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  1. I flew triple X-wings extensively back in the day which was my basis for the thought exercise for this squad. To directly answer your questions: IA on Poe; aside from the point shaving from using BB-8 and IA, the common enemy of this squad might end up being high-PS Imps and any alpha strike ordnance carriers. Turrets are effective only when your squad can’t shoot back and I intend to get the fight in close and keep arcs on target using post maneuver movements. Decoy on Wes; in order for Poe to wade in deep, he may have to pass through an alpha strike from (among other things) QuickDraw+ Harpoon. Wes can steal PS from Fenn and fire first and this is the only way to get him to 11. Wes may not steal QD’s TL for the Harpoon per se, but he can steal the lock from others who might be so equipped allowing Fenn to focus his ability on preventing modifications on QD. He does give up some possible reaction speed by being a lower PS, FAA does become a little bit less effective until after the first pass when the turning game becomes more important. Fenn exists to pass PS in this build (and ensure modifications don’t occur like the other builds) There may be a few more greens with R2, but the ability to reposition is more powerful in order for his ability to proc and in my previous experiences with rebel aces, slower was better and the one speed maneuvers were the most important to keep enemies in arc and at manageable distances. Kanan allows for the 1 banks to clear stress to allow his ability to proc which is very important. FAA like on Wes, helps out when the turning battle starts. Nothing is fully tested yet, due to my recent move to Italy and I am waiting on my stuff to ship out here. There are some things that I have never been able to work and decoy is one of them. Normally I would just default to VI R3-A2 on Wes, but getting him to shoot before Poe was important to test a theory, even if it turns up nothing. edit: afterthought, Kanan also can clear stress if Fenn uses pulse ray shields after his ability allowing for him to use FAA and take an action.
  2. I’ve been waiting to try this version: Total: 98 Poe Dameron (PS9) — T-70 X-Wing 33 Veteran Instincts 1 BB-8 2 Advanced Optics 2 Integrated Astromech 0 Black One 1 Ship Total: 39 Wes Janson — X-Wing 29 Decoy 2 Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Integrated Astromech 0 Ship Total: 32 Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle 20 Veteran Instincts 1 Kanan Jarrus 3 Flight-Assist Astromech 1 Pulsed Ray Shield 2 Ship Total: 27
  3. I saw it on base in a sold out theater with other Soldiers and their families. The theater emptied out in near silence. People who had been buzzing and socializing before it started broke apart in near silence, avoiding eye contact, or even a, “have a good night”. Silence. As opposed to Rogue One which there were cheers and high fives and people rushing home to watch ANH. Even TFA, after a marathon viewing of the entire saga, left people in the theater cheering and excited.
  4. I hated TLJ for reasons others were already able to state earlier in the thread. I left the theater dejected and empty.
  5. Sorry, but the System open is already sold out? I just moved to Italy from the US and Bologna is 45 minutes away. Ugh, I didn’t even see a notice when the tickets went on sale.
  6. Makes perfect sense, the Z95-dial is not bad. F-16 should probably get the A-wing dial tbh. The Z-95 dial is the T-65 dial, just with faster greens and a slower k-turn. It would be a fantastic dial to have on any other ship. When you are looking into it a little further and you find that the F-18 Super Hornets still cannot do Mach 2+ and it makes sense why it won’t have an A-wing or E-wing dial. So the F-18 is not as fast as it’s closest comparison, the F-16. It’s got a lot of maneuverability which can be represented by boost and barrel roll actions. It just needed a base dial that could reflect that it is good just not fast.
  7. Thanks for updating the photos! This is one of the best tutorial threads and I was pleased to get a notification that it was updated!
