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  1. Yep. Previous game, L5R CCG, debuted at Gencon 1995 and IP was sold in september 2015. When sale was announced there was one expansion in shiping (later released to stores for free), one expansion ready to print and at least two expansions under construction, including new base set. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Legend_of_the_Five_Rings_sets
  2. I suppose you played CCG a many, many years ago. Personally i was with CCG till the end and also played all other FFG LCG games to easily spot that new L5R is just a mix of all these mechanics. Yes you still buy guys, "attack" provinces and gain/lose honor, but overall gameeplay is just completely different. Starting with my-round, your-round, non-vanishing guys, possibility to build gold-curve, destroying Provinces (reducing resources), deadly - multi-battles (adjacency and movement/assigining), separation between battle and home (rule of presence and location), honor as control/clock system not just different color of military etc. CCG was just a more vibrant with all these mechanics, various (even on card) victory conditions, plenty of neutral cards and your clan limit was you stronghold and personalities base. High risk, high reward was motto of old game. That's just different idea. But it's just matter of taste. Lot of my ex-CCG friends just dropped this game becasue of various design/gameplay reasons, that's nowadays it's nearly non existent in country where i live. A country where we even managed to get Euro Championships for CCG years ago. I'll be personally shocked if there wil be more than 30 local players in Grand Kotei/FFG Euros this month. In Samurai Edition they replaced "immune to dishonor" Shadowlands faction with Spider, there was only one joke Stronghold without support . Edition later, in Celestial, they removed these things completely. You need to play more new game. I wonder when you notice how limited deckbuilding is, how many wrong designed cards from Core Set affect whole design. And what's important, you will learn to know that one error in early game will cost you a game but you will realize it after additional 50+ (wasted) minutes.
  3. It's important to know you'll be playing game named Legend of the Five Rings, but not L5R CCG anymore. I mean in term of strict gameplay. These both games play just so different even if look and sound familiar (two decks etc.)
  4. At least 1/3 of artwork in Core Set was reused from AEG era.
  5. Conquest Core Set contains some double faction and neutral cards.
  6. No if there's limit for action per turn or card draw per turn just like eg in Age of Sigmar Champions. You have two actions per turn, but for every action passed you draw one card the end of turn. Simple and effective.
  7. If you want to play (weird) western themed card game, just check Doomtown: Reloaded. It's competetive LCG-like game, but really, really good. Setting is Deadlands. http://pineboxentertainment.com/front-page/ https://www.peginc.com/product-category/deadlands-reloaded/
  8. With Gwent being official Witcher card game chances to licencse it for Asmodee/FFG (LCG) is nearly zero.
  9. Also i hope you are aware that Harrier keyword appeared in CCG in Diamond and Lotus only?
  10. FYI since Samurai edition military and military/honor switch Crane was just standard archetypes till the end. Even without Harriers, which last time appeared in Lotus (edition before Samurai). Mountain's Shadow Dojo Shiro Daidoji Hidden Falls Dojo Akagi Sensei Harrier as independent keywords was removed and merged into more versatile Scout. That was much easier to create Scout cards spreaded around various Clans, not for specific Harrier as it was in Lotus or earlier.
  11. FFG and AEG announced sale of L5R IP at 11th September of 2015. Then started to design LCG game that got premiere at Gencon 2017.
  12. Found it funny that Lion Clan was ilustrated with picture of Kolat member.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Legend_of_the_Five_Rings_sets List of editions and expansions of old L5R CCG game by AEG. Samurai edition is under pt 6.
  14. I suggest you prepare scenario B if your wife starts to get bored to death.
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