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  1. I personally think that the best Rebel lists are essentially HWK + Brawler (+ 1-2 cheap ships). The Brawler should probably be Luke or Leebo, but Wedge, Lando and Dash are also not bad. For the HWK you want Kyle Katarn if you are playing a big ship (especially if you need more actions), Jan Ors if you take cheaper ships and Roark with Leebo. From an efficiency standpoint Sabine is the best ship, but X-Wings are pretty good if you have points that you don't want to spend on other things.

  2. I would vote for Imperial, because Tie Punishers seem crazy efficient and counter a lot of strategies. Combined with the strong Aces you have a really good package.

    Second Place would go to Scum, because Boba with Han Gunner is probably the best ship for its point cost and Guri is also really good. While Scum has also some good choices for swarm lists, most of their ships are seriously lacking.

    Last place would go to Rebels, because they have as few really good ships as Scum, but not one that is as strong as Boba/Han atm.


  3. Last evening I flew the following list against some random lists from friends:

    Redline (44)
    - Proton Torpedos (9)
    - Seismic Charge (3)

    Deathrain (42)
    - Proton Torpedos (9)
    - Proton Bombs (5)
    - Trajectory Simulator (3)

    Darth Vader (70)
    - Super Natural Reflexes (12)
    - Fire Control System (3)

    Gesammt: 200/200

    The list went pretty well, but the lists weren't really optimised. Do you think that this list is viable? What lists containing at least one Punisher would you consider being better?

  4. 15 minutes ago, Firebird TMK said:

    Until tonight, I was with you.  Then I played a game.  

    It was every bit as bad as I expected.

    I learned, among other things, that Ion Cannon Turrets are rubbish.  They barely put out one damage per turn, even against 1-evade ships.  I didn't get a single ionization.  And the new turret mechanic simply sucks.  I learned that Y-Wings are even easier to kill than ever.  And I learned that there are builds, including Scum Lando/Shadowcaster, that can reliably put out 5-6 dice attacks, use multiple mods to generate 4+ hits with multiple crits, AND pass out stress to make it impossible to do anything about it.  This is directly contrary to the FFG party line about how broken combos were going to be a thing of the past, token stacking and multiple dice mods were out, and blah blah blah.  The fact that such builds are possible means that they inevitably will find their way into the meta, and indeed BECOME the meta.

    But congratulations, FFG.  You got me to buy your new stuff.  Once.

    Lando/Shadowcaster isn't even one of the best lists atm. While there are certainly things that are better than others, it's no where near the degeneracy we often saw in 1.0.

  5. 2 hours ago, Duciris said:

    I was talking elsewhere about the standoffish nature of $90 in a month for some people and I got to wondering: is there any reason why the cycles have to be 6 packs?  Could they instead be 4 packs 3 times a year?

    The 6-in-6 was a specifically to break up the slower changes in the meta to bigger, more immediate changes.  MtG (unless they've changed since I last played 8 years ago) releases 3 cycles per year, SW Destiny releases 3 cycles per year, and we'll be receiving new clan roles 3 times per year.

    My initial concern would be balancing and if they could pack the theme(s) they usually do in an 80 card count.

    Personally, I'd rather have a single box at $90 every six months or $60 every four, but there have been enough arguments made for and against that way of thinking so I'll focus on the cycle cut.

    Obviously, they couldn't do this in the next cycle (or even the 2 after that) because that should be in the printing/releasing cycle already and they build and test whole cycles as is, but if it were reasonable to change to it in a year and a half would that be something anyone would be interested in?

    4 months without release is pretty rough for keeping interest.

  6. On ‎8‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 2:08 AM, Quack Shot said:



    Inferno Squad: Iden, Gideon, Del, Seyn


    Its an even 200 Points, no upgrades. Thoughts?

    How is the strategy against Boba Fett with his Firespray?

