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  1. I'd buy that for the Pelicans but the Hortens are explicitly called VTOLs.
  2. After seeing the models for a while on the shelves at my FLGS, I was excited to finally find out what the new Axis fliers could do. Their rules were the first thing I turned to in Icarus. It was all more or less as expected with one notable exception: no Hover. I read through the flier rules and the Horten page where I found a couple implications in the fluff ("VTOL", "capable of near stationary flight") but nothing in the rules that says or even implies that they can Hover. There's also the model itself which has thruster nozzles on its underside. Of course fluff and models do not equal rules, but I don't think I'm stretching or leaping to unreasonable conclusions. I checked my copy of Zverograd to see if that would shed some light and found that the transport choppers had Hover while the attack choppers did not. I assume this was addressed in a FAQ so that all choppers can Hover, so now I'm hoping for the same for the Hortens. With a whole batch of regional qualifiers in my area starting next weekend I'm hoping to get this figured out by then.
  3. Can't speak to players around Roanoke, but I will point out we're having a tournament on the 19th at Huzzah. At worst you'd get a couple games in and you might make some closer to home connections as well.
  4. On Saturday, January 19th, Huzzah Hobbies will be holding its inaugural Dust Warfare tournament. Start time is 11 am, 300 point lists. There are no sign ups or attendance caps that I know of, and I'm sure the store would be glad to have to figure out where to put people if the turnout is greater than expected.
  5. The above posts are all solid, but I feel compelled to pimp the "new" medium walker kit (flamm-luther/wotan). I followed a trajectory similar to what you described in the original post and got, among other things, two boxes of zombies and the "old" medium walker kit. Fast foward a couple months and a double fistful of games and I rarely play the zombies and almost never field both "old" walkers. While I attribute the lack of zombies to how they play vs how I want to play, the downfall of the "old" walker is the direct result of the "new" walker. The flamm-luther is a versatile walker that can tackle most challenges. While its short range (16" machine gun, 8" or 14" flamethrowers) would typically be a drawback I find it's perfectly suited to front-line support, something I can't say about any other Axis walker. The Wotan is a more specialized but still has its place and will do a better job, IMHO, of killing enemy armor than the "old" anti-tank option (Ludwig). Plus they're both harder targets than the "old" walkers.
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