  8. Also worth pointing out, none of the squadrons in the OT are referred to as "Squadron" by any character. Examples: "Squad leaders, we've picked up a new group of signals." Random guy who almost said squadron, ANH "Red Leader, this is base one, keep half your group out of range..." General Dodonna, ANH "Red boys, this is Red Leader..." Garven Dreis, ANH "Rogue Group, use your harpoons and tow cables..." Luke, ESB "Green Group, stay close to holding sector MD-7." Admiral Ackbar, RotJ "Red Group, Gold Group all fighters follow me." Lando, RotJ "All wings report in." Literally every Star Wars person in charge of a bunch of fighters except Luke, Every Movie.
  9. Careful what you say about Dutch, I took him to worlds this year and went 4-3. Missed the cut by 29 points (66th place Day 1B). If Kanan/Biggs is a problem in your area, try it out. Dutch, R2-D6, Trickshot, Plasma Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, TLT, Guidance Chips. Biggs, R7, IA Gold, R3-A2, TLT, Title Bandit
  10. This has been the best post on this forum in a long time. Very well thought out and it looks fun! Great work! Edit: how did I miss this post when it originally was posted!!?? Regardless, shouldn't we have seen a star wolf post by now?
  11. I could never support a nerf for Biggs unless his ability worked only for small based ships. The fact that most T-65 based squads generally incorporate him just to survive into the next round of shooting says a lot about how terrible the frame is in the current meta. I literally have to take a ship that is designed to die first on purpose just to make sure the others get a shot. I would rather have the option to take a squad of T-65s where having Biggs is irrelevant instead of having to rely on him.
  12. I have a bunch of Plano trays and a backpack if I am going to a casual night and might not have a squad pre-planned. For tournaments, I use a converse shoebox. It's skinny enough to fit between most game mats and tall enough for me to reach over ships to grab damage cards without knocking ships over.
  13. I have, on more than one occasion, flown 4x T-65s (and 3x T-65 Aces) vs 3x Defenders. Nykk Whyte is more than likely referencing some of my games. My squad: 100pts Biggs / R4-D6 / IA Red Squadron Pilot / R2-D6 / Crackshot / IA RSP / R3-A2 / IA RSP / R5 Astro / IA Lost (barely) vs. Ryad and 2 X7 Glaives during a local tournament, but it was enough to convince me to just make the switch to defenders. Unfortunately, the ability to white K and receive free evades was able to be abused after I lost my angle of attack (only after killing Ryad). Splashed another Defender before the last one soloed 2 full health X-wings. The problem had less to do with maneuvering and everything to do with X7 saving a damage every turn and my own (mostly) unmodified shots (either due to spending focus on Defense or having to K-turn to get guns on.
  14. I was invited to be the boss battle in an add on mission to my local group's HotAC campaign. Essentially my entire Imperial Fleet vs their Squadron + the space station they had acquired in the actual last mission. They would have had a corvette, but the DM forgot it. So it was a Raider, a Gozanti, a Decimator, 11 LNs, 5 INs, 3 ADV, 2 D, 2 SA, 2 FO, 1 Phantom and a Lambda. It wasn't a total blowout as I released ships in waves of 4-5 until everything was on the table. It was really cinematic feeling and the constant piling of TIEs had a Battle of Endor aesthetic. The fact that their Squadron downed two full flights of ties and the gozanti trading only two of their squadmates and 3-4 NPC Y-wings was awesome. The game went to time (more or less, the store was closing) so we called it. I hope that we have a chance to do it again and play it all the way out because it was awesome.
  15. 100 Biggs, R4-D6, IA (26) Red Squadron Pilot, R2-D6, Crackshot, IA (25) Red Squadron Pilot, R3-A2, IA (25) Red Squadron Pillot, R5 astromech, IA (24) Sitting at 13-3 for tournaments (each loss is in the finals) and about 23-5 overall. For some really weird reason people actually enjoy being beaten by this squad.
