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    Ignithas reacted to cheapmate in When is a good time to start?   
    Wow, you sure know how to promote the game ūüė¨
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    Ignithas reacted to phillos in The Jade Throne Podcast   
    I also agree that we are probably seeing the effect of the monthly pack release format on the tournaments.  This was a big thing in Netrunner and Conquest especially from my experience.  These cycles are designed as a whole and then broken up into packs after the fact.  I know I've heard that several times in the past from the developers in interviews.  So some of these cards might make more sense as we get closer to completing the cycle.  It was a strength of the dump everything at once 6 in 6 format that you never were stuck in this in between meta.  Though the actual implementation of 6 in 6 was annoying since those 6 weeks were a tornado of uncertainty.  Honestly I kinda want them to just go with all "Children" style big boxes for release from now on after this cycle and the clan packs finish.  If they could keep those big boxes on a schedule and you had like three of four months for the dust to settle before the next big box got dumped I think that would be a more healthy system for a competitive LCG.  If they could keep engagement up on their site with weekly or bi-weekly fictions and regular high profile tournaments in the interim (so there's always a sense that FFG is "touching" L5R), then I think we would have a more ideal system for the format.
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    Ignithas reacted to qwertyuiop in Why is Ms. Marvel a hero? [solved]   
    If you have something showing numbers broken down by volume, I'd love to see them.  500k over 9 volumes with the admission that at least 20% of them were from the 1st volume doesn't really match the hype. Additionally, we don't really know exactly how digital sales are tallied in all cases between per publication purchases and on demand all you can read content. We do know that digital trades routinely sell for less than list and in some cases as low as 99 cents USD.  Are free comics counted as sales? It should also be noted that digital comics have a wider reach than their print versions.
    When I do a google search for Ms. Marvel digital sales, here the first two are about Captain Marvel on demand/digital movie sales; number three is a Ms. Marvel article from 2014. Fourth up is a piece about starter collections which again mentions Captain Marvel instead of Ms. Marvel. The BC link is 5th, there's an identity driven article in there, three more Captain Marvel movie results, and another article essentially mirroring the BC article. That rounds out the first page. Oddly, the related search tabs list Hulk villain, Abomination, before Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers...but he also beats out Superman, Spidey, and Batman, for what it's worth.
    Great sales numbers don't necessarily reflect on the quality or appeal of a character to its audience. It doesn't matter to everyone if a character has similar powers to another or that certain aspects are valued more than others or that a character is created and promoted because a different company had movie rights to a different, more popular elastic character.
    Again, I hope Ms. Marvel is great in the game. I just don't see it in the comics.
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    Ignithas reacted to 4wallz in Lord of the Rings Card Game 2?   
    In all fairness to the Star Wars LCG the thing that killed it wasn't the theme or mechanics.  The issue there was power level honestly.  The Hoth cycle was weak.  And then Edge of Darkness was overpowered.  Balance issues killed the game.  That was a shame too because the game eventually came into it's own....years later.
    As far this game goes I am stoked!  I loved LOTR LCG, but I like a superhero theme a little better so this is completely up my alley.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from HamHamJ2 in Dave of the Five Rings - Chapter 40   
    While I agree with FFG needing to support their competitive games more, I strongly disagree with the criticism of Tyler not giving a definite response. We have only 2 bigger tournaments and while the results of GenCon could lead to the conclusion that Phoenix is OP, the results of Sydney paint a different picture. Furthermore GenCon could be an outlier, because Phoenix had probably the biggest density of high quality player and decks were for the most part not tuned for the new iteration of the charge bird deck. I think that Tylers reaction to wait for more tournament data to see if the meta can adapt to the deck is the right one.
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    Ignithas reacted to Joe From Cincinnati in That Crab Deck   
    Peasant's Advice is a hassle, for sure. But, as a crab, I welcome anything that costs my opponent honor. When the game first released we had an entire strategy based around baiting and/or 'forcing' assassination to help us jump start our dishonor game. Granted, Peasant's Advice is only 1 honor token rather than 3 honor, but the point still stands. If I had a card that said "shuffle a holding into your deck: your opponent loses 1 fate, discards a card and dishonors a character" I think I'd play that card (I understand it's not a perfect translation because I'm choosing the holding to be shuffled back).
    As for why it isn't played more, I think it's important to note that nearly every deck in the format right now has cards #41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 that they wish they could fit in but can't. For my deck, it is 3rd Reprieve, 2nd Mountain, 3rd Defend Your Honor, 3rd In Defense of Rokugan, 3rd Court Games.
