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  1. I don't think that this is a problem. You have to attack with one cost 5 and one cost 3 character and they are not doing anything besides that. Chances are high that you made the mistake of overcommitting right there.
  2. I highly doubt that the set system was too rigid for what competitive players wanted. People have different tastes and some competitive players certainly disliked the pod system, but I have seen no evidence that this was a widespread issue. The delays on the other hand were ridicoulus and would have killed almost all non AAA card games.
  3. I think that the Seeker Phoenix is actually better against the field, but Echo Bird dominates the mirror.
  4. Crane has a better card pool, so a proper built crane dueling deck should be better.
  5. I think you are wrong with your analysis of the situation. There is probably less attachment hate played atm. than on most parts of new L5Rs lifespan. You are right that the RL and erratas hit Dragon more than any other clan. Dragon won Koteis, because their card pool was much stronger compared to the field than before. The cardpool was especially strong after the release of Mitsu and Void Fist and I don't think that Dragon had a single negative matchup until Niten Master and Void Fist were restricted. Predictability is not a problem if what you do is simply better than what your oponent can do.
  6. The problem is that the infinite combo comes out of Crab. Chances are high that you'll end up in a hospital.
  7. What data points did you use for your "quick analysis of the trending data as compared with previous end of life on other LCGs"? Your Analysis seems especially odd, because some stores got the ordering info for the next cycle.
  8. While I agree with FFG needing to support their competitive games more, I strongly disagree with the criticism of Tyler not giving a definite response. We have only 2 bigger tournaments and while the results of GenCon could lead to the conclusion that Phoenix is OP, the results of Sydney paint a different picture. Furthermore GenCon could be an outlier, because Phoenix had probably the biggest density of high quality player and decks were for the most part not tuned for the new iteration of the charge bird deck. I think that Tylers reaction to wait for more tournament data to see if the meta can adapt to the deck is the right one.
  9. I think that Pecents Advice has its uses, but it always trades down. His holding/ key character costs nothing while you have to pay one card, one fate and a dishonor token to remove it. I would play PA in a duelling deck, because otherwise you instant lose against both Districts and Teahouses. And in KB it also makes sense, because dishonoring is beneficial for you. In all other decks it is too narrow.
  10. I don't think that you are snarky, but this situation is "it dies to removal". And in this case the removal costs you even more than the threat costs your oponent. No matter what, you are trading unfavourably and if the Crab player wins the counter war over rebuild (which is very likely), it is gg most of the time. Same reason why Karmic Balance isn't a counter to the echobird deck.
  11. The biggest issue I see happening is that Satoshi, new Daimyo, Karada District and rebuild can easily shut down any deck that relies on attachments.
  12. Why not have the keyword "protect", that can change the target of a triggered effect to the character with "protect".
  13. I think it is attracting new players, because of the current LCG model (upfront cost) and the complexity of the game.
  14. It isn't. There are a lot of dubious choices in the quoted decklist.
  15. Satoshi works in a value based midrange deck, but Unicorns midrange deck is laughably bad atm. And even this deck probably won't play Gates of Meido, because their characters don't create enough value. Phoenix with an air role will play Satoshi, because the deck only works with the Fuchiko in the discard pile. But Meido is also not a good include in this one.
  16. You are free to attack or defend, but you then have to live with the consequences. Especially as second player you can lessen the impact of Raitsugu. Dueling effects (without M. Daisho) are only opressive if you need your character in a specific conflict (Lion, Unicorn) or if you don't respect them. Only working in conflicts is the point of duels, so you can play around it. If I have an important event, I will need to make a risk/reward analysis before playing it in a conflict against a Keeper deck with a character that has a high mil value. Same story as with all the other cancels.
  17. How is it not meaningful when Toshimoko stonewalls a whole conflict? Or when Kisada with a Tetsubo makes playing an event in a conflict risky. Or Hitomi with a Daisho threatening to dishonor you. Most duels only work in conflicts and can be played around. If you don't want your Swordsmith with one fate to eat a Raitsugu duel, you have the option to not attack into him.
  18. I don't really like dueling, but I fail to see how the current duels are outside of the boundaries of the game.
  19. There are a lot of baseless assumption in your post. All in all it comes down to how more expensive the shipping of 4-8 packs is compared to multiple core sets, which we both don't know. From things that Tyler said I highly doubt that the next core set will have the same cards in it as the current. It would be possible to have no neutral cards in the core set. Or we could have a seperate pack with neutral cards, tokens, dials and rings. If they decide to merge the clan packs with the core set (and maybe children of the empire), it could be cheaper than the current model.
  20. I think that depends a lot how you approach the game. If you want to be competitive and jump clans a lot, you will need 3 Core Sets, 13 dynasty packs, 1 deluxe expansion and 4 clan packs. If you only want one clan, you can cut some clan packs and dynasty packs. From a buying perspective Lion is probably the wallet friendliest faction, because most cards they got since core are mediocre. I personally would recommend starting with one clan and then gradually expanding the collection. The dynasty packs will rotate out, so chances are high that you can save some bucks there.
  21. I can't follow your analysis. If they would split the core set into core clan packs, they certainly won't include all neutral cards in every one of them. Furthermore they could reduce the price compared to dynasty and normal packs, just as they do with the core set.
  22. Conquest still had an enjoyable single core experience, because the planet mechanic was so unique and pretty much carried the game through some rough design decisions in the first cycle. An idea I had from AGoT 2.0 was completely mixing two clans and the game got a lot better.
  23. I don't think that Toturi is necessary and I am not even sure he has a place in the current deck. I like Minami Kaze Regulars more, because they are charge targets in the early game, Cavalry Flank targets in the mid game, can be sacrificed and work with Kyora. That said I am currently on the Lion splash, because Strength in Numbers is nuts in Unicorn and Hand to Hand works as a poor mans Let Go.
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