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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  2. I flew Nym: VI, Title, AB Turret, Genius, Bomblet, Advance sensors today. My favorite move was to focus or TL do a 3 Tallon and the drop a bomblet bomb. It's a really nice.
  3. local store tourney had 4BZ come in second. Only to lose to Dengar/Tel. If flown right it can wipe a ship a turn. But still need some help to see named pilots make a step into the meta
  4. Triple punishers with 4 clusters each. 12 clusters on the map to start. If they deploy their list in a corner you can block them in with that many cluster tokens.
  5. Most, Engine upgrade or vectored thruster wouldn't fit that. Mind you, no need for thrusters on Bwing. I can can see it both ways honestly. It would help the Bwing if it was a title instead
  6. I don't think switching the B/E2 to a title is a fix per say. It's honestly what it should have been all along. It would help it a bunch. I always run engine upgrade on Keyan. It would be nice to be able to do that plus have a crew on there.
  7. Bwings are tough. I have a favorite list but it loses more times than it wins. But it's super fun to fly. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!44:43,110,-1,-1:-1:-1:;44:43,110,-1,-1:-1:-1:;88:18,43,22,-1,-1:-1:3:&sn=New Squadron&obs= The ion is there just because I have the points it's nice to use at range 3 so they don't get the extra defence and you know where a ship will be next turn. Farlander is super maneuverable with this build. Just make sure you don't dial in a green move after you push the limit.
  8. It says it's being reprinted in the upcoming link. They might make some minor changes to it when they reprint it.
  9. He's 39. 29+4(engine)+3(sensors)+3(PTL= 39
  10. Adding advanced sensors to Farlander as well names him even more unpredictable. It's my favorite build for him.
  11. With Super Dash no. But this Dash is only making one move and maybe a barrel roll. The barrel roll can get him back in Range of Jan if need be anyways. She has Barrel roll as well. Lots of options to get back into that Range 3 bubble.
  12. As a person who flys K-bombers. Always look for their 2 moves with slams and their 3 moves with Slams a turn a head. It's tough. But if you can see where they might go to drop bombs then you can stay safe. Like someone daid. Staying near rocks and debris can help. It's tough to get around those and still drop bombs. But if you only have one or two moves to avoid rocks watch out as well. They will try to drop at those locations. Being a bit unpredictable in your men men's help as well. Try to target a Kwing with all of your ships. Kill it fast. The faster you kill it the less ordnance they will drop. Killing Sabine fast is also a great way to go about it. But good players will try to hide her as much as possible. It's a tough list to beat but it's a tough lost to fly as well. If they make a mistake try to exploit that as much as you can. Hope you roll bad for his bombs.
  13. Here is my B-wing. Painted it for my Heroes of the Aturi Cluster character.
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