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  1. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    If it "drained the well" there's a huge probability - as many people suspected - whole six for six idea was just rush unexpected decision that probably disturbed whole standard LCG production cycle (including story support). But we'll see. History shown that in case of Conquest and Star Wars huge gap in release schedule caused collapse of local tournament scenes as people went angry and skipped to other games.
  2. Am I Blind (No New Fiction)?

    L5R is just another title in FFG catalogue. There was buzz in the start but later hype is focused on brand new games. It may be confusing for old game fans, as L5R for long time was AEG's flagship and they had to keep interest all the time with constant flow of news/previews etc.
  3. New Tournament Kits

    The risk is, as it's intended to support 3 months, that local interest in game will start fading away and store won't be able to gather enoug people to organize tourneys fe after month or one and half even if start was promising. FFG/Asmodee is totally unpredictable now becasue they're making huge changes in their LCG model. Fe i know one play group that totally lost interest in L5R atfer 6 packs / 6 weeks announcement and they stayed with AGoT.
  4. The Next LCG

    And there's rumour that FFG/Asmodee hasty bought L5R IP because they failed to gain WoD (World od Darkness) license.
  5. Game is Officially Dead...

    There's even not-totally-dead card game where official expansions are digital only.
  6. Game is Officially Dead...

    Online only? What's great about fe Apoka they just made templates to use with any online print-on-demand site, so you can just order and print all expansions for yourself. Quality of printing is nice.
  7. Game is Officially Dead...

    In Conquest nowadays it looks that if you're going to play fe at OCTGN you just mark you want go Apoka, BCL or official ones. Tournaments are mostly organized by Apoka* guys so automatically all Apoka cards are legal there. * Apoka ->
  8. New Tournament Kits

    Any details about prices?
  9. Ancestral Items

    Really? Maybe in old old old L5R, because starting with Samurai most of these cards were too expensive to see any play.
  10. 'New' Official Map

    The last unreleased set of Twenty Festivals. There were others.
  11. 'New' Official Map

    There's second published mantis art from this set. Just scroll down.
  12. Possible multiplayer?

    Like Siege: Clan War for CCG.
  13. Possible multiplayer?

    FYI every rulebook starting with Imperial had in-build rules for more than 2 players. Game just went clockwise table order and everyone could play their Open actions during opponent's turn and every Battle Phase Attacker and Defender could invite Allies to help (and to provide them some bonuses like fe free 2 Honor). Here's fe part of Pearl Edition (1999) rulebook. Later they were even always included at official Rules page (that doesn't exist now) under Alternate Formats:
  14. Art Question.

    Yes, it was from post about that art error but also helps to answer question from first post of this thread.