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  1. I tried draft with some friends as the following:


    We chose three cycles we liked. Then we took out all agendas and plot cards and  mashed the cards together. Then everyone drew 12 cards, took one and then passed it to the neighbor. We repeaded this four time and then we built our decks with the ressource locations from the core set and the removed plot cards and everyone could chose 2 house cards. We played without agendas.

  2. Ire said:

    I would actually like to see errata to RBD to "every player discard to 4". This would give more hand to aggro decks as it would be more anti-control and not anti-aggro like it currently is. I don't feel control needs as much tools as it currently has in the environment.

    That's a really good idea. I don't like restricting/banning RBD, because there are decks (especially Martell, that can generate ridicoulus amount of CA) that are kept in check with it. But your idea keeps this decks in check and don't allow "unfair" combinations with "Any Phase" events and First Snow.

  3. There are more problems with rotating than it seems at first glance.

    1) Cardpool

    I come from WotC Standard (which rotates) and the cardpool from Game of Thrones is with 1240 cards smaller than 2 cycles (~1594). And this even counts the plot, house and agenda cards. A smaller cardpool is hampering the playable decks. To make things worse, we have 6 different houses which are very hard to mix, even with cards specially made for that. The cardpool for a certain house is therefore very small and will get smaller with fewer sets.

    2) Unneeded cards:

    This isn't a problem when you want to play all/most houses with all strategys. And this is also not a problem with a slow changing meta, where you can play for example Maesters for years.

    But newcommers and younger players often start playing one house intensivly and with a rotation of sets the metagame would shift very rapidly. They can't afford paying for at least 2 core sets, 6 house packs and all upcomming chapter packs, and playing only one house (which newcommers tent to do) gives them only 2/7 of potentially usable cards. The number decreases with weak cards. This is an actual problem in my meta.

    3) The "wow" effect.

    In Magic, the best thing to get someone involved in the card game is buying them a prebuild deck and play with him with another prebuild deck. For 10 bucks they get a complete play ready deck with a key card and cards centered around a theme, that are pretty balanced. In GoT you have to buy a Core set for 25 bucks. Don't understand me wrong, the deal is good, but people want to start small. Furthermore the decks in just one core set alone feel a little bit slugish and underpowered in Joust. The frantic fun kicked in as I buyed the second core set and a house expansion, which costed me 70 bucks. This 70 bucks is a more difficult investment in an environment where cards get playable/unplayable at very small time frames.


    So first I thought that you need something to make more cards accessable for people that only invest in one house. There are two possibilitys I found: Having something like a dual house card like the banned in the CCG or reducing the amount of houses. The second one sounds radical, but combining the Starks and Baratheon, Targ and Martell, Lannisters and Bolton to have 4 houses. This makes it also easier to split chapter packs into only having 2 houses.

    Furthermore I am a fan of having pre build starter decks with a good amount of power and also related to the upcomming cycle(s). This starter decks would contain cards from previous cycles (that weren't in the rotation before) and they would pretty much replace the buying of the core set and the house packs. Such a deck would be published between two cycles for every house and veterans wouldn't have to buy it, because the cards were all printed in the past.


  4. divinityofnumber said:

    Something will have to happen sometime soon with AGoT. Either FFG will stop developing new material for it, or there will be some type of rotation or alternate format introduced, allowing new players to be competitive. My advice to people about LCGs is to either get in on a game right when it is released, or very soon thereafter, or don't play them at all. For new players just getting into LCGs, I would never recommend Thrones, even though it is my most beloved of them; the buy-in is just absurd at this point. 

    When FFG wants to establish a rotation, they have to rethink their design. We are left currently with many mechanics that feel unfinished and many mechanics that were unfinished years ago and got the missing pieces recently. I'm a Baratheon player and after core set, house expansions and 8 whole cycles there are cards like Shadow Enchantress. I played MTG Standard and if such a card would have been in a set, there would have been Asshai characters with shadow crests in the same or the following set. But we only have one pretty bad Shadow Asshai character in the house expansion. Or Small Council Chamber. We have currently one good Small Council event card, the others are useless. The whole learned crest seems lackluster and the char agendas- while a good idea- need much more support than they will probably get in the next cycle. It's all just a little bit… unfocused. We are jumping between non chronological sets with different mechanics that abandon good ideas from the previous. Plus a game where you pretty much need everything to be competitive is discouraging for rotation. There are six different houses that all need their own support and their completely seperate card pool (not like Magic where you can splash colors).