    So it's not as simple as just shoving PA into your deck. You have to grapple with the fact that you're not only removing a card or 2 from your deck, which you've spent months meticulously crafting, with every card having an explicit purpose, but you're also pushing down those other cards that you already wish you didn't have to cut from your deck.
    Now, if your deck is just kinda thrown together or if you're net decking and don't really know why each card is in the deck, it may be easier to fit PA. I remember when Crab was KoE, we had the same discussion regarding Sabotage. There were some match ups, like a Charge deck or a Crab deck, where the card was very good. But it's negative value in every other match up made it really hard to justify, when compared against the other cards that we already had to cut to get down to 40.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from Simplegarak in What's up with dueling?   
    Why not have the keyword "protect", that can change the target of a triggered effect to the character with "protect".
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    Ignithas got a reaction from twincast in I really want the First Order (and Resistance) and why they are viable as factions.   
    I think it is only a question of time when we get FO and the Resistance. That said I can't share the enthusiasm.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from Brekekekiwi in DISCUSSION: What is the single biggest issue and what single change made do you think would help L5R as a whole?   
    There is only one way to keep peace in Koguran! #freetheroles
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    Ignithas reacted to Ishi Tonu in My plan as unofficial L5R community coordinator/brand director   
    We are closing in on the release of the Crab, Lion, and Dragon clan packs, which will mark the end of the first clan cycle, and the dawn of a new age for el5are.
    Flantasy Fight Gums will begin a cycle of premium rival expansion packs that will shift the balance of power in Koguran, bring balance to the game, fix any included cards that received errata, and bring new players into the game.
    Each pack will include the following:
    2 complete tournament legal decks, and enough tokens to get two new players into the game
    The decks will be comprised of a mix of alt art clan and neutral cards that are deemed balanced, best support the clan themes, and/or pivotal to the story.  Most importantly they will be cards that appeared in the core set and first two dynasty cycles, to ensure that they remain a good value for anyone that plans on playing the game for the long term, as these packs will be considered premium expansion.  Players who did originally purchased the core sets and first two expansion cycles will not be required to purchase these cards as you likely already own them all.
    The planned rival decks are as follows:
    Dragon vs Phoenix (battle of the elements/rings)
    Lion vs Unicorn (clash of military clans)
    Crane vs Scorpion (clash of political clans)
    Crab vs ???? faction
    Additional dynasty cycles will follow that focus on the 7 great clans.  The next premium expansion ("The Arrival of the ????, dun dun dun") will feature a reprint of the ???? faction cards from their rival pack and  an infusion of new ???? faction cards that builds upon their XXXX theme that will be unveiled in the Crab vs ???? pack. (so rest assured that you will have another opportunity to play the ???? if you didn't purchase  the crab vs ???? pack.
    I will coordinate all information about design, OP, story, and anything else el5are related.  you can email your el5are questions to me at somethingel5are@effeffgee.corn.  I will provide weekly updates on as many el5are topics as I can. 
    Utz!!!!!!!!! (and yes it's ok to respond to this with Banzai!)
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    Ignithas reacted to The Jade Throne Podcast in The Jade Throne Podcast   
    Episode 115: Lets Talk About That LVO Survey
    This week it is Shey joined by Special guests Trevor and Tsar talking about the endeavor to get a Grand Championship at the LVO.
    If you like the cast be sure to give us a review on the podcast platform of your choice helps us spread the cast to those who might not otherwise see it!

    Also we have a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thejadethrone
    If you like the cast also be sure to join us on social media:
    Facebook: The Jade Throne Podcast
    Twitter: @thejadethrone
    Email: thejadethronepodcast@gmail.com
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    Ignithas reacted to LordBlunt in A Moment of Respite [Critique]   
    This post is counter to how the great majority of players should/could respond to threads that they don’t agree with. If you are aiming at being an ***@%0)3, you succeeded. 
    And to those of you who responded with a ‚Äėlike‚Äô to his post, shame on you.¬†
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    Ignithas reacted to phillos in Mono No Aware - Card Rotation   
    The one per deck cards as a balancing mechanic for strong card effects has been criticized by the L5R fandom already since we saw alot of that in the first cycle and those cards just made the game way more swingy.  I suspect presenting that solution again would be just as unpopular.
