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  1. 20 hours ago, Ishi Tonu said:

    I still run Miya Satoshi out of Unicorn.  Digging for Toturi and Tetsuko is important and getting some extra characters in the discard for Cav Reserves is still a good play.....however most of the reporting of Unicorn decks makes me believe this isn't the norm.  Which I think is a mistake.

    I tested with a Unicorn player and for HMT I don't think that Miya Satoshi fits. If you buy him t1-t2, you lose too much preasure. And in HMT you need to preasure your oponent as early as possible, because without Djinn you pretty much lose any attricion battle.

  2. 1 hour ago, Jamadman said:

    Well lion and unicorn would use it seeing as they allready use recursion from the discard pile. Infact most decks that run Miya satoshi could make use of it as well.

    Are they using it? Atm I don't think Lion and Unicorn can both float fate reliably and generate enough value through their characters to justify the void slot. And they can't really defend it, especially Lion without Talisman (in theorie you can Play Talisman, but it makes your deck worse).

    Atm only Crab Plays Miya Satoshi, so you are technically right on that one.

  3. 16 hours ago, Simplegarak said:

    So it actually looks like all that's needed is to restrict Prayers2Ebisu to halt this loop.

    Or remove the reshuffle rule.

    It still generates so much value that you won't come back from.

    16 hours ago, Schmoozies said:

    NO the easy fix is make Meido an action.  One use per turn and you've killed the loop without effecting cards that are beneficial to the environment and were meant as a safety valve against dishonor decks that are super powerful right now.

    This makes Meido unplayable, but would fix the problem.

    5 hours ago, DarkHorse said:

    My guess is Meido wasn't tested with a Crab sac deck. I think it would be fine as is in a "standard" deck but it is this specific combo that makes it nuts. That is why it isn't an Action because it is fine as is in most decks.

    I think that it was with the sac deck in mind. Tyler is pushing the sac theme in this cycle and the restrictions (void, not on your SH) makes it obviously unplayable in everything that isn't Crab.

  4. 12 hours ago, GM81 Protocol Droid said:

    Other options that stop the engine: Command Respect and Gossip. Just have to get through the Crab's Defend Your Honor first.

    They still get so much value out of looping Venguard Warrior, so you don't die on the spot, but the game is pretty much lost.

  5. 1 hour ago, LordBlunt said:

    You know what Hinomura, if this is the direction that veteran posters are taking now, then I don't want to be a part of this game.

    Please feel free to continue your ways. You can do so without me. I'm out.

    To be fair, most veteran posters don't behave like that. I really like your posts on here and would be sad if you leave the game.

  6. 13 hours ago, Nitenman said:

    Chasing the sun and Iuchi wayfinder. 

    Scouting, never attack until you found GtM. 

    Unicorn would be the most able to play around that Combo. 

    Unicorn splash in seeker decks for other clans. 

    Crane may use cautious scout again. But Assassination...

    Thing is, decks playing that Combo have already refined the way crab is crabbing and refined the ability to filter your dynasty with staple card Satoshi to get keepers, sac targets and Karada. 

    It's 70% the old strong deck plus that crazy combo that we can only applaude and yet complain about as unfun. 

    And good crab players are now well trained to put their pieces in motion. 

    First Rocket of the history of the game. 

    The RL tried to shake things but it shouldn't have been Spyglass. It should have been Miya Satoshi. 

    Guess he couldn't go on the RL as he is intended for the upcoming imperial themed decks to function. 

    It failed to push Unicorn splash away from crab for diversity as the deck and combo success is higly dependent on Talisman of the Sun. 



    I don't think that Satoshi really synergyses with an imperial theme, because he is much better with few imperial cards he can fetch. Other than that I agree with you.

  7. 17 hours ago, phillos said:

    I'm not sure I really agree that is the same thing.  Really Spyglass is a nerf to Crab more than Unicorn.  Like Pathfinder's Blade was a nerf to the Dragon and not the Crab.  The difference between FGG and Spyglass is this is actually a Unicorn card being RL-ed, which is a first.  FGG was more a ubiquitous concern considering the game state it created rather than being a specific slap down of the Unicorn.  Though I guess that's all splitting hairs in the end.

    The thing is that there is splash damage. The Spyglass restriction doesn't concern the HMT-Rush deck, but is a huge slap on the wrist for midrange Unicorn decks, that are even less competitive now. PFB on the other hand may not hurt Crab, because the cards they are getting since the first cycle support Keeper decks more, it actually hurts Lion, which design space actually suplement splashing Crab.

  8. 17 hours ago, caseycheesecake said:

    It's obviously not just Uji.

    Shiro Shinjo is weak and has no support.

    MotC got Kyuden Kakita which already has plenty of support. Take Dragon stronghold and make it better? Cool.
    Then you have Uji (doesn't need to be discussed)
    and Yuri who can shut down MIL opponents - especially both HMT
    Takamori is freaking insane
    Gossip is obviously insanely strong
    and The Spear Rushes Forth for a free specific bow with practically zero "cost".

