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  1. The character generator really cuts down on the time of searching through the various source books of the various lines.
  2. How do you resolve surprise attacks in this system? I couldn't find any such rule, nor anything useful under the stealth entry in the skill section. PS. For clarity, by surprise attack i mean an attack by a character who is actively hiding from another character and then the hidden character attacks.
  3. That is a lightsaber Pike with an illum crystal.
  4. I agree with the others, even if the hilt is destroyed; the crystal most likely survives (although it might be damaged).
  5. Yes, i think it would best for everyone if we pretend that this "thing" never happened.
  6. I reroll when something like that happens.
  7. I'm wondering what debt Kallus owed. He's a genocidal monster, so I can't see him caring if Zeb did him a fair turn at one point. It was near the end of season 2,where they started to show that Kallus might not be so bad after all. I completely disagree with that but it's how things are.
  8. In all likelihood, they probably already tried to talk to EA about it. Star Wars is a big thing, FFG usually does PDFs, it would only make sense they'd try. Chances are EA either outright said no, or something that was too unfeasible from a business standpoint was the best kind of deal they could get out of EA. I wonder though, would the dice roller fall under something EA would've had control over? If so, that'd be a clear sign that FFG was able to reach a deal with EA that was at least somewhat reasonable enough to put that out. Obviously not a good enough deal to apply to the PDFs of the game, but still an indication that they've already been in talks with EA at some point. EA probably asked for an insane amount of money.
  9. Are you sure about 2? I understand where are you coming from, you need 1 manuever to get from medium to short, 1 to engage the cover and 1 manuever to interact with the enviroment, i really don't think that this should be the case (especially since there is the 2 manuevers rule), i think that this ruling (which again i understand how you read it) will make cover too much a hassle to use. What i mean is that one might very well think that so many manuevers for 1 or 2 setback dice? most of the times he would be better off start shooting or running straight ahead for melee; and only really viable way to use cover would be to spend triumph or destiny point to "create" cover.
  10. Just me being nit-picky but when you really dig at the rules Engaged is more a condition that can occur within Short Range and not so much an actual range band. Not only is engaging/disengaging called out as it's own maneuver, but since you can ignore it in certain situations dealing with things like inanimate objects and allies that really frames it as "being engaged" as opposed to "at engaged range." That conflicts with melee/brawl weapons having their range as "Engaged". I'm not saying I disagree with you, because the books do generally try to avoid referring to Engaged as a range band. And it explicitly is called a ranged "status" rather than band, and is a subcategory of Short range. But in reality that's all semantics, it is treated as its own range band the way it works in practice. It's just a rose by a different name to paraphrase the bard. Also the books says THE FIVE RANGE BANDS.
  11. I ran it pretty much as written, the only serious thing i added was that when the PCs met the , those guys hold them until the mentor intervened because the mentor has ties with the and then they agreed to help break into the museum. I did that for enabling future plots.
  12. I think of it as a feature. Let the heroes be creative and use the environment to their advantage rather than just standing there shooting everything that moves until it stops moving. While the non important NPCs have a lesser ability to do so.... interesting.
  13. Right, thanks. Can you explain what do you mean by the teams? Also (if i am not mistaken) you seem to have added quite a lot of content, correct?
  14. I’d be inclined to treat it like drawing your weapon, with an appropriate “Quickdraw” talent that the PCs can get to compensate. So, it starts off as a maneuver to activate in either mode, and then you can do a second maneuver to actually change range bands, and then an action to attack. But with the “Quick Launch” talent for 10-15xp, activation can now become an Incidental. Good solution but with that solution you can't have the "firing the jetpack and zooming away" that we have so often see because you would need 3 manuevers (1 to activate it, 1 to accelerate and 1 to fly) which can't be done (unless you have that specific talent).
  15. After re-reading the range bands part of core rulebook it seems that you correct (which means i have been playing it the wrong way), so to answer my own questions: 1) Two 2) Two 3) Two Ok i can understand the attacking with the melee, brawl or lightsaber skill, it's there to do a little checking on the power of close quarters combatants, it also makes some narrative sense (you approach somewhat carefully in order to not let yourself open for an attack). What i am having a hard time accepting is the cover part and the engage innanimate objects (and i am assuming the same goes for engaging allies in order to assist them, activate powers etc.). Ok in one hand it creates consistency with the attacking part, and it also doesn't allow for the whole "it takes me one manuever to move to specific spot if i am at medium range but it also takes me one manuever to move to a specific spot if i am at short range" arguement to happen, on the other hand it "forces" a character to suffer 2 strain for an extra maneuver too often and while this might be ok for PCs; it does mean that non important rivals become quite less usefull, which i am not sure if it's bug or a feature.
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