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  1. In my experience Shadows has the highest potential because of Bait and Switch and has a very consistent card pool, because so many cards do pretty similar things. So even without Bait and Switch Shadows often adds a lot to your deck.

    Logos is a little bit worse, because even with combos that draw you a lot of cards it is hard to get a play that can rival a good placed Bait and Switch and your average pile of archive and draw won't have the same effect as your average pile of steal effects.

    Dis is probably the most inconsistent house, because their creatures are pretty bad but if your deck can generate a lot of advantage without a board position (of creatures) or can setup an explosive turn and you get the power cards, it can be a vital part of your deck.

    Untamed is also pretty inconsistent, because most cards are meh, but the Witches have an extremly high powerlevel, especially with archiving of Logos or Arise from Dis.

    Brobnar is disapointing, because the house hard folds against strategies that work without board position (which are currently the best decks).

    Sanctum also seems in a strange place, because their capture effects are bad and their creatures are understatted compared to Brobnar and Mars. But their events and artifacts are really good and simply getting 3 aember rocks.

    Mars is also strange, because they have very strong creatures and events, but the cards feel so random and anti-synergistic.



  2. 5 hours ago, Embir82 said:

    The truth is Rebels got things that are playable and they can win (Dutch, Wedge, Airen) but they are boring in comparison to Empire - all I can see when trying to do a Rebel list is a brick formation. Look at ships like Vader or Phantom, these are pretty fragile ships who premium good flying and flanking, with a lot of options and ways to build. In comparison look at Corran Horn - it would be a great ship, with lot of options and ways to fly but unfortunately it is horribly overpriced - also I don't understand why he doesn't have at least one point of force.

    This is the problem. The things that can easily deal with swarm and fortresses are overcostet. And a lot of the things from Rebel that are undercosted rolls over against those strategies.

  3. 1 hour ago, AllWingsStandyingBy said:


    Yup, at a time when many brick-n-mortar stores are now caught sitting unawares with shelves full of 1.0 stuff that they'll really struggle to move, especially with places like Barnes & Noble liquidating X-Wing and so many incredibly cheap ships and collections up on the secondary market right now.

    Remember that time when FFG made that big announcement about how their merger with Asmodee would be an important step in taking measures to support and protect the friendly local gamestores?  Because I don't think they themselves remember that goal, especially having gone with Alliance.  I've never met an FLGS owner who had a positive impression of Alliance... 

    Yeah, same thing here in europe. The distributor doesn't know anything about damage decks or launch kits and questions are ignored by Asmodee. A gaming store had sold all old ships and will in future pretty much only buy a little bit more than what people are ordering.

  4. Maybe it's the trailer, but the animation looks really cheap without contrast and the humor and dialogues seem not only tailored to children, but also pretty childish. Which seems odd when you consider that Disney movies are normally very mature, even if their target audience are kids and both Clone Wars and Rebels had outstanding animations.

  5. 35 minutes ago, player2072913 said:

    I guess it's a different mindset then. 

    Although I'd rather not get another xwing if it made the core a cheaper product, I still want the core set. 

    I might not want something that comes with a product, or some part of it, but if I buy that product its because I wanted the sum of the contents enough to justify spending money (even if it's just one component driving up the value *cough* autothrusters*cough*).

    I bought a product I wanted 

    Don't understand me wrong, I don't complain that I need the Core Set. I bought a lot of ships for cheap: Small ships like X-Wings, Ties, E-Wings, HWK etc. for 5€, Ships like Decimator and Resistance Bomber for 10€, Shadow Caster for 15€ and Imperial Raider and Croc for 30€. While I only need the damage deck, the X-Wing is certainly a nice addition to my collection, because the new model is much better than the old one and at the release event I probably will need 4 X-Wings. The Tie fighters on the other hand aren't much better than the old models and chances are high that I won't use them anyway, because I don't plan to buy the Imperial conversion kit. That said, I won't complain, because with the new distribution model of upgrades I am able to play X-Wing without paying a lot.

