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    kempy got a reaction from Mangod in future of the game?   
    Yep. Previous game, L5R CCG, debuted at Gencon 1995 and IP was sold in september 2015. When sale was announced there was one expansion in shiping (later released to stores for free), one expansion ready to print and at least two expansions under construction, including new base set.
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    kempy got a reaction from Simplegarak in future of the game?   
    Yep. Previous game, L5R CCG, debuted at Gencon 1995 and IP was sold in september 2015. When sale was announced there was one expansion in shiping (later released to stores for free), one expansion ready to print and at least two expansions under construction, including new base set.
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    kempy got a reaction from redcapjack in When is a good time to start?   
    I suppose you played CCG a many, many years ago. Personally i was with CCG till the end and also played all other FFG LCG games to easily spot that new L5R is just a mix of all  these mechanics. Yes you still buy guys, "attack" provinces and gain/lose honor,  but  overall gameeplay is just completely different. Starting with my-round, your-round, non-vanishing guys, possibility to build gold-curve, destroying Provinces (reducing resources), deadly - multi-battles (adjacency and movement/assigining), separation between battle and home (rule of presence and location), honor as control/clock system not just different color of military etc. CCG was just a more vibrant with all these mechanics, various (even on card) victory conditions, plenty of neutral cards and your clan limit was you stronghold and personalities base. High risk, high reward was motto of old game. That's just different idea.
    But it's just matter of taste. Lot of my ex-CCG friends just dropped this game becasue of various design/gameplay reasons, that's nowadays it's nearly non existent in country where i live. A country where we even managed to get Euro Championships for CCG years ago. I'll be personally shocked if there wil be more than 30 local players in Grand Kotei/FFG Euros this month. 
    In Samurai Edition they replaced "immune to dishonor" Shadowlands faction with Spider, there was only one joke Stronghold without support . Edition later, in Celestial, they removed these things completely.
    You need to play more new game. I wonder when you notice how limited deckbuilding is, how many wrong designed cards from Core Set affect whole design. And what's important, you will learn to know that one error in early game will cost you a game but you will realize it after additional 50+ (wasted) minutes.  
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    kempy got a reaction from redcapjack in When is a good time to start?   
    It's important to know you'll be playing game named Legend of the Five Rings, but not L5R CCG anymore. I mean in term of strict gameplay. These both games play just so different even if look and sound familiar (two decks etc.)
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    kempy got a reaction from phillos in When is a good time to start?   
    Conquest Core Set contains some double faction and neutral cards. 
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    kempy reacted to Bluetiger65 in Finally have a core set   
    Feel like Christmas. Always had an interest in the game since it was a CCG. 
    Played other CCGS on and off for 20 years and always frustrated by the randomness and luck factor (either you had to be lucky to get card in a pack, have a friend who had card/wasn’t using/let you borrow, or had to be rich to afford some of the cards). 
    Played Netrunner for a little (have a few hobbies so love the living card game model so can stay as competitive as I want). 
    Finally pulled the trigger and got L5R core set today (unfortunately won’t be able to play until this weekend). Know I’m going to have to get at least 1 more core set, then a few dynasty packs. But wanted to try with 1 core to get a “feel” for the game and decide on a clan (generally in other games, been a control, Aggro/control player). Convinced a friend to play a few games and hopefully convince him to get into it also. 
    Sorry for long rant. Just excited 
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    kempy reacted to Oni no Pikachu in Masters of the Court - Crane Clan Pack   
    On the lore side, Akodo Makoto has been misspelled, she should be Akodo Matoko, portraying the character already described in the fiction "Service and Sacrifice". Matoko is also an existing character on old canon and CCG, a Lion samurai-ko who severed her ties with her Crane husband due to the conflict between both clans.
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    kempy got a reaction from Bakura83 in Getting ready for my first games...   
    I suggest you prepare scenario B if your wife starts to get bored to death.