    Hopefully everyone blows up together therefore what is competitive get's reevaluated.  Previously noncompetitive cards and tactics could see light.  That is sort of the ideal for LCGs.  A constantly changing card pool allows you to constantly reevaluate your card pool in a new light.  Rotation just adds instead of subtracts but the same should be true.  I'd argue subtracting is more effective in this regard since at some point if you only add to a card pool you reach a ceiling of competitiveness for a faction deck and you only get small tweaks to top tier decks.  The game therefore stagnates at a competitive level assuming they are good about not introducing power creep.  We've seen this to be historically true in LCGs. 
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    Ignithas got a reaction from Simplegarak in Player Compensation for Card Changes   
    I think you make a valid point. Including the erratad cards into future packs as extra cards (as some companys already do) would be ideal, but FFG doesn't operate like that. There is a very real chance that we get promos with the right text and future printings of the product will probably be printed with the erratad versions.
    PS: I don't get why a significant portion of the community tries to gatekeep the game when critic is expressed. Don't let this discourage you, I and probably a lot of other people see things in a similar light.
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    Ignithas reacted to Khudzlin in Inheritance Cycle Spoilers thread   
    There should have been a new stronghold for each clan in the first cycle. And people wonder why deckbuilding is stale...
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    Ignithas reacted to Khudzlin in Inheritance Cycle Spoilers thread   
    The more competitively viable strategies there are for each clan, the better. Role locking clans compounds the lack of strongholds in making deckbuilding stale.
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    Ignithas reacted to Schmoozies in Anyone still use Rout/Outwit?   
    The issue with rout/outwit is the force and keyword requirements.  They can be awkward to reach against towers which is why in my experience they have started to fall out of favor.
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    Ignithas reacted to Ser Nakata in Listen to Tyler Parrott talk about game design   
    Which is probably what happened to Unicorn when designed for the Core Set.
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    Ignithas reacted to twinstarbmc in Player Compensation for Card Changes   
    Dude. "Casual play" doesn't mean you can do whatever the heck you want. We still want structure, balance, and a good game. Implying casual players don't care about rules and errata is, frankly, a bit insulting to what I suspect is a majority of the fanbase.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from LordBlunt in Player Compensation for Card Changes   
    I think you make a valid point. Including the erratad cards into future packs as extra cards (as some companys already do) would be ideal, but FFG doesn't operate like that. There is a very real chance that we get promos with the right text and future printings of the product will probably be printed with the erratad versions.
    PS: I don't get why a significant portion of the community tries to gatekeep the game when critic is expressed. Don't let this discourage you, I and probably a lot of other people see things in a similar light.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from Ishi Tonu in Advice: Phoenix vs Unicorn   
    The Phoenix Unicorn MU is really easy to understand. As a Phoenix player the following things are important:
    -Kuroi Mori on your SH. If the Unicorn is competent, he will be almost always be faster than you.

    - Let your oponent spend cards to break your provinces. This is usually not a MU that gets decided by value, so giving up value to delay Unicorn is viable.

    - When Uni is on your SH you lose if you don't have Tadaka or more active Censures than your oponents Captive Audiences.
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    Ignithas reacted to everythingbagels in Player Compensation for Card Changes   
    I am 100% not trolling, this was not a joke post, and this is my only account. This is my first LCG and I don't like decisions like this that FFG is making. That's great you can accept it, but if you believe I'm not allowed to find fault in FFG selling us cards and literally changing what they do with not a word of making it right, then I guess that's what allows companies like FFG to make decisions without putting their customers first.
    Again, I'm perfectly fine with rebalancing cards for the health of the game. I'm not okay with them leaving out any sort of compensation as part of that process.
    The toxicity of some of your responses is definitely enough to put me off of the game. Is this what I should expect if I ever dared go to an official event? I had a pretty cordial discussion about this in the L5R discord, but I guess I should have expected more hostility from those on the FFG forums. Thank you to those who were decent enough not to attack a fellow player of the game we enjoy for raising an issue of concern.
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    Ignithas got a reaction from Doji Tori in The RL and my take on it   
    Resto breaking itself would have made it actually stronger.
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    Ignithas reacted to Doji Tori in The RL and my take on it   
    I meant to say the erratas have been implemented before seeing whether restricting the cards could solve the problem. I find using the RL, if viable, would have been a more aesthetically pleasing solution.
    I assume the erratas will have a positive effect, since this cards were often described as a NPE, and it is possible that they found simply restricting them wouldn't be effective. 
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