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  1. I associated it becasue this card was so powerful and well known in Emperor era (and was banned later). But it's still great stuff in Legacy meta (eg. in Modern format).
  2. Exactly. http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Ki_no_Oni http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Scorpion_Wall
  3. Something about L5R 3.0?
  4. It's really, really same for LCGs.
  5. kempy

    The silence

    Calling same type of mechanical Conflict, with same results but just using different base Skill as "greater emphasis"? Political (as ability designator) in CCG was mosty connected with Open Control and Family or Personal Honor manipulation. Military was about destroying and moving during battles. Of course various clans/decktypes were able to mix them up in different proportions.
  6. Maybe it's just Warhammer thing because final product of Warhammer: Invasion named Hidden Kingdoms (Deluxe) also was hard to find few months after game stopped.
  7. I really suggest to buy last cycle as fast as possible. FFG print last cycles in really small numbers and it will be not available soon. That fe. happened to Conquest.
  8. 6th and final as FFG announced it's last cycle. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/10/promise-of-power-1/
  9. kempy

    Selling my stuff

    @Matrim "community is almost nothing compared to something like X-Wing"
  10. kempy

    So I am new

    OMG. In CCGs everyone play with different cards? oO What a mess.
  11. You're talking about actions printed on Unique and costy Personalities in a game where with every Province destroyed your chances to see them decreased a lot. In game where you could kill them even before battle or bow/send home as first battle action. And all i remember from (late) Lotus that before you even had occasion to buy someone as Kokujin (or anyone) you just lost 1 or 2 provinces to Nezumi DotS or Lion Ashigaru blitz decks. And even Kokujin required additional body to work. And about printed PD - it depends on what kind of Personality of course, but yes, open information (even if repeatable) is less dangerous than hidden. Especially when this printed ability may just fade out in a turn or two so you try to play around it. Anyway, comparing such different games and abilities without overall game/environment context is just a mistake. Looking at OP hand and discarding was in Lotus and - thankfully - AEG stopped to print such effects later. Last card i remember with such effect was Soften the Resistance and it was so conditional (looking for lowest FV).