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  1. Also, a bit of (hopefully good) news relating to the character sheets. I'm working with AltitudeMatters to revamp the rendering system with the end goal of getting prettier output. I've given him a 'statblock' setup to test with, and figure out what updates/changes he needs in the application, but the first real sheet will be based on the sheet at https://www.dojotabletop.com/roleplayinggames and I'm also looking at mimicking the sheet from the book once that is done. The goal is that, once it's fully setup, anybody with the right skill-sets ought to be able to do custom sheet designs. It's a bit of a long-term project, and there's a number of unknowns, so I can't give any sort of timeline on it, but I figured people would like to know that it's coming.
  2. In case anybody needs to know, here are the Unicode values of each of the characters in the font: Kiho: U+E900; Maho: U+E901; Ninjitsu: U+E902; Prerequisite Exemption: U+E903; Rituals: U+E904; Shuji; U+E905; Invocations: U+E906; Kata: U+E907; Fire: U+E908; Void: U+E909; Water: U+E90A; Air: U+E90B; Earth: U+E90C; Imperial: U+E90D; Lion: U+E90E; Mantis: U+E90F; Phoenix: U+E910; Scorpion: U+E911; Tortoise: U+E912; Unicorn: U+E913; Crab: U+E914; Crane: U+E915; Dragon: U+E916; Bushi: U+E917; Courtier: U+E918; Shugenja: U+E919; Opportunity: U+E91A; Strife: U+E91B; Success: U+E91C; Explosive Success: U+E91D;
  3. I’ve decided to run with some of what is actually spelled out in the link directly, but I’ve still got some holes to fill in. Villains Fey - Some fey have begun *stealing* feelings of whimsy, hope, and the like. This has led to some locals feeling less than happy about things. This could be directly related to the shoemaker’s current state of mind, or not. What effects can you think of that this would have on a quiet rural town? Locals - The shoemaker feels unappreciated, and has hatched a plot to make sure *everyone* knows how important his work is! Mwahahahahah!!!! (He has some misguided fey assistants, ‘the elves and the shoemaker’.) I’ve got a vague concept of the shoemaker’s plot having to do with any shoes *not* made by him falling apart/wearing out/whatever, but I could use some help filling it out a bit. How will he (and his tiny, fey assistants) do it? What is his actual end-goal, specifically? (Does he actually have one, or is it more a Riddler scenario, where the plot isn’t actually to do anything in particular except to show superiority to Batman?) If only I’d stumbled across that thread a couple months ago. This upcoming saturday game would be perfectly timed for an absurd scenario like this, what with it falling so close to April 1st.
  4. That’s quite a good selection to start with, thanks. I’ve added a ‘reluctant chosen one’ to that list. The Reluctant Chosen One - Chosen by prophecy, she wants nothing to do with ‘fate’ or ‘greatness’, and has done everything in her power to avoid that responsibility. Everytime something interesting happens in Story Village, she makes herself scarce, and ensures that whatever happened, she had nothing to do with it.
  5. So, I stumbled across a great concept for a one-shot adventure for my monthly Saturday game (which is basically a series of one-shots in various systems), and I thought it sounded like a good idea for a Genesys adventure, but I’m new to the system, and I could use some help with solidifying the details a bit. https://probablyrpgmechanicsideas.tumblr.com/post/183567007629/prokopetz-prokopetz-rikmach-unseenphil I need some ideas for a large handful (5-7) of archetypical ‘fantasy hero’ concepts to create pre-gens for the players to pick. Things like the classic ‘farm boy chosen one’, etc. These are all going to be people who, for whatever reason are in town at the time, and have adventure thrust upon them. Also, while the idea verily *screams* ‘make me a campaign’, I need some tips/suggestions for encounter design given the potentially large size of the party, and the goal of fitting it into a 4-5 hour time slot with several players who have never even seen the system before.
  6. That's actually why I suggested trying to make it a single-character sheet that can be replicated by copying the sheet. (Theoretically, that would mean all of the links to lists stay the same, or are updated with the new sheet's name.) Of course, I'm not the spreadsheet wizard you are, so I may be mistaken on that count, as it didn't work when I tried it, but I had managed to break fairly large swathes of the sheet in the process of trying to add new character columns.
