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  1. boow

    dice odds

    Haha, this has been a fun thread!
  2. boow

    dice odds

    Well my opponent didn't 'run the rift', but as I was second player and we both had three ships to deploy, i was able to wait for him to place the CR90, and then place my ISD directly opposite, and we were as far from the center-placed rift as possible. The objective lets the second player move one of the first player's ship a speed-1 maneuver right at the start. But yeah, there was a lot of things he could've done differently, i think it was more that no one expected the 136.32 odds to hit! As for me, my fleet was mostly hodge podge stuff that i hadn't tried much before. I actually was flying Romodi for the extra dice on obstructed attacks, along with Relentless, XX-9 and Vader boarding party. I had an Insidious Gladiator-II going at speed-3 with engine techs that was coming from the far side of the rift to catapult around it and get to the rear arcs. (it would've taken me longer than i thought!) Also had a Raider-I with only Boarding troopers For squads, I had 2 gauntlets and Gar Saxon to try out raids for a change, 2 phantoms and Whisper for squad movement shenanigans, and a Colonel Jendon for two sure shots or something better. So it was mostly a friendly game to try out stuff, and it just ended abruptly, haha!
  3. boow

    dice odds

    yeah he had some flotillas in the area that he was trying to manuever around. just imagine if i had rolled those 9 hits and no accuracy against a flotilla. i wouldve smashed my laptop. As regards to the math above, 160 to 1 doesn't sound all that impressive, but it was still a lot of fun, haha!
  4. boow

    dice odds

    He did actually slow down to 3. and I didn't check to see if he maximized the yaws or not, but where he decided to end, he was about half in and half out of range. because i had placed the gravity well pretty much in the middle, both his corvette and my ISD were right on an edge of the starting area, so there was only one direction he could really turn towards. This was on vassal, so we never know how accurate the distances are, but it showed me as having the shot, so i took it! We both placed our ships right at the range 3 line of deployment as well, and then he had the extra 1 move... Not sure why he had the corvette going so fast. i think he had some plan to get towards the rear of my ships and then hyperspace the Mc75 in.
  5. boow

    dice odds

    Thanks for all the attempts and follow up questions. The actual roll I got was three doubles, two singles, and a crit. Context: My opponent had a corvette carrying Admiral Raddus, mc75 set aside (with a profundity hammerhead set aside). Also had two flotillas and a ton of squads. He chose first player and my rift assault objective. I plopped down a Cymoon ISD directly across from his corvette, made his corvette do a speed-1 maneuver through the objective and made his speed go up to 4. First turn he had to move his corvette before my ISD and got into long range. I had set a CF dial and had a 6 red dice shot at long range. Rolled the 9 hits, he evaded a double, burned a redirect, soaked 4 through shields and took 3 damage. Incidentally I had xx-9 turbolasers for two faceup cards, but didn't trigger structural damage. I actually had some 2 gauntlets on my fleet for some raid shenanigans, and both swooped in with 4 speed rogue moves and took shots on the corvette to KO it round 1, ending the game before he could Raddus out the rest of his fleet. So it was a lot of small seemingly inconsequential placement decisions and luck, but it was quite satisfying to get a win in that way. But in true Star Wars fashion I’ll want to know the odds so I can throw some 3po odds trash talk his way.
  6. boow

