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  1. Husker949

    Rules Questions

    There are some night cards that cause you to discard water/meat/food before causing you to spend a water/food. If you discard a token, you do not gain the effect of the token. If you spend the token, you gain the effect and then you discard the token after use. Hopefully that clarifies it for you.
  2. Husker949

    Monster spawn.

    A major key thing to remember is that the rules reference guide is still considered part of the rule book. There may be a LTP and the RRG as two separate books, but the RRG details all of the rules in entirety while the LTP only teaches you the basic concept of how to play the game and turn order. If you ever have a question about a rule, check the RRG it will tell you everything that you will need to know.
  3. Husker949

    Monster movement

    FFG has had issues in the past with movement rules, so they simplified everything to the rules as described by Duciris above. The difference being also if the monster is only supposed to go to the unstable location, or if he hunts a specific character type. The Patrol and Lurker types are dastardly with some of their passive abilities.
  4. Husker949

    Unexhausting Drugs

    We have always played it that if you don't care about it unexhausting then you just don't pay caps. The only way to unexhaust drugs while addicted is to pay the caps fee for each on that you have. The bonus for it though is that since you can't discard drugs when addicted, you can stock pile every single one of them and hold more than your inventory would allow.
  5. Husker949

    Unexhausting Drugs

    Rules Reference Guide: Page 7 Exhaust: Some card abilities exhaust the card when the ability is used. When a card exhausts, it is rotated 90 degrees. An exhausted card cannot exhaust again until it is unexhausted, typically by the survivor performing a camp action. A survivor can have exhausted cards equipped or in his or her inventory and can equip, unequip, trade, and sell exhausted cards. » If a survivor trades an exhausted card to another survivor during a camp action, that card remains exhausted. A survivor's exhausted cards are unexhausted when he or she performs a camp action or when instructed to do so by a game effect. » If a card has a cost to unexhaust it, the survivor must pay the cost when that card would unexhaust, otherwise the card stays exhausted.
  6. Husker949

    Unexhausting Drugs

    The card would unexhaust when you take a Camp action if you are not addicted. The only time it unexhausts is if you are addicted and you pay the caps while taking a Camp action.
  7. Husker949

    Crown of Thanlos and multi-shot ships

    All you need to be able to do is generate one hit with the reroll with that ship. In your example since you rerolled 2 dice which yielded at least 1 hit you are ok. If both dice missed then you would destroy your ship.
  8. Husker949

    Monster Tokens- enemy cards matching?

    If you don't have that card as an exploration card as well, then you need to contact FFG and have them replace the cards for you.
  9. Husker949

    Managing the library

    We just run it as a deck, but i could very well see the advantages to having all of the cards set in a binder.
  10. The white token has a question mark on the back side of it, and some white squares on the front. There are also red and blue tokens with the same artwork.
  11. Husker949

    Punctuation of the games

    I know in 2nd ed and EH, you could use a scoring system to see how well you accomplished your goal from game to game. Ultimately the goal is to get the best score that you can, but in this case i feel that it does detract from the fact that this version is entirely story driven.
  12. Husker949

    Removing damage or horror from items

    Along the same lines of questioning: Innate Talent cards, do they count as the investigator when removing damage and horror? We have been playing that they do, but I would like to see the public opinion on that one.
  13. Husker949

    Minh's King in Yellow

    I don't have the books in front of me, but it is 100% the latter. That came up in our game and if it ever tells you to straight research a clue, it is placed onto the scenario sheet without having to test.
  14. Husker949

    Marie Lambeau "Smoky Velvet" ability

    She can still only use her Smokey Velvet ability once though.
  15. Husker949

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    I just got the tracking notice for mine, no information in the system for when i should get it. I hope i can get it for monday!