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  1. 2 hours ago, Revert said:

    Best: Key Charge: Play: Lose 1[A]. If you do, you may forge a key at current cost.

    it is way too easy for Untamed to get 7 Amber.


    Worst: Key Abduction: Play: Return each Mars creature to its owners hand. Then, you may forge a key at +9[A] current cost reduced by 1[A] for each card in your hand.

    Playing this first with no Mars creatures will cost you 10 Amber. No Mars creature has a good play effect, and several of them have bad ones. If you started with 6 Amber, you would have forged. Playing a card for 1 Amber increase the cost by the same amount. Mars has very few 2+ Amber cards that don't hurt this card in some way. This all means that this card only works with very specific other combos pieces, or if you have 3 or more Mars creatures on the board from earlier turns that your opponent was nice enough not to kill, and you started the turn with a good amount of Amber, and replaying those creatures isn't going to hurt more than it helps (or it is the final key). Keeping in mind that deck lists are public information, so your opponent will be looking for this.

    Key Charge can't be the best card, because there is a creature with the same effect.

  2. Every house has big creatures that can potentially trade favourable with them. If you don't have big creatures, board wipes and removal are pretty good against them, because they generally generate advantages through board presence. Furthermore being able to generate aember without board presence can twart their strategy.

  3. 3 hours ago, Palpster said:

    Destiny is having some trouble with releases, but attendance at every Nationals event over the past few months has been up from last year. Calling the game dead is just silly.

    Do you have numbers for this? My experience is that a lot of local metas have been disapearing within the last 1 1/4 years and products are pretty much all the time discounted. We had Store Championships with 4 people and Regionals with 12 (because the store is near Germany). And I heard that this is a wide spread problem.

  4. 42 minutes ago, RedMageStatscowski said:

    Even from the previous thread, Lace still has not answered my question:

    If such a "gambling" game exists, and others enjoy it, does it negatively impact you at all?  You can choose not to pay, you can choose not to play.  You won't have to "gamble" anything, so why are you so adamant in ruining other players' fun?

    While it certainly is on a different level, you could make a similar argument about slot machines. Especially children are vulnerable to practices that exploit the stimulation of the brain with gratification and rewards.

    I personally don't think that Keyforge is marketed towards children and Keyforge also seems rather harmless compared to Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon TCG. While I think that Lace Jetstreamer's arguments are sound against the TCG market, I don't think that mustering out Keyforge, that tries to avoid some of the exploitative practices is a good idea. The rarity in Keyforge is basically meaningless, there are no foil cards and the artwork doesn't seem like something that caters to children.

  5. 2 hours ago, Amanal said:

    I pay $10 for a deck of cards, each has a fixed cost to make so each deck costs the same. I do not "win" anything.

    While the sealed deck costs the same, the value of the decks will be different. I would be very surprised if you can't make profit with some decks.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Dantastic24 said:

    OK, I admit I was click bated into this.... I feel ashamed for looking now because this is the most idiotic rhetoric I have seen in a long time. If time is money then you owe me $2 for the time I spent reading this crap. I gambled here too I guess because I thought I was going to get some valuable knowledge or insight, but you just wasted my time, give me my $2 back! 

    It was pretty obvious what the thread will contain, given that we have the same thread in the Discover thread and until one week ago in this one.


    18 hours ago, RebelProfundity said:

    It's more about the complete package in my opinion. An upgrade can be ok on one thing and broken op on another. Some pilots are pretty dependent on certain upgrades, etc. Definitely not a nerf request. I have used every single one of these ships in a few games now personally and enjoy them all. 

    Boba Fett Firespray w/ Han gunner and Marauder title

    Whisper w/ Vader Crew, Juke, and Collision Detector

    Redline with Proton Torps and either Bombs /Traj. Sim or Advanced Sensors. Deathrain with Proton Torps and Bombs/Traj. Sim. 

    4-LOM w/ Advanced Sensors and 0-0-0

    Palob w/ Moldy Crow 

    Generic Tugboat mini-swarm

    Wedge I guess? Sabine? Supernatural Luke is so good, but maybe just eats too much of the list? I still find it very difficult to build anything Rebel that approaches the efficiency of the other stuff I listed. 