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    kempy reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Is keyforge going to eat Magic alive.?   
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    kempy got a reaction from HirumaShigure in Why I got bored with Dragon, or what’s in a name…   
    Maybe he confused with Spells. In earlier editions Shugenja couldn't attach more Spells than his Chi.
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    kempy got a reaction from Duciris in How's your local LCG scene?   
    DT:R was released at Gencon 2014 and last AEG expansion was released in October 2016. Later new company Pinebox Ent in cooperation with Pinnacle ressurected it with help of Kickstarter campaign.
    There Comes the Reckoning was released. Later Pinebox released another one expansion named Too Tough Too Die. And another one Out of Blood is in pipeline. Also now we're in the middle of Abomination Serie tournament season. 
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    kempy got a reaction from Bakura83 in What do I need to start if I want a unicorn deck?   
    Printed rulebook in box is a joke. This game got tens of changes, small rulings and errata and online updated RR got AFAIK 6 versions? Printed rulebook is more like rules introduction. There's even a card in Core Set that can't be played if you only learn a game from it.
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    kempy got a reaction from phillos in L5R: LCG Digital Game soon?   
    I'm sure it will be Key Forge. I even suspect that scanning individual cardback will automatically put your analog deck into digital library. It could help to keep selling analog version as well like it works in Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions .
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    kempy got a reaction from Suzume Tomonori in Why I got bored with Dragon, or what’s in a name…   
    Maybe he confused with Spells. In earlier editions Shugenja couldn't attach more Spells than his Chi.
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    kempy reacted to Prison Mike in Casual format rules (and preliminary observations after 20 games)   
    Big update after 20 games played, with many things clearer now. Gonna take a small break now and play destiny.
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    kempy reacted to Prison Mike in Casual format rules (and preliminary observations after 20 games)   
    Over the last few weeks I was pondering how this game's mechanics very not really fitted for me. I don't have 50 - 65 minutes for a game every day with the afterwards feeling very heavy and brain burning. Also found that 1 core environment is not really representative of the game and asking people to buy 3 cores was not met with enthusiasm.
    Wanting to play this cool and beautiful game anyway I made some house rules and tested them last few days in Jigoku (playing with myself mostly in two browsers) and at the kitchen table. I made these rules to shorten the game time, add more action with "adrenaline spikes" and make it more newbie friendly. Here are the preliminary results which I will update as i continue to play the game this way as I find it very fun and satisfactory.
    Obligatory disclaimer: Of course these results are from the house rules and only 20 games, they are not a really good representative, I am not a good player and playing against yourself seems stupid, but I invite you to try them and see how the game feels for yourselves. People of discord and BGG have been mentioning alternative formats and this is only my take on it.
    General rationale
    make game shorter and engaging compared to current brain heavy make a format which is better representative of the game than 1 core set with easier entry point ("hey pal, we both buy this box and can have a blast playing different clans) make bidding and honor mechanics more influential Casual format rules
    Honor is in 0 - 18 range 2 provinces broken allows to go for stronghold 30/30 decks with 2 copies of cards max Everything else stays the same (starting honor, fate etc.) in order to keep it newbie friendly with no card errata General observations:
    every bidding can result in a blowout which makes it quite an intense affair and solves the bid 5 meta the whole game feels much more intense and engaging, sort of a incremental build up for a very dramatic last battle on the enemy stronghold honor victory is viable dishonor victory seems less viable games last 25 – 35 minutes, approx. 30, 9 minutes (from my sample of 20 games) value of ring effects goes up, only water seems to slightly lose some value   province rows are not nearly so devastating and game changing approx. 50% od dynasty deck is drawn and approx. 36 - 40% of conflict deck is drawn, depending on clan and matchup In depth analysis
