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  1. Especially interested in the answers to 1 and 3.
  2. Would love to get into a new edition of this game, especially if it included solo, co-op and campaign rules as well as skirmish. Never had a chance to play prior editions. So yes, answers to this question would be greatly appreciated.
  3. At 1:25:29 in this video, someone asked Andrew Navarro if The Lord of the Rings LCG was going to be complete after the conclusion of the Shadows in the East cycle. Andrew's reply: "We'll have more to say about Lord of the Rings and the future of that next year." So I guess we'll find out whether we get another cycle, the line ends, or the game gets rebooted sometime in 2020.
  4. I don't currently have any of the Genesys books, but I would definitely be on board if they resurrected Midnight through the line. I would probably also pick up Dawnforge reborn. I have no interest in Keyforge or Twilight Imperium.
  5. Same here. EDIT: I'm using the Squad Builder via the FFG website using a 2017 iMac running Mac OS High Sierra v. 10.13.6, if it helps.
  6. I'm sure escalating tariff wars between the U.S. and China aren't helping things.
  7. I wish you all the best with this project, Willis! Midnight remains my favourite setting bar none. I don't have the Genesys RPG yet... but if you manage to create a compelling adaptation for Midnight, I might buy in!
  8. Well, that list also includes a bunch of Star Wars X-Wing 1.0 products, so I wouldn't read too much into it.
  9. I have a feeling that Runebound 3.0 and its expansions did not sell well at all, and therefore doubt that they will reprint any of the products in that line. I'm glad I pounced on the last remaining, affordably priced copies of the core set and all expansions when I had the chance a few months back. That said, I have no inside knowledge, so I could very well be wrong. Best of luck in your search, Deven.
  10. That's what I tried, but it didn't do anything. Just out of curiosity, Bruce, did Exotic Materials have different endings for investigator eliminated or investigation incomplete (assuming a hard time limit was built into the scenario)?
  11. Thanks for your insights, Bruce, and for all the effort you put into the scenario. Sincerely appreciated. I ended up playing the scenario 4 times (first two with Mandy Thompson and Harvey Walters, last two with Monterey Jack and Kate Winthrop), and finally won on my last attempt. The more I played it, the more I enjoyed it (better dice rolls may also have factored into that 🙂. I absolutely love the mechanics and flavour text that you worked into the handling of the meteorite, and the scenario set-up was intriguing. For the Valkyrie team... it seems that I am only able to leave feedback at the end of a scenario if I actually win the scenario (seems to have been the case also with A Little Night Music, the only other Valkyrie scenario I've played thus far)? Also, if I recall correctly, I had to select "quit game" after pressing "investigator eliminated" when I lost the game by RAW on the following turn... and I never got an ending message or the chance to complete the survey (and report defeat instead of victory). Is that normal? Or did I miss something?
  12. Just played my first MoM 2.0 Valkyrie scenario tonight. I'm still fairly new to the game and recently acquired all expansions including the tile and figure collections, and have been playing the official scenarios in the order they appear in the FFG app up to and including Cult of Sentinel Hill. I was curious to try out some Valkyrie scenarios, and instead of going straight for the most highly rated/popular scenarios, I went for something that was on par with Cult of Sentinel Hill (the poorest rated FFG scenario). I thought I could only go up from there if I wasn't impressed with mid-rated Valk scenarios, and I also wanted to start out with scenarios that use only Core set or RN/SM tiles and monsters. So I gave Exotic Material a whirl... at first, I wasn't impressed. But the deeper into the scenario I went, the more I appreciated it in spite of its shortcomings. I played solo with 2 investigators and lost, but look forward to trying it again. What I liked:
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