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  1. This week we had two Blights and thought, ok no big deal. Then a third broke the seal on one of only two gates we'd fought so long for. Physically putting down the Yellow Sign token though, is purely for bookkeeping. During the after game post-mortem and blame-throwing you can look and see exactly who was responsible for what effect. It helps us to remember what we went through.
  2. Not to slight anyone who posts about advice as to which expansion to get next. The reason we see it asked so often is because it's a really important one. For myself, I know what order I'll be getting my remaining FFG expansions in; I've read all the threads, got the word on the street. BUT. I would like to know which fan made expansion I should get next. I have all the links (I think). In a flurry of downloading, I probably already have the ones you'll mention, so links posted will be for the benefit of newcomers to that content. But the problem is, having read all the reviews, I guess i still have some questions. Well, one. Of the fan made big box expansions, is there one that doesn't ramp up the difficulty too much? Problematic, as the reason for making one is because you're too familiar with the FFG content, or that it's become too easy. I guess I'm also hoping for one that's considered "finished" by the creator, and doesn't warrant updating or tweaking. The only stuff I've incorporated into the game so far have been individual AOs, Heralds and Investigators. I almost put this in the main board for sheer visibility, but thought this was a better place for it. Thanks to all the folks who create custom content for Arkham Horror. You all blow me away.
  3. We played the core game Hastur the other night. After a certain point, probably my third two-gate card (Lurker cards in my Mythos deck) we wondered why we sat down at the table in the first place.
  4. My dreams of using the time bomb on the DH have been dashed... DASHED I tell you. :-)
  5. We play by the house rule of "the gate is smaller than the location" and you can choose to go into it. We still lose quite a bit, so it's not like it became a game breaker with us. We've adopted a few of those other published house rules as well as some of our own, but if we start winning regularly, they're going to mysteriously go away...
  6. Aqua, for monster tokens I knew I'd never get "authenticity" but while both of these styles are noticeable in the monster cup by feel, I got one batch to be "substantial." One batch of tokens printed on card stock and glued front and back was as thin as you might expect. But I bought a beat up base game on ebay with this purpose in mind, and used glue dots to attach front and back card stock to a preexisting FFG monster token, and you've got something that you're not afraid of crushing in your hand. At Office Depot, the glue dots I used were maybe $1.54 for forty or sixty of them. Little round things in a nondescript packaging. I also found that I couldn't find THAT kind of adhesive anywhere else; other products were too thick and ballooned the size of the finished token. And I should add that once I won the used base game on ebay, someone uploaded individual monster tokens I could've bought separately. BGG marketplace might be a good place to find them, too.
  7. I've used OfficeDepot and FedEx for printing AH stuff. I only laminated the players' mats, though. I did a bunch of the Citizens of Arkham, and despite knowing the feel on the tokens in my hands, I "honor system" that whatever I pull out of the monster cup is what comes out.
  8. I have yet to do a full blown fan expansion this way, but little add-ons and such created by the fan community were printed up for me by OfficeDepot and my local FedEx (formerly Kinko's). I've got a passel of AOs, Heralds, Guardians, Tibs's and Chris's 16 Investigators and playmats on the highest card stock they offered. For a little more, they laminated the playmats for me. I also grabbed the Citizens of Arkham from deep in the files section of BGG and churned those out. Both businesses let me use their paper slicer on site, and while I can tell a difference in feel, they look like FFG made them. For the price of a small expansion or less, I've got components I can easily swap out. For less than a big box I think I can do one of the big box fan expansions. I'm looking at my first big print job and it might just be Golden Scarab. Haven't' decided yet.
  9. Either here or at BGG someone had created a monster token for the Sheldon Gang. IIRC, failing the combat check meant you were jumped into the gang. Can anyone assist?
