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  1. p4, Monster Phase, 202.2g: is entry should read, “If a monster has multiple possible destinations or targets, the option closer to the monster takes precedence. If one or more of these options are the same distance from the monster, the players as a group decide which of those spaces is the monster’s destination.” From the FAQ, that looks like it is in reference to activating monsters for movement and other abilities not so much for spawning.
  2. I can't find the rule myself, but I would probably rule it the same way that spawning at an unstable space would be. If there is no unstable space (or in this case leader) spawn the monster on the starting space. My logic behind that is that the new investigator will be spawning there anyway at the start of their turn. That's just my opinion though, don't know if it is how it is to be intended.
  3. Wasn't TI their first game released?
  4. I never played TI3, but I don't think that it makes the tech useless versus Necro. There should be other techs that Necro should be going after that could benefit them way more than that. Dimensional Splicer is a prime example, and if Mentak are on the board Non-Euclidean Geometry is a key one to take. The ability to move the wormhole token around the board is not as powerful as some of the others. Plus, they can only use the Alpha to go to Alpha or Beta to go to Beta, Ghosts can use it for anything. If you really wanted you could set up deals with it as well to prevent them from screwing you over more than maybe the table lead or another neighbor at the table.
  5. If you truly wanted to exploit it, then always taking a higher number would be in your favor, but if you do that you could be tanking some of the other things that you should/could be doing instead because you are only trying to place a wormhole token on the board. If it works for strategy then great but I don't really see it being any game breaking ability.
  6. I stand corrected, I thought the text on the card was in the strategy phase not status phase. In that case it would be initiative order, and I agree Imperial would be the best to have at that time for it.
  7. I think so long as the player order is done per speaker order it would be valid for the later player to also move the token.
  8. Husker949


    Yeah I am not sure why they stopped printing the dice. I had bought a set of cursed, and blessed dice and two sets of the regular dice, but my group wants a set for each player so I really want them to open them back up again. That and the Investigator and Monster minis as well, those would be really fun to see back on the table.
  9. One of the big things to remember too, is that you cannot propose a deal if it is not your turn. In both the above examples Player B is initiating a deal on Player A's turn which is not allowed. Player B could ask Player A if he would like to make a deal, but Player A would have to say sure and then ask Player B what deal he would like to make. With that aside, the above situations would be correct. Situation 1 would be a binding agreement since Player A was paid a trade good to not move ships into Player B's system, but he still has wasted the command counter in activating said system. A loop hole would be if Player A had PDS 2 in the system surrounding Player B's system, he could then still fire the PDS into the system upon activation after the Movement timing window has passed. Situation 2 works as a non-binding agreement because Player B stipulates "Not this turn" which is technically anything in the future and not something that Player A would do at the beginning, i.e. build some ships/use a strategy card/etc. In spirit non-binding agreements are meant for people to keep their word when making a promise to not do something later on. A promise can always be broken and thus so can a non-binding agreement. A binding agreement is like signing a contract, you can't break it and it has to be followed to the letter.
  10. Also keep in mind that you always roll 3 dice, the S and C in your example are only how many re-rolls you get. So if you need 5 *'s and you have one with 2 and 0 on the other two dice, you can re-roll the other 2 dice to see if you can get the other 3 *'s needed, and re-roll a 2nd time if you still didn't.
  11. Some things can be extremely easy to gloss over, for instance you have a Flashlight item that says "If you would resolve a card with the word darkness, resolve the card 2 higher instead." And you are resolving event card 50 and darkness shows up on the card anywhere, immediately return that card and take card 52. These are me making examples and may not be real to the game, mind you.
  12. There are some night cards that cause you to discard water/meat/food before causing you to spend a water/food. If you discard a token, you do not gain the effect of the token. If you spend the token, you gain the effect and then you discard the token after use. Hopefully that clarifies it for you.
  13. A major key thing to remember is that the rules reference guide is still considered part of the rule book. There may be a LTP and the RRG as two separate books, but the RRG details all of the rules in entirety while the LTP only teaches you the basic concept of how to play the game and turn order. If you ever have a question about a rule, check the RRG it will tell you everything that you will need to know.
  14. FFG has had issues in the past with movement rules, so they simplified everything to the rules as described by Duciris above. The difference being also if the monster is only supposed to go to the unstable location, or if he hunts a specific character type. The Patrol and Lurker types are dastardly with some of their passive abilities.
  15. We have always played it that if you don't care about it unexhausting then you just don't pay caps. The only way to unexhaust drugs while addicted is to pay the caps fee for each on that you have. The bonus for it though is that since you can't discard drugs when addicted, you can stock pile every single one of them and hold more than your inventory would allow.
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