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  1. It depends on the set. Standard has a legality time of: 2 years 1,75 years 1,5 years 1,25 years If 1 set was released per month and 2 cycles are legal at a time , L5R would have a legality of: 1 year 0,917 0,833 0,75 0,667 0,583 Having a role system and clan loyality is a cursed problem. Furthermore balance through card design becomes more difficult and you furthermore make an uneducated guess, because you don't know the future cards.
  2. This would aleviate the issue, but won't solve it. If you calculate with MSRP, you'd still have a cost of 349,20 to 438,90$. You then have to deal with people being unsatisfied with their cards only being playable for 1-1,5 year.
  3. The only way to "solve" the LCG model is to have seperate card pools with seperate products. The advantage is that you don't need to buy as much and it is easier to balance, but the disadvantage is that it limits the deckbuilding and design options.
  4. This assessment seems wrong. If you know the provinces in the game and the decks that are played, you normally have a good knowledge what your oponents provinces can be. And at that point it is risk management. If I want to play around Restauration of Balance and Upholding Authority, I won't attack with more than 2 str. into unrevealed provinces. If I want to play around Midnight Ravels, maybe I won't buy a big characters etc. Maybe not attacking is the right decision. Maybe getting two fate from a ring is worth the high risk of running and breaking Upholding Authority. This are all very skill intensive decisions and not pure luck. You are right that the game would work without provinces, but this holds true for 90% of L5R's mechanics.
  5. The ban of Liar is strange. Especially because it isn't even the strongest 1 coster in Scorpion and cards that are simply overtuned are usually restricted and not banned. I don't think that this is necessarily true. The only thing we can deduct from the fact that core set cards are overrepresented on the RL and ban list is that Tyler is more willingly to act on cards that are not part of the current releases. What I liked from previous updates was that balancing and improving the gameplay were both important in determining which cards were restricted, banned or changed. This one seems like the only real criteria was the gameplay, which sucks for clans that got shafted (Crane, Dragon, Scoprion and probably Crab). I heavily disagree with that. Provinces bring a lot to the game and without them you essentially play a different version of AGoT LCG.
  6. I really like Skirmish and it would have been cool if it was in the core set alongside the stronghold format. The stories are serviceable to give the game background, but I don't think they are great. The overarching pace is extremly slow, character development is awkward, because the stories jump from one protagonist to another and the world doesn't seem "alive" to me.
  7. We don't know if this is the last cycle, but there are signs that it is not. Agot and SW lcg had rumors beforehand that playtesting didn't receive new cards and Netrunner and Warhammer were canceled die to licensing issues. A cycle contains of 6 dynasty packs and I haven't seen any contrary informations.
  8. If you look at the tower lion lists that were topping the last tournaments, you'll always find 0-1 Censures. For win percentage, there were very few matches played between Lion and Phoenix and while very prominent and strong Lion players attended the tournaments, the same can't be said about Phoenix.
  9. If your oponent spends 11+ fate on a character and you don't have 10 fate within 2 turns, you misplayed somewhere. The favor control of the tower deck isn't that strong, especially if they save to put 8 fate on a char. If they do have favor you can either risk it (because most lists play 0-1 Censures) or hope for Upholding Authority. The matchup feels significantly favored for Phoenix.
  10. Then make the big brain play and play 2 Five Fires.
  11. Every Phoenix deck wants to be on Five Fires, if it wants to maximise its win chance. Otherwise you can auto-fold against decks like tower lion or tower unicorn.
  12. Influence is stopping them. If you spend 6 influence for Let Go and 3 for Ancient Master, you have no influence left for Hurricane Punch, if you want to run Consumed by five Fires. Furthermore it wouldn't restrict the splash.
  13. Dual characters won't take anything away from other mechanics being developed. I think it could even have the oposidte effect if for example Hurricane Punch would have been Dragon/Phoenix.
  14. We need a dance floor map for the techno union and genosian with dubstep guns.
  15. There shouldn't have been balance erratas in the first place. We have a restriction and ban list for cards and combinations that are problamatic for the game.
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