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  1. Respect for FFG for realizing their mistakes after 5 years.
  2. Yes, that wasn't smart idea. Thankfully last Stronghold immune to dishonor was printed in 2007 as Unaligned one without perspective to be competetive.
  3. But as i heard, WoH side toruney at Sheffield Worlds in 2014 went ok. But they used modified pairings/scoring system.
  4. For tournaments in CCG i was using mostly this Stronghold counters. They were 100% bump proof and were much more readable than Flying Tricycle ones. Of course all you had to do to inform your opponent that one number is missing there.
  5. Check flavour text on first printing of this card:,427,600,image/jpeg And then read something about this nasty Kinuye:
  6. 1) this spell was ultimate coaster 2) why designer wants a card that kill everything in game that has built-in removal effect?
  7. As second player you have access to final conflict so you can also choose which ring you leave unclaimed to stack fate and grab it in first attack on round 2.
  8. Unless they print mighty cards that triggers to breaking provinces or even winning conflicts, going second sounds more reasonable.
  9. Same here. I was playing RPG 1st ed for some time and years later after casually playing various CCG's we discovered L5R CCG. That was blast from mechanical standpoint. We were obsessed with this game because of game play and all the possibilities. It took us lot of time to understand lot of things especially if we played casual legacy mixing cards since Imperial to Lotus, with Lotus rulebook in hand, but yeah. Here in small town without any FLGS, L5R crowd was largest game oriented group ever (15+ people), no other game has ever come close to it. Lore exploration, including pre-Samurai when we started, came later. And then we faced L5R tournament people what was a nice experience as well. All i know that mostly all mechanical "so-called flaws" of CCG can be avoided or minimalized thanks to reasonable deckbuilding and gameplay. Ther're only few other card games that surprised and astonished me strictly becasue of mechanics - (original) Netrunner, Doomtown: Reloaded (as i haven't played original CCG), Kult and maybe 7th Sea. New game didn't surprised me in any way. I've found it chaotic, forced mix of various card games mechanics put together in FFG style that will just collapse in short time (i mean when next competetive LCG will be announced, this time with catchy license again). Too many cooks spoil the broth. --- Back to topic. FFG probably also owns tens of arts with Nagas that were meant to be full faction in Onyx. First Onyx Learn to Play was designed as Naga vs Spider set. So ther're chances some of them will see a daylight. IMHO Naga would fit current mechanic better than fe Shadowlands and will also put some fun for all nonhuman lovers around who played them in the past.
  10. Because Rings were something special and was really rare to use it as Victory Condition from clans not predestined for this VC? From all of games i played in CCG i remember my first enlightenment victory ever, becasue it was so memorable for me. I was so excited about it that i even shared my decklist then, haha. Talking about 1-of-s. I hope you also laugh and call bad a lot of people who put 1-ofs in their decks in every card game around even if playset mean 3 or 4.
  11. Nobody knows. Surely FFG used some Baker's stuff in FFG, but seems that they use graphics from Celestial edition and onwards. Maybe original paintings or digital copies of pre-Celestial (like Lotus/Samurai's Tadame) don't exist?
  12. Let's talk about some GenCon experiences.
  13. Yeah.