  6. 41 minutes ago, Handler said:

    Never go full rebel

    Damnit, why didn't someone tell me before! I will go full rebel at the start and maybe Republic, because I really love Clone Wars. Collecting all factions seems too expensive to me and I don't want to shell out > € 280,00 if they decide to make X-Wing 3.0.


  7. 6 minutes ago, Hinomura said:

    Feelings are one thing. Presenting something as fact, which the original poster did, is something else, and completely incorrect.

    I'm all for calling FFG out if they do something wrong, but just flat-out making stuff up doesn't sit well with me at all. I've noticed none of the information I asked for was provided, which would of course have been surprising, as it doesn't exist.

    If someone is going to complain, they should at least do it about genuine things.


    Way to miss the point. It is a fact that some clans are weaker than others and the thought that it is better for balancing when weaker clans get their expansion first is a reasonable one. That youre rhetorical questions weren't answered shouldn't surprise you.

  8. We have a Launch Party at our shop, where only core and 1st cycle is allowed. I only played a low amount of games casually and I need tipps for the list I will take to the tournament and what I probably will face. Rebel lists are prefered, thanks in advance.

  9. 14 hours ago, Ishi Tonu said:

    Is buying an apple at the grocery store gambling?  It might not taste as good as another apple that cost$ the same.

    If you can see the apple when you buy it, can't resell the apple for profit and if those apples won't be used in tournaments to win monetary value, then no.

    14 hours ago, Starbane said:

    I 100% agree that decks will sell above MSRP. They won’t even have to be OP, just have certain house or card combinations such as Horsemen.

    As far as Doomwind’s power level I can only assume we have a different definition of staggering. Would you please elaborate on what makes Doomwind so much better than every other deck.

    Because Doomwind can generate a lot of aember without board presence and has very strong c.ards to disrupt your oponent's aember gain and board Position. This makes it extremly difficult to trade favourably with it.

    10 hours ago, Derrault said:

    Not to be too flippant, but who cares that one deck may be considered stronger than another when we have the given that no decks repeat? There won’t be 10 people playing that deck in any tournament, nor any people for that matter in all but one tournament at any given time assuming the worst case scenario wherein a tournament allows opened decks.

    In point of fact, it does. “Play games of chance for money” is the primary definition of the word.

    As for the appeal to authority fallacy, Belgium is free to make any laws it pleases, that doesn’t make them any less wrong about it. 

    I don't consider open decks a serious format and therefore irrelevant for competitive play.

    I personally don't understand what the problem with 10 People playing a deck, if there are other options that grant you the same win%. If we don't take handicapps in acount (which no one knows how to implement them fairly), Keyforge is pretty high on the P2W model for a CCG. If you have a group of people that are buying a lot of Keyforge decks (or strong ones from other Players), chances aren't small that the metagame looks like if most players decide to take their starter deck that was pimped with some boosters to a tournament with different meta decks.

    "Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods." Wikipedia. I would recommend you inform yourself about the matter at hand, before you write things that are either very unlikely or simply wrong.

  10. 3 hours ago, Derrault said:

    It’s not a wager if you can’t get the wager plus in return plus additional value. Paying money for a service or good of unknown quality is not the same as making a wager whereby one stands to lose all or win tokens/cash in addition to the original bet.

    Emphasis on bet. You are not engaging in betting at all by purchasing a good or service, even though there are a ridiculous number of examples where the outcome is in question (ie haircuts, any home remodeling project, investment in a business, all types of banking and loans, ordering a book before it is published, etc.)

    Given the obvious application of handicapping mechanics, I can’t see a scenario where it would ever make sense to purchase another persons deck purely on the theory it was a “stronger” deck. Caveat emptor, winning at key forge is clearly more about making good decisions than it is about deck composition. Metaphorically speakin, the game is high on piloting skill and low on aircraft quality.

    We will see if it will be possible to sell decks for more than the buying price, but I highly doubt that it won't be possible given the difference in powerlevel we have seen in decks. We don't know what and how handicapping mechanics will be employed and Garfield and FFG OP are sending pretty different signals, so I think time will tell. But the powerlevel (aircraft quality) of a deck like Doomwind compared to the average we have seen is staggering and the skill level difference has to be massive to make up for that disadvantage (if we don't factor in handicapping).

