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  1. Tassedar

    Questions About Starting Money

    It is best to go for the xp to raise things like brawn or agility or your primary stat since those can only be raised by a talent down the road. Typically gear comes pretty fast if your Gm isn't a stingy person.
  2. Tassedar

    uber sabers

    Uber Saber? That in the app store yet? I'm not finding it.
  3. Tassedar

    Giving a Hutt a gift

    If you give a Hutt a glass of milk He will litigate you into selling the dairy to him after he claims that you tried to poison him
  4. Tassedar

    Giving a Hutt a gift

    Giving him a Carrie Fisher might be a good idea.
  5. Tassedar

    Which books to get first

    Get what is relevant to your group make up. Fnd is very flexible as a narrative game. If a rule does not fit your needs.... Make one up.
  6. I've seen enough hentai to see where this is going... *shivers*
  7. Here's a disgusting move. Enhance leap with the maneuver upgrade. Draw closer while in leap.
  8. He makes that stew from something you know.
  9. It really depends on how much capital they have to buy. I'm assuming they buy a set amount to make sure they don't have pallets of unsold books sitting in a warehouse and no buyers.
  10. Tassedar

    had to share

    Yeah and that site uploads malicious cookies.
  11. Tassedar

    Another Character Generator

    I think that's where the complications arise from. You have to read attachment discriptions.
  12. Tassedar

    Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2

    Easiest way to establish this is give your group extra starting xp after creation with the caviat that they must purchase a force point in one of the trees it doesn't make them op from the start but does eliminate needing to bend rules to establish what you already want.
  13. That's pretty much what I would say. If you want two sabers they are going to have to be made separately. However it's always up to the Gm on how you want to handle it. If they are for example directly copies of each other it may be a cause for making 2nd crafting for the same Saber slightly easier or have a boost.
  14. It depends on the shipping route of the container ship(assuming printing in China) . Some go pacific route others the Indian Ocean making stops along the way to the Atlantic. Also account for the prospect that it can be held up in customs for inspection which is a long process. Books will get here when they get here folks.