in all, this was an ambitious and impressive scenario that made the most of the core box material. I'm really glad I got to play it a few times (solo), and I might consider introducing it to my gamer friends if the investigator/mythos transition sound FX were fixed. There are enough surprises and innovative mechanics to be worth at least one play. Hopefully, a higher investigator count will allow faster completion of the scenario and more dynamic interactions once someone gains a "particular item." A score of 7/10 seems about right to me at the moment (an 8/10 for the initial couple of plays, dropping to 5 or 6 following repeat plays)... my rating may require adjustment after I've played more official FFG and Valkyrie scenarios. Many thanks to the designer (whose name escapes me at the moment-sorry!) for sharing his creativity and hard work with the community!
  9. Awesome stuff, Scrubless. I really look forward to playing this one!
  10. On January 17 (two weeks prior to release date), I submitted online pre-orders for Vonreg's Tie, the Fireball, and Hotshots and Aces with a store in the Toronto area. It seems the pre-orders have come and gone (all sold out), and I must have been too far down the list... so nothing for me. Other stores in my area (Calgary), also appear to have sold out of the limited stock they received.
  11. Which makes me wonder whether I should invest in the rest of the Nightmare packs now (I only have a handful), or take my chances and wait for the possibility of "Return to" products. I would much rather purchase the latter.
  12. Yeah, it's been so long that I've forgotten the exact wording and victory conditions. Thanks for the reminder. Glad you've come to appreciate it a little more. I always found the ending to be a real nail biter, especially when my greed had me linger longer than absolutely necessary. 🙂
  13. I've never even tried to win the Lonely Mountain by killing Smaug (saved that for The Battle of Laketown). All my victories in the Lonely Mountain came from questing like mad at the end to escape him (I remember Escort from Edoras and Dawn Take You All being essential to my victories... 'twas many years ago). I like the quest and think it's definitely the best in the Hobbit saga.
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