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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I actually had planned to give some of the ships a squadron token during the first round or two.. so at anytime, one of them could send a single quadron out to be the spotter. And I assumed any squadron I sent out on its own would get torn to pieces, so that's why I've got quite a few on there. Also the VCX and YT1300 might last a while with their Hull value, the Z-95s are mostly there to give a counter punch to any opposing squadrons. What would the recommendation to replace a few squadrons with? Ordinance Experts? TRC on the Nebulon? Ahsoka was just there cause I didnt see anything else cheap I wanted to add, and pairing her with Sato is theme-y from the Rebels show...
  2. So Commander Sato is the last Rebel I haven't played yet, so trying to build around him. My current list is below, with the biggest key being two MC-30 Scouts with APT. I originally had the Assault Frigate with Gallant Haven, but figured my squadrons are primarily to send one in at a time to a capital ship to trigger Sato's ability. So didn't think I would be keeping them near the Frigate. That said, it may be worth it to drop the Nebulon-B and a fighter to put a bare Frigate back in since it has reds on all 4 sides. The Liberty with Gunnery team would make a lot of sense as well... Any ideas? Taking advice on everything, ships/squads/objectives! Thanks! BUILD = 399/400 Commander: Commander Sato Assault Objective: Targeting Beacons Defense Objective: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation Objective: Dangerous Territory MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points) - Assault Concussion Missiles ( 7 points) = 76 total ship cost [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Assault Ship (56 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Ahsoka Tano ( 2 points) = 90 total ship cost MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points) - Assault Concussion Missiles ( 7 points) = 76 total ship cost Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 points) - Salvation ( 7 points) = 64 total ship cost 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 VCX-100 Freighter ( 15 points) 1 E-Wing Squadron ( 15 points) 2 YT-1300s ( 26 points) 1 Lietenant Blount ( 14 points) 1 Z-95 Headhunter Squadron ( 7 points)
  3. Well I should have expected the concerns against the idea, as people do like the assymetry between the factions and giving only one side access to the others ships would disrupt that i guess I was also thinking that the ships/cards would be made to reflect a lack of familiarity by the opposing sides. For instance, in the comic where they commandeered an ISD they only had a Skelton crew that would greatly diminish the power of the ISD in rebel hands. So you could make a rebel ISD cost a lot more points or decrease the stats in such a way to reflect the decreased performance. But if either of those things happened the rebel player probably wouldn't ever field the ship in a game. But glad to see people have opinions on th idea! Haha
  4. Touche. I randomly happened to be looking at some old 90's Star Wars CCG cards, and saw the Nebulon-B generic, and it mentioned being stolen by the rebels in the card text!
  5. It's obviously more a tactic with the Rebels stealing/commandeering imperial ships, so when will it be reflected in the game? I'm sure there are many examples, but the three I can think of are Rebels using stolen shuttles in RotJ and Rogue 1, the Imperial Light Carrier and some TIEs stolen in the Rebels cartoon series, and the core OT rebel heroes stealing a Star Destroyer in the current Marvel comics run. How could the mechanic work in game? just similar templates, but with penalties to indicate decreased effectiveness?
  6. I'm sure other have come up with the idea, but I was thinking of what a bounty card might look like, and wondering what it would be worth point wise. The question is pretty simple. If FFG was to come up with a "bounty" type card for the Scum faction, which would allow you to choose an opponent's ship and get double points or some such, what would it be cost to keep the game balanced? Obviously if the benefit was double points for taking out a bounty, the upgrade itself could not be cheap, otherwise it would be an auto-add. So, what would the balance be? 10 points? 15 points? 20 points? Would it be worthwhile to add a 20 point upgrade to Boba Fett or Dengar pilot, to allow them to name an opposing ship as their bounty and try to destroy that target? If it's that expensive, you'd be losing out on firepower itself on your own squad. So, what do folks the think the right balance is? Would the card have other conditions to it? As in, a scum pilot could only name a Unique pilot as a bounty, which would make the upgrade not always useful every game. Just curious what people think of the idea. Obviously it could be done and probably has been done in some of the scenarios, but just thought it would be a neat idea for a competitive upgrade card, and how to balance it...
  7. boow

    AT-AT Card

    Just a thought on additional movement options. Would anyone think it appropriate to use the bank 1 as a reverse barrel roll as a standard movement option? That would represent it pivoting around its rear legs to face a diferent direction without moving forward. Just a thought to give it more options than standing still or moving forward/banking forward 1.
  8. What about all the bounty hunter ships? I dont remember them all, but Bossk's Hounds Tooth? the IG-2000? I'm sure there are other ones. I only recall them from the old Decipher CCG.
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions. All teh support for the Z95s seems reasonable, due to it being the cheapest ship for squad building. I guess i'm not really limited to 10 ships only. I just know a few websites have ships for $10, and free shipping if you buy 10...
  10. Can someone help with a good breakdown of what I should get if I get 10 wave 4 ships? I'll start with 1 each of course. I play rebels/imperials fairly equally. I just havent had time to research the point values of the ships or what upgrade cards come with which ship... So any ideas?, 2 each and then 2 more of something else? Are some of the news ship so expensive point wise, i'd probably only need one of them?
  11. I'm not even sure what the other promo cards are, but I happen to have an extra Han Solo/Boba Fett double-sided oversized card, and would like to trade for whatever other cards there are... I have the Ten Numb from the recent/ongoing Store Championship. Is there a list out there of what else is available? Either reply or PM if interested in a trade... Thanks!
