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  1. 7 hours ago, everythingbagels said:

    I am 100% not trolling, this was not a joke post, and this is my only account. This is my first LCG and I don't like decisions like this that FFG is making. That's great you can accept it, but if you believe I'm not allowed to find fault in FFG selling us cards and literally changing what they do with not a word of making it right, then I guess that's what allows companies like FFG to make decisions without putting their customers first.

    Again, I'm perfectly fine with rebalancing cards for the health of the game. I'm not okay with them leaving out any sort of compensation as part of that process.

    The toxicity of some of your responses is definitely enough to put me off of the game. Is this what I should expect if I ever dared go to an official event? I had a pretty cordial discussion about this in the L5R discord, but I guess I should have expected more hostility from those on the FFG forums. Thank you to those who were decent enough not to attack a fellow player of the game we enjoy for raising an issue of concern.

    I think you make a valid point. Including the erratad cards into future packs as extra cards (as some companys already do) would be ideal, but FFG doesn't operate like that. There is a very real chance that we get promos with the right text and future printings of the product will probably be printed with the erratad versions.

    PS: I don't get why a significant portion of the community tries to gatekeep the game when critic is expressed. Don't let this discourage you, I and probably a lot of other people see things in a similar light.

  2. 15 hours ago, Iuchi Toshimo said:

    The Restoration of Balance design reminds me of Endless Plains. But imagine that Endless Plains didn't destroy itself.

    Some games it kills Shiba Bob the scout that was bought just for that purpose, some games it kills Hida Kisada with 3 fate, essentially winning the game. Then it's still there, waiting to be broken. That's how Restoration of Balance feels to me.


    Sometimes, no matter how well a deck is designed, the optimal play demands putting 3 fate on Kisada and rolling the dice on Endless Plains.

    Sometimes, no matter how well a deck is designed, the optimal play demands bidding 5 and rolling the dice on Restoration of Balance.

    In either situation, it feels bad to play optimally given the situation at hand and then get punished because of bad luck.


    I mean, the errata could have had Resto breaking itself to do it's original thing and I would have still been happy.

    Resto breaking itself would have made it actually stronger.

  3. 15 hours ago, Schmoozies said:

    Honestly RL wouldn't have solved the problem it would have just effectively banned Resto and completely gutted Scorpion out of City as you can't really rely on just your stronghold to carry you when other key faction cards are locked out as well.

    The effect on Resto would pretty much be the same. If the designers think that Resto is a problem (which it probably is because of the high variance it introduces), they probably should have restricted it and give Dragon something back (PFB imo, because it also gives Crab an incentive to pick Seeker).  The  with City. Restrict it and unrestrict Rumormonger (or maybe Afwtd).

    Both clans weren't good positioned in the metagame and I don't think that this changed.

    The Phoenix changes I think are alright. Tadaka was broken and the only realistic alternative was banning him. EtV is also too good combined with fate removal, so a restriction seems reasonable considering that Phoenix was (and maybe is) the top clan.

  4. 20 hours ago, shineyorkboy said:

    Fuzake is kind of baffling design. He's too expensive for sac fodder, being Unique incentivizes having fate on him which disincentivizes sacing him, and they really should have just made him trigger himself like Vanguard Warrior. Plus with that art he really should have been a courtier.

    The Kitsuki makes me nervous. If there's no place for him in Dragon decks it just speaks to how above the curve their cards are in general.

    I think you give Jusai more credit than he deserves.

  5. 14 hours ago, sndwurks said:

    My thoughts on the previews:


    Oh, wait, you wanted more? Oh, okay.

    Hantei XXXVIII - Big Daddy Hantei himself. And you can run more than 1x of him in your deck (as "Mythic" is just flavor text). So, let's look at that stat block. Huh. Okay. But I DO like that first line. No Attachments. So. Tasty. And so what if your opponent can make you discard him if they get the Imperial Favor. Other than that one Scorpion, this should NEVER HAPPEN if you have him on the board. Seriously. Four Fate this guy, and watch as your opponent just rolls over you for paying 10 Fate for a very glorious speed bump. On the bright side, he has an awesome Action, and an Interrupt that just... works. I do not know if this will be a card that sees play outside of a wacky theme deck and maybe Shiro Shinjo, but hey. I like it.

