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  1. Anyway here's compilation of artwork that was meant to be part of TBS and Onyx CCG sets, but never reached their printed form. So maybe ther're little chances FFG will use them some day.
  2. But they aren't so easy to kill anyway.
  3. As i see now, new Cycle also contains some of the old art.
  4. 5-6 against 5-6 was something like middle/late game in competetive environment so loosing such battle was for most time a crucial and final point of whole game. This game was just designed this way. Also, depending on edition, 6 vs 6 could mean than only 2 v 2 survived till battle resolution (fe in Lotus and Emperor), etc. In other words, exaggerating when talking about whole L5R CCG gameplay, isn't just smart idea.
  5. ROTFL. Sou you say that Lion, as attacking first, with higher chances to kill province first, won everything in CCG?
  6. No FFG don't have all rights becasue AEG had different contracts for various artists. And seems that they used CCG era arts in Core Set only, none of spoiled Imperial Cycle cards have reused art - all are new.
  7. About future ``````````````````````````"surprises". FFG is now testing something "fresh" with AH LCG. They are just realeasing stand alone books with playable LCG cards as add-ons that are available only this way. So, should we expect fe Way of Clan RPG books in future with exclusive L5R LCG cards attached?
  8. I put link to L5R CCG ruleset, not L5R LCG one. As you see, in CCG, during dueling, you could go nearly random, when puting face-down cards from top of your deck, or decrease your future game posibilities by using cards from your hand directly while creating focus area (like edge stack in SW). In SW LCG you have edge symbols, in CCG every Fate card had Focus Value (0-5). In L5R when you go face up while resolving you could launch Focus effects on your cards (like effects of Fate cards in SW LCG). It's just clearly visible that Edge battles are just slightly modified version of L5R CCG duels. A nearly 20 years old mechanic.,#hashid=53227abbbd53dc6e4a8040011b1e536e,#cardcount=4
  9. Aren't Edge Battles just mostly inspired by Duel mechanic from L5R CCG?
  10. 5 (of 6) Ratling Strongholds in CCG were 3, but with high PS, Provinces only. One exception was last printed one, with standard four and completely different mindset behind it.
  11. Now explain me why they play using CCG cards? Guy on the left holds Fate cards for sure.
  12. IMHO there's not enough. In CCG simple bowing or send home was so much powerfull, especially against single attrition defenders, to make Sneak Attack useful. Not to mention Sneak + kill. In new game for most of time it doesn't matter, you can play most of your actions in random order, from bowed guys, even from home, or without single Character in conflict. So, as i suppose, SA would be too much situational card.
  13. Because with current cardpool filled with so many printed soft effects and without RoL/RoP this card would be coaster (just like fe in Ivory).