  10. We have quite a few house rules, most of which I got from studying the game before and after I first got it, and then some I thought of myself. We lose most of the time, so it's not like it's actually making it easy on us. We've cherry picked investigators and done the blind choice, and then settled on "chose three blindly and select from those three." Honestly, if it's going to be a tough game, I don't mind them cherry picking their favorites. They've yet to win enough to realize who the best Investigators are. Choose to travel through a gate. You can be in a space with a gate and not go in, having an encounter instead; the gate is monster sized, not city block size. That said, a moving gate from LatT or a vanilla gate opening in an investigator's space forces them through, no whining. After getting an explored token though, doing ANYTHING other than closing/sealing loses that explored token. But you can sure wait on an item or help from another player if you just want to hold off. A new guy at my table said he played back home with gate tokens face down until jumping in. We were iffy on that, but may try that later. Monsters gatesquatting get sucked into a closed gate, regardless of gate symbol. The relief has been palpable, which tells me that the game is doing it's work in being tough. It'll still be tough after we exhale. There's a Rulekeeper, which is me; less work than a Gamemaster, but frees them up to strategize. I do most of the card reading, unless I have an Investigator, then someone else reads mine to me. I stop reading at the choice to make, or the check required. It's a beautiful thing. "There's an old man on the bench making noises. If you talk to him…" and then I stare at them. Gamers new to AH look at me like I'm kidding. I'm not. The gang has gotten the hang of trailing off at the right moment when card reading falls to someone else as well. I dig the anxiety. Simultaneous upkeep. Just makes good sense in so time consuming a game. You can draw again if you get a task or mission on starting posessions. Last game or two, somebody has kept the card. Actually, missions rarely make it into play at all. Spellcasting has come under discussion and Jacob Busby's homemade Institution "the Eye of Amara" that affects magic use will get some play soon. Without it, the Guardian's properties would've been house rules, just to see how it works. You can find it in the fan made section here on this board, and Jacob was kind enough to post it again, in my spell related thread over on boardgamegeek.com It hasn't come up yet, but I don't think Darrell should be able to use his special ability in the Silver Twilight Lodge. It's a Secret Society and a believeable blind spot in his street savvy. If you're Darrell with a membership, you get the encounter drawn. But the right pieces have to be in position for it to even come up. He's in the top winning Investigators so I like having a tiny ***** in the armor. And I'll get derided for this, and I know all the evidence as to why it's this way in the rules: But if you are under the rumor "The Terrible Experiment," and you just happen to get the Flute of the Outer Gods and drop what you should be doing (stopping the Ancient One) to make it over there and lose the item in it's one time use, then absolutely Gabriel, BLOW THAT HORN. The feeling of hope at the table at that modest accomplishment just means more hope to get crushed later. When we win more than we lose, I'll dial back some of that, and maybe the house rules will mean making things more difficult. Especially the Terrible Experiment and the horn.
  11. Kate, Darrell, Mandy, Monteray and Wilson, base game+DH+Lurker, full on with the Herald. Yog-Sothoth, first time with him as AO. Here and at BGG I asked for help about throttling the Lurker itself, even though I thought it would take a few games for my players to figure out the exploit. But we have a new guy, recently moved to town and looking for gamers, with 200+ games of AH under his belt. I like him, good guy, very experienced player. He can catch rules that we miss, and has. I like him at the table. The only house rule that I implemented with Lurker (we have a few, generally speaking with the base game, but not many) was that you couldn't use your Power in the same turn you get it. I had thought that it might be trouble to keep up with how much Power was gained in which turn, there's enough to keep up with already, but I figured it wouldn't come up until we were used to making deals with the devil. First turn I could, I got a bound ally. Nobody else bit, but the new guy? He said, guys watch THIS: and tapped for all three pacts at once. Before long he had 15 or more power tokens as Kate, verbalizing himself as crackling with energy. He then proceeded to NOT DO ANYTHING. I actually get his strategy: he'd played enough that he knew there were hot spots on the map for opening gates, and parking Kate there meant we could control the flow of what was going on. Savvy stuff, and something I might have done myself in different circumstances. But the man's got 15 "clue tokens;" I'm surprised he thought he was being more productive as the cork in the bottle instead of as a gate sealer. And he didn't really spend them down, so… We got the Reckoning card that added a doom token per five Power on all players. I am innocent of all wrong doing, but at a Doom Track of three, now we had jumped to six thanks to his fifteen. I think an in-game effect added a doom token just prior and that it was only turn 2 at this point. Then we had a dual gate opening, and massive monster movement, and four brand new monsters on the board. Also two new Reckoning cards It was going downhill quickly. No one was even in a gate and we had four open. Then, up in Dunwich, realizing that everything was going to hell anyway, Wilson made a deal with a different demon for some spells to give to a dedicated caster, and the punishment was to draw a SECOND Mythos card after the next one. A monster surge, when the time came. And the second? Dual gate opening. Six gates. Everybody say hi to Yog-Sothoth. "Hi, Yog-Sothoth." Anybody without a gate token gets devoured. That's the start of battle. And nobody did. We barely had two people coming out of gates at all. Four turns. I never even got to be First Player. It was GLORIOUS. We all just stared at the board. Barely an hour and a half spent playing. Not enough evening to start a new game of… well, anything. But plenty of evening left to… well, blame people. And thus the quote at the topic of my report. Thomas, the new guy, whom I hope to play with a lot… "It should've worked! It should've worked!" I got a text this evening from one of the gang: "Do you want to try a different game this week?"