    value of fate seems unaffected, 7 fate allows to buy all you want and have bigger battles which feel more decisive Most games feel like a buildup of advantage which lead to epic and big battle of opponents stronghold where everything is possible,  fast win or devastating battle after which few are left standing big characters feel much more impactful, champions turn the tide of the game significantly and can snowball if turned on first flip. however, they are not invincible and dealing with them early balances the things. They feel like true champions, can help but cannot win the game on their own towering seems to be favorable strategy but not an auto win characters stay longer because of fewer turns and ways to deal with towers are very useful and can steal a victory two let go’s + no always bid 5 meta = attachments stay in game longer and have way more impact. Attachment hate also is very valuable but due to less drawing and smaller number of copies in deck, must be used very carefully. I think this part of the game is quite balanced, attachments stay enough to make a difference and attachment hate feels very useful but not game breaking breaking a single province seems more important as it significantly advances the victory condition less cancels and counters enter the board which breeds more action to break province. Cancels are kept for breaking key combos, not to counter everything everywhere. scouting provinces is very useful to avoid game breakers and go for 2 weaker provinces + stronghold to win strongest province goes under stronghold and attempt of a break when opponent can swing at yours next conflict feels very epic and rewarding attacks on stronghold happen faster and are very dramatic with the"all or nothing, here it goes!" feel to it slower strategies do not play out fully due to less cards drawn and fewer turns faster strategies feel very impactful from the go, eg. Hotaru or Toturi entering the board with air ring uncontested means changing the game plan momentarily, cuz they mean business. Same for Unicorn setting up for the Djinn/River/Cav reserves combo card draw effects feel more valuable. Successful gamble of bidding high, spyglass or earth ring can significantly build incremental advantage for the last attack on the stronghold unicorn is very fun to play and potent. Lands many characters but have problems if their combo doesn't fire properly 2 provinces + 1 stronghold sometimes feels like a little too fast, but then again big upsets are possible which prolong the game 35% (7) of all games went over 35 minutes, 28% (2) of those went over 40 minutes games sometimes feel a bit swingy dedicated honor crane with a little luck in draw might be a very potent honor victory strategy first dynasty flip with a champ or tower can significantly advance your winning but feels very balanced when the character is void ringed early and blown out bids against crane tend to be very low and not many cards are drawn bids vs. others than crane are higher and more cards are drawn going first seems to be a very slight advantage, but upsets are very possibl Lion seems well suited for honoring out but not as good as Crane Province rows are not nearly as devastating and game changing as in current meta, FoF, and RoB are avoidable HMT Unicorn and Lion is powerful, but not overpowered (yet in my experience). If the conflict cards are not drawn properly or smaller characters are killed/voided, their strategy might fire too late Scorpion and Crab seem to be very good at preventing fast honor victory. Very thematic. Void ring and tower dealing techs are very important Tl;dr
    Using 30/30 with 2 cards max, 0-18 honor and 2 province + stronghold to win, the games become shorter, much more engaging and honor bidding feels significantly more important because the honor victory is very viable. These rules are not without balance issues and only from preliminary testing in which you are invited to join. Format is newbie friendly as you get great experience with two cores (more easily shareable with 1 friend than 3 cores).
    So there you have it, casual format rules and preliminary results which i will update as/is I continue to play the game, usually in two browsers as it offers a kinda solo variant inside a time frame i can dedicate every day. Try it for yourself and see how it goes, now I'm back to prison.