    I would add Sloane. She can become pretty ridiculous in the right hands.

  8. On ‎10‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 10:41 PM, mwmcintyre said:

    That's a really useless distinction. Each copy is unique - that's a basic fact. If you want a new copy, you could trade with someone else and not spend more money - that's a basic fact. I don't think anyone is arguing that if you choose to trade, then no one else has played that copy. We all understand that. Each copy is still unique and replayability is extended by the potential option to trade copies with someone else. Thus, both are true. If you don't want to trade, you don't have to, but it's an option, and there are still thousands of people who will never experience the exact versions you have played even if you do trade a few times. 

    The fact that each copy is unique is in fact the only reason that trading to extend replayability is even an option - so one of those things being true is absolutely dependent on the other being true.

    Unless you're bothered for some reason by the concept that someone else will play the same copy, in which case, don't trade.

    I don't understand why you make strawman arguments against the position that the coppys aren't unique. It is not a position I hold.

    We bought the game as a larger group, because we wanted to experience the game, but 50-60€ seemed a lot for one person to shoulder. The game is decent and I am looking forward to my next game sessions. But it is certainly not a mile stone in board games and the notion that someone doesn't get it, seems ridicoulus to me. It seems that like in Keyforge people are emotionally so much invested in it that they have unforfillable expectations and then react overtly negative or dismissive to people that share their doubts or criticisms.

  9. 9 minutes ago, mwmcintyre said:

    They designed a large number of components(terrain types, scenarios, items, enemies, etc...) And each copy has a unique combination of those components. The basic rules of the game are the same and once you have played with your copy for awhile, you could trade your copy with someone else's to continue to play new stories and environments within the same game system. I'm not sure what you're not getting, it's absolutely possible for both to be true.

    If you trade your game with someone, it logical can't be unique to only one playgroup.

  10. I guess it is easy for a game to appear good if you don't compare it to anything.


    PS: I don't understand how the game can both be unique to someone, but at the same time the cost is justified by being able to trade. Both can't be possible at the same time.

  11. I have tested both now and I really can't tell what is better. All my lists had Red Line and if you want to fly Red Line+Vader+XY, you have few points to tech out Red Line and the third ship. One list I tried was:

    "Red Line"
    - Proton Torpedos
    - Trajectory Simulator
    - Seismic Charges

    - Fire Control System
    - Supernatural Reflexes

    - Juke

    The problem with this list is that it is pretty soft against lists with a PS 6 ship that bids 1-2.

  12. 6 hours ago, niarBaD said:

    There's a huge difference between MTG Arena and Keyforge. Namely one is built for online play and the other isn't. Keyforge is not a game that needs to sponsor streamers, as it's not really a game that will get streamed.

    I would argue that one of the selling points of Keyforge is that you can use your decks online. Otherwise it wouldn't have made sense to reveal that detail so early. Furthermore the streams and youtube videos from various community members certainly contributed to the hype that was generated with the reveal of the first deck lists.

    But even if you take Warhammer Champions you have the exemplar program to reward people for creating content like streams.


  13. 4 hours ago, Hyperjayman said:

    Why the **** would they sponser a twitch streamer? There already getting coverage by table-top youtubers. Answer me this....how much top 10 coverage does tabletop games get on Twitch? Im sure the answer is none.

    Because you get a lot of Promotion for relativly few bucks. Magic Arena for example gave streamer free oportunities to participate at a Draft with other streamers before the set was released.

  14. 14 minutes ago, JasonCole said:

    Its auto-include on those ships because of their built in ability to generate an evade token every turn in addition to their normal action, if flown right. The points cost for that ability is baked into the ship cost up front, so why charge a premium to the upgrade when the upgrade's cost has little to do where we see it applied? You aren't making it less likely to see it used on the I5-6 ships we see it on, you're just guaranteeing we won't see it on a lower tier ship.

    Because it makes the upgrade useless for everyone that can't generate evade tokens.

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