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  1. Because space is tight atm and including DyH would mean cutting Fan, Tmdnf or Banzai, which I think are better cards.
  2. Yes, but not being able to protect against anything that happens not in a conflict outweights this.
  3. I don't think that Dragon will play Defend Your Honor, because Censure is more reliable atm. I wouldn't be surprised if the two Magistrate will find a place in some decks.
  4. Ignithas

    Uji and Harriers

    I really liked this article. A lot of interesting informations that I didn't know before.
  5. Kirei-Ko, Toshimoko and Kamoko seem like auto-includes that work extremly well in a good-stuff deck.
  6. It must be difficult if differing opinions affect you that much.
  7. Ignithas

    Clan Descriptions

    I think that this kind of sarcastic humor that doesn't go all the way works well in a youtube video where it is backed up by visual and audio cues, but the tame nature of the jokes makes the wall of text kind of boring.
  8. The SH and Daimyo look pretty strong. Distinguished Dojo could be strong, but needs the support of two themes and Yuri and Sanction both seem pretty situational. Makoto is solid and synergieses well with WotL and the spoilered attachment from CotE.
  9. Bid 1 Scorp isn't viable and probably wouldn't play it, because both Players are bidding 1 after the first/second turn anyway. Currently the Scorp Midrange MU is bidding 5 until the total honor is low and then bid 1 to finish them off. Combined with cards that change the dial and the threat of Duty it is pretty potent.
  10. I'm pretty sure that it will be played in Scorpion as a 1 or 2 of.
  11. According to the traits she isn't the Utaku Daimyo. Given that CotE is a recap, it has to be her mother at that point.
  12. I could see it as a 1 of, because winning by 5 or more is pretty easy, but chances are high that I will cut it after some games.
  13. I think it is the complete oposite. Íf you are playing Dragon you get punished extremly hard for making slightly wrong choices when attacking and defending due to having a small board. This is even worse in paper, because the current Dragon strategy is sacrificing early game advantages for a dominating mid- to lategame, which results in a pretty bad tie-breaker. This is also why Dragon performs pretty poorly at tournaments despite being one of the best clans.
  14. If you don't be afraid of provinces because you have PFB, Play attachments always on Niten Master, you are playing Dragon wrong and probably will get beaten by good players. I have won with Uni against Dragon, Scorpion and Cranes and the only MU that seems skewed against Unicorn is Scorpion. The Dragon/Crab SOF MU against Uni/Dragon KOF is a coinflip, because while Unicorn struggles against Niten Master, Dragon has problems against Cav. Reserves and Unleash the Djinn. The Crane MU seems also very even because a lot of things you are doing is attachment based and Crane can easily run out of steam when confronted by 2 mil conflicts a turn. The Scorpion MU on the other hand is pretty horrible and the reason why I like playing Dragon atm.
  15. Ignithas

    The Meta?

    We will probably see a lot of Shadows, because the average powerlevel is a lot higher than that from other houses. While Brobnar, Sanctum and Mars can be strong, I think that they will see less play, because their power ceiling isn't as high as the one from Untamed, Logos and Dis. Especially Untamed can counter a lot of the stuff that Shadows wants to do.