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  1. Kreuh

    Start of the game

    I strongly suggest you give the Rulebook another chance Rulebook, p12 : Reshuffling a Player’s Deck When a player needs to draw or reveal cards and is unable to do so because his deck is depleted, he reshuffles his discard pile to create a new deck. He may then draw or reveal the cards he needs. I think you also may find an interest in here : http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Rune%20Age/Video/runeage_tutorial.html Thank me later
  2. Tony P. said: If there was any drawback to 5 players it was just that the 4th and 5th players were mostly screwed when it came to claiming any of the rewards that came out of the event deck. An idea to solve this : Every round, change the first player. (= the 1rst player is also the last, every round). - Round 1: player A, player B, player C, player D, player E, player A, Event - Round 2: player B, player C, player D, player E, player A, player B, Event - Round 3: player C, player D, player E, player A, player B, player C, Event Remove the Fortuneteller from game (for other scenarios, remove all the events wich are helping the last player).
  3. Kreuh

    Start of the game

    Any player starting deck will always be 8 cards : - 3x "cost 1 unit" - 5x "gold 1" Man, I don't want to be mean, but didn't you get that from reading the rule ?
  4. illygraham said: yeah, if you're playing this co-op scenario with only one home realm, there's got to be some way for the game to try to beat you. This card is that way. If it wasn't for this card, there would be nothing damaging your home realm. No challenge. And although this is a challenging scenario, we've beat it several times… Nothing damaging your home realm ? You have an instant attacking you with Strengh 9, another one attacking you with Strengh 12, another one dealing 3 unblockable damage, another one dealing 2 damage per other enemy on the board. 4 cards out of 12 is not nothing.
  5. Kreuh

    1 player

    there is 4 different scenario in the game. 2 scenario can be played solo (Cataclysm and the Return of the Dragon Lords). 1 other scenario (Monument) can be played solo using a fan rules you can find here http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/790719/solo-play-variant-for-the-monument-scenario.
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