  12. great! thanks for all the good pointers. As for the rebel build, I understand Ten was a point sink. I was mostly just trying out the newest ship I had bought, and thought the trick of denying defense dice was neat. From your points I can see how its not necessarily a 'tournament' build as is. Also, I had never thought of the 33 magic number concept. And the swapping out of Stealth for a second Push the Limits makes sense, as the hope is that Soontir escapes targeting more often than not, so the extra defense die isnt as important as making both Interceptors harder to get a bead on in the first place. I'll be sure to read over some other build lists to get other ideas, but this is all very helpful!
  13. So, I'll start out with saying I've only played probably 10 or fewer games overall, so I don't have any expection more than having fun at my store's event this weekend. I played a couple games this past weekend with the B-Wing, and thought I'd try a build surrounding Ten Numb: Ten Numb B-WIng + Autoblaster + Fire-Control System Biggs X-Wing + R2-F2 A-Wing Prototype Pilot x2 =100 points Strategy would just be to get Ten in there at close range blowing stuff up with his power and autoblaster pretty much denying defense dice. Biggs to take the targets away from him with the Droid giving him a defense bump. Awings for nuisance mostly. I know I could use r2d2 for the shield regen, but i really like the fire control system constantly adding a target lock and feel like the extra defense die would serve the same purpose of prolonging his life. This weekend I had played Advanced Sensors on the BWing, which was helpful too, but it didnt make it onto this build... A second build was to try out some imperials (which I haven't played in months). I played against Soontir Fel with Push the Limits recently, so thought of building around that... Soontir Fel Interceptor + PTL + Stealth Device (should have 4 defense die, and always have a focus token) Turr Phenir Interceptor (free moves after shooting is good) Howlrunner TIE Academy Pilot TIE x2 =100 Any thoughts on either build? I am geting the Slave I this week, but I haven't really looked into its abilities. I've read some build threads on here though with that being a big part of teams.
  14. Sorry, no. I play softball in DC with work colleagues on Wednesdays. May be interested in something on 8th/9th weekend in June…
  15. I'm in the Wheaton, MD area, so pretty close to Dream Wizards. I could possibly do Saturday as well, not totally sure. The wife may want to do something that day.
  16. Anyone interested in playing in Rockville on Sunday, May 26? I am interested in playing a game or two around noonish time. I think others are playing out in Chantilly, VA, but I just dont see myself making it out that far. Please let me know if you're interested!
  17. Just bumping again. There were probably 8-10 people there last week.
  18. Just bumping the thread for folks to see. I signed up for the league when I was in the store this past weekend playing a different game. Hopefully I'll actually be able to make it this Wednesday, now that I already paid!
  19. Any of you guys interested in playing XWing this Saturday morning at Dream Wizards? Their online calendar says nothing but Magic pre-release, so we may want to check to see taht they'd have one table worth space for a game. I know some of their card tournaments fill the store… But I finally have a chance to play, and it should be any easy win for someone as it would be my first game.
  20. I saw that Dream Wizards is open tomorrow (Monday, 21st) 11-5, and I would be free to play. What time is the Chatilly game? I dont really want to drive out that far, but could play at Dream Wizards if either Jetsetter or tacticalbastrd (or others) are interested.
  21. This Saturday should work for me (8th). The earlier in the day the better, 11am/noonish. I dont know yet if I will be able to make it to the Kessel Run event next weekend, but I'll try to.
  22. JGSGames, looks like this Wednesday is no good. I dont think leaving the wife alone the night before we host people for thanksgiving would be my best idea… Next week should be fine though.
  23. So after talking to one of the guys at Dream Wizards, he mentioned that there had occasionally been a couple of people on Wednesday nights playing, but nothing regular. He mentioned that there is always space in the store on Wednesday nights, as it is miniatures night (as posted on their website's calendar). He also said that it might be possible to add a more official tournament on Saturdays, but Sundays are not available. I forgot to ask if they signed up to run the Kessel Run event… I play Heroclix every other Saturday, so would be happy to start playing X-Wing directly after (heroclix ends by 430) or could try to start playing regularly on Wednesday nights at the store. I work downtown DC so I would probably only be able to get to the place around 7 at the earliest. Maybe we could try to get a Saturday game on their calendar once a month or so? And maybe play casual games on Wednesdays (once or twice a month). I might be able to play this Wednesday, but am hosting family for Thanksgiving the next day so may find myself busy. -Tony
  24. JGSGames said: Mondays and Wednesdays are usually my best weeknights, but weekends aren't bad either. My current gaming group are mostly boardgamers, but I might be able to round up a couple more folks for a demo if the goal is to create more players. I have two starters plus a half dozen or so expansions, so we could outift a few people. Well I guess I kinda hijacked GeekZap's thread as I started focusing on Rockville. But I just wanted to say I should be at Dream Wizards this Saturday for another game, and I can ask about when we might set up a time to play/demo X-Wing. I know the store is closed on Mondays though, so we may be narrowed down to Wednesday or the weekend. Dunno how people normally demo the game, but we could always use the introductory rules the first time or two if we ever get something set up.
  25. I just emailed one of the guys at the store about the kessel run event. Id be up for playing a game soon, I just picked up the starter and each of the Imperial boosters. I think the stores calendar says Wednesday nights for miniatures but could schedule a different night I'm sure. I work downtown dc so couldn't get to the store before 7 on weeks nights. Weekends are better and I play heroclix there pretty often already. JGSGames said: I'm ten minutes from Dream Wizards - we should try to get a demo or open play evening together.
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