    Decks used and to get you started (don't know if links work as I can't publish them)
    Unicorn https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/4c61b079-d42f-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Crane https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/36fc008d-d247-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Scorpion https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/83ce1a50-7c1f-11e8-9ce5-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Lion https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/dedee149-d29b-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Dragon https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/0ed66afc-d29c-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Crab https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/2b2ba699-d29c-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Phoenix https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/53fad5c8-d29c-11e8-85db-8e1ccf16fca4/view
    Game results recap (just short notes I took after games)
    Crane vs. Crab crane honor victory = 33 mins -crane won comfortably with winning political battles, honoring itself and abusing air/fire rings  
    Unicorn vs. Scorpion unicorn break = 25 min -very strong shono rush  
    Crane vs. Scorpion crane break= 30 minutes honor wise games were quite even, scorpion was some bad shinobi experimental deck which was run over by crane  
    Unicorn vs Scorpion scorpion break = 35 min owned by scorpion political battles  
    Scorpion vs. Crane scorpion break = 25 minutes very close and intense battles, scorpion grabbed the victory barely, better crane player would have taken it  
    Unicorn vs. Crane Crane honor= 27 minutes unicorn was very close to rush and kill crane, better player would have broken it, after which Hotaru honored out comfortably with double air ring and crushing a political battle  
    Dragon vs. Unicorn Dragon break=28 minutes yokuni and niten master wiped the floor with unicorn, lot of characters on unicorn side, avoided FoF and Restoration  
    Lion vs. Scorpion Scorpion break= 31 minutes scorpion won with Shoju and Kachiko in political battles who ran over provinces before lion could set up properly, lion was close tho  
    Unicorn vs. Crane Unicorn break= 39 minutes crane got really close to honor on turn 3, HMT saved the day. Better Crane or better Unicorn player would have ended the game in either way faster than me, many missplays  
    Dragon vs. Scorpion Scorpion break=30 minutes game was very close on both sides and scorpion managed to break the sh first with Hiroue and cunning magistrate negating the whole dragon defense. Dragon came to 15 honor but Scorpion sh and dishonor kept things in the line. Bids were significantly higher than against crane  
    Lion vs. Scorpion Lion break= 37 minutes very close game, Scorpion kept Toturi in line against honoring (at 14 honor) and Lion snatched victory on turn 4 because of better board state and going first that turn. Very dramatic attack of Scorpion on stronghold on turn 3, 1 skill was the difference.  
    Unicorn vs. Crab Crab break= 30 minutes Kisada stayed for three turns and handled Unicorn before they could set up to swarm  with HMT and cavalry reserves. Unicorn just coulnd't get the momentrum going with military conflicts and Crab had a superior board state. Drew 2 Shono but was not enough. Maybe a better player would have done it more effectively. Feels thematic that Unicorn can't break the wall on horses. Unicorn was bidding 2-4 and got to 5 honor, while Crab was at 12-13 but honor/dishonor victory were not probable.  
    Crab vs. Dragon Dragon break=28 minutes Close game, dragon won because of covert on turn 3 to break crab stronghold. Agasha Sumiko was very strong, attachments were drawn and all over the place. Felt very balanced the whole time because both had readying effect. Void ring was very valuable to get rid of the towers. Ways to deal with towers are very useful. Bids were 2-4 an dh/honor victories were not probable.  
    Unicorn vs. Crane Crane break/honored out=37 minutes On turn 4 Hotaru  flipped with going first and ran over ancient lands with air ring over Unicorn which did not have a board state after last turn when they failed to take stronghold. Unicorn just didn't get the HMT and their tech going and Crane was winning political battles, honoring its characters everywhere. Bidding was 2-3 by unicorn and Crane punished that. Probably if Unicorn went for lower bids there would not be honor victory but Crane would've won through breaking due to board state. Got a real hang of two browser play and am really enjoying playing this way  
    Lion vs. Dragon Lion break= 41 minutes Had many missplays on Lion side with Toturi and spiritcaller. Better player would have run over Dragon in three turns with this set up, this went well into 4th. Missplays with Toturi on the beginning influenced the game in Dragons favor who did not have good dynasty flops. Did not get the HMT to work again. Seems first dynasty flip and towers can be very decisive. Lion was somewhat close to honor. Bids were 1-3 but on last turn both were comfortably away from honor blowout and went for bid 5. Last battles and attacks on stronghold feel very dramatic and epic.  
