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  1. It is time for Scenario 18 on Hard difficulty Sister Mary, Gloria, Ursula, Norman and Agnes against Yog-Sothoth, Kerathimel and a lively Dunwich Horror. Starting items: Sister Mary: Cross, Holy water, Flesh ward, Shrivelling , Camouflage (+1 sneak) Agnes: Wither,Summon Shantak, Obsidian Statue, Map of Arkham& Dogde skill Ursula:Press pass, Makeup kit, Alien device, Illuminated script& marksman skill. Norman: Find Gate, Motorcykle & Fetch stick & Spot hidden skill Gloria: Find Gate, Ancient tome, Steal life, Rifle & Expert occultist skill. Yog- Sothoth starts with 2 doomers. The first gate opens at Independence square. That was where Ursula was starting, she is then pulled into the Abyss . Kerathimel tests her speed, but she manages to land on the Abyss without any sanity lose. Since the doom track reaches already 3, five monsters pop up on Dunwich unstable locations and the Dunwich Horror wakes up from his slumber at the Black Cave moving to Rivertown streets. 1st Turn: Let’s start collecting clues. Agnes moves to the Unnamable in order to collect the two clues there, but she sprains her anckle by passing adjacent to Dunwich Horror. Meanwhile Gloria gets schizophrenic, robbed and drunk at Hibb’s but she gets the clue there. Norman collects clue at Historical society whe he finds the remains of a dead Dark Young. Finally sister Mary collects the clue at science building. Mythos: Gate at the graveyard releasing a byahkee who flies to the sky. Some monsters appear on the board and the Dunwich Horrror moves to the French hill streets. 2nd Turn: Ursula loses 2 sanity & 2 stamina for being in the abyss. Gloria gets the two clues at Black cave and passes her PS, while Norman takes the clue at the Woods and joins “one of thousand” after discarding the Dark Young trophy. Sister Mary fights a mi-go roaming the streets and gets a tome as a reward. Finally Agnes gets through the gate to Lost carcosa in the graveyard. In Other worlds things are quiet enough for once. Mythos: “Endlessly breeding” rumor adding two doomers and lots of monster movements. The dunwich doom track moves to 1 and the Dunwich horror and a byahkee ambush Sister Mary at Miskatonic streets. 3rd Turn: During upkeep Ursula loses 2 stamina & 2 sanity bringing her close to death. At the same time Agnes loses 2 sanity due to Kerathimel twisting gateways. Sister mary kills first the Byahkee but cannot deal with the Dunwich horror and ends up at the Asylum. Norman collects clue at the Witch House and gets a spell and an injury from being too close to the Dunwich Horror. Ursula comes back to Arkham and seals the gate at Independence square. Mythos: Gate burst at Independence square sending Ursula back to OW. This time she ends up in another time. At least some monsters at Backwoods county are returned to the cup. 4th Turn: During the upkeep Ursula doesn’t pass the fight test, then she gets knocked unconscious and she is LiTaS, where she meets Yog-Sothoth and gets devoured. Gloria jumps through the gate where Ursula was, and manages to get directly to the second area of Another time, where she loses one sanity and gains one clue. Norman gets the clue at STL where he is greeted by Carl Sanford. He is rewarded with 3 extra clues. Finally Sister Mary remains at the Asylum where she reads Cultes des Goules gaining a spell&clue. Mythos: Gate at Wizard’s Hill. Another monster gets through a vortex. Leo replaces Ursula. He starts with 2 tomes , William Brinton and a +1 fight skill. 5th Turn: Leo, Agnes & Norman meet at the Docks and this way they spent 10$ to pass the rumor before a 3rd investigator gets unconscious or insane. They also exchange some items and some monster trophies are dealt among the investigators for resolving the rumor. Now the board is clean of monster (without counting the Dunwich Horror). Gloria seals (hopefully for good) the gate at Independence Sq. Finally Sister Mary collects clue at Unvisited Isle. Mythos: Gate at the Science building. The Dunwich Horror is activated . This way 2 more doomers are added . Doom track is at 9. 6th Turn: Sister Mary gets the Clue at the Unamable. The Dunwich horror at Downtown streets is blocking Gloria, then she stays at Independence Sq, but Agnes is noticed on her way to the train station and she needs to stop her move at Northside streets. Leo manages though to take the train to Dunwich and Norman gets through the gate at the Science building to the Abyss. Mythos: A gate opens at the Unamable sending Sister Mary to R’lyeh. Doom track at 10. Only 2 seals on the board. Time is running out…I have a long shot, but I have to be lucky with mythos cards. 7th Turn: Gloria kills the cultist guarding the gate at Rlyeh to back up Sister Mary and Leo who enters R'lyeh from the gate at Dunwich. She gives the Rifle to Leo. Meanwhile Norman after losing some sanity/stamina returns to Arkham from the Abyss and seals the gate at the Science building. Finally Agnes uses summon shantak to evade the dunwich horror and joins the party at R’lyeh. 4 investigators at R’lyeh . Sister Mary and Agnes get bad encounters getting delayed, but Leo and Gloria get good encounters. Mythos is a gate bounced at Independence square…The Dunwich horror activates again bringing the doom track to 11. 8th Turn: During upkeep Leo and Sister Mary lose some stamina from Kerathimel attack. Sister Mary ends up at the Hospital. Gloria manages to cast find gate and closes the gate at Wizard’s Hill using her last clues. Norman goes to South Church and blesses Leo. Leo moves to the second area of R’lyeh and Agnes continue in the first area. Mythos is a monster surge at the Unnamable. 5 monsters pile up there. 9th Turn: A blessed Leo with 6 clues has to close the last gate. But first He needs to beat an unmodified Dunwich Horror. He uses the rifle. He has only 7 dice and needs 5 successes. He spends 3 clues that gives him 6 extra dice due to his +1 fight skill. Then closes the last gate to R´’lyeh with his last 2 clues. Victory by closing gates (2 from Gloria, 1 from Leo, 1 from Agnes & 1 from Sister mary carry over from last scenario). Terror track : 2 Doom track: 11. Buff… That was close. It was nice to have the Dunwich Horror patrolling the streets though, and Kerathimel adding a lot of randomness on the gates made the game more fun. Anyway by starting doom track at 3 after the first mythos + Dunwich horror movement , made the game a race against the clock, but at the same time made my victory sweeter :-).
  2. Scenario 17 rematch. Agnes, Ursula, Norman, Gloria & Sister Mary against Nka'ji Ara Starting items: Sister Mary: Cross, Holy water, Intervene, Vision Quest & Skill: +1 will. Agnes: Wither, Magnifying Glass, Cabala of Saboth, Summon shantak & Skill: Marskman Ursula: Patrolling streets task, Food, Holy water, Silver Key & Skill:Disguise Norman: Find Gate, motorcycle, Crystal Elder things, Implant suggestion & Skill: bravery Gloria: Bullwhip, axe, dead curse azathoth, Call friend & Skill : Grapple Nobody starts with a madness this time. The first mythos opens a gate at the Black cave to Another Time. The first cultist pops up. An always useful “Nightgaunt” and a Lloigor appear blocking merchant disctrict streets and southside streets respectively. 1st Turn: Let’s start collecting clues. Sister mary evades the Lloigor and casts her vision spell in order to get all the clues at French Hill neighbourghood. Agnes reads her tome and gets an extra skill and collects 2 clues at Hibb’s thanks to her magnifying glass. Norman & Gloria get clues at Science building and graveyard respectively. Finally Ursula who started at Independence Sq. meets the nightgaunt at merchant streets and fails the combat check (no injury though) getting drawn through the gate at the Black Cave. . Mythos: Monster surge at Black Cave… releasing 5 monsters. 2nd Turn: Continuing collecting clues. After moving all investigators , all of them but Sister Mary have 5 or more clues, It is Sister Mary the one who gets drawn through a gate after collecting her clue at Unvisited Isle. Agnes buys an enchanted knife at the curiosity shop and Norman finds an rusty axe in the woods. Meanwhile in Other worlds Sister mary looses some stamina/sanity but Ursula remain unscathed and will return to Arkham next turn. Mythos: A cultist appear at STL, 2 on the board (for now) . Gate at the Graveyard, a deep one goes to the outskirst since there are already 8 non-cultist monsters on the board. The mythos card is a rumor: The great ritual ….buff. Cultist have now two extra toughness bringing them to 4… Well, I have a spellcasters team. I think the rumor will somehow help me. 3rd Turn: Some team work ahead. Norman moves to the Merchant district streets. Gloria moves to the gate at the graveyard . On her way there she drops two spells and some money to Norman , while taking find gate from him. Finally Agnes move south from the curiosity shop , takes the 3 spells Norman had and ends her movement at French Hill streets where She discards 4 spells. She keeps Sumon Shantak (she will need it next turn) and the rumor is passed. Everybody gains 2 clues..Yay!. Meanwhile Ursula seals the gate at the Black Cave. On other worlds Sister Mary ends delayed on the first Area and Gloria chooses a good encounter. Mythos: Gate at Hibb’s bringing the doom track to four. 2 cultist + the cultist at STL join Agnes in the French Hill streets. 4th Turn: Agnes summons Shantak and evades all cultists and enters the gate at Hibb’s. Norman with 5 dollars moves to Magick Shop where he buys an attack spell (spectral razor). Ursula uses her Silver Key 3 times and her disguise skill in order to evade all the monsters in the Black Cave and moves to Independence sq to collect a clue there. In other worlds Agnes gets some money from some conical creatures, Sister mary finally has a good encounter and fortune smiles on Gloria , so no problem there. Mythos: Another cultist at STL. Gate at the woods and witch going to the outskirts. Clue for Ursula at Independence Sq. Since two more monsters are released on the streets the terror level increases for first time after reseting the outskirts. 