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  1. Well, and two other points: First, I suppose it's only fair to acknowledge that the A:NR metagame is pretty powerful. I'm sure it's no accident. But that lopsidedness you feel will definitely be addressed when you gain access to new expansions. If you like the game already, rest assured that you will have more fun with more cards. They definitely expand the gamespace. Second, keep in mind that a match consists of two games, with players switching roles between games. So even when the metagame heavily favors one side, that doesn't mean that it necessarily favors one player. In your situation, the smart Corp plays to maximize the agenda points earned. Also, QFT: Yes. The Corp is on the clock.
  2. The reaction of veteran Netrunner players to this sort of complaint is invariably, "You're being too nice to each other." Either that, or you have misunderstood one of the fundamentals. Have the Corp try this decklist from NetrunnerDB: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/15757/hb-etf-economy-traps-deck-from-single-core-set- You're going to have to put on your poker face and use your Jedi mind tricks, but that's what Corping is all about. (For instance, when you first try this out, don't sit down at the table and tell the Runner, "I've got a new deck." And when you're done, don't explain what you were trying to do.)
  3. Interesting idea. I don't totally grok cubes, so I have questions. Here's what I think you are describing: 1. The judge assembles the Corp cards in your list into a deck (the Corp cube). 2. Each player draws 10 cards from the Corp cube to draft from. 3. Drafting proceeds apace. 4. I build my Corp deck from the [PlayerCount x 10] cards I'm left with after the draft. 5. Repeat for Runner side. If I'm getting it so far, here are my questions: Question #1: I say [PlayerCount x 10] because I'm not sure how many players this provides for. Four? Question #2: How do you deal outlier draws where insufficient agenda points are drafted? (This can also happen for the Runner if insufficient breakers are drafted). In the original game, WotC created a rarity called Vitals to make sure that starter decks were playable, and I assume that FFG's drafting kits do the same thing.
  4. Hey, FFG! You should be hearing all that "negative feedback" as "overwhelming success." It's time to iterate, not retreat!
  5. Singularity is the return of Death From Above from NR 1.0, recast as a Double. I really love what FFG has done with Netrunner, but this is such a bad idea. There are two cards I never ever wanted to see again, and Singularity/Death From Above is one of them. It doesn't really matter what the cost is, the use of a single card to trash any number of the opponent's cards, sight unseen, goes against the spirit of the game. It discourages experimentation by the Corp, and makes the game less "interesting" (q.v., Sid Meier). The Corp is responsible for creating the playing area, and FFG should avoid anything that makes it overly efficient to reduce the footprint of the playing area. More Scorched Earths, coming right up. Blah.
  6. How did this go? When are you meeting again? Are you one of our regulars from the Old Days, by chance?
  7. Okay. But now I want a card called Toolbooth. Hardware, obviously. (Also a teacher.)
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