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  1. N3 is the current rulebook. All the rules are actually available online. The lore is exclusive to the print books only. https://www.infinitythegame.com/resources/downloads It can overwhelming for beginners. Your best bet is to go through the quick start rules, or have someone take you through the two player missions. The majority of the rules are special skills and equipment, so once you learn the basics, you can just focus on the skills that your army uses.
  2. I use laminating film to protect the maneuver side of my dials. I work in a sign shop so I just run leftover film through the plotter to make pre-cut dial protectors. I’m sure you can find a local vinyl shop who would be willing to do something similar for you if you want an alternative to spray varnish.
  3. I'm partial to Ezra in the Attack Shuttle with Rage and Inspiring Recruit. The stress activates Ezra's ability, and you have double mods on your attack. It's a bargain at 22 points. He does die easily to 3+ attack dice, so there's that.
  4. I felt pretty bad when we pulled your result slip out and saw that it had indeed been filled out wrong. I didn't get much of a chance to chat in Seattle, but we'll catch up if we run into each other in Bellingham.
  5. Justin O. with Jess, Lowhrikk and Miranda ended up taking it in the end.
  6. I went 5-1 and won my first elimination game to make top 16 in Seattle with this. You have some extremely hard matchups, but it can work. I only lost to triple Wookiees all day and almost made top 8.
  7. List Juggler data for Vancouver is now available. http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4000 The winner is Chris Norris running Fenn Rau and Lothal Rebel/Zeb.
  8. Vancouver regionals checking in before the top 16 starts. 111 players total. 1st - Calen Wong - Yorr, Inquisitor, Ryad 2nd - Chris Norris - Fenn Rau, Lothal Rebel + Zeb 3rd - JP Mawet - Nym, Miranda 4th - Shaun White - Torani, Jostero, Nym 5th - Matt Lee - PS9 Poe, Lowhhrik, Jess 6th - Andrew Bunn - Yorr, Inquisitor, QD 7th - Andrew Lauritzen - Vessery, QD, Nu 8th - Matt Larose - Asajj, Thweek, Jakku Gunrunner 9th - Jim Kling - Dash, Miranda 10th - Evan Paul - Lowhhrik, Thane, Ezra, Rex 11th - Ee Ern Low - PS9 Poe, Dash 12th - Nicholas Smith - Dengar, Asajj 13th - Matt Tomporowski - Kylo, Rhox2 14th - Carson Sawatsky - QD, Vessery, Delta 15th - Brendan Rae - Inquisitor, Vessery, QD 16th - David Tam - Lowhhrik, Wookiee Liberatorx2 Yep, a Kimogila and a Quadjumper made top 16.
  9. My list was Tarn Mison + M9-G8, Integrated Astromech; Jess Pava + R2 Astromech, Integrated Astromech; Gold Squadron Pilot + R3-A2, TLT, BTL-A4; Ezra Bridger + Rage, Inspring Recruit.
  10. System Opens are a different animal from regular tournaments. A lot of people at the Endor tournament dropped after two or three losses so they could play in the hangar bay events. It led to a weird situation where I got a bye at 2-3.
  11. Our regional in Vancouver is probably one of the more expensive ones around, but this past event, everyone got lasercut movement template trays and dice trays and a lunch was also included. Made for more efficient movement in between rounds. Our local stores usually give out prize kits and store credit, but a couple actually hold back the T.O. prizes from the current kits as well as older swag to use as prizes for a future tournament. Last year someone walked away with a set of the original target locks from way back when.
  12. Vancouver regionals checking in. Swiss wrapped up earlier this evening and top 8 will go early tomorrow morning. Attendance of 63 people. Top 8 1.Patryck D. - Fenn Rau (Mindlink, title, AT); Asajj (Mindlink, Latts Razzi); Manaroo (Mindlink) 2. Corwin M. - Fenn Rau (Mindlink, title, AT); Asajj (Mindlink, Latts Razzi); Manaroo (Mindlink) 3. John Paul M. - Norra (R2D2, Rey, Crackshot, title); Warden (Clusters, Adv Slam, Extra Munitions, Sabine); Warden (Clusters, Adv Slam, Extra Munitions, Chopper) 4. Blair B. - Scout (Mindlink, IA, Plasma, BMST, Chips); Scout (Mindlink, 4LOM, Plasma, Extra Munitions, Chips, R4 Agromech); Scout (Mindlink, Boba Fett, Protons, Extra Munitions, Chips, R4 Agromech) 5. Bryan T. - Fenn Rau (Mindlink, title, AT); Asajj (Mindlink, Latts Razzi); Manaroo (Mindlink) 6. Ray L. - Lothal Rebel (title, FCS, TLT, Hera, Sabine, Seismic); Zeb Shuttle (title, Chopper); Warden (ADV Slam, Conner Net, Seismic, IA, Extra Munitions) 7. Dan H. - Dormitz (Palp, Hyperwave Comm, title); Whisper (VI, FCS, Kallus, Adv Cloaking); WAMPA 8. Glenn M. - OGP (Collision Detector, title, Palpatine); Vessery (VI, X7); Ryad (Juke, X7) List juggler to follow, hopefully fully populated by sometime this week.
  13. Not only is it a bazillion CAD, the 4 day passes are sold out already .
  14. I watched and loved both Macross and Robotech as a kid, so this all looks awesome to me. I especially love the Skull Squadron emblems on Roy's wings. The stripes on the B-Wing's horizontal wings even recalls the chest plate markings on the original liveries. Awesome little detail. Only thing missing is a red A-Wing to match Max's.
  15. Hi, I was your second round opponent. It was an absolute pleasure playing with you. Watching you fly and boost around the board with the Ghost was a thing of beauty. It's a bit of a drive for us, but I hope to see all of you at another event soon.
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