5th Turn: Gloria comes back from OW. (Btw now I realize I completely forgot she had “find gate” spell from Norman.) and seals the gate at the Graveyard. Ursula goes to the Science building where she exchanges her gate trophy for 2 clues bringing her to 6 clues. In OW Sister Mary is down to 1 stamina , Norman loses two sanity and Agnes gains one sanity. No big deal. Mythos: The cultist congregation continues to grow on the STL and due to their chanting they manage to open a gate to Plateau of Leng there. Who dares go there with 6 cultist guarding the gate?. Clue for Gloria at the graveyard. 6th Turn: Both Sister Mary and Agnes return to Arkham and seal their gates. Ursula goes to the train station hoping to find Bill Washington, but she finds a stranger instead giving her a useless spell. Gloria decides to go to the Science building and exchanges her Gate trophy for 2 clues bringing her to 6. Finally Norman finds a strange pool in the Abyss. He looks into it and sees Sister Mary who is drawn into the Abyss. Mythos: Another cultist at STL. Gate to the Abyss at Independence Square. 7 doomers. 7th Turn: With only 2 gates open in Arkham and both to the Abyss and 2 seals away from victory, let’s send then Gloria & Ursula to the Abyss through the gate at the Woods (without monsters). Just in time before Norman comes back and seals the gate at the Woods. Agnes summons Shantak and moves undetected southwards . No major problems in the Abyss- Mythos: Gate at the Witch House bringing doom track to 8. Two more cultists at Agnes location. 8th Turn:This time I remember to cast find gate with Gloria who returns to Arkham and seals the last gate.Victory ! Doom track : 8 Terror track : 2 Madness/Injuries: 0 Cultist on board 9 It was a really unusual sneaky short game . I fought "zero" monsters. Combining the evasion items I had with the early monster surge that send any new monster to the Outskirts, it made the paths to the gates accessible. You add some extra free clues from the passed rumor and an easy victory was at hand. It was a great game though I have some questions regarding Segment 4 rules. Up to 4 investigators may carry over one item to replace one of their random items of the same type. "Find gate" spell started on Norman's hands but he gave it to Gloria. Can then Gloria carry over the spell to next scenario and this way I will have 2 find gate spells? Can an item which ends on an investigators' hands be carried over and passed to another investigator? I think not. But I am unsure. I write down investigators items (not starting fixed items) at the end of the scenario: Gloria : Find Gate, Axe, Bullwhip Norman: Spectral Razor, Crystal of Elder things, Motorcyckle, Axe Ursula: Holy water, a task, Food, telescope, Implant suggestion spell Agnes: Summon shantak, enchanted knife Sister Mary: Vision quest, Intervene. If I got the rules right, then Gloria will carry over Find Gate, Norman the motorcykle (I hate slow investigators ), Agnes Summon Shantak and Sister Mary the gate trophy to Another dimension. Ursula has nothing worthed carrying over to the next scenario.
  3. Thanks Julia :-) Yes. It was mostly Gloria with a Tommy gun doing the dirty fighting in Arkham . Her will was pretty high nearly all time, at 3 or 4. As far as I remember she only failed against the Wraith. Apart from the moonbeast and wraith, she encountered mostly easy monsters like Tcho-tcho priest, zombies, Byakhees....I got also lucky after closing gates some tough monsters went back to the cup. But Norman should have been devoured by a Dark Young after sealing the gate at Devil's Reef. Anyway it is good that I retry. I think I am going to replace Leo for Sister Mary. I have just realized that she can pass a gate trophy to the next scenario. That is a free blessing. I know she'll be back sooner or later, so why not play with her now and try to get something good to pass over next scenario. Anyway I had fun trying and I am looking forward to play it again soon.
  4. SCENARIO 17 - Elderly God difficulty INDOMiTABLE OR DOOMED? Agnes, Leo, Gloria, Ursula & Norman against Nka`ji Ara and the arbiter of Reality. Starting Items: Ursula: Safety key deposit, Dark Cloak, Naacal Key & Masquerade of the night –Skill:+1 Sneak Agnes: Book of the believer, whiskey, wither & Sigil of Hermes- Skill: Library Use Gloria: Carbine Rifle, Ancient tome, Bind monster& Flesh ward – Skill: Expert Ocultist Norman: Elder sign, Crowbar, shrivelling & find gate- Skill: Endurance Leo: Mineralogy task, 45 automatic, Ally: Asenath Waite(+1 speed/+1 sneak)- Skill: +1 Lore. The Arbiter of reality deals the first Madness card to Agnes, who gets Claustrophobia. The first mythos opens a gate at the Independence Square releasing a cultist moving south. 1st Turn: Agnes starts the turn by killing the cultist at downtown streets, which respawns at the STL. She also successfully reads the tome she possessed getting a clue and an attack spell. Gloria goes to HIbb’s where a stranger invites her to whiskey. Norman collects 2 clues at the Unnamable but a gate opens on top of him waking up in Another time, well at least he has 5 clues and an Elder sign. Leo decides to do the Mineralogy task and goes to the woods where he is offered to join the cult, which he politely refuses. Finally Ursula which started at the graveyard rushes to Independence Square and travel to Yuggoth where she gets an extra clue. Mythos: A gate at the Woods sucking Leo through it. All quiet in Arkham mythos card grants the 3 investigators which are currently in OW a blessing J. 2nd Turn: Gloria goes to the Black Cave to collect the clue there and she finds Tom Mountain Murphy, she gaves him a bottle of whiskey , but he is not available, she gets a Tommy gun instead. She won't complain :-). Agnes gets the clue at Unvisited Isle and loses some sanity by contemplating some weird constellations. Meanwhile in OW Norman gets delayed again and fortunately both Ursula & Leo manage to evade some pesky monsters and pass their encounters. Mythos is a monster surge at Independence sq. Releasing 5 monster (one cultist amongst them at the woods). 3rd Turn: Ursula comes back from OW and seals Independence Square . Agnes sends the cultist on French Hill streets back to STL, freeing the way for Gloria which collects two clues at Historical Society and passes her PS, but upon entering there she finds a horrible surprise when an old professor suddenly turns into a Moonbeast and attacks her. Thanks to her binding spell she kills it. Norman gets finally lucky in Another time and does not get delayed, but Leo fails his test and he forced to retreat back to the 1st area and delayed. He is also clueless(literally speaking). Will he ever escape the Dreamlands? Mythos: Gate at the Black cave. Doom track reaches 4 releasing 2 cultist on Agnes location which happens to be the French Hill streets, a Wraith and the 2 other cultists at STL join the macabre party. 4th Turn: Another cultist pops up at the STL (6 on the board). Ursula loses her blessing and starts collecting clues again at Hibb’s. Norman this time can successfully cast find gate and seals the gate at the Unnamable with his clues. Agnes first deals with the Wraith. She fails the horror check and thus is sent to OW through the nearest gate, which happens to be at the Black Cave and she is delayed. There in Ryleh finds a Shoggoth who nearly eatens her alive, but she casts a curse of Azathoth passing the encounter. Meanwhile Gloria cleans the streets of monsters. She kills a zombie and a cultist which nearly drives her insane and she gets depressed. Finally Leo is still exploring the Dreamlands. Mythos : Gate to Lost Carcosa at Devil Reef guarded by a Deep young. -5 doomers. 5th Turn: Another cultist on the board. Norman loses his blessing. Ursula pushes her Lore to the maximum and goes to the bank where she exchanges her bank deposit key for 2 clues bringing her to 5. Then she uses her Naacal Key and opens a gate there to Lost Carcosa. Why Lost carcosa? Because Norman who lost his blessing but still has his elder sign meets her there and they both jump into the gate aiming to seal the other gate to Lost Carcosa at Devil’s Reef. Gloria contines killing monsters on the streets. This time is a chocho priest which actually had another bank deposit key on his pocket. In OW this time no one fails their check. Mythos opens a gate at the Witch House guarded by a serpent priest. Gloria thanks to some checkered cab trials can move directly to French Hill streets for free. 6th Turn: Leo closes the gate at the woods, but he does not have enough clues to seal it. Gloria encounters first the Wraith at the French hill streets. She fails the horror check and is sent to Celeano through the gate at Witch House. Norman uses his Find gate spell and comes back to Arkham successfully sealing the gate at the Devil Reef. In OW Ursula fails her check and is delayed. The same to Agnes who goes back to the first area and is delayed L. Mythos: Gate at the Marsh Refinery. 6 doomers after removing one from the Elder sing. There are 3 Seals on the board and 3 investigators in the 1st area of OW delayed but with enough clues to seal. Let’s hope they get better encounters next turn. 7th Turn: Leo & Norman have to face a Dark Young at their respective locations and both failed. Leo ends up tainted at the hospital with a sprained ankle and Norman at the Asylum with paranoia and schizophrenia. In OW Ursula is lucky enough to come back to Arkham and Agnes & Gloria have successful checks, then they can move to the 2nd area next turn. Mythos opens a gate at the Unvisited Isle- 7 doomers. 8th Turn: Leo grabs the clue at the Science building where he finds some magic powder. Ursula manages to seal the gate at the Bank and Norman goes to the train station where his shoes get polished gaining two clues. In OW Agnes passes a Lore check and Gloria chooses an encounter that suits her. Mythos: Gate at the Woods bringing doom track to 8. I have to place cultists on Agnes location, but she is in OW, that means she is devoured. Roll a die (on a 1 or 2 game is over) .....arrghh.. I roll a “2”...Going back to the scenario's title: Indomitable or Doomed? Definitely doomed. The 9 cultists on the board are happy. Interesting Ancient One. OW are more dangerous than ever. I realized after playing, that I made a mistake. Both when Agnes/Gloria got drawn through a gate because they failed the horror check, they should have taken some stamina damage and possibly some injuries (due to Arbiter of Reality). I completely forgot. Somehow it is good then that I failed and I can try againg without "cheating" :-).