    Humble Magistrate - Okay, I like your text. But a 2M/2P/2G for 3 Fate for a blanket, limited shut down is not anything to write home about.

    Righteous Magistrate - I am so very happy to see the Scorpion Clan have enlisted the aid of the Imperial Families to effectively turn off the Air Ring on the defense. And Banzai. And Assassinate. And Unleash the Djinn. Other than that, I like this guy a lot more than Humble.

    Unveiled Destiny - NB4 "2 Fate Attachments are useless!" But seriously. This is probably unplayable because of its Fate cost. A 0 Fate +0M / +0P Attachment that did the same MIGHT have seen play. This is just bad.

    Defend Your Honor - Oh. Oh my. Is this a counter-Event that the Unicorn, Crab, and Lion could theoretically run? And the Dragon are just going to run because they can? And is essentially ANOTHER Way of the Crane for the Kyuden Kakita deck, which has the potential to shut down an Event? This is solidly good... and one that adds incentive to running - Mil characters, since they cannot participate in a Mil duel, and thus this card cannot be played because there are insufficient targets.

    Overall winner? DEFINITELY the Keepers. Both of the Seeker cards in this are substandard. The real losers? The Support Of Roles.

    Wait, wait, there's a Mantis in this preview? Where? Oh, yeah...

    Aspiring Challenger - Well. Uh. Good for you, Mantis Clan. This certainly is a card. And is practically worthless, as it is a duel you never want to lose, but to get use out of the Composure, you have to already be winning?

    I don't think that Dragon will play Defend Your Honor, because Censure is more reliable atm. I wouldn't be surprised if the two Magistrate will find a place in some decks.

  6. 10 hours ago, Soshi Saibankan said:

    Really like the design so far, there's no OP cards that are auto-includes in every deck. Most focus on specific strategies of a clan instead of behind broad. Can't wait to see the neutrals to have a better idea of the whole package and how some of them interact with the game. 

    Crane seems to get very strong out of this, but they'll have to leave behind certain answers if they want to bully through their duels. Scorpion DH and Shinobi are definetely splitting apart. 

    Kirei-Ko, Toshimoko and Kamoko seem like auto-includes that work extremly well in a good-stuff deck.

  7. On ‎1‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 6:09 PM, psychie said:

    I wouldn't be too worried about dragon using mirumoto daisho, most of the more competitive dragon players seem to be of the opinion that 2 cost makes an attachment unplayable, and as such dismiss them out of hand. It really gets on my nerves.

    It must be difficult if differing opinions affect you that much.

  8. 7 hours ago, Hordeoverseer said:

    Maybe in "Bid 1 Scorpion" decks. Aggressive Scorpion decks actually want to maintain a higher bid than you, so that they get card advantage and City of the Open Hand ensures you don't really gain that honour that was handed over. In a sense, they are able to fish for those extra copies in their deck without needing the help of any other cards other than their Stronghold. However, I suppose it could be a game closer when you can use it to spam Way of the Scorpion/Court Games/For Shame on their whole board to dishonour them out but they might have already gotten the hint to lower their bids before that. Early in the game, you don't quite get the equity as fewer cards have been played.

    The lower bid require does make for an interesting conundrum to fairly balance the card. More of these cards would make for a more variety bid meta potentially.

    Bid 1 Scorp isn't viable and probably wouldn't play it, because both Players are bidding 1 after the first/second turn anyway. Currently the Scorp Midrange MU is bidding 5 until the total honor is low and then bid 1 to finish them off. Combined with cards that change the dial and the threat of Duty it is pretty potent.

  9. 6 hours ago, Ser Nakata said:

    Yes it is blatant exaggeration to make a point.

    But I do think Dragon is the most forgiving of the clans as you can make a few mistakes and still end on top. Scorpion is in the same range but you don't have the same luxury in most of the other clans.


    I think it is the complete oposite. Íf you are playing Dragon you get punished extremly hard for making slightly wrong choices when attacking and defending due to having a small board. This is even worse in paper, because the current Dragon strategy is sacrificing early game advantages for a dominating mid- to lategame, which results in a pretty bad tie-breaker. This is also why Dragon performs pretty poorly at tournaments despite being one of the best clans.

  10. On ‎12‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 8:56 AM, Ser Nakata said:

    Come on... Dragon is one of the easiest clans to play because you have less mistake you can make. You don't have to choose on who to put attachments, because it's nearly always on Niten Master. You don't have to choose which attachment, because it's the Pathfinder Blade that matters. And you don't have to be afraid of the province you're attacking thanks to PFB. 

