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  1. Of all the times I've tried to use the Forest Dragon, I think I've suceeded in actually using its power effectively twice. All that ever happens is I get Judgement of Loeced. Or forced Marched. Or Counterstriked. Or Wilhelm of the Osterknachted. I could go on, but Lelansi here knows what I'm talking about.
  2. Lovely, thanks for the info. Haven't had a chance to check the new FAQ yet.
  3. Just a quick question about this card. The first part is fair enough but I'm not sure how the 2nd part is a benefit. It says "At the beginning of your turn… declare an immediate attack on target opponent's zone". Does this mean that you just skip your entire turn and go straight to an attack? Does it mean you get two attack phases? Any help you guys could provide would be great, thanks.
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