  5. Sorry to disappoint you. In the end I am just a humble survivor .
  6. Well...after such a long long long break (bad excuses, I know J), it is time to continue with my play through this fan league. Next scenario is number 16. I will though play it on normal mode and not because I haven’t been playing Arkham for a while, but because I think the rules are a little bit convoluted and it might ruin my game (I mean there are too many rules for this scenario. I would have to look at 5 different sheets: Scenario sheet, 2 Heralds, Elderly God sheet and Demi-god sheet). I think also the scenario is challenging on itself. So let’s get started. SCENARIO 16 – Normal Mandy, Minh Thi, Ursula, Darrell and Ashcan against Nyarlathotep supported by The Maskless and The Faceless One. Starting Items: Mandy: Handcuffs,Dusty Manuscripts, Gladius carcosa –Skill:+1 Lore Minh Thi: KiY tome, Magnum 357,Whiskey,Crystal Elder things, Call down storm- Skill: Endurance Ashcan: Carbine Rifle, Enchanted blade – Skill: Expert Ocultist Ursula: Telescope, Food, Golden Sword YT, Enchanted cane- Skill: Library Use Darrell: Flamethrower, Dhol-Chants & Mi-go Braincase- Skill: +1 sneak. I can’t complain .Darells starts also with a random Exhibit item: Mask of Wisdom. The first mythos opens a gate at the Unnamable placing the first mask monster on the board: The bloated woman. 1st Turn: Let’s start picking up clues on the board. Ursula at the Independence Square where she gets 2 extra, Mandy at the Witch House where she is confronted with a Rat-thing and Minh Thi after reading her KiY tome and collects clue at the woods. All 3 are ready to seal if they manage to go through a gate. Finally Darrell and Ashcan go to Black cave & graveyard. No bad encounters. I was hoping a gate will open on one of those locations, then I would avoid the mask monsters that would likely spawn in the next mythos - Mythos: A gate at Marsh Refinery guarded by a Dagon priest. 2nd Turn: Minh Thi goes to the train station hoping to meet Bill Washington , but she bumps instead into an old friend who hands her a magic lamp as a souvenir. Ashcan moves to the Unvisited Isle where he meets John Legrasse who joins him. Darrell goes drinking at Hibb’s and he gains 2 extra clues after some heavy drinking. Mandy gets also an extra clue at the Silver twilight lodge. Finally Ursula does not dare to face the bloated woman & the copy of wailing wither guarding the gate at the Unnamable. Let’s first get the clue at the science building and let’s see what Mythos brings up. Mythos opens a gate on top of Ashcan at the Unvisited Isle. The black man is guarding the gate. 3rd Turn: Darrell rushes to the Historical society to collect the last clue on the main board and this way he fails his PS. There he finds a cipher for interpreting old texts. He is joined then by Professor Morgan after reading Dhol Chants with the cipher. Mandy goes to the general store and buys some Molotov cocktail. Ursula moves north to the train station where she founds a strange book which contains a spell and a clue. Ashcan starts exploring Rlyeh, while Minh Thi goes through a gate in the Marsh Refinery. She is welcomed by a Yithian upon entering Lost Carcosa, but She hits him hard with her Lamp... Mythos: Gate opens at Wizard’s Hill guarded by a Leng spider. 4th Turn: Ursula travels to Wizard Hill, kills the Leng Spider and barely evades the copy of the Wailing wither after using some spare clues. The Dreamlands are her next destination. Darrell uses the migo braincase and swaps places with the bloated woman. He goes through the gate at the Unnamable after getting rid of the Wailing wither copy. Meanwhile Mandy goes again to the Witch house hoping a gate would open on top of her, but she gets delayed instead. 4 investigators in OW. Apart from Ashcan getting delayed and some minor stamina drops, quite lucky encounters there (A quiet day in another world is always a good encounter). Mythos: Another gate to Rlyeh but this time at the Woods releasing the Hunter of the Dark which moves to the sky. Ashcan fails his PS and discards Legrasse L. 5th Turn: Mandy wakes up from her nightmare at the Witch House to get sucked by a gate opening on top of her. The Black Pharaoh enters the board (I am not sure here if i had to spawn a regular monster or a mask, since I think Mask monster appear only during mythos phase). Minh Thi seals the first gate in the Marsh Refinery. Again 4 investigators in OW. Ashcan finds a way back to Arkham from Rlyeh to The woods. Ursula finds a spell in the dreamlands. Finally Darrell and Mandy lose both some health but nothing too serious. Mythos: Yay! Gate bounced at the Marsh Refinery and two monsters unleashed at Church green streets. 6th Turn: Ursula, Darrel & Ashcan seal gates at the Wizard’s hill, woods and Unnamable . 4 seals on the board. Minh Thi gets arrested and she is beaten up at Insmouth Jail. Finally Mandy continues her until now easy exploration of Celeano. Mythos: A tidal wave in Insmouth opens a gate at Devil’s Reef. 7th Turn: Nobody has clues unless Min thi who is in jail. Ursula collects 2 clues at Gartner’s place. Minh thi continues in prison but this time she gets 2 clues. Ashcan stays at the woods since he does not have movement and Darrell uses his migo braincase to swap places with the spider leng at Devil’s Reef and enters Yuggoth. Mandy is still in celeano. Mythos: Monster surge at the Unvisited Isle. Only 3 gates opened that means 3 masks at Unvisited Isle/Witch House: Shadowy figure, The skinless one and Shugeron and 2 regular monsters at Devil’s Reef. A warlord and a cultist which immediately goes through a vortex rising DOR to 2. 8th Turn: Ashcan kills the Shadowy Figure. Ursula continues collecting clues in Dunwich. Meanwhile Minh Thi finally escapes prison and Mandy seals the 5th gate. Darrell gains 8 dollars in yuggoth. Mythos: “Fetch me faces” gets activated this turn resulting on The Beast entering the board where Ashcan is. Gate bounced at the woods. There is now only one gate left at the Unvisited Isle but it is heavily guarded by 3 masks and 5 other masks monsters are roaming nearby ....then forget about it (for now). 9th Turn: Darrell manages to close the gate at Devil’s Reef . Minh Thi collects 2 clues at EO Dagon but she is caught by some priests and gets cursed. Mandy takes a break at Velma’s and Ashcan evades the Beast and seeks refuge at the Science building.Ursula is kicked out from Whateleys farm after geting the clue there. Mythos: Gate at EO Dagon sending Minh Thi to the Abyss. The Haunter swoops down on Ursula. Doom track at 8. 10th Turn: Ursula manages to defeat the Haunter of the Dark. The others are successfull evading or fighting the copies except Darrell who ends in the Asylum. Mandy gets some clues at Independence Square. Ashcan still hiding in the Science building and Minh Thi barely passes a fatal speed check. Mythos: Gate at Gardner’s Place bringing doom track to 9. 11th Turn: Mandy seizes the opportunity; now that the Merchant district streets are clear, she nukes the copy of Wailing wither guarding the gate at the Unvisited Isle and goes to Rlyeh. Unfortunately she ends up in a strange chamber filled with hideous creatures who devour her whole L. Rlyeh can be sometimes brutal. Darrell cannot defeat the God of the bloody tongue and ends up at the hospital. Thanks god Minh Thi gets rid of her curse and finishes exploring the second area of Abyss. Ursula meanwhile gets more clues at Cold spring glen. Mythos: Gate at STL with 2 Wailing withers (a copy and a real one). Doom at 10. 12th Turn: Minh Thi seals the gate at EO Dagon winning the game. Next mythos would have meant another gate (Ind. Square) and the Ancient one would have awakened. It was fun but also uncomfortable game with so many masks monsters blocking the streets. The way to go is to try to get gates opened on top of investigators to minimize the impact of the masks on the board. Well...Segment 3 is over ... I am so looking forward to the next scenario .-)