  16. I have only flown it once, but that was my list as well. I definitely prefer the Delta to a Palp Shuttle. Spreading damage across the 3 ships is what let me beat Dengaroo 100-0 If you lose Vessery or Ryad early it sucks, but you can still come back. Personally, I have found having the shuttle with Palpatine on board superior to the third Defender, especially in games with other defenders. I use Juke, X7 on Steele and Vessery and it is brutal vs. other defenders during the mid-late game where the possibility of a crit landing from Steele can be game changing. I've actually found exactly the opposite in defender vs defender matches. I've won with 3 x7 defenders against 2 + palp becaues I can kill the shuttle before they can kill a defender usually. Then it's 3 on 2. To be fair, I haven't flown against a version with juke on both defenders, which would m ake a difference (easier to get a hit through potentially) I adapted to my local meta (Atlanta) which was either Ryad/Vess/Shuttle or Ryad/Glaive/Glaive. The double Juke/X7 allows for some nice token stripping/ knockout punches on just about everything. I originally had been flying T-65s, but after Imp Vets dropped I gave up and switched to X7 Defenders. I'm hoping they do an X7 style fix (clone) for the T-65. I miss being a Rebel.
  17. Nah, if I need or want to fly based on fluff, I can do it casually.
  18. R3 Trashtromech or Targeting Trashtromech I hate these wasted opportunities to help the X-wing.
  19. I have only flown it once, but that was my list as well. I definitely prefer the Delta to a Palp Shuttle. Spreading damage across the 3 ships is what let me beat Dengaroo 100-0 If you lose Vessery or Ryad early it sucks, but you can still come back. Personally, I have found having the shuttle with Palpatine on board superior to the third Defender, especially in games with other defenders. I use Juke, X7 on Steele and Vessery and it is brutal vs. other defenders during the mid-late game where the possibility of a crit landing from Steele can be game changing.
  20. This is the most pathetic post that has been on the forums in a few weeks. R3-A2 literally all happens The Declare Target Step after all the conditions are met and you have a defender. As per R3-A2's own FAQ entry that says, "If a ship equipped with R3-A2 performs a secondary weapon attack that says “perform this attack twice,” this ability can only be used on the first attack because the target is not declared again during the second attack." As R3-A2 needs the defender, he triggers after sub-task v. Step 1: Declare Target Step (R3-A2 exists here. He cannot be used in Step 2: Roll Attack Dice, Step 3: Modify Attack Dice or any other step all the way through Step 10: Remove destroyed ship. part i: (check arc) - part one carries over the entire time of declare target step this is known because if it didn't, you would not be able to move on to Step 2: Roll Attack Dice or basically do anything in this game. ii: choose weapon iii: declare target iv: pay cost v: target becomes defender > R3-A2 triggers here, follow instructions on the card It has been the same way R3-A2 has supposed to have been played since it's release. Here is a scripted example: *player 1 uses range ruler to check for enemies in arc of Wes Janson. He sees Soontir Fel at range 3. Player 1: "Wes Janson range 3 primary at Soontir Fel." Player 2: "Okay" P1 "Wes takes a Stress using R3-A2 to give Fel a Stress" P2: "Fel takes a stress. He gains a focus thanks to his ability" P1: *mutters unintelligibly something that rhymes with duck. Then rolls three blank red dice, totally forgetting Wes's ability as they move onto the next shots. Rules lawyers are terrible people when they try to argue about problems that don't exist.
  21. I lean towards Palpatine because it can really do a great job adjusting the dice skew in combat. I use 100 puts Steele, x7, Juke Vessery, x7, Juke OGP, Palpatine, Tractor Beam Mid game is when Steele begins to really shine for obvious reasons. I run my Shuttle like Nikk Whyte does (we are in the same area) as I don't focus on MOV since the most my opponents tend to get is half of the shuttle. Damage mitigation prolongs the life of the defenders allowing them to do more damage over time. They are disgusting because they are such efficient killers.
  22. X7. It is just so super efficient, it seems silly not to take it. I hate it for being so good.
  23. I run Maarek just for the extra PS. In a growing sea of Defender squads, small differences could make for huge swings in a defender vs defender matchup.
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