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  1. when Anakin gets his arm and legs chopped off and burned alive. Kind of a allegory for the latest films.
  2. Works on my laptop but not my desktop. Single monitor and everything I have no idea I just said screw it.
  3. yeah i just tried that and i'm getting nothing it has the icon but no window in task bar. It shows the program is running and i get the Initial oggdoude 2.3.3 splash in the middle of the screen but nothing shows up. now even older versions wont show up.
  4. currently when i load the program it wont display the window on my screen it shows a preview in my taskbar but doesnt show up. Its running but wont come to front even my older program wont display.
  5. It is best to go for the xp to raise things like brawn or agility or your primary stat since those can only be raised by a talent down the road. Typically gear comes pretty fast if your Gm isn't a stingy person.
  6. Uber Saber? That in the app store yet? I'm not finding it.
  7. If you give a Hutt a glass of milk He will litigate you into selling the dairy to him after he claims that you tried to poison him
  8. Giving him a Carrie Fisher might be a good idea.
  9. Get what is relevant to your group make up. Fnd is very flexible as a narrative game. If a rule does not fit your needs.... Make one up.
  10. I've seen enough hentai to see where this is going... *shivers*
  11. Here's a disgusting move. Enhance leap with the maneuver upgrade. Draw closer while in leap.
  12. It really depends on how much capital they have to buy. I'm assuming they buy a set amount to make sure they don't have pallets of unsold books sitting in a warehouse and no buyers.
  13. Yeah and that site uploads malicious cookies.
  14. I think that's where the complications arise from. You have to read attachment discriptions.
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