  7. Thanks Julia Yes you are right. I made a mistake. I guess she could have read the necronomicon a second time to pass her PS instead. Or Amanda could have given her the True Magick tome when they were both in Lost Carcosa and read it afterwards. Anyway the game outcome would have been the same even if she had failed. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Well it was time to face the next scenario in segment 3 Scenario 15 in Elderly god mode Mandy,Monterey, Sister Mary, Minh Thi and Amanda against The Black Man. Starting items: Mandy: Makeup Kit, Time bomb, Necronomicon & Sneak skill. Monterey: .38Revolver, Bull whip, Cursed Sphere, Soul Gem & Wrestle (+1 Figth) skill. Sister Mary: Holy Water, Cross, Alchemical Process, Great Banishment & Endurance skill. Minh Thi: KiY tome,Lucky Rabbit, Hand Camera, Petrifying solution, wither & Persuasion (+1will) skill. Amanda: Whiskey, Golden Sword of Yhatalla, Foresee & Marksman - +1 Lore skill. Mandy starts with a random Exhibit item: Third Elder Sign fragment. First Mythos -Gate at Cold Spring Gleen releasing a vampire. No clues on the board except for the one just spawned at Whateley Farm. 1st Turn: Monterey stays at the Curiosity shop where he is joined by Amanda. He purchases the True Magick tome and gives it to Amanda.She returns the favor and gives him some whiskey. Sister Mary wants to be a rich nun :-) Then She starts casting her alchemical process spell while moving north towards the curiosity shop. Mandy and Minh Thi meet up in the MIskatonic streets and exchange also items. Minh thi gets the necronomicon aiming to pass her PS and Mandy gets the hand camera. Mythos opens a gate at the Dagon’s order. Some evil priests release a Warlock and shoggoth at the Factory district streets in Insmouth. Meanwhile The black man stalkes Mandy& Minh Thi and ambushes them at Miskatonic Univ. A vampire goes through a vortex in Dunwich increasing the terror level by 1. 2nd Turn: Mandy evades both Black Man & Bloody tongue good and gets the two clues at the witch House. Then she discards the Hand camera gaining an extra clue and another extra clue for Amanda, who had taken the bus to Insmouth. She had previously got an extra clue by reading True magick Tome. Minh Thi has to confront the Black Man. She first reads the KiY tome and barely passes the Black Man luck check . She ends her turn with 6 extra clues and a the first doom token. Finally Sister Mary earns 3 extra dollars and goes to the curiosity shop where she hands the money to Monterey who is lucky and buys and Elder sign J. Mythos opens a gate on top of Mandy at the Witch House. 3rd Turn: Amanda kills the Shoggoth which had moved onto her and reads again the True magick tome for her 4th clue. Monty holding tight his elder sign takes the train to Dunwich. The greedy nun goes to the newspaper where she becomes an expert tracing mysterious calls granting her 2 clues. Minh Thi evades the black man and goes to the general store where she buys the Director’s diary. Finally Mandy finds a cache with ancients papers granting her an extra clue in OWs, bringing her to 8 clues. Mythos: Gate at Gardner’s place guarded by a Warlock. 4th Turn: Monterey kills the warlock guarding the gate at Gardner’s place and goes to the city of the Great Race. Sister Mary after getting her usual money, kills the witch roaming rivertown streets and this ways gives free passage to Minh Thi who also takes the train to Dunwich. Finally Mandy continues exploring Celeano. Mythos opens a gate at the Black Cave. 5th Turn: Min Thi & Amanda go through a gate to Lost carcosa from Dagon’s & Cold spring Glen respectively. Mandy seals the gate at the Witch House. Meanwhile Sister Mary collects a clue at the Unnamable and continues producing money from her spell. 3 investigators in OWs. Monty fights a monsters and the girls team together in Lost Carcosa barely passing a difficult check. Mythos opens a gate at Historical society. 6th Turn: Sister Mary goes to the Asylum to recover all her sanity. Becoming a rich nun drives one insane. Monty seals the gate at Gardner’s place. Mandy evades the bloody tongue god at the Witch House and has an encounter with Thomas F. Malone, but since he is not in the ally deck, she gets two clues instead bringing her to 6. Meanwhile in OW Amanda gets LiTaS and Minh Thi finds a stone with her name inscribed. She gets agoraphobia and 3 clues that brings her to 11 clues. Mythos opens a gate at Devil’s Hopeyard. First investigator who ends his movement at the train station gets an ally. Clue at Wizard's Hill. If a gate opens there it will remove all the seals. 7th Turn: Sister Mary gets the “Terrible Old man” ally by ending her turn at the train station. Monty rushes to the Wizard’s Hill to collect the clue and gets a doom token. Unfortunately a monster/gate encounter sends him to Yuggoth. He has only 4 clues but he gets another clue in OW encounter. Mandy also goes through gate at the Historical society to Another dimension. Minh This seals the gate at Cold spring Glen. 3 seals on the board with 2 investigators in OWs. Mythos is a monster surge at Wizard’s Hill. Let's hope no mythos places clue tokens there. 8th Turn: The rich nun goes to the curiosity shop where she buys a mi-go brain case. Monterey & Mandy continue on OWs joined by Amanda which this turns comes back from LiTaS and goes through the gate at Black Cave. Minh Thi kills a High Priest at backwoods country. Mythos: Strange sightings monster surge with a Black druid involved . Two monsters goes through a vortex in Dunwich waking up the Dunwich Horror. Minh Thi reduces the terror level increase by 1 after reading the Director’s diary and she passes her PS. She grabs Ruby Standish. 9th Turn: Minh Thi goes first this turn. She sneaks past the black druid and goes through the gate at Devil’s Hopeyard. Sister Mary swaps places with a monster close to a vortex in Dunwich. Mandy seals the gate at Historical Society. Two more seals to go and 3 investigators strugglin in OWs but surviving. Mythos opens a gate at the Woods. 10th Turn: Both Monterey & Amanda come back from OWs this turn and seal their gates without any problem. Yeah!...Victory by seals Doom track : 7 Terror level: 2 There were only 2 investigators with 1 doom token each. Still 5 doomers left in the box. I guess I was lucky with the Mythos card draw. In the last turns a mythos card placing clues at Wizard's Hill or a gate burst in the Witch House would have broken all the seals on the board by removing the clues lying there. Even though there were no clues on the board, I found other ways to get them without getting that many doomers. But I can see it could have been more difficult if I had not started with the right items and spells. It was fun but somehow I liked more the 2 previous scenarios.
  9. German?! Trust me ... Yesterday I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.. .
  10. Thanks Julia You are completely right about how the league tests your skills and challenges you in a way I had not experienced before on a normal Arkham game. In particular "the lesson to learn" in this scenario was, that no matter how grim the game's outcome might look, there is always a (small) chance of victory. And when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have to hit the table with all your strength because sometimes you only have one single opporturnity to succeed.
