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  1. When you steal a castle off another player, you need to roll an additional Daimyo symbol in the top left of the card. My question is does this additional Daimyo count as part of the top row...I. need to roll 2 Daimyo symbols in one roll...or do you roll the regular Daimyo in one roll...then roll for the special Daimyo in a separate roll?
  2. Thanks Kakita Shiro, much appreciated...what a great resource!
  3. Scrub that...I figured it the age old art of...counting! :-)
  4. Hey guys, I'm a veteran board gamer but completely new to LCG''s. I've just picked up 2 core sets amongst a bunch of other 2nd ed stuff and was wondering is there a complete list of the core set cards out there? All the numbers seem to be bamboozling me! Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  5. I use ultra pro 4x6 sleeves. The character boards are 4x5 used in many FFG games. Simply slip your character sheet into the 4x6 sleeve and I use a professional photographers guillotine to trim off the near 1inch excess. The result is a perfect tight fit for your now, safely protected character sheets.
  6. I may be too late for your needs dragosteachiro, but, if you go to the WHFRP 3rd edition section on FFG website and look under the support tab you will find a PDF you can download for free containg every card, party sheet, career sheet, wound cards, mutations etc found in the core set. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks for the info guys, it is much appreciated! :-)
  8. Thanks man, Alas, I'm in the U.K and Amazon.Co. UK doesn't have any for what would be $65 in your money. I'll keep my eyes peeled on other sites just in case! Thanks for your advice! :-)
  9. Just going through my copy of the adventurers toolkit and it states there should be 4 party sheets...which there are. However, there are X2 Oathbound sheets and no defiant scoundrels party sheet. Has anyone else had this in their adventurers toolkit? I've put in a request to the missing components page, but alas, as they have no stock I'm not holding out much hope of getting the correct sheet that should have come with my expansion. Does anyone have a high res scan of it or know where one might be obtained so at least I can print onto some card stock so I have it at least!
  10. Thanks for the advice. Where can I get a core set for $65? On the FFG website they are listed as $99.95...hope you can help...again! :-)
  11. I thought as much, guess it must be listed wrong on the components listing.
  12. Hi, I'm totally new to this so bear with me for sounding like a complete imbecile....but I can see you get 7 basic action cards, if your stats allow. How do you get more action cards? Like, how are they purchased, achieved...which one's do you get to choose from? Thanks in advance guys
  13. Why does this card have the support icon in the top left? When it is listed as being a blessing in the FFG component list? Is it listed wrong? Or is it indeed a support card, even though the card states it's a blessing?
  14. Hi guys, as the title suggests, this is to do with the Winds of magic expansion. It's the only expansion I don't own (aside from the faith of Morr POD) Does anyone have a copy they wish to sell/trade? I've got spare copies, all mint and sealed of:- The players vault The Players guide (not sealed as they never were) The Gathering storm Many thanks.
  15. *safe