  7. I'm liking the spreadsheet, but I've got a small problem. I'm trying to translate a much of prior-edition pre-gens to this system, and when I tried expanding the number of columns for characters the new columns don't want to work. Most of the fields can be dealt with by showing formulas, and copying them over, but some of the fields suddenly start complaining about circular calculations, and the dropdown lists aren't behaving themselves. Can we get a version that can expand the number of characters per sheet? Or maybe one character per sheet, but allow us to replicate that sheet manually? (That would also leave more room for the manual-entry fields, and better display of some of the longer bits of text.) Thanks
  8. Voice

    Battletech Genesys

    Ok, this topic has aged a bit since it was started, but I've been having thoughts on the same subject, and just found the thread. Sorry if the post below is a bit scattered, I'm working from notes, and refining on the fly. A lot of the concepts and conclusions listed are similar to what I've come up with, but I've had a different thought on critical hits and hit locations. (In so far as, as far as I'm concerned, they're related.) Critical hits: This is still a quick draft, but I think the concept is sound, simple enough for fast play, and a good fit with the Genesys mechanics. Attacks: Physical Attacks: Armor: Heat as System Strain: Weapons and Weapon Qualities: Hit Modifiers: Speed: Handling:
  9. Has anybody done 3d-printed docking arms for the Gozanti yet? You know, something so we can dock something other than just the ball-style TIEs, and have it look nice? (Like a TIE Bomber, for example.) I've been poking around Shapeways a bit, but I'm not finding anything.
  10. I've had sessions like that. Three of them, back to back to back, in the first three sessions of the same campaign. They killed the droid crime-lord who was supposed to be their contact to join the Rebellion. They decided that the best way to escape a space station was to do a head-on assault on the station's imperial barracks so they could steal some stormtrooper armor. They ditched Bail Organa (one character's 'uncle'), leaving him to the Empire to take the blame for something that they had failed to stop from happening. Fortunately, in my case, the would-be 'blue screen' moment came at the *end* of each session, giving me a week to recover. Also fortunately, I have more than a few years GMing under my belt. I've never been sure whether I'm glad or disappointed that the campaign ended after the 4th session, when player's work schedules became incompatible.
  11. I don't think we can blame FFG for not adding 300 pages to the rulebook just in case players with no common sense decide to pick up the game. I don't understand how a simple explanation in the form of a sentence or two would fill 300 pages, but alright. The section you're quoting here is describing a way for GM's to adjudicate the use of Destiny Points. It's pretty specific to just that topic, and while I appreciate the demonstration of the general precedent, this section isn't really applicable to the specific situation being discussed in the thread. And that, right there, is how it turns into 300 pages. There's a rule that syas the GM is the only one who can decide if something is reasonable or not, but right there, you argue that it only applies to the use of Destiny Points. So, that rule has to be included in each section, sub-section, and offshoot of each rule. Or, you can acknowledge that the general, 'GM's ruling is final' rule (common across virtually every RPG ever made) is enough.
  12. Our part-time game involves a wing of starfighter pilots who patrol the 'Warrens', a sector of space clustered with nebulae, black holes, and hyperspace anomalies. Needless to say, this makes navigation difficult, and only practical by jumping from one hyperspace nav beacon to the next. The party was navigating their fighters through a cluster of space junk, leading a freighter to the exit point from that area marked by a beacon. One player, keeps racking up the Threat, and is busy dealing with 3 flocks of mynocks, when he rolls a Despair. I've never seen such an 'oh s#!t' look on someones face, as when I told him that the mynocks suddenly took off at top speed, leaving him completely alone. It turns out, full-grown, *mobile* space slugs don't get along with mynocks. Three turns later, he rolled a Triumph *and* a Despair, and was more than a little confused when I told him that *another* space slug had appeared on his sensors. (It turned into a territorial dispute, and they had to get the freighter out of harm's way, but the first slug was no longer focused on *them*.)
  13. No need to start Miraluka with Force Powers, or even a Force Rating. Give them a bonus rank in Perception. and/or Subtract a couple setback dice from Perception/Vigilance checks where those setback dice come from cover/concealment. On top of that: Make them blind in a null-Force area (if those even exist in your version of the Star Wars universe).
  14. Good catch. The question is food for thought if/when a combo that would add blast to a blast weapon exists. Though I suppose it'd probably be spelled out in the rules at that point.
  15. We do actually get to see how a pair of these Inquisitors shown in Rebels fare against a fully trained Jedi. It doesn't go well for them. They 'lose', true. However, if Asoka hadn't and an escape route, she was going to be the one to go down. Remember, Inquisitors may not be *as* skilled with their lightsabers as a genuine Jedi, but they're no pushovers, and they tend to be able to call in a grade (and quantity) of backup that PCs can't easily muster. I was only counting the actual fight, not when a few dozen Stormtroopers showed up after they were beaten to bail them out. That's the thing. They 'lost' the fight because Ezra, Kanan, etc. were able to escape, not because they were actually taken out of the fight. The Inquisitors were still fully capable of fighting Asoka (especially with the backup that just arrived), but they no longer had the means to complete their mission.
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