  11. Scenario 14 in Elderly God Here we go Ursula, Minh Thi, Lily, Luke & Vincent against the second Nyarthalotep scenario and his avatars. Starting items: Not very lucky there. Ursula & Luke draw an Elder sign, which means they start cursed and discard the Elder Sign due to the Bloody Bloated womanL. Lily due to Elderly difficulty starts also cursed. For every curse 2 extra Haunters. I start with 3 cursed investigators which means 6 copies of The Haunter of the dark in the sky together with the original. Oh,It is going to be tough game...Well at least some investigators start with good weapons J Ursula: Tommy gun, knife, ancient spear & skill – Persuade (+1 will)- Lily: The yellow mist, Bullwhip- skill: martial arts. Minh Thi: KiY tome, Shotgun, director’s diary, joining the winning team mission, Bless spell & Stealth skill Luke: Gate box, Astral travel, Flesh ward & +1 Lore skill. Vincent: 357 Magnum, Makeup kit, summon monster, shroud of shadow & bravery spell. Ursula carries from last scenario The Mask of Black Pharaoh and Minh thi draws Eye of Light & Darkness Exhibit Item. First Mythos is The blackest night: a gate in the Black Cave with a Proto-Shoggoth. All investigators are in stable locations then the Haunter of the Dark & copies remain in the sky. A clue is removed from Hibb’s and The Bloated Woman enters the board there getting some booze for starters. 1st Turn: Investigators start collecting clues. Lily at the woods finding a tome. Minh Thi reads KiY tome and gets clue at Historical society and Vincent is kicked out of the Science building after collecting another clue. I start dealing barred cards to Minh & Lily. Ursula is pulled trough a gate to Yuggoth during her encounter at Unvisited isle, but at least she gets two more clues there. Luke is less lucky at the Dreamlands going LiTaS and getting jinxed in the process. Mythos: Gate at Science Building releasing a Dhole. 2nd Turn: Lily gets rid of her curse and Minh Thi successfully casts bless on Ursula. The middle board is kind of blocked by tough monsters (moonbeast, Dhole, B-Woman,Proto-Shoggoth) but that doesn’t stop Vincent to charge on the Proto-Shoggoth at French Hill streets with his Magnum and giving this way free passage to Lily to collect clue at STL and to Minh Tih to the gate at the black Cave after barely sneaking past the B-Woman. Ursula gets delayed again in Yuggoth and Minh thi finds an old Journal in the City of great race. Mythos opens another gate to Yuggoth at The Witch House guarded by a Wraith and now starts the fun. Squares move. That means 7 Haunters of the Dark swoop down on Arkham’s favourite bait: Vincent J. Since Lily becomes barred from French Hill, she shares Vincent's dreadful fate. 3rd Turn: Luke comes back this time and starts collecting clues in Dunwich. Lily can’t tame so many haunters with only a bullwhip, then with her sneak at the maximum value and some clues so she manages to evade/flee 5 haunters until her stamina is reduced to zero. She has to draw 7 injuries and gets devoured after drawing 2 concussions L. Vincent horrified has only one shot left on his Magnum and brings down the first Haunter copy just before being eaten alive. He draws 6 madness cards and gets devoured after drawing two necrophobias. Compared to Arkham the other worlds are a breeze and Ursula& Minh Thi have uneventful encounters there. Mythos: A gate at Wizard’s Hill with another tough monster: A star vampire. Ashcan Pete & Amanda Sharpe join the investigation. As worth mentioned starting items Amanda gets an Find gate spell. 4th Turn: Minh Thi seals the gate in the black cave. Luke continues in Dunwich. Amanda meets Sarah Danforth at Independence Square and draws a handy Pentagram of Blood. Meanwhile Ashcan gets two clues this turn after his encounter at the unnameable. Mythos brings a monster surge in Wizard’s Hill and terror level increasing by 2. Minh Thi reduces that by 1 by reading the Director’s diary. The good thing is that investigators can exchange clue tokens. Amanda gets 3 from Minh Thi bringing her to 5. The bad thing is the Haunter of the Dark& copies return to the sky ready to attack the next victim(s). 5th Turn: Amanda uses her Pentagram of Blood to get rid of the Dark Young guarding the gate at the Witch House. Then thanks to her Hide skill, she evades Moonbeast and Chtonian on her way to the Unvisited Isle. Ursula comes back to Arkham but this time to the other yuggoth gate at The witch house but she fails the check to close the gate. Aschan evades the monsters roaming the streets and dives into the gate at the Science building. Luke collects his 4th clue at Gardner’s place , he then casts Astral travel waking up in Celeano with an extra clue. Finally Min Thi evades the B-Woman and collects clue at the Graveyard, then she successfully reads an old tome she had found in another world, granting her 3 clues and passing her PS. From the allies on the deck she chooses Erich Weiss. There are 3 investigators in other worlds but fortunately no terrible harm falls upon them this turn. Only Ashcan gets delayed and some minor sanity loses. Mythos: A plague of insects swarms the streets of arkham and a double doomer brings the doom track to 7, but no gates. Minh Thi is barred from rivertown and moves to the street with the Bitchy Woman. 6th Turn: Ursula this time seals the gate at the Witch House and gets barred from French Hill streets. Minh Thi has 5 clues but there are already 3 investigators in other worlds for the 3 remaining gates , so she evades once more B-woman and goes to the Asylum (mostly to avoid a possible move from the Haunter of the Dark on her) . Amanda fails her find gate spell, then the remaining 3 investigators continue their journeys in other worlds. Mythos: Oh ...another double doomer from CotDP that brings the doom track to 9. 7th Turn: Amanda & Luke seal gates at Unvisited Isle & Wizard’s Hill. Amanda is then barred from Merchant district neighbourhood. Ursula turns the moonbeast to dust with her Tommy Gun. Minh thi remains at the Asylum and Ashcan loses some stamina in the second area of the Abyss. Mythos: Gate at the Unnamable. Doom track at 10. The hunter of the Dark & copies move onto Ursula in the Miskatonic streets (joined by a Shoggoth eager for some fresh meat) . 8th Turn: Amanda goes to the Asylum and gives the Find gate spell to Min Thi, which rushes to the Unnamable. Aschan seals the gate at the Science building and is barred from Miskatonic and moves to the street just to watch how Ursula is being surrounded by some hideous monsters darkening the sky. Ursula has little chance of success, she gives up and embraces darkness. By getting insane, she draws 6 madness cards and is devoured by a double addiction. Mythos: Yes...Wizard’s hill bounced...buff. Harvey Walters replaces Ursula. 9th Turn: Ashcan, a master of camouflage (+1 sneak skill) manages to evade 6 haunters of the Dark and the Shoggoth . Finally Minh Thi casts Find gate and seals the last gate at the Unnamble. Buff. Victory by seals.I barely made it alive J. Doom track : 10 Terror: 2 Devoured Investigators: 3 I nearly gave up when Lily/Vincent got devoured...but at the end I was lucky thanks to Minh Thi, Amanda and her gate spell. The next mythos card would have opened a gate at Devil's Reef and the Ancient one would have awakened. The haunter of the Dark kind of reminded me of the First scenario (The Flying Dracula & copies). The B-woman is an interesting Herald though. Not so fan of the barred from Neighbourhood mechanic, mostly because I do not own the original CotDP and I do not know if I played it right or if I forgot to give the Barred card to someone. Anyway I enjoyed the scenario and looking forward to the next one .
  12. Next scenario is scheduled for sunday . Looking forward to it.
  13. Congrats Julia! Wow...You have been playing a lot lately (5 games in a week?!). I can't say the same about me :-(. So..what comes after your oceanic adventures? If my memory serves me well, you had already beaten KiY herald & Groth rotations,right? Is it Tulszcha, BGotW herald, the Dark Pharaoh or....? Take care. // E.
  14. I like actually more the scenarios with a constant threat (even if it becomes a smaller one due to good items, lucky circumstances,... ) like the last one, than the scenarios with a huge initial threat, but after solving it, becoming a normal Arkham game. For the next scenario I can't use Mandy or Darrell on hard mode....then I am thinking of taking Vincent as the fifth investigator (just for making it more challenging ) :-). I know I am going to regret it if I do it.
  15. You're welcome Julia. You made me blush . Reciprocally I should also thank you . I must admit that more than once after reading your "intense" game reports , I was suddenly in the mood for playing Arkham(I can actually recall one nightmare game you reported I think for New years with Yog-sothoth-Hydra/Dagon? that made me play Arkham with same AO/heralds/investigators straight away ). Cheers Enric
  16. Scenario 13 in Hard mode Mandy,Monterey, Ursula, Minh Thi and Darrell against Nyarlathotep. Starting items: Mandy: Ancient tome, Sedanette, For the greater god mission - +1 Luck skill. Monterey: .38Revolver, Bull whip, Mi-go brain case & Cabala of Saboth- Expert occultist skill Ursula: Bull whip, Ley line map, Alien device & Cabala of Saboth – +1 Luck skill Minh Thi: KiY tome, Dynamite, Shotgun, Lamp of Alhazred& Bind Monster spell- Mystic gift skill Darrell: Research Materials, Palid Mask & Warding statue - Disguise Skill. Ursula starts with a random Exhibit item: Mask of the Black Pharaoh. First Mythos -Gate at Witch house guarded by a Dark Young. 1st Turn: Mandy, Ursula and Minh Thi meet up at the Silver Twilight Lodge looking for a membership. It is only Ursula who gets it. Minh Thi gets though Mandy& Ursula tomes . Mandy is successful sneaking into the lodge and can savage a make-up kit and a press pass. Meanwhile the guys meet up at the Curiosity shop and they buy some magical weapons . Mythos opens a gate at the Graveyard and a rat thing moves to the rivertown streets. 2nd Turn: Mandy& Minh Thi are joined by Darrell at the Silver Twilight lodge, but neither of them is lucky enough to get a membership, although Minh Thi finds a Gladius of Carcosa. Monterey starts collecting clues and Ursula kills the Rat thing roaming the streets. Mythos is a monster surge at the Graveyard. A hideous Shoggoth moves onto Ursula. Due to some bizarre couriers investigators can exchange items by paying 1 sanity. This way Ursula gets a Gladius from Minh Thi. 3rd Turn: Ursula kills the Shoggoth and a witch on the rivertown streets and passes her PS. Mandy, Minh Thi and Darrell stay at the STL begging Carl Stanford for a membership. None of them get it. Darrell gets even kick out to the street and stripped of his clues L. Monterey goes to the Unvisited Isle and gets the three clues lying there bringing him up to 5 clues and failing his PS. The Skinless one appears at the Unnamable. Mythos opens a gate at Independence sq .guarded by a Skeleton. 4th Turn: Mandy, Minh Thi and Darrell continue at the STL and still no luck. Mandy finds two clues there spawing another Mask monster. This time is the black man who appears in the black Cave. Monterey & Ursula go through gates to Great Hall of Celeano and both get delayed L. Mythos opens a gate at Gardners place. 5th Turn: Min Thi finally succeeds at reading all her tomes and passes her PS getting Basil Elton as an Ally as a reward. Since she gained 5 clues after reading the KiY tome with the Press pass, another mask monster pops up at Hibb’s (The beast). Mandy gets her membership finally. Minh Thi and Darrell are still trying to get a membership from Carl Stanford. Ursula & Monty continue on other worlds. Mythos opens a gate at Wizard Hill with a Maniac. 