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  1. I managed to get a game in after work this week with a friend, whilst getting ready I realised it had been a year since my last game so I took the Shuttle out for a spin to celebrate! http://wargamerontour.blogspot.co.nz/2014/02/x-wing-after-hours.html Chris
  2. I've just started getting in to DUST and am starting with a SSU Steel Guard force (with some more tanks on a plane between FFG and New Zealand!) http://wargamerontour.blogspot.co.nz/2013/12/ssu-steel-guard-ready-for-production.html Chris
  3. Cpt.HARM

    Gaming mats

    I am using the new GF9 4x4 Space Mats. There are two different designs so far with more coming. http://wargamerontour.blogspot.co.nz/2012/12/kessel-run.html?m=0 Chris
  4. One of my friends in Phoenix, AZ wo his Kessel Run event with 3 Y Wings and an X wing so used well they are a serious force to be reckoned with… I just wish I knew how he did it. Chris
  5. This weekend I headed out to my X-Wing gaming venue of choice, TCOW. Dan and I had arrange for a re-match where I would take Vader and some friends up against Horton and Salami Dumptruck! I had also downloaded a cool app for my phone that lets you build battle reports from still images so I thought it might be a chance to give that a go as well. The results of both (the game and the app) were pretty good, and I definitely learnt some lessons… the main one being to use a decent camera (rather than the one in my phone - sorry for the blurry shots!) and that if Vader is going to get locked up by three Y-Wings with Photon Torpedoes it pays not to run in to things and loose your actions! It was a great game, although I think I should start thinking about Rebel builds as I cannot seem to stop my ships from running into each other, so running less ships has to work in my favour! The Video (about 4 minutes) - Cheers Chris
  6. I put some pictures of our Kessel Run event up on my blog (it is pretty picture heavy). Kudos to FFG for coming up with the idea, as well as thanks to the local New Zealand distributor (and King of Cards, my FLGS) for getting everything sorted out down here in the South Pacific so we could actually have the event. In the end it was a Wedge, Biggs, 2 Rookie pilot mix that took out the final win (using the Falcon in the final match-up). I was really impressed with the quality of the paint-jobs on the new miniatures - so much so that I went and pre-ordered some on the day (so I guess the event worked out well for everyone!). I also took along some pre-production Space Mats that GF9 have been working on so that we could play on them rather than just using the black MTG cloths flipped over. http://wargamerontour.blogspot.com/2012/12/kessel-run.html Chris
  7. I got hosed out by a 3 Y Wing list a few weeks ago, the Ion cannons disrupting ships and a few proton torpedoes thrown in to cull out TIEs. The other guy did play better than me to be sure and I would do better against it now, but the three working together were tough. Chris
  8. zjungle said: Could i be a cheeky SOB and ask what the dimmetons of them custom ships plz if not i understand. 1/300. So that makes them a little bit smaller than the FFG ones (which are 1/270). Chris
  9. qwertyuiop said: Parakitor said You still have enough ships to focus fire on targets, muck up rebel movement, and be generally scary, too. 8 TIE swarm is a shotgun filled with bees. A build with two Advanceds is more like a game of cat and mouse where the cat constantly evades and the mouse has to blow his focus tokens trying to get hits. I really like the sound of that force. With my limited experience it seems that balancing a couple of pricey TIEs (like Vader and Stele) with some numbers sounds like a great list! Cheers Chris
  10. Yes, Rob has built a pile of ships that he was using for space gaming a while ago. Next time we play I think I'll have to shoot down the shuttle he just finished making. Chris
  11. Good point about Horton… I have no idea why I would have thought that his ability worked with missiles and Wedge's did not…. . Thanks for that, definitely worth putting torpedoes on Wedge for the opening salvo when you are trying to cut down the Imperials numbers! Cheers Chris
  12. It has certainly caught on at our club, normally followed by much laughter! Does Wedges ability work on missiles? I thought that pilot abilities did not work on secondary weapons - or do missiles not count as secondaries. Because if Wedges ability works that is a no brainer for me. Cheers Chris
  13. Popped out to my local club for another game over the weekend. I've been itching to try out a rebel force for the first time so I rolled out Luke and Wedge in their X-Wings, with Horton in his Y-Wing. I've really enjoyed all my games so far, but I definitely need to read up on the scenarios to spice things up. http://wargamerontour.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/grudge-match-luke-vs-vader.html
  14. It was 100% pure luck to get Luke in that crossfire, if he had moved at speed 4 he would have flown past all my Tie fighters. Chris
  15. After last weeks drubbing, Vader was keen to have another crack at Horton (and as it turns out Luke). Same list as last time, but a different opponent. Vader, Backstabber, Mauler Mithel, Winged Gundark and a Black Squadron Pilot up against Luke, Horton and another pair of X-Wings. The main thing that I tried over my last game was to not only contrate firepower a little better, but to also use the Koiogran turns to let my Ties go through the enemy line and return quickly for another pass, using the pilot abilities to make up for the loss of actions (extra dice at close range, extra dice when outside the firing arc etc). http://www.wargamerontour.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/death-of-jedi.html Chris
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