    Anyway, Crane pack blew Unicorn pack out of the water and Crane was already top-tier.

    I don't think that Shiro Shinjo is weak, but you are right that it doesn't have the support it needs.

    Yuri sees almost no play, because aggro is pretty much the only MU he is good in. Takamori is very strong and Gossip is good. The Spear rushes forth is alright, but I can understand everyone that doesn't play it. Curved Blade, Khan's Ordu, Spoils of War and Chagatai are very strong. Speak to the Heart and Shinjo Trailblaizer are good. Shinomen Wayfinder and Utaku Battle Steed have potential to be good, when disguised and the Battle Maiden theme kicks off.

  9. 50 minutes ago, The Steel Unicorn said:

    Ugh!  And I was hoping for the Utaku Palaces for Unicorn this cycle opening up a potential honour running victory path with Battle Maidens. I expect it will happen at some point but to add to Kudzlin's point, it would be good to have more than one high tier deckbuild for each clan to keep deckbuilding possibilities more varied. As more cards are released you would expect this anyway, which is why I was so dismayed to hear about the card rotation plans which will just stifle this. :(

    A Unicorn SH was unlikely, because they have already 3.

    I think that from a balancing standpoint it is almost impossible to have 2 or more high tier deckbuilds for every clan. It would be nice if every clan would have 1 high tier strategy, which I don't think is the case atm. But I guess it is a question of how we define "high tier".

    From the cards leaked I don't think that Shiro Kitsuki will make waves in the meta. GIven that Shiro Kitsuki needs very specific support to become better than the core box, chances are high that it will stay that way for quite some time. 

  10. On 6/21/2019 at 4:27 PM, Bazleebub said:

    So you're saying the top qualifying player being paired against bottom qualifying player is, over 50% of the time, a bad thing for the top qualifying player.

    I am saying that in my opinion seating isn't enough of a reward for going undefeated. I personally would prefere tripple elimination, but I understand that time constraints and the psychological component of being eliminated prevent OP from doing something like that. Giving undefeated players a bye is a nice middle ground.

    Statistically it would probably be slightly more often better than worse.

  11. 9 hours ago, Khudzlin said:

    One player's result is not a good argument. But 6 Unicorn players making the cut does suggest the clan is no longer in such a bad place.

    It could indicate that, but the sample size is pretty small. Lion had a conversion rate of 20`% on the second day although being the worst clan by far. The meta was furthermore better for Unicorn than it is now due to the restriction of SoL combined with the Crane pack not being released. If you look at the data of all Koteis after Warriors of the Wind, it doesn't look good for Unicorn.

    Testing of some really good players showed that Unicorn has currently problems against Crane, Crab and Phoenix. Unicorn is heavily favored against Lion and Monk Dragon. Test results are not 100% clear on the Dragon duelling deck and Scorpion, but I give Unicorn the benefit of the doubt there.

    8 hours ago, Bazleebub said:

    Hold your horses on that one. I never published what you're talking about. At the end of December 2017 I did publish an article that started with the following

    That's a totally different beast and was the exact opposite of 'heavily based on Kotei data'.

    That you're quoting the results of later tournaments as an indication of how good Scorpion were is pretty much a case against your point. Indeed, prior and during the Scorpion dominance period, Scorpion's qualification rates into the swiss were consistently high.

    Sorry. I remembered the stat graph of tournaments and thought they were from Koteis.

  12. 8 hours ago, Schmoozies said:

    The thing is they have both have big effects on Tempo, and if opponents don't have a way to deal with them will dictate the flow of a game very easily.  If you can't remove his honor tokens then Uji is a beast, but if you do (or even better drag him down to dishonored) he's a decent stated military character for Crane and that's it. 

    Chagatai is very similar, he's a well stated threat that if opponents don't have an answer to when he hits the board will likely result in 2-3 provinces broken that turn and is the equivalent of 2-3 5 drops himself.  Its a high roll but a charged Chagatai on the Fire Ring is an 8/5 that opponents need to be able to deal with.  On HMT odds are he's coming for 3 provinces that turn and good chance he gets them all.

    3 provinces is only likely if you attack into Ordu, because Unicorn has few buffs on pol. Like I said, Chag is really good. But Chag loses a lot of value when your oponent can deal with Charge or you don't see Chag first or second turn. Uji on the other hand gives Crane a better staying power, which helps them closing out games after their power spike in the early/mid game. Furthermore his mil stat makes him tower over almost everything that isn't a Crab char. The only clan against which you can't honor him is Scorp.

  13. 13 hours ago, Evilgm said:

    Why would I trust you when I've seen how well Unicorn can perform in the hands of a competent player? Unicorn topped the Swiss at Birmingham Day 1A and put 6 players into the cut in the event. Your doom and gloom predictions are baseless whining- Unicorn were certainly bad last year, but good players have shown that that simply is no longer the case.