6th Turn: Finally Minh Thi gets her TSL membership. Mandy goes through the gate in the graveyard. I guess Darrell will be then relegated to patrol the streets, but before that he heads back to the curiosity shop for more goodies. He buys a seeker of the yellow sign which will put in use next turn. No major events in other worlds; though Ursula finds a useful Illuminated script in the Great hall of Celeano. Mythos: gate at the Unvisited Isle with a Lloigor. 7th Turn: Minh Thi goes north direction to Dunwich, she meets Darell in the northside streets from whom she borrows money. Darrell discards the seeker of the yellow sign to pass the horror check against the Skinless one. Then he manages to kill the monster with Gladius/Golden sword Yha-talla. Monterey & Ursula come back this time to Arkham, but only Ursula manages to seal the gate at Independence sq sending the Beast back to the Mask pool. Mandy is still in the city of the great Race. Mythos: monster surge at Wizards Hill. A witch goes through a vortex adding the first Dunwich doomer. 8th Turn: Monterey & Mandy seal gates at Witch House and Graveyard respectively. Minh thi takes the train to Dunwich and kills one witch in the Village commons. Ursula goes to the Asylum to get some sanity back and has enough movement to read the Book of believer rewarding her with one clue. Finally Darrell who lost his retainer has 5$ left and goes to The curiosty shop again and tries his luck. He buys the “De vermiis mysteriis” Tome. Mythos: Gate at witch house, which is sealed J. A crawling one goes through another vortex…Dunwich Horror is closer to awakening. 9th Turn: Minh Thi goes through the gate at Gardners Place to Yuggoth. Ursula stays at the Asylum and reads the Illuminated script gaining another clue. Mandy kills the cultist at the graveyard and Monterey collects clue at Science Building. He meets there a student with a dimensional beam machine that can eventually close gates. At this moment there are 3 gates opened now (2 to yuggoth in Dunwich and 1 to another time at Unvisited Isle). Why not? Let’s give it a try… As a result the gate at Wizard’s hill is closed. Finally Darell collects clue at Train station. Mythos is a monster surge at Unvisited Isle. 10th Turn: Darrell kills a formeless spawn roaming the merchant district streets while the other investigators start collecting clues: Mandy at Historical society, Monterey at the woods and Ursula at Darke’s Carnival. Minh Thi has an uneventful turn in Yuggoth. Myhtos : gate at Witch House which is sealed. 11th Turn: Darrell successfully read the Vermiis Misteriis and closes the gate at Unvisited Isle. Minh Thi seals the gate at Gartners` Place…. 5 gates trophies achiving another victory by closing gates J Doom track : 6 Terror level : 2 I liked the scenario, specially the “2+ clues mechanic”. It makes you plan carefully when you can risk having more mask monsters on the board, although it can be a long game if you do not get a TSL membership earlier on the game. I am looking forward to the next scenario. It looks more...menacing :-)
  17. According to the rules - Reference guide pg3 "An investigator can gain a card or token only if it is available" and "Cards and tokens on a defeated investigator's sheet are not available" Then if the asset is not available, he/she will start without the asset. That also counts for nasty rumors like "Faded from society" where you discard all assets by failing it. I play it this way, but I think you could easily houserule it by drawing a random asset of the same type (ally, weapon,...) if you think it cripples your investigators. Hope this helps :-).
  18. Thanks Avi. My favorite scenarios are 9 & 11. I like the 9th because Shudde M'ell has always been one of my favorite ancient ones. If I remember right, It was a close call with so many monster surges. I had fun. I think Scenario 11th was one of the toughest in Elder god difficulty, but I really enjoyed playing as an outlaw from The Sheldon Gang :-). I also liked scenario 8th. It is always nice to play with a new custom-made Ancient One. My least favorites are 7 & 10 & 12. The game with Ithaqua was the worst one. I hated the crippling wind effect from Wendigo... In my game I think it was paired with a nasty environtment from mythos deck that slowed even more investigator's movement resulting in having a team of snails :-). Scenario 10th: I hate Shub and I hate even more muscled Dark Youngs :-)....and Atlach, what can I say? It is always uncomfortable to play against it... I am glad I passed the scenarios, but I don't feel like playing them again. I think also as a whole segment 1 was better than segment 2. I have one question for segment 3: I do not own the old version of CotDP...is it ok to play with the revised edition? Segment 3 seems to focus a lot on CotDP items, so I do not know if I have to make some tweaks.? I can see the rules say that at the start of a scenario, one investigator without an Exhibit item may randomly draw one. Does it count for the first scenario on segment 3? Cheers -Enric
  19. Scenario 12 in Hard mode Joe, Marie, Michael, Roland and Sister Mary in a spider nightmare. Starting items: Sister Mary : Holy water, Cross,Wither & Mist of Releh – Mental fortitude skill (exhaust/pass horror check) Joe: 45 automatic, Time bomb & safety key deposit- +1 Will skill Marie: Voice of Ra, Enchanted Knife, Plumb the void & sigil of hermes – Ancient language skill (exhaust/pass spell check). Michael: Tommy gun, Dynamite and Puzzle box- +1 Lore & 4 monster trophies Roland: Shotgun, Holy Water & Earl Sawyer Ally (+1 Fight/+1 Sneak) - Stealth Skill. All investigators start with a random green corruption. At the same time Joe starts with Delirium Madness and Sister Mary with Arachnofobia. 4 leng spiders patrolling eastown, miskatonic & northside streets. First Mythos -Gate at Witch house guarded by a Rat Thing. A rusty train releases a cultist & a Goat spawn at the northside streets. 1st Turn: Marie as usual gets money from Michael and goes to the Magick shop to buy spells. She buys a find gate spell. Before going there she gives Voice of Ra spell to Michael. He will need it for the next turn. Joe gains two clues from the safe deposit key and then moves to Easttown streets and kills the 1st Leng spider (unfortunately using some of his clues).. Sister Mary evades a copy spider on the way to Miskatonic streets where she purifies the 2nd Leng spider with her Holy water. Meanwhile Michael passes by Sister Mary giving her his puzzle box and stops at Merchant district where he fights a spider copy . Finally Roland sneaks by a copy spider and collects clue at independence sq . Mythos opens a gate in the Woods. Marie gains one extra corruption. 2nd Turn: Joe collects 2 clues at the black cave, while Sister Mary collects the other two clues at the Historical society . Roland goes to Hibbs and pays 2$ to get his 5th clue passing his PS. Marie also passes her PS by buying alchemical process spell. Finally Michael gets his stats buffed after casting Voice of Ra and moves north where he has a lot of hard work to do. First he deals with the cultist & Goat spawn passing his PS. Then he dynamites the 3rd Leng spider & uses his tommy gun for the last Leng spider. Now that there are no more spiders it is time to focus on her mother, the spider queen. Mythos: Gate at Science Building with a Warlock. Marie’s corruptions get activated again. This time she loses two sanity and gains two clues. 3rd Turn: Uneventful turn where everybody continues gathering clues and planning maybe for an all together dive into gates on the following turns. Mythos opens a gate at the Unnamable where Marie was. She wakes up in the Abyss. Maries corruption gets activated again gaining 2 more clues and losing 2 sanity..she is getting in the verge of nervous breakdown. 4th Turn: Roland goes through the gate in the Science building. Joe& Michael go shopping at the curisiosity shop . Joe finds a cheap King in Yellow tome and Michael buys without hesitation Livre d’Ivon. He has a bold plan. Sister Mary with some money borrowed from Joe goes to the Hospital to recover her stamina. Mythos opens a gate at the Unvisited Isle releasing a maniac which moves to the street together with a Skeleton who was at the Unnamable. 5th Turn: Sister Mary jumps into the gate at the woods. Michael reads first Livre d’Ivon Tome and by successfully passing the Lore test , he can take any spell. He chooses “Arcane Insight” spell and pays 2 sanity which he recovers later by killing the two monsters at the Merchant districts streets. Afterwards Joes goes through the gate at Unvisited Isle. Roland continues in Plateu of Length. Finally Marie casts find gate and returns to the Unnamable. She could stay there 2-3 turns and wait for a simultaneous gate closure, but I don’t think she can hold it since she is only at 1 sanity, so better be off with it. She decides to close the gate. She has to summon a monster (due to Elder god difficulty) and a Byakhee appears , she disposes of it with her enchanted knife and closes the gate. Mythos is a monster surge at the woods. 6th Turn: In the next upkeep Michael uses one clue to cast Arcane insight and check the next 3 mythos cards. Then next mythos was supposed to open a gate at Dagon’s order and the second one was opening a gate at Independence Sq. He puts the 3rd mythos on top which is a monster surge at Unvisited Isle. Marie moves first this time, she gets the Arcane insight spell from Michael and rushes to the Asylum in order to recover sanity. Michael then goes through a gate at the witch House. Joe& Sister Mary travel to their respective 2nd area of the other worlds and finally Roland comes back to Arkham. He evades a summoned Colour out of space and closes the gate at the Science building. The mythos causes a monster surge at the unvisited isle and Maries corruption get activated again. She gets 2 clues and goes insane getting two madnesses (agoraphobia & claustrophobia). 7th Turn: Mary starts by exhausting her Ancient Language skill and casting Arcane Insight. This way she puts “The next act begins” KiY mythos from the 3rd place to the top of the mythos deck. Then she casts Plumb the Void and brings Michael back to the witch House. Joe& Sister Mary come also back from Arkham. Joe is the first one to close the gate at Unvisted Isle after defeating a Ghoul. Then Sister Mary evades a crawling one and closes the gate at the Woods. Finally Michael has to summon 4 monsters since it is the last opened gate: 1st one is a witch no problem there. Then he evades a Cthonian and a Flying Polyp with his last clues and the last one is a Mi-go. He then closes the last gate at the Witch House….an it is a Victory by closing gates (one each investigator). Madness cards: 4, Corruptions: 7 Doom track : 5 Terror Level: 0. I realize now that I completely forgot to use Marie’s witch blood ability this time.Anyway after dealing with the initial spider thread, it was basically an Atlach-Nacha game with corruptions and a high risk to get injuries/madnesses. I am looking forward to the next segment. I was a little bit tired to play with the same investigators the last scenarios again and again…. Now I get a new investigator pool J. PS: As a side note I must admit that I finally “succumbed to the trend”….Yes I bought Eldritch Horror and have already played 3 games. Who knows? Maybe In some years there will be another fan league for Eldritch Horror J.