  7. 2 hours ago, Tabris2k said:


    It is, when it’s impossible to achieve. In every fantastical setting, there’s always inconsistencies (like, how D&D economy can work with all that magic around? Every level 3 wizard would be rich in days.), that are normally dealt with with vague explanations, because the moment you try to explain everything from a logical, social, and economic POV, it gets in the way of story. For example, in some of the last fictions, the Crane needs to hire ronin, just as a way to demonstrate how military and economically starved they are. If you’re gonna spend the whole story trying to explain why ronin exists and where they come in the first place, then there’s no Crane story. The same applies to a lot of aspects of Rokugan society. In a fantasy setting, as a reader, you need to be prepared to overlook a lot of inconsistencies to be able to immerse in the setting. In fact, in a setting being written by a lot of people as this one, putting too much details is worse for suspension of disbelief. If a writer goes into a lengthy explanation about Lion army numbers, tactics, and distribution of said forces around their territory, the reader can go “wait a minute, that doesn’t match that fiction from last year.” easily than when those details are left vague. And don’t ask the writers about having all those details presents, because we’re talking about 7 clans, and that’s a lot of information. If a writer wants to have a force of a thousand Phoenix Bushi in the northern border, but then is “oh, I can’t, another writer said that there are now 25000 Bushi in the Lion border, and 3000 as guards in Kyuden Isawa, and the other 2000 went to war with the Unicorn, so there are no Bushi left for me to put them here. Well, I guess I’ll have to change my whole fiction” then you’re putting more constrains in the story than necessary. Sometimes, instead of helping, details get in the way of story

    This reminds me of the WoW guy that always went to the BlizzCon to ask about story inconsistencies.

  8. On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 12:10 PM, badgerlord1969 said:

    Errata would be a much more efficient way of removing it from people decks. If it cant harpoon then it totally removes the MAIN reason people are using it .  Putting it on the RL just punishes people for playing Dragon as their main clan with literally zero  gain to the game .

    Both solutions pretty much removes it from competitive decks, the major difference is that the RL is ever changing, so chances are that it will be removed someday. The only way that the erratad HT would see competitive play would be through Tattoo support cards. So atm both solutions do essentially the same, while RL is more likely beneficial for Dragon in the long run.

  9. 31 minutes ago, Blail Blerg said:

    I think at this point I really just wanted the game to be full digital. Cards not even needed. Just a sheet. 

    Then you change everything. Stats off? Change 

    wording bad? Change 

    Ich said the Same thing, but some people at the store Said, that they would stop playing.

  10. 1 hour ago, Hujoe Bigs said:

    Where the heck did they get negative player feedback, I know people complain about a few things but for the most part everyone was extremely excited for 2.0. after playing it for the last few weeks, I have to say I believe this is exactly what the game needed.


    On topic, my FLGS got 6 out of the 12 they were suppose to get. I luckly got one of those, this was in central Cali.

    I haven't followed their social media coverage, so I don't know exactly. Here is the translation from the post from a Asmodee German worker:

    So... I only say that:
    "I won't convert to the second edition, this is only money making!"
    "I buy only buy those things in english"
    " I will remain with the first edition"
    "****, only with an app? I am out of this!"

    We only heard this all the time for the last months. We have followed the surveys on Facebook. We have read multiple Posts. Our retailers did the same. The "fanbase" has made it clear, that only a small part will follow.

    You can't justify that with the missing communication for the damage decks. I have said at many occasions that local stores will have them, but that we don't know exactly how we will deliver the decks to them.

    And this is not only our understanding. If the retailers have thought something else, there would have been preorders. But there were non. They had the same understanding as the community. There were only complaints and everyone lamented how stupid the 2. edition is.

    The end of the song: The preorders were met. The after production is running.

  11. In Vienna our brick and mortar store got 12 damage decks for ~50 core sets. Online shops in the german region didn't get the amount of core sets they ordered and also no damage decks. After asking Asmodee about it, they said that FFG didn't send enough decks and because of negativ player feedback for 2.0 they misjudged the demand.

    PS: Got Ninjad.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Embir82 said:

    Are there seriously fanboys that defend FFG in this situation?