  12. I bet you're playing it right. So far, the terror track hasn't been much of a threat in our games, so much so that I have one player who wonders why the track is even there. I'm about to introduce him to the King in Yellow.
  13. For Investigators, we had Wilson, Carolyn, Mandy, Leo, and Rita. We were bleeding allies early on; a number of effects had us tossing them back in the box before even getting a chance to have them join us, and the terror track jumped from vortex activity. By the end of the game there were only a few allies left, and only two had been taken by Investigators. When we hit Prof Rice early on, there were pairs of clue tokens almost covering the board. I doubt we'll see the like again. Also, more money was accumulated this game than ever before. I had to remind the fellows that in a few short years the Depression was coming and not to get too excited. Rita never lost her retainer, our deputy gained one, and Leo took a gig at the paper. I may have started with $10 as Carolyn, but I just felt like I couldn't get anywhere fast enough or had the cards to accomplish anything. Folks took pity on me and gave me enough items to feel productive, but personally I didn't accomplish much. The best moment: WIlson sacrificed a unique item to free up an entire Mythos phase. And what did we do with that extra "time?" Did we push forward desperate to make headway against a game that insists that we fail? Did we make incredible gains knowing that the Mythos was slowed down, even a little? No, we were four women and one man and WE WENT SHOPPING. OMG THERE'S AN ESTATE SALE WHERE YOU CAN BUY TWO ITEMS! GIRLS, COME ON!!!!!!!!! Every female investigator headed straight there, no role playing or sexism on our part, honest. Well, we did note it later. We had four gates sealed, with two people in Other Worlds and me sneaking to a third as backup when the Nightmare Pool was in full swing, and sanity tokens began piling up. We did a lot of discussion as to letting it ride itself out (Azathoth could stand jumping three Mythos cards if worst came to worst) or actively combatting it, sacrificing sanity. In the end, we decided to simply scrape some off the top every so often and since I could regain sanity that sort of became my job. One more round and we would've failed the rumor--the same round as two people were hopping out of gates and me pushing to make it in one in case they failed. But we got it. My gate wasn't even necessary. The Dunwich Horror was at two tokens, and we had one genuine gate burst to feel like it was all unraveling. Can't think of anything else remarkable. We did peek at the top three Mythos cards that would've been put into play, one after the other, had we not won with a gate sealing victory, just to see what the Nightmare Pool Rumor fail would have wrought: two gate bursts and one genuine Doom Token. We actually could've handled it, but there was no way to know that. And the funny part? I had chosen Yig for a short game. But all the trouble to set up and all, and I got to second guessing myself. I swapped him out for Azathoth and our win was at the 9th Doom Token. Almost four hours, and Yig wouldn't have been any faster--we would've been a the same spot on a different AO's Doom Track.
  14. Because thanks to us YOU HAVE A REST OF AN EVENING TO ENJOY. The apocalypse has been averted. For the second time. Base game, Dunwich, and some Lurker cards folded in, but no Herald. Forgot to give out the relationship cards, darn it. Good teamwork, we only spent clue tokens when we felt like we had to, but let's face it, Professor Rice got drawn early (round TWO) and it was like Cthulumas out there with clue tokens. Now I have to clean up. And eat pie.
  15. And here's the reason I keep checking in to here and BGG: I smack my forehead at something we were supposed to be doing the entire time. We've been doing simultaneous upkeep, and it never dawned on me that it's turn based as well. Sure enough, it's right there in the rulebook. But having done it this way, the other way just seems crazy and time consuming. We don't do much else to speed the game up, but I think we'll hang on to this.
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