  20. Julia...It would be a pleasure :-). But Take it easy, I still have a long road ahead before I can take the bonus ones. Anyway I am curious... and I do not think I will be disappointed :-)
  21. Bonus scenarios? uh..What? . Well, let's say I took a "calculated risk." .The gate limit is actually 8 according the Reference sheets that came with Miskatonic Horror. It is 7 gates using two expansions and 5 investigators, but 8 if the two expansions are Dunwich&Insmouth like I played . I guess those sheets are right, aren't they?Anyway I always play with them next to the board otherwise I get confused with monster/gates/outskirts limits combined with multiple expansions . Oh... I did not know that...Thanks for the info
  22. Scenario 11 on Elder god difficulty. The same investigators as usual starting with the following items: Michael : Dynamite, Tommy gun & King in Yellow – Skill- Marksman & 4 monster trophies. Roland: Food, alien statue, Ally – Thomas Malone- (Spell Shrivelling)- Skill- Dodge Sister mary: Holy Water, Cross, Dread curse of Azathoth & Flesh ward- Skill +1 Fight Marie Lambeau: Enchanted knife, Voice of Ra, Wrack & spectral razor- Skill spot hidden Joe Diamond : 45 automatic, Derringer & Ancient tome – skill +1 Lore. The first 3 cultist appear at Unvisited Isle, Black cave & Independence square wich become corrupted. The first mythos opens a gate at the Unvisited Isle releasing a deep one. At the same time a strange statue is destroyed causing a Dark young & Shan to appear at the Village commons (Dunwich). 1st Turn : Michael gives the King in yellow tome to Marie and some money as usual then she can go to buy some spells. The other 4 investigators start their collecting clues chores. Joe collects two clues in the Science building and the others get a clue at Historical society, Hibb’s & Silver twilight lodge. . Mythos: Gate at the Witch House guarded by an Elder thing. The cultists start moving blocking the streets at French Hill, Eastown & Northside streets. I guess I will have to kill some of them J. 2nd Turn: Sister mary goes first this time and disposes of the cultist at the French hill streets with her spells., raising the terror level by 1. That means 2 corruptions tokens are placed at the Unnamable & Order of Dagon. And since the terror level rises to an odd number both mythos cards are resolved adding two gates at the afore mentioned places guarded by a Fire Vampire and Colour out of Space. At the same time a Mi-go and a Byakkhe are released in the factory district(Insmouth). The second mythos moves also the cultists again to the Northside streets and Miskatonic blocking Joe’s intended movement L. Marie goes next. She reads the King in yellow gaining 4 clues and buys her second spell pasing her PS. Then Joe moves to Miskatonic and kills the second cultist raising the terror level to 2 corrupting the Woods in the process. Michael kills the Elder thing which had moved to the French hill streets passing his PS and finally Roland collects clue at the Graveyard. Sister Mary, Michael and Joe are in a street area during the encounter phase, then they roll a die on the Sheldong gang chart. This way sister mary gains 2$, lucky Joe gets an unique item which happens to be an Elder sign..yay! and Michael gets nothing. Mythos : Monster surge at the Unvisited Isle. At the same time a careless picnicker unleashes 2 monsters on the downtown streets… that means at the end of turn 2, Arkham is plagued with monsters: there are already 7 monsters and a spawn cultist roaming the main arkham board and 6 monsters on the other boards (but thankfully they are flying or statitonary monsters there). 3rd turn: Marie goes first and uses her witch blood ability. Because she does not have any money she casts first premonition; this way she can overcome the “Wanted” condition and moves 4 spaces to the Witch House where she kills the Dimensional shamble guarding the gate to Another dimension and travel to another world. On the way there she takes the Elder sign from Joe who is in MIsketonic and tosses it to Sister Mary in the French hill streets. Then Joe goes north evading the deep one roaming the Merchant district and with his 45 on his right hand and the derringer on his left one kills the fire vampire and the Ghast guarding the gate at the Unnamable and enters R’lyeh. Michael is next and moves to Merchant District streets and kills the deep one. Roland moves to the Black cave gets his 5th clue and passes his PS. Finally sister Mary moves to Unvisited Isle nuking the goat spawn and Ghoul there and goes through a gate to the Great hall of celeano where she becomes delayed . Mythos: Gate at Wizards hill guarded by a Wraith. 4th turn: There are only 2 investigators in Arkham: Michael continues cleaning the streets of monsters. This time he kills a goat spawn and a Leng spider roaming downtown streets. He then rolls on the Sheldon gang chart and gains a puzzle box. Roland gets a gangster token because he is in a corrupted place and then moves to the train station. He encounters there Bill Washington who offers him a ride. He gladly asks him to drive him to Wizard hill. He evades the Wraith guarding the gate and goes to Yuggoth. Nothing worth mentioned going on on other world encounters. Mythos: Gate at Black cave releasing a Dark young. Roland gains a corruption. Old debts come due! The terror level rises to 3… oh no! Two extra mythos cards are resolved: The first one opens a gate at gardeners’ place together with a warlock. The place gets also corrupted. There are now 7 gates opened… the next mythos is a rumor that causes monster surge at the Witch House. Roland gets an extra corruption card due to another crescent movement and the Wraith haunts Michael. The rumor is return to the old ways (common items might malfunction). We are at 5 doomers thanks to Marie. 5th Turn: Both Joe and Marie seal their gates . Michael evades the Wraith and collects the clue at Hibb’s. Meanwhile sister Mary and roland continue with their tribulations on the other worlds. Mythos: Gate at Unnamable countered by Joe’s seal J. 6th Turn: Both Marie & Joe get a gangster token since they start in a corrupted location. The remaining cultist is at the French Hill, then Marie decides to stay at the witch House and kills the Formless spawn there. Joe evades the Mummy at the Unnamable and rushes to the woods where there are 3 clues. It was a trap and a gate and a monster appear. He wakes up in the dreamlands. Michael collects clue at Velma’s dinner. Roland seals the gate at the Wizards Hill and Sister Mary uses the Elder sign to seal the gate at Unvisited Isle. 2 seals more to go J. Mythos: Gate at the Marsh refinery releasing a deep one hybrid. Two doomers are added to the doom track because of the mythos headline :-(. 7th turn: This time Sister Mary, Marie & Michael get a gangster token. Sister mary moves to Merchant District streets to collect the clue lying there. Marie evades the cultist with wrack spell and kills the goat spawn in the French Hill streets. Michael evades again the Wraith and ends up in the Asylum where he recovers his sanity. Finally Roland travels to Cold spring glen to collect two clues lying there. Mythos: Gate at Hibb’s. Roland greed corruption Is activated and gains 4 dollars and another corruption. There is a charity auction and he buys a cavalry saber with the money he just got. 8th Turn: Marie cast first cloud memory to gain 1 sanity. Then She evades again the cultist with Wrack spell and goes to the Science building where she collects 1 clue. She then discards her gate trophy for 2 clues bringing her to 5. She has to pay two sanity for that bringing her to 1 sanity. Micheal stays at the Asylum and opens his puzzle box to gain one clue bringing him to 4. He loses though 1 sanity that he will recover since he is at the Asylum J. Roland goes to Gartner’s place and kills the Warlock gaining two clues and jumps into the gate to the Abyss. Sister Mary goes to the Asylum to recover some sanity. Mythos: Gate at the Science building swallowing Marie who wakes up in Another Dimension. A yithian goes through a vortex rising the terror level to 4. The devil reef gets corrupted. 9th Turn: Joe comes back to Arkham this turn. Unfortunately he only has 3 clues, then he can only close the gate at the Woods. Michael is more than happy to remain at the Asylum playing with his puzzle box, but this time he is not as lucky and does not get any clue. Mythos: Gate appears at the Woods and poor Joe can just catch his breath before he is pulled again through a gate, this time to plateau of Length. Crescent moons movement that means all investigators get a corruption card and Roland gets two. I fail also the rumor and all common items are discarded. . 10th Turn: Roland comes back to Arkham and seals the gate at Gardners’ place. Michael gets his 5th clue out of the puzzle box and then gives the box to Sister mary. Joe & Marie are still in the other world. Mythos: It is a strange sightings card. All monster moves and investigators start getting red corruptions… 11th Turn: ...and finally Marie comes back to Arkham and seals the 6th gate at the Science building. Victory by seals Doom track : 10 Terror level: 4 Corruptions: 16 (Michael 2, Roland 8, Sister mary 2, Marie 2 and Joe 2). I kind of liked the scenario...but I was in tension the whole game. I think there were a lot of things to keep track of in this scenario (gangster tokens, corruptions, terror level, corrupt locations,..) and I hope I did not forget anything. I must say the added mechanism to resolve two extra mythos cards when the terror level reached an odd number was a quite nasty touch :-). and finally the next one is the last scenario from the second Segment.....oh no...my nemesis comes next...I might play with 6 investigators against Atlach.....I can see the elder god difficulty makes a victory by sealing/closing gates more difficult. I have to think about it.
