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  1. Thanks! Is there any advantage to killing a cylon and sending them to Medical? Aside from the reduction in card pick up. The game seemed to get super hard for the humans with Pegasus!
  2. Hello, i have a question as the title says but i thought i'd first say i'm only on series 3 of the TV series at the moment so please please, don't mention any spoilers or anything from newer expansions. Thanks! I've had one game with the name addon and there's one thing i didn't understand. What happens to a cylon if they die on new caprica? The rules stated that no one can leave new caprica so we we're confused as to what happened to a killed cylon since they can't go back to the resurrection ship. If someone could point out in the rulebook where this is explained or an FAQ it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, one more question. When a card says you can bring another player in to battle with you and add their "strength value", does this include assets or is it the pure strength value on the dial?
  4. Hello. I played my first two games of Relic over the weekend. The game seemed… insaely hard but i'm sure experience will help! I have a couple of questions and can't find an FAQ to answer them. 1) What if you have active, a corruption card of value 3, with two flipped down cards, and you discard one of the flipped down cards. Does the active 3 remain active despite you not having 3 cards anymore? 2) Just to confirm, when using the relic that allows you to pull a power card and add the value to the bonus combat roll, this is not explodable as it's past the "battle roll step", correct? 3) In the experience phase, can you choose what thign you do in any order? For example, you may complete a mission, turn it in, get a new one that is the "have one of each kind of trophy" and complete again? (I can't remember the specific wording of the card, it maybe a non-problem as the card might say "At the end of the engagement phase"). 4) Evading: Can the Callidus assassin evade all the Enemies on a tile and just resolve the Encounter and Asset? I'm sure there are more questions that i've forgotten but 1) was the most important. Thanks!
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