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  1. Husker949

    Removing damage or horror from items

    Along the same lines of questioning: Innate Talent cards, do they count as the investigator when removing damage and horror? We have been playing that they do, but I would like to see the public opinion on that one.
  2. Husker949

    Minh's King in Yellow

    I don't have the books in front of me, but it is 100% the latter. That came up in our game and if it ever tells you to straight research a clue, it is placed onto the scenario sheet without having to test.
  3. Husker949

    Marie Lambeau "Smoky Velvet" ability

    She can still only use her Smokey Velvet ability once though.
  4. Husker949

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    I just got the tracking notice for mine, no information in the system for when i should get it. I hope i can get it for monday!
  5. Husker949

    Shipping Now!

    Same here, I was hoping to have it in for our weekly game night next week for Halloween.
  6. Husker949

    Arkham Horror 3e is Shipping Now

    I'm so looking forward to this being released!
  7. Husker949

    Wounded or insane query

    Make sure you are also checking to see if the prompt for damage/sanity is telling you to do so face down, or just suffer. If it was all face down then you would be in luck, plus a vast majority of the damage/sanity cards tell you to resolve then flip.
  8. Husker949

    UK restock?

    There is a vast majority of the products out of stock here in the US as well. All I know is that when it says the products are on the boat, I still have a bout 6-8 weeks before the product even reaches the docks here plus a little more time for shipping.
  9. Husker949

    Entrenched Positions and PDS

    This is a big meta tactic for Jol Nar and Xxcha, they will just post up in their pie slice and maximize their PDS usage. Our group will realize that and try to minimize their ability to setup in their systems before it becomes a problem. It all depends on your group's personal meta.
  10. Husker949

    flagships in home system

    The restriction has been removed and you can build anywhere that you have a space dock.
  11. Husker949

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    I hate to be that person, but is it possible that we let this forum die? It seems that it is just causing what is in my opinion trolling on some people's parts, and then it results in it being infuriating for those of us that enjoy it. Can we agree to not feed the troll?
  12. As RoffeDH had posted before, here is the response from Dane: The Floating Factory requires you to be able to completed the Construction Strategy Card FIRST, then when you would place the Factory it goes into space instead. Fantasy Flight has worked hard to make things as painfully clear as they can for 4th ed. Because of this, you follow each step of the card/ability top to bottom. Hopefully this has cleared up the issue.
  13. Husker949

    Wormhole recontruction law against Creuss?

    It gives non Ghost players the same ability as the Ghosts. That is the reason why that is so brutal. The primary strength of the Ghosts is their mobility, by having such a highly mobile fleet it lets them do things that aren't able to be done by other players. If you give all of the other players at the table the same ability, you literally leave them with only a slightly faster speed and a separated home system, that's it. They don't get any other special ability to make them still stand out, they just become even more mediocre. I also say that as a primary Ghost player, I love them but take away the advantage of wormholes being their play thing and share it with everyone and they crumble like a cracker.
  14. Husker949

    1st Edition Gators Only?

    Thanks for the correction! I knew something was off after I said it. I bought it over a year ago so its hard to remember haha.
  15. Husker949

    1st Edition Gators Only?

    1) Did you purchase more than just the base game ? 2) Did you check to see if you have the correct content checked in the app itself (as Lorinor stated above)? 3) Try checking the symbols on the tiles, and what the app is asking for. The tentacle represents the base 2nd edition game so unless you have other kits, you should only have the tentacle tiles available to you. The 2nd Edition game comes with all of the minis for the conversion kits, but it doesn't have the stat cards for any of the characters or monsters. You would need to purchase the kits separately, and then unlock the proper content in the app.