    So I come to the conclusion, that when they want to rotate anything they need to have themes that are supported for more than one cycle and it should be easier to splash for another house.

  5. ktom said:

    Something else, in addition to infusion, that I think would help encourage innovation in deck building is if we could come up with some sort of decent draft system.

    One of the best things about draft in the CCG days was that it forced you to play with cards that everyone would otherwise overlook. Very frequently, that turned into the "second look" that sparked whole new deck ideas.

    With so little encouragement to look twice at the "less obvious" cards, the LCG card pool tends toward "shallow," no matter how many cards are actually in it. Draft was a great format for creating that encouragement to look at the "less obvious."

    I could imagine, that somekind of draft is possible, if you could take a percentage of your deck to the draft and then draft for the last pieces. But it seems odd to me, if you know exactly what will be in the draft.

    What I personally think is great are the house packs from Team Covenant. I loved how FFG made the 6 house expansions, where I had so many deck ideas and powerfull cards at once, without sorting out the cards that aren't for the current house I play. When now see a chapter pack it goes like "not for my house", "not for my house", "very powerfull card, but also not for my house", "could be usefull, but not with the current card support", "not for my house" etc.

  6. I don't get what the cummunity has to do with a murderer, that happenened because of the value of cards in a CCG. That's like the persons that say that every videogamer is bad because of children running amok in schools. Seems like a symptome of "Mine game is much better than yours, so I have to bash it, until everyone knows how right I am".

  7. Saturnine said:

    Ratatoskr said:


    Saturnine said:

    and an immunity that probably in a majority of the games won't matter.


    Why wouldn't the immunity matter in a majority of games? It seems to me the immunity matters a great deal.



    Only a fraction of the houses have strong in-house location control. And I got the impression neutral (event-based) location control wasn't played as much. But I'm a bit out of the loop, so maybe I'm misreading the meta game. The most popular location control recently seems to have come from running Newly Made Lord. The immunity against that is certainly a boon. But considering the pool of eligible locations, the immunity is more likely to protect a gimmicky location, rather than one that if lost cripples your game, with a few exceptions (Baratheon Wall is probably one that will become more popular, even though there have already been builds utilizing it here and there).

    I'm not gonna claim that nobody will find some very strong new deck types utilizing this agenda. That's sort of the point of an agenda, no? I don't see this agenda displacing any of the current strong decks with different agendas (in terms of strength, though as a new shiny, we probably will see a meta shift in terms of quantity of decks, with all the skewed tourney results that this often entails). But I don't see it as having anywhere near the utility of the TMP agenda. You get one location. It sits there, it does its thing. Mostly like many decks without this agenda, really.

    I don't get what people want. Another White Book?


    That's completely false. The immunity part makes the card broken in the current environment. I see plenty of location control, especially now that KothH Martell sees more play. Frozen Solid, Condemned by the Council and Newly Made Lord (even OOH). And the problem aren't gimmicky locations like the cities of minor houses (Starfall, Dreadfort), the problem are cards that give ongoing ressource and CA. The best example is Bear Island (in my playtesting the strongest card with this Agenda). BI is normally fine, because you have to make your ressource producing locations worse and even if you play it 3 times (which gives the possibility of getting it more than once=dead card) there is a high chance that you don't or too late get it (which leaves you with a weak location base or card disadvantage through Building Season). Now with HoD you basicly get one gold, BI that you want to see every game, that isn't answerable until T4 as long as the player plays high initiative cards (because of Search and Detain, which will backfire then) and only with a very sub-optimal plot list. Plus HoD can't backfire like Summer, Winter and KotR and doesn't have to dedicate deckslots like Summer and Winter to potential dead cards.

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