    Yes, it's easier to play than a lot of other clans, if not all of them.


    Try to win with ponies against Dragon, Scorpion or Cranes and then come back to report how it feels.

    If you don't be afraid of provinces because you have PFB, Play attachments always on Niten Master, you are playing Dragon wrong and probably will get beaten by good players.

    I have won with Uni against Dragon, Scorpion and Cranes and the only MU that seems skewed against Unicorn is Scorpion. The Dragon/Crab SOF MU against Uni/Dragon KOF is a coinflip, because while Unicorn struggles against Niten Master, Dragon has problems against Cav. Reserves and Unleash the Djinn. The Crane MU seems also very even because a lot of things you are doing is attachment based and Crane can easily run out of steam when confronted by 2 mil conflicts a turn. The Scorpion MU on the other hand is pretty horrible and the reason why I like playing Dragon atm.

  11. We will probably see a lot of Shadows, because the average powerlevel is a lot higher than that from other houses. While Brobnar, Sanctum and Mars can be strong, I think that they will see less play, because their power ceiling isn't as high as  the one from Untamed, Logos and Dis. Especially Untamed can counter a lot of the stuff that Shadows wants to do.

  12. On 11/30/2018 at 5:55 AM, Talamare said:

    There is no 'lingering effect' in the rulebook

    Keep Library Access on the table until it finishes resolving its effect at the end of turn.

    There is no zone you can place the card either. I highly doubt that your Interpretation of the rules is correct.

  13. 9 minutes ago, Dave Cordeiro said:

    Bait and switch is good for sure, but is limited to one copy per deck, which is why I think Effervescent gives chains (you can have many of them). That being said I'm fairly confident that Shatter Storm is the most powerful aember swing in the game from the perspective of someone who just forged a key.

    Most of the time I think that Bait and Switch is better than Shatter Storm, especially if you consider the houses they are in.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Dimmu222 said:

    That's why I wrote "aside from considering infinite combos Logos or Dis/U¨ntamed can create". There are may be more but my reasoning is in a game with very good decks (not broken ones).

    Even with "normal" decks there are cards that can soften the impact of Bait and Switch. I personally think that Untamed has a higher powerlevel ceiling than Shadows due to 2 Key-Charge effects, Hunting Witches and Mimikry. But you have to be lucky to get a very strong Untamed side, while Shadow sides are almost always at least above average.

  15. 18 minutes ago, Dimmu222 said:

    I really feel "bait and switch" is a much too powerful card. It is by far the best card in the game and it turns some games so easily that I feel there is a bad design here.

    Can anyone tell us how many games were lost because, just after forging a key (first or second one), you opponent played bait and switch ? Instead of being 1 key 0 aember to 0 key 5 aember for example, it is now 1 key 3 aembers to 0 key 2 aembers... GG ! This card should have give CHAINS to the player who plays it... For sure. And I think at least 2 or 3 !

    Why does effervescent principle give you a chain when it's much worse than bait and switch ??? Ok ok, I know, there are house's identities but I don't really think it's a satisfying answer. Balance should be the most important thing and I think that FFG forget this sometimes... (Unicorn in L5R first cycle anyone ? Phasma2 Destiny anyone ? And there are many others examples). It's a pity, because as I always repeat it, they make tremendous games and Keyforge is no exception !

    This card should really be errated. Give either 2 or 3 chains or have a gametext like "not playable just after you forged a key" to avoid the situations I described. I know some people will answer that you can play around but I will answer them that most of the times, you just really can't ! Most of the time, it's unavoidable... (and even more if your opponent plays well).

    This game is so much fun but such a card ruins sometimes an entire game... So FFG please consider to errate this. A lot of good players think Shadows is THE BEST HOUSE in the game and I think it is true... unfortunatly (aside from considering infinite combos Logos or Dis/U¨ntamed can create). And this card a big reason for such a statement.

    Bait and Switch is probably OP when playing with reasonable decks. When People are playing with the best decks (~0,15%), decks can win within one turn, so Bait and Switch (and Shadows) loses some power. The problem is pretty much that especially in Sealed strong Bait and Switch decks will be very prevelant, while decks that can realiable beat them won't.

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