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  1. As promised! (apologies for the crappy quality of the image. It would only upload 0.13mb for some reason) Green 3 error on paper...not on the dial!
  2. Right on brother...welcome to the rebellion!
  3. Haha emeraldbeacon...very good. Feel free to bring me up on my use of the English language, as I was dragging my trousers on for work with one hand whilst posting a comment on here with the other hand rushing like a mad dog for the office early this morning. At the very base level of all of this and the fundamental point of my original was trying to point something out to people who play X-wing (like you I would imagine?) that might be interested in the point I was making, and that it might help them facilitate their game play in the wars to come (or give them a heads up to an error in the physical paper rules that they might have missed when planning squadrons) I pointed something out. If it's useful to you, great, use it. If it's not, don't. Simple!
  4. I completely agree Parravon. I was merely pointing something out and that is that. I suppose my OP could be slightly misleading as I didn't have dials to hand, just the rules sheets so was going off them. Checked my dials and hey presto...they are identical and the manoeuvre templates on the rules sheet is wrong. And that is all I have been trying to point out. But as you say, only the dial on the table matters and I now have (and always have had ) two identical yt1300 dials to reign destruction on my foes with. I think I'll message FFG about the error could be confusing if you were planning a squad list and you've not got dials in front of you and your working off the rules sheets to look at manoeuvres for example.
  5. Please read this from earlier in the thread and you'll see I'm not disputing non identical is the rules I discovered were wrong/print error!
  6. The dials ARE 100% identical...I know they are and have stated that since I realised it was the rulesheet that was wrong. All I have been trying to point out since I made that discovery (that the dials are right...the rules are wrong) is inform my fellow xwing players that there is a mistake on the rules sheet. I'll post a pic later.
  7. Because if you read the reply directly above yours...I said I'll take a pic and post when I get a chance. I'm at work at the moment and only had a chance to snap the original falcon rules before I left this morning. Your patience shall be rewarded as I shall photograph the HOTR rulesheet when I arrive home this evening and I shall post then. Or if you have the rules yourself, go take a look!
  8. Please read my earlier replies. I have two identical dials and have checked them. I have not mixed up the backs. I am talking about a misprint on the A5 rules pamphlet that come with the expansions. Here is a photo of the original falcon (speed 3 straight is white) as per both dials. On the rules sheet for the HOTR falcon it is green I assure you (well on mine at least) As soon as I get a chance I'll post a pic and show you what I'm on about.
  9. I figured it out! My dials are identical as you rightly point out...but...if you look at the manoeuvre charts on the back of the A5 rules booklets that come with both sets, the HOTR yt1300 has a green 3 straight. Guess it must be a misprint!
  10. Is it just me or are the dials ever so slightly different from the two available yt1300's available in the game? The original one having a white speed 3 straight. And the HOTR one having a green speed 3 straight. If I were to run two yt1300's in a list, I only have access to my two dials. Do you have to run a specific dial on a specific yt1300? The fronts of the dials are identical so I'm a bit confused?!
  11. Just to clarify dertarr...I was looking at the official ffg card...not your badass revision of a card! Didn't want you to think I was slating your card as I most certainly was not! Looks great!
  12. Thanks DR4CO, that makes it all clear now. May the force be with you!
  13. Forgive me for asking, and please don't berate me too much as I'm sure this has been covered on here before...probably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! Hans card ability to re-roll his does it work? given the card text "When attacking, you may re-roll all of your dice. If you choose to do so, you must re-roll as many of your dice as possible" It's the last part of his ability that confuses me (you must re-roll as many of your dice as possible)...any clarity would be greatly received...and as aforementioned, go easy on a noob for a question that's probably bread and butter to you guys...I'm just learning to walk here!
  14. Brilliant stuff...thanks so much for your answers, it's helped alot. Now time to break out those TLT's!!!
  15. Just to you get both attacks with the TLT then? So 3 attacks in total in any one combat phase if used with a TLT on the Ghost with the Phantom docked.