    People without FUNDS, working in their FREE TIME, for NO MONEY, made better fan-made apps and on-line tools, having about 4 MONTHS since X-Wing 2.0 has been announced.
    Meanwhile FFG had resources, time and IP to do whatever they like - and they failed massively.

    Luckily I prefer pdf version of available upgrades and card costs, and I actually plan to print them, given amateurish level of FFG when it comes to their app. But imagine how dissapointed were people that came to LGS to play X-Wing at the day of the premiere only to get to know that squadron builder is just a big joke, not even qualifying as a working application.

    We played and talked yesterday a lot about X-Wing and while the app is disapointing, nobody really cared. People were angry though that there were too few damage decks, so even a lot of people that ordered the core set didn't get one.

  13. 12 hours ago, L5RBr said:

    Lets be honest Dragon will always be one of the favorites splash choices, HT is a plus, cause it have many of the greatest cards in game, not just let go. Dragon has probably the best conflict deck, since most scorpions tricks like AFWTD are very limited as a splash. MF, let go, the 1 cost character that can give your big guy covert, other 1 cost with 2 glory to steal the favor.. great attachments, no other clan gives you that flexibility. In fact many clans conflict decks suffer from a lot of restrictive cards, demanding X or Y to play or trigger. When  building a Dragon deck  I cant find slot for some great cards like indomitable will. Thats a card I probably have a safe slot in every other deck I would build.

    People said the same things about Lannister and Bara in AGoT 2.0 and now they are the two worst houses.

    Comparing the conlict deck of Dragon and Scorpion is difficult, because they are designed to do two different things and both excell at what they want to achieve.

    I personally think that Indomitable Will wouldn't be played at least in current Phoenix and Scorpion decks and it is also iffy in Unicorn, because Indomitable Will is the worst of the standing/not kneeling events.

  14. 9 hours ago, Schmoozies said:

    Unfortunately sometimes errata are a necessity.  It should not necessarily be the default action however when cards are erroneously printed counter to their intended design it may be the better fix.  The fact that Hawk Tattoo was not meant to be a superior harpoon to every other effect in the game likely means that it needs the functional change.  Will it suck to get called out on it, yes, but if you are attending competitive events with the card than guess what the onus should have been on you to at least review the current state of the card pool to be aware of basic rulings which are included in the RRG (which from past experience all errata rulings have been).

    I agree with you that there are times when erratas are necessary. Pit Trap for example is one of them, because with its wording it won't work and the card now not only works as intended, but also how normal players would understand it after reading it. Experience in AGoT 1.0 showed that it is much easier to memorise a restriction list than erratas.

    9 hours ago, Tomello said:

    Respectfully disagree.  Assuming they have spent the $300+ on all the cards they will probably have the reprint.  Though odd, you don't consider the RL as alienating, someone showing up to a tournament and getting told their deck is illegal is probably more frustrating.  I would guess in an official format would be the only time someone would be upset about the errata.  Casually, no one would really care either way

    It was printed that way as a mistake, this is a living card game....changing it is the least bad solution.

    A non-cancelable, non-telegraphed movement card....AND I get access to Let Go....who would play that?  ?

    If reprints work similar than in AGoT 1.0 reprints will happen ~1 year after the initial print and localised products often don't rework their cards. I have never been at a tournament where decks were illegal due to the RL, but I have seen cut games being won and lost by not considering erratas. In a physical card game restricting is always more smooth than errata that completely change the effect of a card and countless card games prove this.

    While there are situations where a one sided move effect is worth 1 fate and 1 card, it doesn't compare well to the Standing/not bow tech that is normally priced at 1 fate, nor the repeatable movement effects that are priced at 0-1 fate.

  15. 5 hours ago, Tomello said:

    I don't know how it will be alienating.  Putting it on the RL means it will never be played.  Printing new cards to counter it, is awful design after bad and alienates existing players.  Errata is the best way to address it.  They can just put a reprint in a future package.  I agree that players want what is best for the game, and will understand if one or two thing squeak past design and playtest if they get addressed in a way that is better for the game.