  23. Finally I had time to retry Scenario 10 in Hard mode :-) Joe, Marie, Michael, Roland and “Please do not get devoured before time” Sister Mary against Shub-Niggurath and her horde of Dark Youngs. Starting items: Sister Mary : Holy water, Cross, Bind Monster & Summon the beast within – Expert Occultist Skill. Joe: 45 automatic, Molotov Cocktail & newspaper task - +1 Fight Marie: Voice of Ra, Enchanted Knife, Wither & Red sign of Shudde Mell – Mystic gift skill Michael: Tommy gun, Dynamite and Migo brain case- Marskman skill & 4 monster trophies. Roland: Elephant gun, Book of the believer, Ally: Asenath Waite (+1 speed/+1 sneak & 10$)- + 1 Lore Skill. Sister Mary & Joe start at the train station instead of their normal starting place. First Mythos -Gate at whateley farm with 3 cultist DY. 1st Turn: Roland reads the book of the believer gaining 1 clue & Mists of Releh spell, then he moves to Independence Sq to collect clue. Marie gets money from Michael and goes shopping to the Magick Shop. Sister Mary gets 1$ from Joe and travels to Backwoods county in order to block the cultists DY movement next turn. Joe goes to Historical society where 2 clues wait for him. He spends his time there reading some old books that reward him with an extra skill( +1 luck) but he is delayed. Finally Michael goes to The silver twilight lodge where he bumps into Ruby Standish who joins his team. Mythos: Gate opens in the Graveyard releasing a Star spawn& Serpent People that move to Rivertown. The Dark Young cultist move to Backwoods County threatening Sister Mary. Terror level increases by 1. 2nd Turn: Marie buys the second spell and passes her PS. A blessed Sister Mary uses her holy water to kill the first Cultist DY but she cannot bind the other two and ends up at the hospital with an injury and 2 corruptions. Since the Dunwich Horror will wake up anyway when the doom reaches 6 I am going to take a risk and let these two remaining DY go through a vortex and avoid having too many corruptions that made me lose my first try on this scenario. ….. Well, Joe who was delayed in the Historical society meets professor Armitage but he is not interested in helping him. Michael kills the Star spawn roaming the rivertown streets and passes his PS. Finally Roland gets the clue at Hibb’s and passes also his PS. Mythos: Gate opens at the woods with a Lloigor and Colour out of space. The cultists DY go through a vortex. Terror level reaches 3. Sister mary’s corruptions get activated gaining 2 more. 3rd Turn: Sister Mary goes to Science building where she is forced to discard her blessing L. Marie uses her witch blood to remove one doom token and then onto gathering clues. He gets her 3rd one in the Unnamable. Roland goes through a gate in the graveyard and after exploring the other world he is allowed to come back to Arkham. Joe decides to go on a suicide mission. The woods is quite a dangerous place, but he manages to sneak past the Lloigor and Colour of of space and he is able to knock down the Dark druid unconscious before jumping onto the gate to the Plateau of Leng. He wakes up in a strange maze and gets delayed trying to find the exit. Finally Michael goes to the Unvisited Island where there are two clues. He is then initiated as a member of the cult. They force him to drink a foul liquid that revolves his stomach but he gets 2 clues in the process. Then he wakes up slightly dizzy and stars at the sky discovering a new constellation and thus getting another clue that brings him up to a total of 6 clues. Mythos: Gate at the Witch House releasing a goat spawn which moves to Southside streets and a Elder thing. The dark druid movest to Uptown. Sister Mary ‘s corruption speak to your friend gets activated and Marie ends up with a cult membership 4th Turn: Michael kills the Elder thing guarding the gate at the witch House and travel to the dreamlands where he fights a monster and is rewarded with a magical sword. Roland seals the first gate at the Graveyard. Marie after using her witch blood a second time goes to the Black Cave. She refuses to donate money to the Cult then she is expelled and moves to the street. Sister Mary gets the clue at Independence square and Joe continues with his misadventures in the Plateau of Leng this time losing some sanity. Mythos: A gate opens at the Unvisited Isle with a scary Servitor of Outer Gods and Crawling One. Hexagons move black that means the goat spawn moves onto Rivertown with Marie and the Crawling one on Merchant district streets. Sister Mary’s corruptions are activated again. This time she gains 2 clues and goes insane becoming xenophobic 5th Turn: Roland sneaks past (Mists of Releh) the goat spawn and goes to Merchant district killing the Crawling one there. Then Marie casts Implant suggestions moving the goat spawn southwards resulting on having a clear path to the gate to the Abyss in the Unvisited Isle where she heads to. Sister Mary rushes to The Science builing to collect her 5th clue. Meanwhile Joe, Michael and Marie struggle on their encounters on the other worlds. Mythos: Gate in the Science Building pulling Sister Mary through. A shoggoth and a Mummy emerge from the gate. Sister Mary’s corruption is activated again and Roland gets a Cult Membership. She still has 4 corruptions though. 4 doomers. 6th Turn: Roland goes to the Curiosity shop and buys…an Elder sign J. Joe & Michael seal their gates and the girls continue visiting other worlds. Mythos: Gate opens at Marsh Refinery with a DY Cultist and a Moon beast. The Lloigor & Colour out of space activate driving Joe insane. Mythos card is a nasty one. It is The Ancient one’s Servants that adds one extra doom token because there is a cultist in Insmouth. The doom track reaches the fatal 6. The Dunwich horror awakes and an extra Cultist/Dark Young is added at the opened gates (Unvisited Isle, Science building and Marsh refinery). 7th Turn: Roland casts mists of Releh and evades the Dark Young and jumps into the gate at the Unvisited Isle to the Abyss (then he can come back through the other abyss gate at the Marsh refinery). Marie fails her dice roll and cannot seal her gate. Michael goes to South church and blesses Marie. Meanwhile Joe recovers at Arkham Asylum. Sister Mary is still in the other worlds. Mythos: A double doomer rumor hits the table..”One Thousand Young”. All monsters move. The Dark youngs move actually three times (Dark druid)The Dunwich horror adds another doom token…OMG 3 doomers on one turn bringing the doom track to 9. The cultist and Dark Young in Insmouth go through a vortex . Terror level reaches 5 and Deep one track reaches 2. 8th Turn: Sister mary & Marie seal their gates. Marie gets a corruption. Michael swaps places with the Moonbeast in Insmouth and Joe buys a fancy weapon in the curiosity shop. Meanwhile Roland continues exploring the Abyss. Mythos: Gate at the Black Cave. 9th Turn: And Finally Roland comes back from the Abyss and seals the last gate with Elder Sign…and gets a corruption Victory by seals: 10 doomers Terror level : 5 Corruptions: Sister mary 4, Roland 1, Marie 1. Looking forward to next scenario against Y'Golonac.
  24. Hi Nainphy. You can download them here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/86635/arkham-horror-fan-league-rules-components-and-sc . If you have any problems downloading them, just contact Julia and if you have any question with rules Avi_dreader will gladly help you. You will need Dunwich, King in Yellow, Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, the Black Goat of the Woods and Insmouth apart from Kingsport, that you already have. I highly recommend them. There are 24 scenarios with a strong theme, kind of long campaign with a story behind...some scenarios are more diffficult than others and it is intended for people who have experience with Arkham Horror...but you don't need to be an expert. I started actually the league after having played extensively (a lot) Arkham Horror over one year. If you have any questions feel free to ask :-)
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