    Because the swiss standing doesn't tell the whole story. We had the same discussion one year ago because Bazleebub publishing a tier list heavily based on Kotei data that showed Dragon and Scorpion at the bottom. History on the other hand showed that Scorpion was pretty OP.

  14. On 6/18/2019 at 8:19 PM, caseycheesecake said:

    Unicorn was brought up to where they should have been a year ago.

    They're nowhere near competitive still. Crane and soon the Lion packs make Warriors of the Wind look silly.

    I would disagree with the sentiment that Warriors of the Wind look silly compared to Masters of the Court. It is right that Unicorn didn't get a card on the same level as Uji, but most cards in Masters of the Court are very niche. Warriors of the Wind has a lot of cards that are broader usefull. The biggest problem of Unicorn atm is not having Unleash the Djinn, because it would be an out to things Unicorn usually loses.

  15. On 6/18/2019 at 3:00 PM, Evilgm said:

    I'm unclear as to the point you're trying to make- do you think people should be able to pick their opponents in the Swiss? You having a bad matchup one time doesn't seem to mean anything in the context of what you are quoting.

    My point is that Fro's suggestion of a bye for undefeated players makes sense, because the seating is often more a curse than a reward. Me having had a bad matchup after being undefeated in swiss was anecdotal evidence. I am not sure how this can be seen as having nothing to do with the context of rewards for being undefeated in swiss.

  16. 22 hours ago, Bazleebub said:

    In the most recent episode, Fro suggested that going undefeated should give some advantage like a bye in the top cut. This bewilders me a little, as I'm sure Fro already knows that players are placed in the cut based on their ranking in the swiss. This means the top players are paired against the weakest players and if there are going to be byes they get assigned in rank order to the top players, surely this is enough of an advantage?

    From personal experience being placed against people that are lower in the cut can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. I was undefeated in the swiss of an EC with Dragon and the cut was 4*Crane, 1* Unicorn, 2*Dragon, 1* Scorpion. All MUs except the Unicorn one would have been either favourable or even. I was paired against Unicorn and he beat me.

  17. 16 hours ago, Iuchi Toshimo said:

    Casual play does means that. However, you have inferred something from my reductio ad absurdum that I did not imply. I insult no one who plays this game. Play the game as strictly or as loosely as pleases you and your friends. In casual play, printing the errata on a slip of paper and cramming it in the sleeve seems sufficient, as another poster mentioned. In a tournament setting, please know all the rules and errata so that some sleeves are not thicker.

    Being a casual only means that you don't use meta lists or compete at tournaments. From my experience even casual players will adopt the official balance changes and role mechanic after a short amount of time, especially if they have a group they regularly play with.

    On ‎5‎/‎18‎/‎2019 at 7:49 AM, Kani Kantai said:

    I disagree, it is about entitlement.  You are demanding a level of legal protection from things outside of anyone’s control to insulate you from any risk whatsoever, and expecting the company to take all the risks in your place, oblivious to the fact that companies entities are made up of fallible people who can’t foresee every outcome and take huge risks in bringing products to market that may fail and cost the lively good of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people.

    Should car makers cover the cost of life-threatening recalls?  Yes.  Should Card game companies cover the cost of constantly giving away free updates to a game that by its nature WILL change and is advertised as such?  No.

    There was no “bargain”.  That’s ridiculous.  That’s the same as people who complain that their product is cheaper now than it was last month.  No, you don’t deserve compensation for that.  You bought a functional product, and by its very nature it will require rules updates, which FFG provides for free.

    You keep saying that the problem is a lack of willingness to spend money on “adequate” playtesting.  I’m wondering what actual expertise/evidence you have that this is the case, beyond your own selfish (that’s not name-calling, I just mean “self-motivated”) motives for wanting to enjoy a game as cheaply as possible at the expense of the designers/owners without whom it wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    I believe FFG could afford to offer free card reprints for L5R - although I’m not sure why they should be forced to pay that cost.


    Consuming is always about entitlement. When buying and/or using something, everyone has certain expectations about it. The expectation that a company provides me with changed cards when buying into a competitive card game is certainly not far fetched, given that other companies do that. Is this expectation enough to warrant a refund, because the product is broken? Certainly not. And nobody argued that they sould be forced (by law) to do so. But printing "fixed" version as a bonus in future products as a sign of good will seems reasonable.


    13 hours ago, Mirith said:

    There is no implied contract with this game.  FFG sold a pack of cards, as is.  We bought it and received said pack of cards.  If you don't like it now, don't buy more.

    Why isn't initiating a discussion in an official forum not a valid act if you don't like certain aspects of a product?

  18. The Phoenix Unicorn MU is really easy to understand. As a Phoenix player the following things are important:

    -Kuroi Mori on your SH. If the Unicorn is competent, he will be almost always be faster than you.

    - Let your oponent spend cards to break your provinces. This is usually not a MU that gets decided by value, so giving up value to delay Unicorn is viable.

    - When Uni is on your SH you lose if you don't have Tadaka or more active Censures than your oponents Captive Audiences.

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