    But even in the highly unlikely case that it won't be possible to gain value by selling the deck, we can still make a case for Keyforge being gambling. The value you get out of gambling doesn't have to be a monetary value. On this ground Belgium for example determined that FIFA18 and Overwatch use of lootboxes fall under their gambling laws, despite the inability of the player to gain any monetary value.

  11. 5 hours ago, Robin Graves said:

    Or black... Necropotence, anyone? :D

    But I think in this game having a house with card draw might not be such a big deal as in magic. In magic you normally draw 1 card/turn. While in Keyforge you draw up to your hand size.

    While it is true that card draw isn't as strong in Keyforge, because you can only play one house at a time, archiving cards is way better than card draw, because you not only get rid of a card you don't want at that moment (+1 card), you even get it back if you need it. So it is pretty much +1 card every turn until you play the card, or would have discarded it without the archive ability and then again +1 when you play it. And if you would have discarded it and  then use it, the card draw is even from a known house, which is worth much more than a random card.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bayushi Kec said:

    Yea, people tend to lose their minds whenever we see a Scorpion preview, these cards are not that good.

    Having said that, I think Liar's Mask and Opium Wastrel are best among them. Wastrel is a cheap conflict character and helps with high glory honored enemys or your dishonored characters.

    Im waiting to see what/who Bayushi's Whisperrers are, maybe From the Shadows will work with them but in general I dont like that dishonoring part. Some shinobi actions (like Discourage Pursuit) requier dishonoring, which From the Shadows blocks

    Not saying that the cards are OP, but you are massivly underselling those spoilered cards.

  13. 1 hour ago, Zeelobby said:

    You mean the beta ruleset which only barely touches on competitive play and is open to modification? I wouldn't hold my breath. Everything they discussed by the 4/5 demoers, 3 game info staff and designer I talked to seemed to imply that they weren't a hundred percent sure how they would handle possible imbalances. Decks or cards having a chain penalty was just one of the things they mentioned several times independently, so it must be doing rounds somewhere inside FFG.

    Quoting Garfield

    "Nushura wrote:
    I specifically remember Richard saying that they will use chains to balance decks in tournaments. As in, the current "official" handicap of all decks is zero but this may change in some future FAQ."

    "Garfield wrote
    If I said that I misspoke or spoke unclearly. The FFG OP will have the final word on how this is implemented but there is a good chance handicaps won't be used in tournaments, at least in the sense that a deck has a handicap assigned before the tournament. Bidding handicaps or something like that might happen. There is no way FFG wants to be in the position of separating deck power from play skill ... and it is easy to game the system if your record determines a handicap.

    That is why the chains are mentioned in the rules as being a handicapping system outside of tournaments - when you know the decks and want a fair (or more fair)game."

    Especially the part of "there is a good chance handicaps won't be used in tournaments, at least in the sense that a deck has a handicap assigned before the tournament." indicates that your sentence  "or they may start each game already suffering from the chain mechanic" is more likely false than true, especially in combination with the rules indicating this.

  14. 1 hour ago, Zeelobby said:

    That's not what FFG staff said at their booth at Gencon. They clearly stated that decks seen to be OP or containing OP cards may be retired at some point, or they may start each game already suffering from the chain mechanic.

    It is written in the rulebook that the chain mechanic for winning games is only used outside of tournaments. Banning on the other hand could happen, but I wouldn't hold my breath for any deck that isn't completely broken.

  15. 13 minutes ago, wirbowsky said:

    I fail to understand why people would say that they would enjoy the game if it's an arctic survival but would be disappointed if it's a desert one. Are some people really that specific in their taste when purchasing a game?

    Narrativly I would prefere a scenario where I am stranded on an island or stuck on mountains than lost in a desert. But if the narrative is good, I probably would enjoy all of them.