    dice odds

    any of you math whizzes out there able to tell me what the odds are of rolling 9 hits on 6 red dice?
  7. Doh... i knew that... at some point. and now again... Still like the idea of spamming black dice on salvos though, haha. I suppose that would still be more useful with Sato and long range salvos though, hmmm...
  8. I'll revive this thread... I'm wanting to spam Salvo attacks, so put together a list where i was hoping to utilize otherwise useless defense tokens, and i'm looking right at you double contain Mc75! Mc30 with its double evade/double redirect also made the cut... And then, once i saw it would be some extra black dice for salvo's, I decided to go all out on black dice for the Mc75, expanded launchers, WAB! Sato! Reinforced Blast Doors to keep it alive once it barges in. None of this is optimized for anything, but seems fun! Ideal turn for the Mc75 could be 5 black front/2 black side/2 Salvo/2 Salvo, and thats before Sato Dice Shenanigans or an extra from concentrate fire. I might even swap out the external racks for WAB on the Mc30! Anyone used Wide Area Barrage and Salvo to inflict some extra damage yet? I guess its only ever a maximum of one extra WAB splash damage with only two black dice on a Salvo. Commander: Commander Sato Assault Objective: Rift Assault Defense Objective: Abandoned Mining Facility Navigation Objective: Volatile Deposits Assault Frigate Mark II A (81 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - Reserve Hangar Deck ( 3 points) = 88 total ship cost [ flagship ] MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet ( 5 points) - Captain Rex ( 5 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - Reserve Hangar Deck ( 3 points) - Reinforced Blast Doors ( 5 points) - Wide-Area Barrage ( 2 points) - Expanded Launchers ( 13 points) = 169 total ship cost MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points) - Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet ( 5 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 81 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Ahsoka Tano ( 2 points) - Reserve Hangar Deck ( 3 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 25 total ship cost 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 2 Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons ( 14 points) = 31 total squadron cost
  9. how does one speed up games in vassal? I've played a few and they seem to take much longer than a real game would! The moving seems to be the worst!
  10. I built a 400 point Rebels fleet the other day where I tried to max out the number of proximity mines I could put out on the map. (and fairly Rebels cartoon inspired) Had an Assault Cruiser w/ the Proximity Mines and Sabine Wren, and also had the Mart Mattin/Sato's Hammer YT-2400 out on the board (along with Adar Tallon on ship). I used Squadron Command/Adar to move Mattin up and/or get in an attack, and then still throw out some new mines at the beginning of the Squadron phase. I think I had put out 6 mines all told by the time my opponent KO'd Mattin... Four of the mines went off, one was destroyed by Anti-Squadron shot, and one was avoided altogether. Definitely disrupted my opponents movement decisions, so I was happy about that! Any other way to maximize the number of mines that can get on the map (other than more ships with Prox. Mines). Can anything move mines or anything? I included the Minefields Objective, but my opponent did not choose it... Commander: Commander Sato Assault Objective: Targeting Beacons Defense Objective: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation Objective: Minefields [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Adar Tallon ( 10 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) = 106 total ship cost Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points) - Sabine Wren ( 4 points) - Proximity Mines ( 4 points) = 80 total ship cost MC30c Scout Frigate (69 points) - Foresight ( 8 points) - Ezra Bridger ( 3 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 89 total ship cost 1 Mart Mattin ( 22 points) 1 Hera Syndulla ( 28 points) 1 Kanan Jarrus ( 19 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points) 2 Z-95 Headhunter Squadrons ( 14 points) = 122 total squadron cost
  11. I do have a question on timing though... You gain the rewards in Step 3, but say your fleet is already near 250? can your rewards go over 250? and then you drop things to go down below in Step 5? Page 18 says after deciding what is equipped or not, that "Upgrade cards that are not equipped are set aside and can be equipped during a later campaign turn, but still count toward a player's fleet-value total." And the fleet value-total cap is always 250... So in step 3, if you are too close to 250, can you not claim any rewards unless you dropped stuff in the prior round's step 5?
  12. Looking to build some rebels-cartoon inspired fleets for Rebellion in the Rim squads. But I'm too lazy to go back and look at episodes for specific fleets. I know a few of the officers: Agent Kallus, GOvernor Pryce, Grand Inquisitor were pretty big in the show. Obviously Thrawn was in the last season, but he's only an admiral in the game, and the Rebellion Campaign doesn't use those. I seem to remember they focused on smaller Imp shps, like the Arquitens, Gozanti, Qusar. I think there was an arc that focused on TIE Defenders being developed. Anyone have any theme-y builds?
  13. Finally bought into all the 2.0 stuff, what with the new Droid/Republic stuff and sales. I've got all the conversion kits to cover all the 1.0 stuff I have. Question is which 2.0 packs do I need for new content? I believe I've read that all ships that had 1.0 versions are only packed with cards in the conversion kits, but is that only true for wave 1 or 2 of the Second Edition? I think I need to buy the Wave 2: RZ-2 A-Wing (cause its resistance, or new ship) Mining Guild TIE (cause I dont believe it was in Scum conversion kit) I don't think I need the Z-95 or TIE Striker cause their articles say the stuff is in the conversion kits.
  14. boow

    X-Wing sale

    Hmm.. if i were to buy a Servants of Strife pack, what should i get for the 50% off? (same price is the two 3-packs and Infiltrator) I mistakenly bought 3 individual vultures already, one Guardians pack, one Delta-7, and one Sith Infiltrator. Which ship should i get more dupes of...
  15. boow

    X-Wing sale

    I would double check your orders online. I made two orders yesterday and got two email notifications confirming shipping, but when I double checked what was shipped it was X-wing 1.0 or destiny stuff only. All my 2.0 stuff still says processing.
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