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  1. Stupid question, but where is that stated in the rules?
  2. Are you referring to me, or Dr. Quinn?
  3. @ak-73 The following statement on your blog post: "Each Battle-Brother may benefit from only one Squad Mode (or Solo Mode) ability during a given turn. Activating a a Squad Mode ability does not require another Battle-Brother joining the ability." Where can I find the rule that says that you can only benefit from one Solo Mode?
  4. hi herichimo, thanks for your help, but i never said that hellfire rounds would give the weapon blast (2), it comes from "Master of Arms"
  5. Oh yes... i forgot Bolter Drill, our tactical marine has that too! And sorry for the "Explosive (2)", We play the game in german and there the term is "Explosiv" Yeah...it's too late
  6. Oh, it's worse than i tought xD Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, i've a question about magnitude damage. Lets assume my stormbolter hits a horde 4 times, i have the "Storm of Iron" traint, Master of Arms (Explosive(2)) and Hellfire Rounds. Is this calculation correct? ((8 Base ( normal hits + storm) + 8 (Explosive (2) ) + 8 (Hellfire))*2 (Storm of Iron))+1 Explosive = 49 magnitude damage Thanks for help!
  8. That doesn't answer my question When I am aware of an attack? Is it enough to know, that an enemy is behind me? Or must I really see the attack?
  9. Hey guys, how do you handle attacks from behind? Is it possible to dodge or parry them? At least for Dodge the Book states: "A character must be aware of the attack in order to make the test." So what means "aware" ? If engaged in close combat with multiple enemys and knowing that there a eneyms behind him, is a character or npc aware of a possible attack from behind? Can he dodge or parry? The same for shooting, if a character knows that there enemys behind him in a firefight, can he dodge a attack? Thanks for help
  10. Another question: Lets assume the kill team gets seperated One part with 2 Members, the other part with 3 Members. The kill team leader is in the part with 3 Members. Both Parts are in squad mode. The 2 Members Part encouters an enemy with fear and fails the fear test. Who does the leadership test? Still the kill team leader, even if he isn't in the same "squad", maybe miles away?
  11. Thanks, that helps! I have somthing more, sorry Fear again: In Squadmode, when mutliple battlebrothers fail their test, has the killteam leader to take a leadership test for every fail? Suffers the kill team Cohesion Damage for everytime the killteam leader fails a test? Or only once? Do u have to take a fear test every round? Or only when you see the enemy for the first time? Hmm, i cant find that in the book Any idea where i have to look?
  12. 1. Fear: - Do Space Marines suffer any other fear effects than described in the "and they shall know no fear…"-Part? - Must Space Mainres take a Fear Test, or do they suffer the effects described in the "and they shall know no fear…"-Part automatically? - If they must take a test, must every battlebrother take a test when they are confronted with a fear causing enemy? 2. Signature Wargear, Craftsmanship modifiers and Standart Issue Wargear: For example, a master crafted forcesword woul cost 50 rep. The Requisition limit for Signature Wargear (Master) is 40. For a libarian a forcesword is standart issue wargear. Does he have to pay 50 rep or only 25 for the master crafted upgrade? Is it possible to gain a master crafted forcesword with Signature Wargear (Master)? 3. Failing Tests Maybe a stupid question For example, a Weapon Skill Test… some characters of my party have with modifiers easily over a 100 WS against some enemys…. do they just always hit and parry? Or is there a roll value that always fails? ( Like 96-100 for a BS Test or 91-100 for a Fokus Test ) Any advice would be greatly appreciated And sorry for my bad english…
  13. Skunk Bottom said: And if that is true, then a psy with a natural psy rating of 4, pushing with willpower 65 will always be successful in manfesting the power? I think thats no true, a Focus Power roll of 91-100 always fails (Book Page 185)
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