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  1. So I am new

    OMG. In CCGs everyone play with different cards? oO What a mess.
  2. You're talking about actions printed on Unique and costy Personalities in a game where with every Province destroyed your chances to see them decreased a lot. In game where you could kill them even before battle or bow/send home as first battle action. And all i remember from (late) Lotus that before you even had occasion to buy someone as Kokujin (or anyone) you just lost 1 or 2 provinces to Nezumi DotS or Lion Ashigaru blitz decks. And even Kokujin required additional body to work. And about printed PD - it depends on what kind of Personality of course, but yes, open information (even if repeatable) is less dangerous than hidden. Especially when this printed ability may just fade out in a turn or two so you try to play around it. Anyway, comparing such different games and abilities without overall game/environment context is just a mistake. Looking at OP hand and discarding was in Lotus and - thankfully - AEG stopped to print such effects later. Last card i remember with such effect was Soften the Resistance and it was so conditional (looking for lowest FV).
  3. None of these cards look at your hand (in game without handsize limit as LCG is) and discard something from it. They're just about killing things which was (in most editions) so common action as bowing or sending home. Also even if they're available every turn they're on the table, visible to your opponent so he can just play and prepare for them. It's just open board information.
  5. Tell me about your definition of "ultimate fail". Because seems you're just ignoring what actually happened (as business decision). Because for me, as you consider facts (L5R CCG develop status in sugust/september 2015, changing AEG's profile as a firm for few years back, post-sell Zinser's comments) whole situation is much more similiar to selling Lucasfilm to Disney than some absurd geopolitical histories. There's also a secret we will never know, that could explain a lot - amount of money FFG paid for IP. Also in your answer don't forget about visible sine wave of L5R CCG popularity (2000? Late Lotus? Late Emperor?) also what happened to L5R as a brand back in 1997. Selling it to WotC was also "ultimate fail"?
  6. Also DT:R have many corrected/errated cards as Organized Play prizes cards, most of time with alternate illustrations.
  7. This is easily one of the most absurd comparisions i've readed for a long time now.
  8. Which case is therefore more pathetic? And I'm pretty sure L5R stopped being AEG's flagship few years before sell happened.
  9. And with reasonable sucesses. Anyway maybe he just knew too much and told too much so he's first L5R designer that left FFG. Was Ivory Edition a brand new shining game from one of the biggest and well known analog card games developer in the world?
  10. Game is Officially Dead...

    I don't know you really want such changes as L5R LCG and L5R CCG are totally different games. Much better comparision is transition from Netrunner CCG into Android: Netrunner LCG.
  11. Spoiler frequency

    CCG was saturated with many promo cards released between standard expansions like Kotei packs, Summer (Gencon) packs, Holiday packs, Jeweled Events packs, Imperial Assembly cards and quarterly Organized Play kits. Additionaly some unexpected releases happened like Clan of Month, Temptation pieces, Imperial Gifts etc. So imho flow of spoilers was just constant and kept everyone's interest. Also standard expansion's spoiler system was static. 4-5 weeks before street date AEG presented schedule of spoilers that were going to be shown on main page or in clan sites (forums) in some predefined order. When expansion hit shelves whole cardpool was known as many people just compiled them in text or galleries. Later these compilations was replaced by Oracle.
  12. You're just one separate playgroup. Take a look at this from perspective, check data for major post-cycle events (including online ones), check Lotus Pavilion stats etc.
  13. At this point it's not a problem as someone sells, other one buys collections for 40-70% of MSRP and could easily follow future releases. A real problem is when nobody is buying and i see this much more often. I see lot of sell-off offers that have waiting for many days or weeks.
  14. Nope. Too old. Here he goes:
  15. Here's his (and others) Inexperienced version, rotfl.
  16. Most important (by reference): Iuchi Shahai .
  17. Casual or not, most people prefer winning than losing. That is why they gravitate into most powerful tools that bring them closer to victory. In card games this tool is a deck. So, as shineyorkboy wrote, what matters is a skill. Kitchen player using worlds best deck is still in casual zone becasue he lacks knowledge and experience that tourneys are giving.
  18. “Broken” cards

    Dueling was a mechanic that was changing through years and fe in Samurai, Celestial, Emperor, Ivory player that been challenged had first opportunity to focus or strike. So bigger Chi of you opponent = troubles. Just saying Strike without any window for Focus effects. Also starting with Emperor Duelist keyword even didn't allow to focus/strike first. Huge tower unit with boosted Chi (by Items) that could bully into you and make your duels useless wasn't just good experience. And if your deck didn't have answer for this, you got just bad day.
  19. “Broken” cards

    If we're talking about extreme scenarios I remember something like Consecutive Actions that could transform single innocent looking Ranged Attack into hecatomb (multiple Elemental Arrows anyone?).
  20. “Broken” cards

    IvE/20F dueling was about everything but not killing guys. Notice that deadly duels had low FV like Stand and Run 2FV, Weakness Exposed 2FV, The Eternal Chase 2FV, Come One at a Time 1FV. 3FV or 4FV duels had only bow/send home effects (except Avenge Your Slights that required Invest to became deadly action).
  21. “Broken” cards

    Have you ever played duel deck and faced big fat guy with higher chi that made 95% of your fate useless? Or have you faced a someone with trait "use Force as duel stat" or a guy with "cannot be challenged" etc. So imagine now, that your "deck restrictions" should include such examples and in many cases they didn't fit your prefered focus values. Also for long time most deadly duels had 1 or 2 FV only. And what's the difference - effect wise - between a Strategy with "Battle: Bow a Personality" in standard military and "Battle: Challenge. Bow the loser." in duel deck?
  22. “Broken” cards

    Someone built decks about shootings. All his fate was made or ranged attacks, boosting ranged attacks, lowering Force, destroying force pumping attachments. Was this simple "shoot'em all" mechanic boring for your oponent? Other one builds deck about sending home and negating movement (back). Is it also boring for ops? Another one built deck about force reducing and negating force boostings. Also boring? Same way with old dueling. You sacrifice freedom of fate deck building becasue higly restrictive deck construction (high focus value) to increase effectiveness of your actions. If you faced standard deck your whole "duel abilities" just became proper limited/battle actions. Battle: Duel = insta Battle: Do Something (kill, bow, send home) like 99% of actions in other decks. Sometimes you hit hard into duel meta (mostly as focus effect of common Strategies) same way as ranged attack deck could sometimes meet Outer Walls or Turtle's Shell. Allowing to focusing from hand also could counter your crucial duel if your opponent stacked some 4FV cards in hand (Rings?). Real fun for dueling decks started if you faced another duel deck or high focus one (Tacticians?). So treat "dueling" of old L5R as just additional mechanic ould work as each other and sometimes it was just much more fun. And high focused deadly duels weren't common thing in post Lotus editions (killing ones had 1FV or maybe 2FV for most of time) that increased chances of failing. Also something stupid as Double Chi has gone as well. Also Discipline mechanic in Ivory+ increased chance for card advantage for your opponent after bully focusing.
  23. Also Advanced -> Artist -> type Connor (as Oracle display as default most recent printing, in some cases you need to open card and choose older expansions, fe Imperial Gift from base Gold only has his picture) Seems like he painted nearly 400 pieces for CCG.