    It will still see lots of play as moving characters into conflicts is still a powerful effect.  Moving a bowed Guest of Honor or other magistrates, etc...is still very much worth it.

    It's alienating, because people are pissed if they play a card expecting to get ahead and then getting told that the move is illegal, because the effect is different from the card text. We had this in AGoT 1.0 (one of the major reasons given why they rebooted it) and we don't need it in L5R. And even from a competitive standpoint I am for restricting, because when the card isn't a problem anymore, you can simply unrestrict it.

    A much worse Favored Mount won't see a lot of play.


  16. 18 hours ago, L5RBr said:

    About the Tyler interview I got the impression they will nerf the card too..

    But thats an interesting point to think about: When Fury went to RL many dragons complained, but after playing they realized that most clans droped DG splash, and MF + let go getting out was not a bad deal for them..

    I feel the same about HT, dragon may be upset with a RL or nerf on it, but if it get nerfed dragon probably could still keep 1-2 copies in deck cause it would still be valuable to bring back a voltron that was sent home or send a scout and move, but most clans will probably leave DG splash again, and in actual high attachment meta HT is one of the few options some clans are using as a trick to avoid voltrons, specially dragon voltrons armored with jade fingers, reprieves and pathfinders blades.. Like uni and lion that can combo HT getting defenders out to explore HMT.

    Seems the balance hung to the aggro side with elemental cycle, and in aggro X aggro matchups Dragon is in better position, at least while they keep the SoF role.

    I hope it will be restricted, because card erratas are a good way of alienating new players. As an active Dragon player I haven't seen a lot of players being upset about the restriction of MF, especially after testing. And in the current metagame I think most Dragon players understand that the restriction of HT is good for the metagame. The only clan that essentially get more splash options is Scorpion, because they aren't as dependant on Let Go than every other clan, but are still locked into Dragon for HT.

    15 hours ago, Duciris said:

    That's an interesting vantage.  I don't think it will get added to the RL, just errated to, "friendly character only," or, "character you control."

    It would still get used by Dragon (they don't have any scouts), but it almost won't see play as splash.

    Ancient Master (as an attachment) tutors Tattoo and Kiho.  There aren't any Tattoo cards outside of Dragon and the only Kiho I can think of is Phoenix's The Path of Man.  He's good as a character if you can honor him (1/1 with 2g for 1).

    Dragon wouldn't play HT, because the conflict deck is too tight. Best reason to play Ancient Master is the 2g and to have a body for FoF.

  17. 22 hours ago, Ishi Tonu said:

    I have Dragon, Scorpion, and Phoenix at the top with the rest in the tier below that.

    Scorpion and Phoenix match up well against most of the rest of the clans in the field. 

    I've already stated most of my case for Phoenix when describing why Dragon was so good.  If a clan as an option that is less easily controlled by Phoenix then they would do well to run it.  If they can't, they should expect a nightmare of a time trying to do anything significant with your shugenja vs Phoenix.  The new Unicorn box is also somewhat of a "gatekeeper" deck in this metagame.  If your deck can't handle 3 conflicts a turn then it's potentially an easy victim.  The problem for the Unicorn is that a good number of their strong cards are shugenja, or revolve around shugenja, so you are rewarded for running them.  Shahai, Master of the Swift Waves, etc all looks really good on the surface until you see Phoenix sitting across from you and know that at any point you can get bowed out by Against the Waves.  There are also some players still rocking the old box which does something completely different and is sometimes difficult to deal with when you are not prepared for it.