    Crab vs. Scorpion Crab break = 29 minutes Scorpion drew only political characters (2 hiroue, 2 bayushi liar etc.) while Crab drew Satoshi turn 3 and going second managed to defend,water ring ready Satoshi after good military win to seal the deal. Rare game where going second felt like an advantage. Bids were 2-3 and dh/honor victories were not probable.  
    Unicorn vs. Dragon Unicorn break= 36 minutes Lot of thinking to make HMT work and made few missplays which favored Dragon. Close game, interesting twists and very dramatic last battle where i managed to combo Unicorn cards into a swarm. Very satisfying game, due to some missplays could have gotten the either way and finished earlier. Rare game where going first on turn 3 backfired. dragon towers stayed in game while turn 1 shahai was voided. Void ring feels very important in the beginning. Bids were 1-5, 5 on last turn by Unicorn, honor/dh victories were not probable.  
    Scorpion vs. Unicorn Unicorn break=23 minutes Unicorn got a perfect draw and after getting a hang of Unicorn comboing vs. scorpion who didn't draw any military guys and few missplays, Unicorn executed the combos with HMT and everything was done on turn 2. Bids were 2-3.  
    Scorpion vs. Unicorn Unicorn break= 39 minutes very exciting game with a lot of swings and close till the very end. Scorpion was doing okay but was lacking on military conflicts and that scorpion deck needs change. In a epic and climatic battle on turn 3 talisman transferring from stronghold would have given scorpion another turn to live but HMT tipped the scales and Unicorn just had too many characters and force of the river/djinn/ cavalry reserves in hand all at once, again almost perfect draw. Very close, very dramatic. I've found that games feel like building up to a climatic battle on turn three, where everything is possible. It seemed that going first on turn 3 was an advantage, but now i see that upsets are possible. Very intense and engaging. Bids were 2-4 and Unicorn was at one point very close to honor out, but was kept in line , probably possible only by Scorpion  
    Crab vs. Crane Crab break = 43 minutes The game dragged for long because Crab was too strong defensively and Crane could not go for fast honor victory. Probably if I was better player on either of those Clans the game would've gone differently. Crane didn't win enough political battles against fully packed Kudaka/talisman/provinces and Crab denied air ring so there was no chance for an honor victory. Also not many cards were drawn and bids were low to prevent blowout. One of rare games which felt like slugfest instead of intense buildup for epic showdown. There was leftover fate in both pools due to not many cards drawn on either side and kinda too many holdings showing up.
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    kempy got a reaction from qwertyuiop in How's your local LCG scene?   
    Nope. WH:I was just failure. It started in 2009 and was terminated in 2013, few years before license problem. 
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    kempy reacted to dojimaster in Core sets at Amazon for $18.46   
    Why is it so cheap?  Is this game not selling well? I am not asserting that, just curious, and I don't pay it.... yet.
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    kempy reacted to Dovla in Age of War with L5R facelift?   
    Just about any L5R card or competitive video game which lasts 20-25 mins/game. can't commit 1 hour for a game.
    Please spare me the "My game are 35 mins/ I played two 60 min games in my entire life".
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    kempy reacted to ruferto in Speculation: Android CCG will return, sans Netrunner   
    FFG launches a new card game designed by Richard Garfield and Netrunner ends its life because Wizards doesn't renew license to FFG.
    This does not suprise me. 
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    kempy reacted to Supertoe in Iiiinteresting   
    So here's one thing I thought of. Every deck is unique, but if a deck wins too much, they'll nerf it.
    So imagine a scenario where there's one player who's just head and heels above the rest. So like Dan D'Argenio, who won three consecutive netrunner championships. Let's say Dan wins a lot of tourneys with one deck. How do we know if the issue lies with the deck being too good, or if it's just the player that's too good? And that seems kind of mean to nerf one person's personal property.
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    kempy got a reaction from Hordeoverseer in Political/Military Conflict...or Blue/Red Conflict?   
    Emperor was best.
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