  16. 4 hours ago, Lace Jetstreamer said:

    Why put it in a blind box then?  Just list all of the components on the box.  The only reason to hide the components is to turn the purchase into a gamble (IE, Loot Box).  

    You argued in the Keyforge thread that it is important for lootboxes=random insert of game=gambling that the cognitive impact on the person is similar. You won't have that here, because you don't have instant gratification and there probably won't be a value attached to your game, which leads to you not being able to win anything by buying this game.

  17. 3 hours ago, Derrault said:

    Neither the legal nor the common definition apply, it requires a wager.

    It stretches credulity to say it wasn’t advertising. He went to the site of a game he claims to have zero interest in just to make pejorative statements and talk up the game of a competitor in the same breath. That goes well beyond a simple preference.

    The wager (or stakes you mentioned earlier) is the money you pay for the pack. Not only is the insert of the deck completely random, the value is too. If you get a very strong deck you can either flip it (like people already said they would do) to gain money or keep it to have a higher chance of material goods in tournaments.

    While he has no interest to play Keyforge, he has interest in the game and especially its distribution model (otherwise he wouldn't comment it). If he isn't sponsored by the competitor or trys to sell those games, the definition of advertising doesn't apply.

    The only thing that I could imagine could be in bad faith is the argument that FFG is becoming EA, because the dimmensions are completely different and the lootboxes in SW Battlefront were way more excessive compared to the AAA gaming industry than Keyforge to the card game industry. But I give him the benefit of the doubt there.

  18. 15 minutes ago, Tam Palso said:

    You could & in fact most card and board games do exactly that. But they are still a closed and known system. Eventually (given the power of shared working on the internet) those random elements will be optimised. 

    If this game is about discovery, then it requires uniqueness.

    Imagine the sense of disappointment you would have if you retold your game experience to ‘completionist Dave’ at your LGS only to be hit back with “yeah I got that card/tile. It’s ok, the optimal play there is kill the bear, light a fire. Hear I’ll give you a link to my playthrough.”

    With a unique game it’s just ‘your’ personal experience. No online reviewer can open the box and gleefully expose that hidden world like someone opening your presents at Christmas, or decide for you if it’s worth 1 star or 5 stars. 

    People who enjoy that sort of thing (yeah I’ve done that, been there, got the t-shirt - you need to catch up buddy): they’re not going to like Unique games much. They can’t win the ‘meta’ in that sense. 

    But for others who don’t want hand holding, or to be told their experience is already a well beaten path then a open system is a good solution.

    I don't think that this is possible with Games Like KDM and Eldritch Horror with all the expansions.


    3 minutes ago, Bogoran said:

    Price of restarting doesn't really have anything to do with anything. No matter what you do, how much you pay, you will never see all the content in either game. By design.


    I think his point was that while the experience is randomised, you can potentially see everything without spending money. With Eldritch Horror there are still situations that didn't come up for me, but they might with more games. When I buy discovery there will be situations that I will never encounter, even if I play with other people that bought the game.

  19. 2 minutes ago, Tam Palso said:

    The original question was “why unique?” - so if we start with the games themes we can understand some of the concept.

    “Discover” is clearly about exploration (turning hidden information into knowledge) and survival. That could be achieved, to a degree, with randomisation ‘in the box’ (say a shuffled deck of encounters). The bigger the box (and price tag) then the more randomisation occurs during each play.

     That’s price limited however (and repeated in numerous other card and board games).

    Making a ‘random selection’ from set components creates hidden information (exploration) that lies at the heart of the game. For someone who wants to ‘explore’ that’s really key, as is the sense that you’re the first to find something unexplored. 

    Creating a ‘new’ & personal experience is pretty fundamental to this games design goal. 

    I think FFG are really going for that idea - personal experience. In the past popular games are often already well trodden (net decking being one example). How do you hold your excitement for a game when you tell your story only to hear back “oh yeah, I did that”? 

    In a world where you can unbox a game, see all the content and play through it all on YouTube it’s a interesting move. Commercially it may also make sense - people want new experiences not a re-play of something they’ve already seen. 

    But couldn't you achieve the same thing with some kind of a randomiser?

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