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  1. Faith of Morr POD expansion

    Hey dertarr, I would love a scan of the faith of morr POD. What I'm really after is the physical POD you have one to sell, swap? Fingers crossed!
  2. Sweet...cheers man! What's your group many people etc. Do you guys have much 3rd ed experience...I'm pretty new to it myself but absolutely love the system and want to get playing again. I'm in Leeds fairly often for work and I know Headingley ish from my uni days. Let me know mate...I'm all ears! All the best, Huwy
  3. I'm looking for players/groups who might be active at this time (I realise this forum is archived now so it's a long shot) who are playing 3rd ed that are looking for a new player/s...or GM/'s. Based in the Sheffield area of Yorkshire ideally but just getting feelers really to see if anyone round me is still playing this, or if they are not...fancies igniting the flames of 3rd ed once more and start spinning some ripping yarns!
  4. Which success to cancel?

    Haha...thanks man!
  5. Which success to cancel?

    Thanks PadreBoniface! So just to clarify and to make sure I'm doing it right, what you are saying is that challenge symbols cancel the hammer on a dice, not the dice itself, if there is another symbol present on the dice in addition to the hammer (such as hammer and delay) e.g...I roll one conservative dice and one challenge dice. The results I have are one challenge symbol on the challenge dice, and one hammer and delay on the conservative dice. The challenge symbol cancels the hammer but the delay remains and is the final result of that roll.
  6. What happens when you have multiple differing types of success symbols rolled on a check (hammer with delay...hammer with exertion...hammer with righteous success) coupled with normal hammer results on the blue dice. Which gets cancelled first by challenge dice? Do the regular hammers on the blue dice get cancelled out first, or do you cancel out the more unique success symbols portrayed on the other dice mentioned? Who decides which dice get to go and which to keep?
  7. Faith of Morr POD expansion

    dertarr...are you still up for an exchange for your Faith of Morr POD? PM me if your up for a swap?
  8. TBeholder...thanks, that's great! I appreciate your help!
  9. Hey man, I'm trying to view your file of stand ups and it doesn't open. Do I need a specific program? Kind regards,
  10. Standup list

    I've just come into a large collection of 3rd ed and am inventorying it. Easily done for the most part with the component and card list on FFG's support pages that I downloaded many moons ago. However, I am struggling to find a list to show which standups came with which expansions. Does anyone have any idea where one might be able to find such a document?
  11. YT 1300 dials

    As promised! (apologies for the crappy quality of the image. It would only upload 0.13mb for some reason) Green 3 error on paper...not on the dial!
  12. YT 1300 dials

    Right on brother...welcome to the rebellion!
  13. YT 1300 dials

    Haha emeraldbeacon...very good. Feel free to bring me up on my use of the English language, as I was dragging my trousers on for work with one hand whilst posting a comment on here with the other hand rushing like a mad dog for the office early this morning. At the very base level of all of this and the fundamental point of my original was trying to point something out to people who play X-wing (like you I would imagine?) that might be interested in the point I was making, and that it might help them facilitate their game play in the wars to come (or give them a heads up to an error in the physical paper rules that they might have missed when planning squadrons) I pointed something out. If it's useful to you, great, use it. If it's not, don't. Simple!
  14. YT 1300 dials

    I completely agree Parravon. I was merely pointing something out and that is that. I suppose my OP could be slightly misleading as I didn't have dials to hand, just the rules sheets so was going off them. Checked my dials and hey presto...they are identical and the manoeuvre templates on the rules sheet is wrong. And that is all I have been trying to point out. But as you say, only the dial on the table matters and I now have (and always have had ) two identical yt1300 dials to reign destruction on my foes with. I think I'll message FFG about the error could be confusing if you were planning a squad list and you've not got dials in front of you and your working off the rules sheets to look at manoeuvres for example.
  15. YT 1300 dials

    Please read this from earlier in the thread and you'll see I'm not disputing non identical is the rules I discovered were wrong/print error!