    Scorpion attack on a different axis than most other clans and can always bring the threat of dishonor, but, mostly it's the control that they exert over the game that makes them difficult to impossible to handle for some clans.  They have sown some weakness to beign able to handle a lot of conflicts, based on their early woes vs the new Lion box, and Unicorn's stronghold while similar is actually better than Lion, which I think is why some are overrating the Unicorn.  The Scorpion's only barrier is player skill.  There are plenty of people playing them that likely shouldn't be, or at least enough players that exhibit a lack of understanding on how they should be played and are clueless as to why they aren't winning with Scorpion.  I am one of those people.  They simply are too far out of my comfort zone for me to dedicate enough time to learn how to play them properly and I would likely do worse them than most other clans.  They have a very difficult province row to contend with and now with a Keeper role you have to take into account some decks that people are not entirely prepared for.  Most other clans that got both keeper and seeker roles seemed to be simple securing future flexibility.  Scorpion already have a threat that has been completely unavailable to them (Backhanded Compliment) since it was printed.  This presents a problem to players similar to what Phoenix does in that you can have a variety of deck types coming from one clan and you might not be well prepared to deal with both of them.  Scorpion on the other hand is very flexible and has options for a skilled player to answer most of the threats the opposition can come up with.

    The rest of the clans don't need much discussion IMO unless you want to make a case for them being top tier.  Crab IMO are the closest.  Their resiliency can be difficult to deal with.  They have good item control, and they now have dynasty control which I think has flown somewhat under the radar.  If you haven't considered how Sabotage (and the upcoming Peasant's Advice) can impact someone's ability to protect against WotC, consider yourself warned.

    Scorpion currently doesn't have problems against additional conflicts, because they are tied to overcomitting conflicts, which they are designed to punish. This leads to Scorpion/Dragon to be as good or even better against aggro decks than Dragon. Phoenix is actually not T1 because they have a really bad MU against good Dragon players and to be only slightly disadvantaged against Scorpion you need an extremly good Phoenix pilot. I also don't think that Crab is the closest to be top tier, because if both pilots are very skilled, they are disadvantaged against everything except Crane.

    20 hours ago, Ishi Tonu said:

    Yes I think Hawk Tattoo needs to be on RL or changed to read "Attach to your character,"

    It's essentially the only harpoon effect in the game that is playable, via Dragon splash, by everyone and generally included by everyone.  This makes the meta game seems like it's Dragon/x and x/Dragon or bust, which can feel very stale.  While I know that this is not a representation of the overall metagame, it really feels that way when playing anything remotely competitive.

    The only thing that Hawk Tattoo does from a splashing standpoint is that Scorpion/Dragon is now better than every other Scorpion deck. The Dragon or bust scenario is caused by attachments being extremly OP now and Let Go being the only reliable and strong answer except Calling in Favors. If there is a problem with HT, it won't be that it is the only card that does xy, but that the card is undercosted and combos absurdly with Scorpion's kit and some provinces.

    2 hours ago, LordBlunt said:

    While I STILL don’t believe that Dragon is Tier 1 (Crab and Scorpion are)

    You are wrong on that one. Crab isn't even a contentor for being Tier 1.

    1 hour ago, psychie said:

    On the Hawkpoon thing, while it is a good card, and it does show up in a lot of decks, I don't think it especially unbalances anything. I feel as though if it wasn't available in the same splash as let go, then dragon wouldn't be as ubiquitous. Kinda like when they put Mirumoto's Fury on the RL, competitive dragon splashes went down significantly, even though supposedly let go was the primary reason for the splash.

    Unless they change how the RL works, I am not going to support putting hawk tattoo on it, because as it stands, when the original RL dropped, dragon suddenly had to pick between 4 cards that were in nearly every dragon deck, and unless one of those comes off the list, HT is only going to make that even more of a problem, and it will be extremely disappointing to have yet another good in clan card I can't play because other clans are abusing it or whatever and policy debate is better (for how I play my deck, at any rate).

    While I agree we want more splash diversity, I very much disagree that HT is unbalancing or overpowered or whatever, and I don't think adding it to the current RL is an acceptable solution. If splash diversity is a problem, just print a neutral version of it, and bam, now not everyone is on dragon splash. Or, better yet, print a neutral one cost let go event, and bam now not everyone is on dragon splash (really, I'm of the opinion that let go should have been a neutral 1 cost event from the beginning, but maybe that's just me).

    For Dragon splash not being the best option for every clan that isn't Crane and Crab, they need to make more strong attachment hate cards.

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