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  1. My executive secretary secretly secured our clan tickets on Christmas day...Needless to say my son fell asleep in the middle...The actors were great in thier roles...Some scenes were too long and others could have been omitted...To me the six cameos in Rouge One were put in to get the attention to older viewers of a New Hope...Darth Vader was so freaking slow ; thought that James Earl Jones was in costume...The planetary battle sequences resembled game footage from Battlefront...I did like the new Droid that had a Han Solo / C3PO personality , adding IP-man as a blind Jedi wannabe added unexpected flair...I was dissapointed in nott seeing the Emporer or hint of Snoke...The rest was totally predictable with no surprises...The theater was packed and at the end I would have to say over half of the viewers were just Mehhhh another Star Wars movie...
  2. Thnx Dedman...Was curious on which Space Rocks set it was...I had 5 sets of the stations...Down to one now...1st version was rubbery and the 2nd sticky and brittle...The sculpt of the space station was spot on with the FFG cardboard base...I honestly do nott see why FFG does nott make the Space Station ; blew my mind was when they were concentrating and cardboard space tiles instead...
  3. What set was it ?...Do you have the link ?
  4. My executive secretary coerced me into viewing Dr. Strange...For me it dragged on until his magic manifested...The inverted time dimensions looked exactly like Inceptions CGI...Gave me headache and leg cramp during the climactic group fight scene ; too-many inverted images...Really glad I did nott see it in 3D... The force Awakens had a Starship Troopers beginning scene,cinematography was terrible...After that it was an immersion of everything one would expect in a Star Wars movie... Rouge One is somewhat of a disappointment for me when I realized it was a pre-quil to New Hope...Was expecing a new and intimidating Death Star complete with the new Darth Vader...I guess that Disney is going to create their own character back story history around new characters to expound upond in future sequels...Overall it will probably be an enjoyable Star Wars movie experience for both the decadent & milineneal audiences...
  5. MM can be overwhelmed by unexpected frenzied sales...Their warehouse team are a top notch Cadre of professionals...Never had any problems with anything...Bear in mind everything is on a 1st come 1st served basis...Shipping is what it is no matter getting the free or paying for your own...Epidited shipping is the only exception...
  6. I was intrigued with movies that had intense battles , so many genres of every kind imaginable...Tamiya 1/35 WW2 German and American was my 1st official real miniatures and a huge O27 Lionel train yard ...I was invited to a miniature convention by a friend who had entered a painting and design contest , got in free as a plus one back in 1977 Rockford Ill...Blew me totally away...Got to play Star Fleet Battles protype mission and a WW2 1/72 Russian vs German assaulted mission...But the Piece DE Resistance was a Dungeon Master from Chicago Ill...He did a dungeon adventure with an entire 25mm miniatures , painted and extremely detailed ensemble...This was a far cry from Broadside , Stratego and Avalon hill bordgames...There was Napoleonics and Flags of Glory going on in other areas , too incredible to describe the complexity the wargamers had set up... Since then I have collected huge collections of diverse eras from WW2 and Sci Fi...Some were stolen from me and some I traded off for different collections...Each time I had to build forces for both sides of the conflict...Nobody could ever afford to invest in a collection...I enjoyed having impossible odds of accomplishing a mission and strove to mimic one in miniatures...To Quote Han : Never tell me the odds lol
  7. Looks to be a scratch built set...Nonetheless a similar design to the original Space Rocks Debris...
  8. I thimk I may have misunderstood my Spaxe Rocks do nott look anything like the battlefield in a box at all...More like space debris...
  9. I have 1 complete space station set and 1 Gladiator debris set ; one side of the station has an arm broken off butt everything else is ok...
  10. Seems like alot post everything on the general forum page ; why nott just start a thread with battle reports...
  11. Lol ; yeah I was one of the few that freaked out too...FFG did a wise move on releasing news after the wave 3 was already being on the boat...Traded a section of ships and almost all of my Space Rocks debris sets for Dropzone Commander armies...
  12. Looking to trade Armada for Dropzone commander Scourge or Ucm... Awesome trade with Snipafist ; The Scourge have the UCM in a Deadlock now...The UCM are reinforcement contigency are now on the horizon ; hope is nott lost (Ride of the Valkerie is sounding through the skies )...
  13. Lol that is the same price that it was before...The big sale you have to download the list... I stand corrected they did reduce by 1.97 from thier original price...
  14. Was there something I missed ?...No real sale for Armada...
  15. I would nott say dead it is just in hybernation...Soon the game will awaken and evolve itself to a new unique cinematic gameplay...I was quite disappointed upon seeing the 2 diff small ships...This was what the majority of the community have been asking for...So it is what it is and have to accept that fact...Really have to look ouside the box and see the need to add to the game without increasing the space needed to play...Granted I would have been elated to see more Mon Calamari ships and Imperial cruisers... I have seen 5 big collections sold before and 7 after the Wave 3 anouncement...Needless to say it was just a change of the gaurd so to speak...Oddly enough they were nott melted down and urinated on...
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