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  1. Dune is really powerful license. CCG cards are rare and even somebody is going to sell, prices arent low.
  2. Looks they lost license for mechanic.
  3. Invasion was cancelled becasue of bad sales. Two years later they started with Conquest.
  4. Releasing pvp LCG every two years was "eating their own product" as lot of people were jumping from one LCG into another (fresh) one.
  5. Invasion was closed in 2013 probably because of bad sales. FFG and GW partnership ended in 2017. Probably you had in min Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG that was terminated because of split-up.
  6. I'm not sure about He-Man and Twilight but all other got CCGs at some point. Some good, some bad.
  7. But they made such same mistakes in pvp LCGs. Look at number of overpriced expansions for L5R around the globe. Overproduced. Its just too hard to predict good numbers for CCGs and LCGs.
  8. It depend how you count. For me its 4 year long run. 2009-2010 first year 2010-2011 second year 2011-2012 third year 2012-2013 fourth year "The Final Reinforcements The release of the Hidden Kingdoms deluxe expansion marks the end of FFG’s development of new content for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. Its new legends and units lead the game to an exciting balance between ten playable races, and they will be the game’s final reinforcements. Over the past four years of publication, Warhammer: Invasion has grown from the Core Set to include five deluxe expansions, thirty-six Battle Packs, and dynamic rules for multiplayer Cataclysm games. This wealth of content provides a great, robust experience for new and veteran players alike, and it allows the game to stand on its own as a complete collection that players can explore and enjoy.
  9. LCG: Warhammer Invasion. Warhammer 40K Conquest (broke license) LCG-like format: Doomtown: Reloaded (thankfully after nearly two year pause resurrected by another company) Ashes - Rise of the Phoenixborn.
  10. Also additionally LCGs also really often are artificially divided into "colors" so card pool for specific "color" is also smaller. And that limits your possibilities as splashing other "colors" is also really limited. I've got this feeling that in many CCGs there's much easier to mix "colors". It's harder to design and harder to control such things. That's why CCGs need more resources and need such random distribution game to make whole system profitable. In CCGs common and uncommon rarity cards are sometimes also designed for limited formats (sealed or draft). They may be coasters in Constructed but shine in Draft.
  11. I experienced various LCG and have to say that percentage of tournament coasters is huuuuuuge in LCGs. I point tournament because kitchen table casuals can play any kind of card just for art, jank theme etc in both CCGs and LCGs.
  12. Comparing CCG and LCG by their lifetime is a bit unfair. LCGs have a lot less unique cards developed every year. SW LCG got one maybe 1,5 cycle per year, ca 270 cards. Single quarterly L5R CCG expansion had 150-160. Base set typically had 400+ cards but there were examples like Gold edtion when base set had 540+ unique cards (and then three months later first expansion of block was released and so on). One 2 - 2,5 year long edition of L5R CCG got more cards than some LCG for whole lifespan. Wiki says Decipher SW CCG got 4600+ cards printed through 6 years. https://cardguide.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Wars_CCG CardgameDB says that SW LCG got ca 1800 cards also for 6 years. http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-card-spoilers LCGs are just much slower and static than CCGs. You really think that companies that "struggled financially" could develop such complicated (design, resources, lore) card game for 20 years? Also L5R was under Wizards of the Coast for 3 or 4 years and then AEG bought it back.
  13. I dont think there will be Kotei in Poland this year. Scene shrinked here to 20 active people or less.
  14. CCGs live faster and die faster. Whats important for Asmodee how many money it will earn for them. 1 mln registered decks so fast. I am not sure if SW LCG got them such numbers during whole lifetime.
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